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Stephanie tried to persuade James to terminate Sheila's parental rights. Macy and Thorne threw a surprise party for Grant, and Grant told Macy that he was dying of cancer. C.J. suggested that Macy and Grant would make good parents for Amber's baby. Amber implored Brooke to be her friend again.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 3, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, August 3, 1998

At Forrester, Brooke thinks how good Pierce made her feel the other night and how long it has been since she has felt that way about her self. Eric comes in and informs Brooke that he ran into Amber at Brooke's house. Amber is after their son and is not to be trusted. One would think with $50k, Amber would have sense enough to stay out of Rick's life, Eric says. Rick drops by and wants to know how his mother could give Amber money to stay away from him.

Amber tells C.J. she bumped into Eric and was accused of wanting Rick for his money. Amber didn't take the money and run because she is pregnant. C.J. mentions the perfect solution about how to get out of this mess. Let Grant and Macy adopt her baby. Amber is going to have a child she doesn't want while Grant and Macy have everything they want except a child. It's the perfect solution. C.J. tries to get Amber to see herself nine months from now, living alone and struggling. Grant and Macy would be able to give the child a wonderful, loving home. Just think about it, C.J. says.

Grant days with Macy have been precious but he realizes their time together will end sooner than either one of them imagined. Macy suggests they try donor insemination, and tries to convince Grant he would be the only father the child would know, no matter who the donor is. Grant is distant and can't think that far ahead. Grant doesn't want Macy to worry about him and suggests they treat each moment as it's thier last. Please remember how much I love you, Grant begs.

Thorne drops by after Grant leaves and Macy says Grant is still upset about not being able to father a child. Thorne realizes Macy and Grant have been going through some heavy stuff lately and says it's time to have some fun. Thorne offers to throw a party at his house to cheer Grant up. Macy agrees.

Rick still can't get over the fact that Brooke paid Amber to leave town. Eric tells his son that Amber was trying to take advantage of you and tries to convince Rick that he and Amber are finished. Meanwhile, Amber envisions herself after the baby is born living in a loud, dumpy apartment, cleaning, doing laundry, and never getting to go anywhere. Then Amber realizes the baby is a Forrester and the Forrester's would never turn their back on their flesh and blood. Amber envisions what life would be like after she and Rick are married and being accepted into the Forrester family. That would be like a dream come true. Eric tells Brooke they have to stop Amber before she gets her hooks into Rick. Amber realizes the baby inside her is her ticket to the good life. She's going to have a Forrester baby and if the baby is a boy, she will name him Eric the 3rd. .

Tuesday, August 4, 1998

Darla suggests to Grant he get radiation treatment or chemotherapy, but Grant says there's no point since the cancer has spread to so much of his body. Grant gets Darla to promise not to say anything to Macy. Grant wants to wait a few more weeks before he drops the bomb on Macy.

Macy calls Sally and invites her to the party. Sally thinks it is odd that Thorne is helping with the preparations. Sally summons Grant to her office and wants to know why he has been so upset lately. She also tells him Thorne is helping Macy plan a surprise party to lift his spirits. Sally advises Grant not to let his infertility ruin his life. Grant needs to move on because Thorne is fixated on Macy and determined to recapture the connection he and Macy once shared. Sally urges Grant not to let his depression ruin any future happiness.

Darla lets it slip to Clarke that Grant is upset about more than his infertility. Thorne helps Macy remember she and Grant have their whole lives ahead of them. Macy says this party is about reminding Grant how much she loves him, but wonders what Thorne is getting out of the party. Thorne's payment is getting to see Macy happy again.

Sally and is concerned about Thorne's participation in the party while Grant envisions how devastated Macy will be when he tells her the news. Macy's happiness is all that matters to Grant and that is why he can't tell Macy he is dying. After Sally and Grant arrive at the party, Darla urges Grant to tell Macy of his condition. Grant wants to spare Macy pain and sadness for as long as he can, but Darla says Macy deserves to know. Macy gathers the group and gives thanks for her friends and family. Macy also says she and Grant plan on having a baby by this time next year and she is looking forward to their wonderful life together. Grant gets everyone's attention by saying there is something he wants to tell his wife.

Wednesday, August 5, 1998

Sheila wonders why James had her reinstated to the psychiatric hospital. She never would have hurt Thomas but Stephanie was trying to destroy her family and had to be stopped. Mike surprises Sheila and warned her this would happen. Sheila doesn't consider Mike a friend after her kidnapping fiasco at the Psycho House. Mike tells Sheila if she wants to see Mary again, she better listen to what he has to say.

James realizes Mary misses her mother, but Stephanie assures him that Mary will adjust. James and Mary are staying with Stephanie so he doesn't have to go through this alone. Stephanie asked Ridge and Taylor to come over and feels it's time to tell them what's been going on with Sheila. Ridge and Taylor are shocked to learn Sheila threatened Thomas, but James says it was due to Sheila's insecurities about her relationship with James. Stephanie says she never would have let Sheila harm Thomas.

Darla urges Grant to tell Macy he is dying while Grant announces he has something important to tell his wife. He thanks everyone for supporting his marriage and for their continued support of Macy in the future. Grant pauses and says no matter what his physical limitations are, he has no limit of love for his wife. Macy's happiness is the most important thing in Grant's life. While the others are enjoying the party, Darla again tells Grant that Macy has a right to know he has cancer. Grant promises Macy will have a family and vows to do more for her. He has a plan. Before Grant dies, he wants to give Macy the greatest gift he can. His answer is right in front of him.

Mike informs Sheila there is a hearing set for tomorrow for the custody of Mary, and Stephanie will be there blabbing to the judge about what a wacko Sheila is. Sheila says she is not the same woman she once was because of Mary. All she ever wanted was to be a good mother to Mary and she can't let them take that away from her.

Stephanie's lawyer, Jonathan, arrives and informs the Queen, James, Ridge, and Taylor that the judge will more than likely raise the issue of custody at the hearing since Sheila has a child and threaten another child. Taylor and James are reluctant to label Sheila a hopeless case and without a chance of parole, she might not try to get better. The fact is, James says, Sheila is not fit to be around children. Meanwhile, Sheila vows Stephanie will be sorry if she tries to take Mary away. Stephanie can't even imagine what Sheila would do.

Thursday, August 6, 1998

Stephanie is on the phone with Ridge as James tries to "mother" a fussy Mary. Stephanie tells Ridge that she is glad that he and Taylor took Thomas out of town where they would be safe. After hanging up, she tells James that they drove up to Santa Barbara until after the hearing today. She is sure that Sheila's parole will be revoked and she will be sent away then her family will be safe.

Jonathan arrives ready for court. He has already filed a motion for custody but they have to deal with the parole first. Stephanie thinks that James should have Sheila's parental rights terminated completely. James says that Sheila will be in prison for years as it is; he doesn't want her to have to lose her freedom and her child in one day.

Sheila's lawyer comes to the cell and tells her that she was right; James has filed a motion for exclusive custody of Mary. Sheila is devastated but the attorney says that they have to focus on the parole hearing; they can worry about the custody later. "No!" insists Sheila. "If I lose my little girl, what difference will going to prison make?" She is near hysteria when she tells the lawyer that she has to see James; James is the only one who will understand.

Grant is looking at a photograph of Macy. "How do I tell you that our dream is ending? How do I tell you that you will have to go through life alone?" Macy finds him and she is still high on the party. She sees that Grant isn't as up as she is but she tells him that she now understands why he has been so hesitant about the donor insemination. "I understand how you were feeling about it, but this way, at least, we can have everything we planned." Grant stops her. He tells her that he is going to make sure that she has that baby and the family that she wants even if it is not with him. "Of course, it will be with you," Macy tells him, puzzled. "No! No, Macy, it won't!" Grant tells her.

James continues to insist that he will have custody of Mary while Sheila will be in prison but Stephanie continues to tell him that that won't be enough; he has to end Sheila's parental rights! Sheila is a sick woman capable of hurting her own daughter. They are interrupted by a phone call; it is Sheila's attorney and she wants to talk with James. After James talks with her, he asks Stephanie to watch Mary for him for a while. "You aren't going to see Sheila are you?" When James says that he is, Stephanie tries to persuade him not to go.

"You will have your baby and your family, but I can't be a part of it," Grant sadly tells Macy. Macy thinks that he is refusing to do the insemination so she goes over once again the reasons for doing it. When he tells her that isn't what he is talking about, she thinks he is leaving her. "I can't believe you would bring that up again," Macy tells him. "I don't want out of this marriage! You are the most important thing to me; without you, there is no reason to have a family."

Grant walks away while he gets himself under control. He returns and tells her,

"There isn't going to be a donor insemination, Macy, because I am sick." He reminds her of the call he got the other day when he went out. It was to see the doctor. "They had the rest of my test results back and he told me that I am very sick---I have cancer---there is no doubt about it; I went for a second opinion and it was confirmed. I'm dying."

"NO!" Macy rushes to him and holds him tightly. "They are wrong! You can fight this. We will fight it and beat it! I've had cancer; I know it can be beaten."

"Not in this case," Grant tells her. "There is treatment, but it will only prolong my life. But, I don't want that. I want to spend every minute I have with you."

This is not happening! Macy cries.

James sits coldly before his wife in the visiting area. Sheila thanks him for coming; she heard about the custody hearing and had to talk to him. "How could you do that to me, James?" She cries. "How could you do that to our daughter? You know how much I love Mary. Have you ever seen me mistreat her? Have I ever raised my voice to her or neglected her?" James admits that she has never harmed Mary but she is sick. Who knows what she is capable of doing? "Is that you talking or has Stephanie taken over completely now?" Sheila asks. "You know I am a good mother."

Stephanie, with Mary in her arms, enters the courtroom with Jonathan and remembers the last time they were there. "I hate to think what would happen to this little girl if Sheila isn't sent back to prison," she tells Jonathan.

James admits that Sheila hasn't done anything to hurt Mary so far, but she has done some very wrong things. "I wouldn't have hurt Thomas," she tells him. "I was scared; I thought I was losing you. I made a terrible mistake and I am paying for it. Look at me James, I have lost my freedom; I have lost everything! Please don't take Mary away from me too. I'm not the monster Stephanie makes you think I am. I was getting well; you know I was. You lived with me, you know I had changed. If you take Mary away from me, I will have no reason to keep trying." James is shocked that she would use emotional blackmail against him. Sheila says that isn't what she is doing. She reminds him that he grew up without a mother. Doesn't he remember how it made him feel---the problems he had to overcome? "It is your fault," James shouts at her. "It is because of you that I have to make this hellish choice!" The guard starts toward them, but they calm down. "You are right," Sheila tells him contritely. "It is my fault because I was not strong enough, but I don't deserve to lose my daughter. Remember when she was born? We promised her that she would have everything we didn't have growing up. We promised her the perfect childhood that we didn't have. Please let me be a part of her life! She needs that, please . . . " James just stares at her coldly.

Macy holds tightly to Grant and cries. "You have to face it, Macy," Grant tells her. "Don't be scared. You can still have a husband and kids." Macy tells him forcefully that she doesn't want that without him.

Grant tells her that he has done a lot of thinking since he learned the news. At first he was bitter that fate had handed him this cup, but he has come to realize that nobody owes you what you already have. "You are my greatest gift," he tells her. "Without you, I would have died without knowing what it means to love and to be loved. We have to be grateful for what we have and trust in that there is more where that came from."

"I am not going to let you die!" Macy tells him. "You are my life!"

Friday, August 7, 1998

In the courtroom, Stephanie sits holding and feeding Mary. She tells her that her father has to keep her away from her mother's influence. Lauren comes in and thanks her for calling her since Stephanie knew she would want to be here to see Sheila get what is coming to her.

Mike slips into the courtroom in disguise and sits in the back. Looking around, he says that everyone is so smug; they are sure that they have gotten away with everything. Sheila is going down, they think, but they don't know Sheila very well, do they? No way!

James tells Sheila that he has to go but she begs him once again not to take her baby away from her. Didn't you listen to anything I said? She asks. James says that he listened to her but it isn't as simple as she makes it sound. "Mary is the one beautiful thing I have done in my live," Sheila tells him. "She is the only reason I have to work on getting better. I am better because of her and she depends on me." James says that he depended on her also but she let him down as well. She broke his trust. Sheila tells him that if she even thought she could or would hurt Mary, she'd tell him to turn away and leave right now. But she would never hurt Mary and James knows that. When James says that he has to protect his daughter she reminds him that Mary is their daughter! "You were there when I had her and I almost lost my life," Sheila pleads. "I would have gladly given my live for her. Tell me you remember! I am not the monster or demon that Stephanie would have you believe. I am a good mother." She reaches her hand out to him and finally he takes it. "Please, please don't take her away from me," she whispers.

Amber and C.J. enter Insomnia and sit down. One of the waitresses, Christy, goes to the phone and calls Brooke. She reminds Brooke that she wanted to be called if Amber ever showed up at Insomnia. "Well, she is here now," she reports. Brooke thanks her and hangs up.

C.J. mentions that Amber seems to be in an incredible mood. Amber says that she doesn't see her pregnancy as a problem any longer. Then you have made up your mind to give it up for adoption? C.J. asks.

James enters the courtroom just in time; Stephanie was getting worried about him. As James takes the baby from her, she asks how things went with Sheila. What did she want? James says that Sheila had heard about the custody hearing and she is desperate. Stephanie hopes that he didn't change his mind. James says that it isn't as simple as that. "You haven't lived with Sheila as I have," he begins. "You haven't seen her taking care of the baby or singing her to sleep at night. You haven't seen the baby's eyes light up when she comes into the room. It is a look of total trust." Stephanie warns him that Sheila can't be trusted with Mary. She will use the baby to manipulate and control James. Mary doesn't need a mother like that; she will have the two of them and they will surround her with love. Do you mean that? James asks. Yes, Stephanie assures him.

Sheila is brought in. She sees the baby and looks longingly at her. She looks at James then moves forward.

Amber tells C.J. that she isn't thinking about adoption. She has finally realized that this baby is a Forrester and maybe some day, she will be a Forrester also. C.J. can't believe that she would think that! "I'm not good enough to be a Forrester? Is that what you are thinking? You are as bad as the Forresters. Well, I am just as good as Brooke. She is nothing but a hypocritical, judgmental . . . " C.J. has seen Brooke come in and tries to interrupt Amber, but only when he says hello to Mrs. Forrester does Amber stop talking. Brooke stands at the table looking at the two of them.

Brooke wants to talk to Amber alone so C.J. reluctantly leaves. Sitting, Brooke tells Amber that they had a deal; she gave her money to go away and not come back. Amber tells her that it was a mistake to take the money; she wishes she could explain why to her. Brooke doesn't need an explanation; she knows what is going on. She had her sights set on Rick from the beginning and now she is going to milk him for all he is worth. Amber tells her that that isn't so. She says that she loves Rick and would never hurt them; they were the closest thing she had to a family. "You were always so good to me," she says. "I wish we could go back to being friends. Could you try?"

Stephanie looks at the panel that will judge Sheila's case and says that they are the same people who released Sheila before. Lauren also looks worried. The spokesperson asks Sheila how she pleads and her lawyer says that she is pleading not guilty.

Jonathan speaks to the panel. "Two years ago, you listened to this woman when she swore to you that she was done with violence. She vowed that she would never threaten the Forrester Family again and yet she is here now because she threatened the life of a newborn. Neither that child nor the family is safe as long as Sheila is loose. He calls Stephanie as his first witness.

Jonathan begins by questioning Stephanie about the night that Taylor and Ridge were married. Stephanie says that she had a little too much champagne and James offered to drive her home. Once they arrive there, they sat by the pool and talked. She tried to warn him that Sheila wasn't well; that she had never been cured. Then she impulsively kissed James. After he left, Sheila suddenly showed up. She was angry. She knocked her down and then tried to drown her in the pool. She goes on to say that the next day, Sheila came and told her that if she didn't break all ties with James, she would kill her grandson. Later that day, she send her a gift. Jonathan shows the gift to the panel. It is the decapitated doll. They gasp in horror. Then Stephanie tells them about how Sheila broke into Ridge and Taylor's home and took a swatch of the baby's hair.

Next, Jonathan calls James. Before James can testify, the panel asks if he is still planning on obtaining exclusive custody. Looking at Sheila, James tells them yes.

Brooke doesn't want to be friends with someone like Amber. She will never believe that she didn't have the extortion plan from the very beginning. You don't know me at all, Amber tells her. "And I don't want to know you," Brooke tells her. "I want you to take the money and leave. I don't want to ever see you again." Well, you will see me again, Amber tells her. "I am going to be a major part of your life. You've had your say, now it is my turn to tell you something."

"No, James, she needs me," cries Sheila from the table, but the panel silences her. James tells how he was hiding when Sheila came to Stephanie's with the lock of hair; he heard all of her threats. After that, he went to Lt Baker. He tells them that he believed that his wife had recovered, but he was wrong. He helped the police to arrest Sheila and return her to prison. While James is testifying, Stephanie looks up from the baby to find Sheila's hate-filled eyes boring into her.

Lt. Baker is called to testify. He tells that he needed proof of Sheila's intent before he could arrest her. He wired James and he went in and convinced Sheila to confess. Jonathan then plays the tape of Sheila confessing.

Jonathan turns to the panel. "Two years ago, Sheila made you some promises which she did not keep. You made a promise to her at that time. You said that if she didn't keep her promise, she would go back to prison. I now ask you to keep your promise.

Sheila turns and looks longingly at Mary.

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