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When Thomas' hair went missing, Stephanie felt compelled to tell James about Sheila's threat. Grant offered to give Macy an annulment, and Grant's doctor gave him more bad news. Brooke and Eric threw Rick a party, and C.J. was surprised to see Amber in Brooke's house with a look of doom on her face.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 13, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, July 13, 1998

Stephanie begs James to go home to Sheila and give her another chance. James begs her to listen to him; all Sheila does is blame Stephanie for their problems. That is why he had to come here this evening. Stephanie goes to the phone and calls Sheila's number while telling James to tell Sheila he is coming home. When Stephanie hears that Sheila isn't home, she panics. Quickly she dials Ridge's number but no one answers. Sheila is standing by the baby's crib and listening to the phone.

James wonders what could be wrong with Stephanie; all he wants to do is help her. Stephanie says that if James really wants to help her he will go home to Sheila and never come back to see her.

Sheila tells Thomas that she doesn't want to do this but his grandmother is trying to break up her family. She can't let her get away with that; she will do whatever it takes to save her family. She bends down over the crib.

"It is Sheila, isn't it?" James says. "She has threatened you in some way, hasn't she?"

Taylor and Ridge return from their swim. Taylor says that she heard the phone ringing but the answer machine has been broken for a week. Ridge says that if it is important, whoever it was will call back. Now he is really famished; he goes to prepare the steaks, but Taylor demands a kiss first.

James insists that Stephanie tell him what Sheila has done to her. When Stephanie says that she can't tell him, he tells her that she has to tell him. James says that something has happened and it involves Sheila; if she won't talk to him, his wife will. As he starts out, Stephanie says those if he wants to help her, go home and tell Sheila that it is over between them. No, James says. I will not let her bully you out of my life. I am going home and tell her that. "NO, NO! SHE WILL DO IT!" A panicked Stephanie shouts. "Do what?" James asks. "What can she do to you?" It isn't me, its Thomas, Stephanie admits. "What about Thomas?" James asks.

Taylor wonders why the baby is awake; he is usually asleep at this time, but Ridge says that the phone just woke him up. Looking at her son, Taylor becomes distraught. "Something isn't right!" She tells Ridge. "Something is wrong!" She tells Ridge that Thomas is missing a little patch of hair. "It is only hair," Ridge says. "It will grow back. It probably fell out on it's own. If a bad hair day is all that happens to him, we are blessed. You are a wonderful mom, but don't let it make you crazy." Taylor admits that she does get a little over protective. Ridge gives her a good lecture on trying to be perfect; she is already perfect as far as he and his son is concerned and he doesn't want to see her go crazy. Taylor agrees, but she can't help going back and looking at Thomas. She is still worried.

Sheila is on her way to Stephanie's house.

"If I don't stay away from you, Sheila said she would kill my grandson," Stephanie tell him in a defeated voice. James is devastated. "All this time I have been living with Sheila, I have been living a lie? Sheila is as sick as she ever was? I defended her; I lost my career because of her and she is still insane! How could she threaten the life of an innocent baby?" Stephanie says that now he understands; he can go home and forget about her. "No!" James says. "We can fight her. That woman won't push me around any longer. I'll get a divorce and take Mary. Everything is going to be all right. I'll take care of everything; no one knows Sheila as I do. Please tell me you believe me."

Stephanie says that Sheila is dangerous but James promises that she won't hurt her any longer. As James starts to leave, Stephanie warns him to be careful; "she will be watching us. She will be watching both of us." As they kiss goodbye, there is a loud banging at the door and Sheila shouts that she know Stephanie is in there.

As they eat, Taylor is too quiet. Ridge guesses that she is still worrying about the baby's hair. In a few years, you will be begging him to get a haircut. Taylor asks about his mom and Ridge tells her that there is a new man in her life. But there is a major complication; the man happens to be married.

Stephanie opens the door to Sheila who wants to know if James is there. Stephanie says that she hasn't seen James. Sheila asks how is Thomas. She begins to rant at Stephanie about coming in and breaking up her family. She is making a grave mistake and to prove it, she has brought her a little present. She opens her handkerchief and shows a lock of hair. "Don't you recognize your own grandson's hair, Stephanie? Maybe now you know I mean business. You so much as look at my husband and I will cut more than hair. You stay away from James or I promise you your precious little grandson will pay. I promise you that!" After Sheila leaves, James comes out of his hiding place. Stephanie is really scared. She shows James the handkerchief. "She got to the baby!" James, looking completely stunned and disbelieving, pulls her into his arms. .

Tuesday, July 14, 1998

Grant fantasizes about Macy being pregnant and designing clothes for pregnant women. Macy tells Sally about Grant's infertility, for which there is no cure. Sally realizes macy has wanted a child of her own for so long and suggests adoption, but Macy can't deal with that right now.

Stephanie visits Taylor to check on Thomas. Steph notices the bald spot on Thomas and since Stephanie has experience with babies, Taylor asks if it is unusual for infants to suddenly lose a clump of hair. Steph says it's not unusual, but warns Taylor to keep the door locked at all times, don't leave Thomas alone, and always keep the alarm on. Taylor is curious as to why Stephanie is acting to strange, but Steph says she is just concerned about Thomas.

Sheila greets James with a morning kiss, but James holds back and asks her why she blames Stephanie for their problems. Sheila says everything was perfect until James lost his license and then Stephanie got involved. James advises Sheila to take responsibility for her own problems and not blame them on someone else. At any rate, James tells Sheila he has a job interview out of town. Sheila thinks this trip is awfully sudden and wonders why James didn't mention it before. I didn't want to get your hopes up, James replies. Sheila is taking Mary to the doctor and will be gone for the afternoon. She says goodbye and wishes him luck at his interview.

Darla checks in on Grant who is angry with himself for blocking Macy's dream of having a child. Grant always knew he would be a great dad, so why did this have to happen? Sally urges Macy to talk to Grant. The two of them have to work this problem out together. Darla comes in and says she just saw Grant and he is quite upset.

Macy wants to talk, but Grant is defensive. He feels he is taking away from Macy's life, but Macy assures him that his infertility is not his fault. If you want out or want the marriage annulled, I will understand, Grant says. Macy says ending her marriage is not an option. The only thing that matters to her is her marriage. Having children would make their marriage perfect, but Macy could not face life if she lost Grant. Macy promises Grant they will get through this together.

Wednesday, July 15, 1998

Macy remembers Grant promising her that she would be rocking their own baby a year from now. Macy suggests to Grant that maybe they should move since they bought the house on the pretense that they would be raising a family there. Sally surprises Thorne and tells him to stay out of Macy's life, or better yet, move! Thorne notices Macy crying and goes over to offer support.

Sheila questions Taylor about how much she knows about James and Stephanie. Taylor doesn't know a lot about what's going on between them, which Sheila takes as good news. Sheila asks to hold Thomas with the promise not to hurt him. Taylor admits Stephanie has been acting a little strange lately. Steph made a big deal out of Taylor's security system and she has seemed rather nervous. Sheila leaves and concludes Stephanie is staying away from James.

Stephanie fears meeting James at the cabin is unsafe and tells him that they can't see each other again. James wants to contact the police, but Stephanie mentions they have no evidence. Sheila might get arrested, but would get out on bail, then she would really come after Thomas. James mentions that Sheila is still on probation and if he and Stephanie can convince the authorities that she is a danger to society, Sheila might get locked up again. Again, Stephanie says they have no evidence that Sheila has threaten anyone. Besides, Sheila is so conniving, she would convince the authorities that James and Stephanie wanted her out of the picture because of the way they feel about each other. How do we feel about each other, James asks.

Macy admits to Thorne she and Grant can not have children and there's nothing the doctors can do. Macy feels like someone stole her baby from her because the baby was so real to her. There are so many abused children and teenagers having kids. Why does someone like that get the honor of raising a child while someone like Macy, who desperately wants to have a baby, can not? Thorne comforts Macy as Grant walks in. Grants says the one good thing that has come out of this is he has learned how much his wife loves him. If ever there was a reason to leave... Later, Grant gets a call from his doctor. The doc wants to see Grant ASAP to share the results of the rest of his testing. Grant thinks maybe the doctor made a mistake and he and Macy will be able to have children after all. Grant would do anything for Macy to have her baby.

James assures Stephanie he will protect Thomas but his feelings for Stephanie are real. James and Stephanie have a right to be together if that's what they want. And Stephanie does want to be with James.

Thursday, July 16, 1998

Rick is just lying around in his room when Brooke comes in. He asks her what all the noise downstairs is all about and she says it is a surprise for him; it is something he will like, she assures him. She tries to get him to come downstairs, but he is too worried about Amber to be with people.

C.J. is with Macy and he is down because he hasn't heard from Amber; he thinks he will probably never see her again. Macy says that she will miss her also, she has a marvelous voice. As C.J. begins to count her many good qualities, Macy sees that he has a thing for Amber. C.J. can't see where the Forrester's were coming from when they sent her away; they should have thanked her for making Rick so happy. But Macy tries to show him the Forrester's side; they trusted her and she let them down. Changing the subject, Macy tells C.J. that the fertility specialist has told her that there is nothing she or Grant can do to have children.

Grant shows up at Dr. Heinz office but the doctor is in with another patient at the time. He tries to find out from the office nurse why the doctor wanted to see him. Since she doesn't know, she leaves him alone in the office. He still believes that there was a mistake and he will be able to father a child.

Rick wonders if Amber is downstairs but Brooke say that she isn't. She called some of his friends and invited them for a pool party. He can't go to a party when he is so worried about Amber! He says that she thinks that Amber was just a favorite toy; all they have to do is provide him with another one and things will be okay. She says that she would never make light of his feelings for Amber, she doesn't want him to miss out on all the fun that being a teenager brings.

No kids! C.J. is blown away, but Macy says that they will be okay. C.J. wonders whose problem it is, but Macy says that it is both their problems. He insists on knowing who is specifically to blame and she admits that it is Grant's problem; he is taking it bad so she doesn't want C.J. to say anything to him. He says that they can adopt, but she isn't ready to think about that. He says that she will make a wonderful mother; anyone that can handle him as a brother can handle a kid of her own. Macy says that for right now she just wants to focus on what she has. If it is just she and Grant for the rest of their lives, she will still be the luckiest woman alive.

Dr. Heinz walks in and wonders where Macy is. Grant didn't want to get her hopes up before he got the good news. "Good news?" Dr. Heinz is puzzled. "That is why you called me, right? To tell me that there was a mistake and Macy and I can have children after all?"

That is not why he called Grant. He says that his second test confirmed the first test results. Grant is puzzled. "Then why did you ask me to come here?" The doctor says that he called Grant there for another reason. "Why don't you sit down?" Dr. Heinz says.

The party is in full swing and Eric is looking on. The server brings him a margarita as Brooke joins him. He asks about Rick and Brooke tells him that Rick is really hurting; this was a bad idea. No, Eric says, this party is a good idea. He only wishes he had been on to Amber sooner, before Rick became so involved with her.

Upstairs, C.J. joins Rick. He wants Rick to come downstairs and join the party. He can't sit up here and wait for the babes to find him. He asks if Rick has heard from Amber. He begins to rattle off all the girls that are downstairs just waiting for him---the entire pep squad. Rick says that it wasn't just one night with Amber; she was special. He wonders why no one can understand how he feels. C.J. says that she was his friend also; but she wasn't the last chance for him. She isn't out there crying her eyes out for him; she is tough and if things don't work out the way she wants them to, she goes on with her life. That is what Rick has to do now.

Eric and Brooke talk about Rick; Brooke says that C.J. is there now putting a little peer pressure on him. Eric asks about Bridget and Brooke says that their relationship is coming along okay; Bridget is opening up to her slowly. He asks if she has seen Ridge and she says that she hasn't seen Ridge since before his marriage. She is interested in moving on. Thank God she has her children to keep her going. Brooke says that when she cleaned Amber's room, she found a lot of empty beer bottles and cigarette butts. Just as Eric is on his way to talk to Rick, Brooke stops him; Rick has joined the party.

Rick and C.J. begin talking to the girls and reminiscing about past parties. C.J. and one of the girls go off for a hot dog while Rick talks with the other. She asks if he is going to play hockey this year and he begins to talk about hockey in an animated way.

Grant finally sits down, but he is very uncomfortable. Dr Heinz tells Grant that they discovered another problem; one that is unrelated to the other problem that he has. As the doctor begins to try to get to the point, Grant tells him to just spit it out. "You have cancer," Dr. Heinz tells him. "It is testicular cancer and it is spreading!"

Friday, July 17, 1998

Grant can't believe what the doctor has told him and demands that he say it again. "I'm sorry Grant, you have cancer."

Rick is beginning to enjoy himself at the party. Looking on from above, Eric thinks that the girl he is with is very cute. Brooke says her name is Alexis and she has always had a secret crush on Rick. Eric says that a month from now, Amber will be just a distant memory.

Bridget and a friend decide to get into the hot tub; she asks Rick if he would like to join them. Alexis allows Bridget to taste her drink and it is so good that she orders one for herself. Rick doesn't want to go into the hot tub, so Alexis doesn't go either.

Sally stops by to see Macy. When Macy objects to her driving so far to hold her hand, Sally tells her, "I'm not here to play policeman, but you don't have to put on an act for me, okay." Macy tells her about the wonderful life she and Grant have; that is what she is going to focus on from now on.

"Cancer?" Grant gasps. "How bad?" The doctor says that it is stage 3 cancer, which means that it has already spread to other parts of his body. They should begin treatment right away.

Brooke hopes this is the beginning of a new phase for Rick. Eric hopes that Amber will stay away. Brooke says that she will; she gave her money to go away. "How much?" Eric wants to know. She finally admits how much she gave her and this disturbs Eric. Brooke says that she did it because her children are more important than anything; they need to be guarded like treasures.

Alexis can see that Rick is hurting from the breakup of his relationship with Amber. He tells her that it is all over, but it does hurt. C.J. calls them to come join the rest of the gang. As they go into the pool area, C.J. grabs Alexis' arm and asks her if she has made any points. She tells him that the party isn't over yet. C.J. says, "You go, girl!"

Grant tries to absorb the news the doctor has just given him. "What do we do?" He asks. The doctor wants to talk about his options, but Grant only wants to know if he is going to die.

The doctor says that he is going to remove the tumors, then they can begin chemo and radiation. He wants to schedule the surgery for right away. "What are my chances of beating this thing?" Grant asks. The doctor says that if they begin right away, Grant could live for six months, maybe longer. This takes the wind out of Grants sails and he says he will need to think about it. He wants to keep this between the two of them. He especially doesn't want his wife to know about this, he emphasizes with tears streaming down his face.

Sally is glad that Macy is going to concentrate on what they have instead of what they can't have. Macy tells Sally that Grant offered her a way out of the marriage, but she turned him down; she married him for love, not for a baby. She only hopes she didn't make a mistake by making too big of a deal about having a baby. She hurts so much for her husband. She realizes now that having a baby was all she used to talk about; Grant wanted to make her dreams come true but now he can't. Sally says that she knows that they have suffered a great loss, but they have gained something too. They have learned how much they mean to each other. They have the rest of their life to share with each other. That is what they have each learned throughout this terrible ordeal. Some dreams just aren't meant to come true. Macy says that her dreams did come true because a child is about love and she has never loved Grant the way she does right now.

C.J. enters the room to find Amber standing there.

When Grant returns home, Macy is alone. He tells her that he was out at an appointment. She says he looks preoccupied and he answers that he has a lot on his mind. "I have a lot on mine too," Macy says. "It isn't the baby problems, it is the fact that my heart is overflowing with gratitude and blessings just being married to you. I see how far we have come and how close we are, so close that nothing else is important. Not having a baby was only a minor disappointment. We have so much to be excited about; we have our lives and our future ahead of us. We can do anything we want, go anywhere we want and we can do it together. There are all kinds of limitations if that is what you want to focus on---I can't have a kitten because I am allergic, I can't have a cocktail because I am an alcoholic. The list goes on and on. What we do have is a deep abiding commitment and that will get us through any problems we will ever have to face. Not having a baby is only a minor sacrifice compared to your love and your presence in my life." As she puts her arms around him, Grant begins to sob.

Hand in hand, Eric and Brooke watch the party. He believes that the worse is over. Amber was just a tragedy waiting to happen; she won't be back and Rick will be okay.

Amber has to see Rick, but C.J. tries to get her to leave. She tells him that she needs to see Rick and tell him something. C.J. offers to give him the message, but she says that she has to talk to him in person. Nothing will make any difference, C.J. says. "Oh yes, this will change everything," Amber tells C.J.. As C.J. looks at her, the truth begins to dawn on him. "No!" C.J. says, shocked. "It can't be that! Don't tell me you are pregnant. God, please don't tell me that!"

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