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James assisted in helping the police arrest Sheila. Taylor became drawn into Pierce and Bailey's hypnotic therapy techniques. Amber pressed Rick to talk to his parents about the pregnancy. When Eric saw Amber in Brooke's house, he tossed her out.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 27, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, July 27, 1998

Taylor is worried about what to wear for her first day at her new job and she is also worried about being away from Thomas. Ridge assures her no matter what she wears, people will only notice her beautiful face, and Thomas will be fine. Bailey drags Pierce to Insomnia where he is greeted with a couple of adoring fans. Bailey thinks the two admiring women would have been a great choice to branch out with his social life, but Pierce dismisses them as only fans. Pierce needs a woman more interesting and challenging. Someone like Taylor.

Sheila wishes she could recapture the love she and James felt on there wedding day and wonders why she hasn't heard from him. James is still at the cabin at Big Bear with Stephanie who is convinced Sheila must be recommitted. James is reluctant to send Sheila back to a mental hospital because she did make progress but has since regressed. Anyone who threatens the life of a child is dangerous, Steph reminds the doc. James is concerned that Mary will have to go through losing another mother. Mary is only a baby and will adjust, Steph says. Besides, Mary will be better off without Sheila in the long run. Just think what Sheila will do once Mary starts competing for James' attention. Sheila is the last person in the world who should raise a baby.

James is still not convinced Sheila should be locked up again. James feels he is responsible for Sheila's regression since Sheila saw James kissing Stephanie. Even if it were not for the kiss, it would be something else to tick Sheila off, Steph says. Sheila tries getting a hold of James and says there is no explanation as to why he hasn't called. Sheila calls Stephanie but gets the machine. Sheila starts to think that James might be with Stephanie but feels Steph wouldn't take that chance because she knows what Sheila would do if Stephanie was spending time with James.

Taylor arrives to a newly decorated office while Pierce hopes she is impressed. It's going to take a lot more than a newly decorated office to impress Taylor. I will be the challenge of your life, Taylor says.

James learns Sheila is looking for him and prepares to have her recommitted even though it will not be easy. Steph reiterates that Sheila can't be honest because she wants James more than she wants to be well. James calls Sheila and tells her he is coming home. Sheila is relieved to hear James say he still believes in her. James hangs up and tells Stephanie tonight will be the most devastating night of Sheila's life. The question is, how will she react? .

Tuesday, July 28, 1998

Sheila hopes James' interview went well and he got the job. Getting away from LA and Stephanie would solve all Sheila' problems. Stephanie feels the only way to protect Thomas is by getting the police involved. Lieutenant Baker and a psychiatrist arrive at the cabin while James and Stephanie brief them on Sheila's death threats against Thomas. Stephanie says Sheila has made more than wild threats by giving her a doll with it's head chopped off and clipping a lock of Thomas' hair. Lieutenant Baker wonders if James and Stephanie fabricated this story since they are romantically involved. James says he would never put Mary through losing her mother for romance. Lieutenant Baker says he needs proof Sheila has made threats otherwise it is Sheila's word against theirs.

Pierce realizes Taylor still has doubts concerning his new project, but that is why he picked Taylor. Pierce needs a skeptical mind. Taylor doesn't believe in using hypnosis but Pierce says he will introduce evidence that it works and will convince Taylor hypnosis works. If Pierce can convince Taylor it works, he can convince the world.

Lieutenant Baker says if James gets Sheila to confess she threaten Thomas on tape, that would be enough to get her recommitted. Later, Stephanie, Lieutenant Baker and the psychiatrist camp outside James and Sheila's house while James returns home to get Sheila's confession. Sheila is happy to see James and realizes they have had problems recently, but she is ready to move on. James admits there was no job interview. He has been with Stephanie.

The Bold and the Beautiful was cut short today since CBS interrupted B&B for coverage of the Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Wednesday, July 29, 1998

Bailey informs Taylor that Pierce is ditching all other responsibilities for the new project. Bailey has the utmost confidence in Pierce since it was Pierce who turned Bailey's life around. Bailey relates the story about how he lost his wife and career years ago over an addiction to alcohol and drugs. Pierce found Bailey one day after Bailey had lost everything, and Bailey will never forget the talk he and Pierce had. It was Pierce who turned Bailey's life around. Pierce loves his work and is fulfilled in every way, but he needs a woman in his life. Someone like Taylor.

Lauren catches Eric up on James' plan to get a confession out of Sheila. Eric is upset he was not told that Sheila had threaten Thomas, but realizes if he did know, Eric would have been the one the police were dragging off to jail. Sheila is arrested for parole violation after James gets a confession on tape. Sheila tries to explain to James, Stephanie, and Lieutenant Baker that she would never have hurt Thomas. Stephanie shows Lieutenant Baker the lock of hair Sheila clipped from Thomas, but Sheila begs not to be put back in the mental hospital. Sheila tries to get James to say she is cured, but the decision has been made. Sheila is in direct violation of her parole and will return to the mental hospital for no less than five years.

Pierce is set to begin an experiment for his new project while Taylor reiterates she doesn't believe in hypnosis. A man who has been smoking three packs of cigarettes for the past 15 years arrives and Pierce puts him under hypnosis. Pierce gets the man to relax and visualize what life would be like not breathing in that nasty, smoky air. Pierce offers the man a cigarette after the hypnosis and the man coughs after taking a drag. Taylor is impressed the hypnotherapy worked.

James tells Sheila he tried to help her but it didn't work, and can't do anything else for her. Sheila clings to Mary while James orders her to put the baby down. Sheila gives Mary to James and is taken away and Mary cries for her mother.

Thursday, July 30, 1998

Rick Amber and C.J. are talking when Brooke comes home suddenly. Rick sends Amber and C.J. to his room saying he will get rid of his mom and come up later. Rick asks Brook what happened; she was supposed to go out to dinner. Brooke explains that she wasn't in the mood to go out; she is still upset about all that went down between the two of them. Rick says she should go out and enjoy herself, but she won't go---unless he would like to go with her. She wants to talk about their problems and what better place than over a nice meal. Rick says he isn't as angry as he was; he has given it a lot of thought. He just wants to hang out here, but why don't she go to her dinner? It would do her good to get out.

"Shut the door!" C.J. warns Amber. "What if Rick's mom hears you?" Amber wonders what Brooke would do if Brooke knew she was back and pregnant. C.J. tells her that Brooke would have her arrested but not before she had told Rick's dad. C.J. is worried about Eric finding out that he is involved in all of this. Amber says that she is sorry for bringing all this down on him, but C.J. says that he would do anything for her. "You have already done that C.J.," Amber tells him. "You are very important to me." As they hug, Rick comes into the room and asks what is going on.

Ridge and Taylor are out to dinner at Café Russe. Ridge asks about her first day at work. Was it exciting to be working for a guru? "It was amazing!" Taylor answers. She says that most of the day was spent learning all about this new approach Pierce is going to use. "The big Project X," Ridge says. Taylor continues to explain that it is something that hasn't been tried before. If it works, it will be a big breakthrough. She tells him that she saw it tested on a real patient today and it seemed to work instantly. If this is true, Ridge says, why are you so troubled? Does his new technique bother you? Taylor says that it is something that she doesn't believe in---it is just so out there! As she begins to tell him what it is all about, she sees Pierce and Bailey come into the restaurant. Who is that with him? Ridge asks. Taylor says that it is Bailey, Pierce's manager slash confidant slash friend. She wonders what they is doing here.

Pierce says that he would rather be in the office; he has work to do. But Bailey thinks that Café Russe is just what Pierce needs; it is the best place to relax that he knows about. However, as they are looking at the menu, Pierce insists on leaving. As they get up, they see Taylor and Ridge. Suddenly, to Bailey's amusement, Pierce suddenly has his appetite back.

"What's going on in here?" Rick repeats. "We got stuff to discuss. What are we going to do about the baby? Are you ready for it, Amber, because I certainly am not?" This is a disaster! Rick adds. Amber is confused and hurt by his attitude, but C.J. thinks he has a way out---adoption. "My sister has been wanting a baby for a long time," he begins. Amber knows his sister is married so she wonders why she just doesn't have one. "There is a problem and she can't have a baby," C.J. answers. "But it is a way out."

"I'm going to be a father!" Rick declares. "I can't believe she would get pregnant after just one time." Sitting on the bed, Amber is hurt by the tone of the discussion. "You make it sound like a disease," she protests. Talking as if she weren't even in the room, Rick continues, "And when they find out it is with Amber, they will really freak; they hate her!" Amber wonders about her feelings; doesn't she count? She isn't some kind of slut. She is in this as much as Rick. Rick reminds her that he is still in high school while she is eighteen years old. "Why don't I throw myself off the Santa Monica pier and all your problems will be over?" Amber asks.

Bailey suggests that they go over to the table and introduce themselves, but Pierce is hesitant. He is sure that they wouldn't want to talk shop with the boss. Looking across the room, Bailey describes Taylor as exquisite but Pierce doesn't see where that is relevant; he is interested in her work, not her body. Bailey thinks that Pierce needs a woman. Just then, Brooke comes into the room and looks around. "What about that one?" Bailey asks.

As dinner is served for Ridge and Taylor, she wonders what is wrong with Eric. She noticed that he was a little reserved when they left him. Ridge says that his dad is okay, it is his mother that he is worried about. When Taylor says that she can't picture his mom just sitting around, Ridge says that that isn't what is worrying him.

Brooke goes to the bar and looks around. After sitting, she sees Taylor and Ridge having dinner. "Great!" She says to herself. "This is just what I needed." When the waiter arrives, she orders a martini. As she sips on the drink, she remembers breakfast in bed with Ridge. They talked about how perfect life was and how only a baby could make it more perfect. "That is the only thing that could make me any happier than I am right now," she remembers saying. "What am I doing to myself?" she asks.

Pierce and Bailey stops by Taylor and Ridge's table just as the dinner dishes are taken away,. After Taylor introduces Pierce to Ridge, Pierce introduces Bailey. Taylor asks if he comes here often. When he answers that they come here once in a while, Bailey says that they have been here once in the last three years. "Don't start on me," Pierce laughs at Bailey. "My friend thinks I am too much a recluse," He explains. He then tells Ridge that he is a fan of the Forresters. Ridge wonders what neurosis the Forresters have that could be of interest to Pierce. Pierce explains that he uses them as case study in success. He knows of the way Eric started in a back room and has now grown to be an International force in business. He believes that anyone can do that if they have talent and will just make the decision to do so. "We are talking about the mysterious Project X," Ridge says. After he admits that he doesn't know what Taylor and Pierce are doing, Pierce says good night and they go back to their table. Ridge excuses himself and goes to the men's room. As Pierce returns to his table, he notices that Brooke is hiding her face from Ridge.

C.J. has to leave so he says goodbye and kisses Amber on the forehead. After he has gone, Rick apologizes for the way he was talking. He didn't mean it the way it sounded. "Yes, you did," Amber accuses him. "You hate me just like your mom and dad do."

Pierce can't help but notice Brooke. He wonders why she is crying and why she is hiding from Taylor's husband. "This woman fascinates you," Bailey observes. When Pierce says he was only curious, Bailey says he doesn't have to deny all human response. He isn't a machine; he is a man. Suddenly Pierce gets up and walks straight to the bar where Brooke is sitting. In the kindest voice imaginable, Pierce asks, "Why are you crying?" What! Asks Brooke. "Why are you crying?" Pierce repeats. "Will you tell me why?"

"I don't hate you!" Rick answers. You are acting like it, Amber accuses. Rick says that he is just all messed up trying to deal with this situation. Amber reminds him that she is in the same position he is. She is worried about it also. She reminds him that it isn't all her fault; "You begged me to teach you," she reminds Rick. She won't have an abortion, she tells him, but she can still go away if that is what he wants her to do. Or she can put it up for adoption. "NO!" Rick says. "I made this kid and I won't push off on anyone else. I've just got to figure how to deal with this." The first thing you have to do is tell your mother and father, Amber tells him.

Friday, July 31, 1998

Pierce introduces himself to Brooke; Brooke recognizes Pierce's name as the motivational speaker. Pierce tells her that he couldn't help but notice the tears. Brooke misunderstands and thinks that he wants her to open up to him, a stranger. He says that he wouldn't recommend anyone as vulnerable as she to open up to a stranger. She tells him that she is okay; there was no need for him to bother himself. He admits that he is being intrusive and apologizes. He says that he only meant to help the same way a doctor would want to help if someone was hit by a car. "Well, there is no emergency here, doctor," Brooke tells him. He apologizes again and goes back to his table.

Over dessert, Ridge wonders where Bailey went. Since Pierce is now alone, maybe they should invite him to join them. Taylor says that Pierce is a very private man; as far as she knows, he has never been married. Work is all that he has. Ridge says that Pierce envies him because he is married to Taylor. "In fact, every guy in here is envious of me because of you," he adds. Taylor says that she is the lucky one. They agree that they are both lucky. They kiss. From the other side of the room, Brooke watches them kiss then he watches Brook watching them.

Rick tells Amber that he can't tell his parents but Amber reminds him that they will find out sooner or later. "When do people start showing?" Rick wonders. "Six months? Seven months?" Amber tells him that they show sooner than that, especially if they are built like her. "It sounds like you have been through this," Rick accuses. "Why didn't we use protection?" Amber tells him that they can't keep ripping into each other about this. She urges him to tell his parents; maybe it won't be as bad as he thinks. They will shout and yell and scream for a while, then they would do the right thing. "I don't even know what the right thing is!" Rick shouts. "All I know is that soon there will be a new person in the world and I am responsible. I won't ignore that." Okay, she says. "Let's get this show on the road and tell your parents."

Brooke and Pierce continue to watch as Ridge and Taylor continues to kiss at their table. Taylor says that she has the perfect husband, the perfect child and now the perfect job. What comes next? Ridge says that a "happily ever after is all that is left. "Sounds pretty boring," Taylor observes. But Ridge tells her that living with her will never be boring.

Brooke gets up from the bar and walks over to Pierce's table. "You were wrong," she says as she sits down at his table. "It wasn't a car, it was a bus that hit me."

Rick begins to tell Amber about the road that has been laid out for him to follow since the day he was born. The schools he will attend, the colleges, his entire future have been planned. "Dan is already talking to me about visiting Princeton and Yale." He has to think about this and what it will do to his life's plan. He tells her that she needs to leave before his mom comes back home. Before she leaves, she hesitantly tells him that pregnant women need a lot of emotional support. He promises that he will be there for her; they are in this together. She leaves and starts down the stairs.

Brooke remarks that she isn't the kind to let herself be picked up by a strange man, even in a place as classy as Café Russe. Pierce says that he wasn't trying to pick her up, just lend a hand. "You say you were hit by a bus," he goes on. "I presume it was driven by someone at that table?" Looking toward Taylor and Ridge, Brook admits that the bus was driven by both of them. She says that she saw him earlier at the table speaking to them; how does he know them? When he says that Taylor works for him, Brooke gets up. "Then, in that case, you are not the person I should be talking to." Pierce looks up at her and says, "Please, don't leave."

Taylor tells Ridge that she has something for him when they get home. Ridge can hardly wait, but he asks if they should say goodbye to the boss. Taylor doesn't even want to look at the boss on their way out; she only has eyes for Ridge. Ridge wonders if she expects him to drive home under these circumstances and Taylor is sure he can make it. "I may not be able to make it that far," he warns. Taylor says, "Let's just see how far we get, shall we?"

Amber walks down stairs looking around. "I do miss it here," she says softly. "I had it made when I lived here." Just then, Eric walks into the house and sees her. "Amber!" He says. "What the hell are you doing here? I thought you were gone. Where is Rick? He is upstairs, isn't he and you were with him. What did you do? Come back for more money?" Amber tells him that this has nothing to do with money; it has to do with Rick. "No," Eric tells her. "He is finished with you. He is getting on with his life and I will not have you coming here and stirring things back up." Amber stands up to him and tells him that Rick isn't over her---not by a long shot. She says that isn't about money; she cares for Rick. Eric says that she has an emotional hold over Rick, but he won't let her get away with hurting his son. I'm not trying to control his emotions, Amber insists. "What the hell do you call it when you, an adult, messes with a sixteen year old boy; my son isn't prepared to deal with a relationship with a girl like you." "Believe me, your son is more than equipped to deal with a girl my age," Amber tells him. Eric shouts angrily that that is enough. Get out of here. You are nothing but trouble. A girl like you is just a bad influence on my son. He tells her that since she doesn't work here any longer, she has no right to be in the house. She can go of her own free will or the police can carry her out. Amber tells him that this has nothing to do with her age; it is all about status. She isn't good enough for their precious son. "But let me tell you something, Mr. Forrester, I've got something that no other girl has to give Rick; it is something that Rick can't resist even if he wanted to." Eric can't help but wonder what she is talking about, but he thinks she is talking about sex. He tells her that what she has said only proves his point. "If you had an ounce of class or integrity, you wouldn't be hanging around here where you don't belong. NOW, GET OUT OF HERE AND GET OUT OF RICK'S LIFE BEFORE YOU DESTROY HIM. I WILL FIGHT FOR MY SON'S LIFE; I WON'T LET YOU DESTROY HIM." By now, he has the door open and Amber stands there calmly with her hands on her tummy. "You are going to be so sorry you treated me like the scum of the earth," Amber tells him. "You can treat me like that now, but believe me, it won't be for long." She turns and walks away.

Pierce guesses that Brooke was in love with Ridge. She says that she was and is in love with Ridge and always will be in love with him. But he is gone. She says that it usually doesn't bother her except on nights like this. "Did you know they would be here when you came?" Pierce asked. When she tells him that if she had known, she wouldn't have come, he tells her then she should go home and congratulate herself for passing the critical test. He tells her that there are better days ahead for her and better men. No one is better than Ridge, Brooke insists. "Different, then," Pierce concedes. "He was my first love and will always be the love of my life," Brooke tells him again. She says that she wanted since she was a teenager and a couple of times she almost had him. She tells him of a time when she was a young child. Since her father wasn't around very much, her brother would take her to the carnival. She loved to ride the carousel; she would ride it over and over. There was a golden ring that she always reached for but it was always out of her reach. But every time she went around was another chance to reach for the golden ring. There was always another time until the ride stopped. That is how it is for me; the ride is definitely over. "But there will be other rides," Pierce tells her. "That is what my brother always said," Brooke answers with a smile. "But not for me. It is only the carousel and there is only one Ridge."

Pierce tells her that it is sad, but it is not hopeless. She still has a chance with someone else. All she has to do is change her attitude. Brooke doesn't understand; she says that Ridge isn't a habit. However, he begins to tell her that loving and wanting Ridge is only a habit---just like drugs or biting your nails. "Feeding the body is no different from feeding the emotions. It is all about control. You control what you eat by only eating healthy things. You can control your feelings by only having only healthy feelings. "Quit obsessing and start thinking about something else. You make a decision at the very moment that you do something. You are a special person; you need to go out and meet the world and let the world meet you. Let the world see what it has been missing all this time."

Brooke sits enthralled by all Pierce is telling her. As she rises, she has a smile on her face. "Thank you," she says. "I think I really needed this. You are an incredible person."

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