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Taylor contemplated quitting her job, so Bailey hypnotized her again to remove his subliminal suggestion. Taylor tried to forge camaraderie between Ridge and Pierce. Brooke discovered that Amber had moved in with Stephanie.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 21, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, September 14, 1998

Brooke visits Grant in the hospital and believes his encouraging Macy to move on with Thorne is incredibly selfless. Grant replies that when he married Macy, he promised to make her dreams come true, and he believes she can have the family she always dreamed of with Thorne. Meanwhile, Macy tells Thorne the reason the doctor could not release Grant is because his condition is getting worse. Grant's cancer has gotten so bad, he might not ever come home.

Amber is excited about Rick's marriage proposal and the prospect of becoming Mrs. Eric Forrester Jr. C.J. wonders how Rick is going to support Amber and the baby since he is still in high school. Amber says Rick will not have to support them since the baby will be a Forrester. C.J. urges Amber to clue Rick in the Raymond might be the father of her baby, but Amber wants no part of that. Amber is certain her baby is Rick's.

Grant offers his sympathy to Brooke for Ridge leaving. Brooke notes Bridget had a hard time dealing with it at first, Rick became vulnerable, and now Amber is pregnant. Grant encourages Brooke to lose her anger and focus on Rick. He wishes everyone could experience the joy and gratitude he has felt. Now if Grant could only get Macy to experience that joy with Thorne.

Macy wishes she could get back the life she and Grant had before his illness while Thorne assures her everything will be alright. Macy doesn't know how she will be able to deal with Grant being gone, but Thorne says she will never be alone. Thorne will always be there for Macy.

Amber says her baby was made out of love and can not be Raymond's. C.J. warns her if she pretends the baby isn't Raymond's, all hell might break lose. Amber is not telling Rick or his parents because this is the closest she has come to having the life she always wanted. This baby is a Forrester and if Amber plays her cards right, someday she will be too. Later, Amber has a dream of giving birth to Raymond's baby while Brooke banishes Amber from Rick's life forever.

Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Eric and Brooke ready for their meeting with Rick and Amber. Eric is unsure what Rick has in mind, but feels adoption is the only solution and Rick will have to accept that. Amber warns Rick that his parents will try to talk them out of getting married, but Rick says he will not let that happen. Rick reminds Amber they have managed to stay together so far, and he is not going to quit even though things are tough. Brooke and Eric arrive. Rick and Amber realize Brooke and Eric think adoption is the best solution because they are not married. Amber vows to give her baby a great home with love while Rick stuns his parents by saying they are not giving the baby away. He and Amber are getting married and will raise the baby themselves!

Ridge expresses his concerns about Pierce to Stephanie. Ridge feels Pierce is trouble and is up to something. Meanwhile, Pierce doesn't want to lose Taylor and has to know she is with him on this project. Taylor assures Pierce she is still working on the project, and is excited about the work. The project at least deserves further research. Pierce says it's a shame, Ridge can't share that enthusiasm. Ridge feels Pierce is playing with Taylor's mind and making him seem like the bad guy. Stephanie notes Pierce has designs on Taylor. Ridge is frustrated since Taylor said she is not quitting her job, no matter how Ridge feels about it. Taylor is risking her whole career for some crackpot therapy. Taylor assures Pierce she is excited about the project, despite her husband's objections.

Stephanie is surprised Taylor would get involved in such a scam, but Ridge says Taylor is not being objective. Ridge can't explain Taylor's behavior but feels Pierce has brainwashed her. Pierce is trying to control Taylor and Ridge has to protect her and get her off that project. Taylor tells Pierce she is aware of the project's demands, and if Ridge does not support her, she will deal with him. Pierce says to himself that despite Ridge's objections, this is only the beginning. Pierce can change Taylor's life.

Eric blasts Amber for suggesting she and Rick get married, but Rick shouts it was his idea. Rick vows he loves and is committed to this baby and nothing can change the way he feels. Brooke orders Amber out of her house, but Amber snaps back saying she is a member of the family now and as a member of the family, she will not be ordered around. Whether Eric or Brooke likes it or not, Amber will be their daughter in law.

Wednesday, September 16, 1998

Ridge asks for Lauren's advice on how to handle Pierce. Ridge feels Pierce is controlling his wife is some bizarre way, and is frustrated Taylor chose not to quit her job. Pierce asks Bailey to get rid of the trigger bell he used during Taylor's hypnosis. Pierce regrets using the bell during the hypnosis as the bell is a power trip and Pierce doesn't need the bell to have control over Taylor. Bailey urges his boss to reconsider giving up the bell since Pierce could use the bell to get closer to Taylor. Pierce is certain he wants the bell destroyed but Bailey keeps the bell in his pocket.

Eric and Brooke want Rick and Amber to do the responsible thing and give their child up for adoption, but Amber says it's not responsible to give the child away. Rick hoped his parents would understand his love for Amber and his determination to do the right thing and provide this child with a warm, loving home. Rick continues by saying he knows what it feels like to be raised in a broken family home and he is going to make sure this child is not raised like that.

Bailey tells Taylor he is glad she didn't quit the project and expresses his concern about Pierce's happiness. Even though Pierce helps thousands of others, Bailey feels Pierce's needs aren't being met. Pierce needs one person who he can share his soul with, Bailey says and it is a shame Taylor doesn't share those feelings. Bailey looks at the bell and says to himself, maybe he can change that. Lauren has an idea to find out what Pierce is really about and calls his office. Lauren learns Pierce went to lunch at Mannequins and heads off to dig up some dirt. At the restaurant, Lauren introduces herself and flirts with Pierce.

Sally is surprised Rick and Amber are talking marriage and reminds C.J. Rick will need his parent's permission before he takes the plunge. C.J. calls Rick to find out what is going on with Amber but Rick says the scoop will have to wait until after Amber and his mother finish their private conversation.

Amber tells Brooke eventually she and Rick will get married and she is willing to do anything to make Brooke accept this child since it will be a Forrester. Another thing, the conniving Amber says is she will not tolerate being treated like the hired help. If Brooke wants to go to war, fine, but Amber plans on winning. So does Amber call Brooke, Mrs. Forrester or mom?

Thursday, September 17, 1998

Brooke and Amber continue to spar. They are saying more of the same old things, however, once again, Brooke emphasizes that she will never allow her sixteen year old son to marry anyone, much less Amber. When Amber tells her that she can't talk to her like that, Brooke tells her that she can talk to her any way she wants to because this is her house. She tells Amber to leave but Amber says that Rick is upstairs waiting for her. Brooke tells her that this is not a democracy; this is her house and she wants Amber to GET OUT! Amber asks where she expects her to go but Brooke informs her that that is not Brooke's problem; that is Amber's problem. Amber leaves, but once outside, she looks like she just might have a plan.

At Mannequins, Lauren is still trying to seduce Pierce. He tells her that he knows that she is coming on to him but there is something missing. There should be sparks but there aren't. From the tone of her voice, he has to wonder if she is holding out bait to him. Yes, that is it, he says. You are bait! Who sent you here to test me? He thinks that it is Ridge so he gets up and tells her to go back and report that he passed the test---or failed the test---he doesn't know which it is. Lauren jumps up and tells him who she is and apologizes for her behavior. Pierce knows the name and knows that she is a good friend of the Forresters. Lauren asks him to sit back down so that she can explain. She tells him that Ridge has a right to be worried; his beautiful wife is working very closely with a very charismatic man. Surely he can see the potential? Pierce tells her that it doesn't necessarily follow that he would be after Taylor just because they are working closely. He is a very dedicated man; he only has one lifetime to accomplish all that he wants to accomplish. He doesn't have the time to stop and play. Sure, he is attracted to Taylor, who wouldn't be? But he has his mind on business and would never ever interfere with a marriage. Lauren says that she couldn't be more off the mark! She begs him to accept her apology. She leaves soberly chastised.

Taylor is trying to get her work completed so that she can leave. Since Bailey is still there, she tells him again that Pierce has chosen his own path. When Bailey insists that he needs more in his life Taylor says that he acts like she could do something about it. Bailey says that she could be his confidant; someone he could open his soul to. Taylor tells him that even if he did open his soul to her, she couldn't reciprocate. "Only one person has my soul," she tells him. Bailey looks at the bell again and is about to ring it when the phone rings. It is Ridge. He wonders when she will be home. She tells him that she is almost ready to leave; she will be home soon. "Yes, doc, do hurry," Ridge tells her. As she begins to leave, she tells Bailey that she is on her way home but she needs to assure him that she is happily married. The fight she and her husband had last night was the first in two months of marriage. Bailey hopes that the fight is over and Taylor says it will be as soon as she can get home. Any time Ridge calls her doc, it means something special is about to happen. Bailey's eyes light up. Taylor makes it to the door before Bailey rings the bell.

Taylor stands and blinks as she falls into a trance. Bailey takes her hand and leads her back to the chair and sits her down. He asks if she feels okay and she says that she does. He asks about the name that Ridge uses, and she replies it is doc. Bailey tells her that from now on, anytime anyone calls her doc, it will be an offense to her. She will be offended and irritated that anyone would use that word to her. It is a put down of her professional ability; it shows disrespect and she will not tolerate it. He then wakes her up and sends her on her way home.

Amber arrives at Stephanie's door and uses the knocker. "I know someone who might take me in," she says to herself. "Stephanie Forrester. Lets see how you feel about that, Brooke!"

Taylor arrives home to a house alight with candles. She asks if they forgot to pay the electric bill. Ridge tells her that he has something special planned but first he wants to set things right. Taylor tells him that she loves him and he asks if that is even if he is a stubborn, obstinate man. She says that she is the same thing so does he still love her. He tells her that he loves her very much and only wishes that they could have more time together. As they are kissing, Ridge whispers, "Make love to me, doc." Taylor stiffens and pulls away. What is wrong, Ridge asks. She doesn't know what happened. As they begin to kiss again, Ridge once again calls her doc and she pulls back and looks at him coldly and angrily.

Friday, September 18, 1998

Taylor pulls back when Ridge calls her doc but she doesn't know why. She doesn't want to spoil the mood; she just wants to be with him. He wants to be with her also, so he tells her, "Anything you say, doc." Again, Taylor reacts. She thinks that it is the stress of work and home life and that is all that it is. They begin to make love and he pulls her jacket off. "I need you," Taylor whispers. As they kiss again, Ridge says that he needs her too. "I need you so much, doc!" She pulls back and tells him to STOP calling her that. Ridge is confused and frustrated, especially when she tells him not to call her doc. He says that he has called her that for years and she never complained. Taylor says that when he calls her that, it is very irritating. They begin again. As Taylor gets more and more aggressive, Ridge says, "Whoa! Doc!" Jerking back, violently, Taylor shouts, "Dammit, Ridge LOSE THE DOC!"

Taylor realizes what she has done and said and becomes very distraught. "What in Hell is wrong with you," Ridge asks. "I don't know," Taylor says. "What is happening to me?" Ridge asks if she is still angry about last night but she says that that isn't it. She isn't angry or disappointed with him. What he asked of her was not unreasonable. She is tense and wound up and she doesn't know why. She doesn't feel any threats from him, Pierce or the job. She is rubbing her shoulders and asks if he could give her a massage. "I can do that. Where would you like me to start?" She tells him to start north and work his way south. He begins to massage her shoulders. "You really are tense," he says as he massages. "Is this helping, doc?" Taylor pulls away and flies off the handle. She grabs her purse and jacket and tells him she is headed for the office. She must have left something undone at the office that is bothering her. Ridge won't let her go; he says that they need to work out what is wrong with her. Taylor says that she has no answers but she wants to go to the office and search for some. Ridge asks if Pierce is still there. It is the damn job that is interfering with their lives. Again he uses the word doc and she tells him that it is that word that is grating on her nerves. She doesn't want to be called that. Ridge says that he doesn't believe that the word "doc" is their problem. With that, Taylor grabs her jacket and leaves the house.

Stephanie opens the door to Amber who tells her that she needs to talk to her. Stephanie says that she heard she was back in town and trying to hook up with Rick. Amber tells her the reason she left in the first place. Stephanie says that Brooke was only trying to protect her son; she was only trying to keep her underage son from becoming involved with a situation he wasn't ready for. "I am surprised at you, too, Amber," Stephanie says. "I can't believe that you would let yourself become involved either. You were hired as a babysitter! The best thing for you to do is go home to your parents before it is too late." It already is too late, Amber informs her. I am pregnant. Stephanie is horrified! How could you let this happen? Don't you know you could go to jail for this? She tries to be patient and kind with Amber but when Amber says that she was hoping that Stephanie would take her side, Stephanie stops her. Brooke is a good mother and I will not take sides against her in this! Amber says that she has no where to go and was hoping that she could stay with her.

Pierce asks Bailey if Taylor has gone home for the day. Bailey is daydreaming about the little bell and hopes that Pierce won't give up on Taylor yet. With the help of a little bell, Taylor should be back in the office before long. She will be totally disgusted with Ridge every time he uses the word, "doc." She will grow to despise him.

Pierce asks why he is smiling and Bailey says that he was thinking of the time when Pierce found him at the Santa Monica pier. He says that he had made a deal with himself that when the sun came up that morning, he was going to throw himself off the cliff. He doesn't know how he will ever be able to repay Pierce for turning his life around. Pierce tells him that by turning his life around, he has given him all the thanks he will ever need. Bailey says that he may be able to do more for him soon. When Pierce asks what he is talking about, Bailey begins talking about Taylor. Pierce becomes short with Bailey and tells him that Taylor is a happily married woman and he isn't going in that direction. Bailey says that he knows that there is a serious problem in Taylor's marriage; that marriage isn't what people think it is. Pierce says that he hopes Bailey is wrong. Just then, Taylor comes into the office very upset. Bailey leaves but listens at the door. Taylor tells Pierce what happened at the house. She can't understand what went wrong! Sometimes they have disagreements but they don't get in the way of their marriage. And what is it with her becoming angry just because he called her by an old nickname? Standing at the door, Bailey smiles proudly and tells himself that it worked!

Ridge is on the porch at his place drinking a beer when Lauren comes up. She tells him that her mission was accomplished. She just had dinner with Pierce and she has all the low-down. Ridge says that that is a name he would rather not hear right now!

After Ridge is alone, he is troubled. "What the Hell is going on? Am I doing something wrong? I feel like I am losing you, Taylor. I cannot lose you; I am not going to lose you. NO WAY!"

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