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James discovered that someone else was serving Sheila's sentence, and Sheila had been free for weeks. Sheila shot Stephanie and absconded with Mary. Ridge was shocked to see Brooke on Pierce's arm at Taylor's dinner party, and Ridge ruined the evening with his arrogance and blatant flirtations with Brooke.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 28, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, September 28, 1998

Ridge is not looking forward to having dinner with Pierce and Bailey when he invites them in as Taylor gets dressed. Ridge offers the two a drink but Pierce says he will wait for his date. After Taylor joins in, Pierce decides to have some wine with Taylor after all. Ridge makes rude remarks about Pierce and his work as Bailey vows to destroy the arrogant bastard.

Stephanie, James, and Amber have dinner when James informs Steph he will be gone overnight as he goes upstate to check on Sheila in prison. Stephanie expresses her love for Mary but knows her presence in Mary's life is dependent on Stephanie's presence in James' life. James assures Steph he would never hurt her because she has come to mean a great deal to he and Mary.

Sheila is determined to be with Mary. She wants her daughter with her tonight. Mike urges Sheila to cool down, but Sheila says it was wrong to have her child ripped from her and into the arms of the evil Queen. Now, Sheila is going to correct things. Sheila has held back long enough. She knows what she has to do and she is going to do it.

To Ridge and Taylor's surprise, Brooke shows up as Pierce's date. Ridge comments Brooke looks good enough to eat since he designed the dress she is wearing. Taylor reminds Ridge he has a wife. Ridge and Brooke continue to flirt which infuriates Bailey. Ridge turns the conversation to Taylor's work and notes how Pierce's office gives him the creeps. Taylor doesn't want to talk about work since Brooke is there and it's not public knowledge the project involves hypnosis. Ridge admits he is a skeptic and wants Pierce to hypnotize him right now, tonight! Taylor is furious at Ridge's crass behavior.

Sheila takes Mike to an unsafe part of town so she can practice. Sheila wonders why she wasted time trying to prove to everyone she could become a better person. Sheila is the nightmare Stephanie created and is coming back to haunt her. Sheila pulls a gun, has Mike put a picture of Stephanie on a crate, and fires. Bull's eye! When Stephanie took her daughter away, it was like she put a knife in her heart. Now, Sheila is going to repay the favor!

Tuesday, September 29, 1998

Sheila is planning on heading east after she gets Mary. Mike realizes Stephanie deserves to die, but does Sheila really want to do this? Sheila reminds her friend that Steph took her daughter and no one does that to Sheila. Sheila kisses Mike and bids him farewell. Stephanie warns James to be careful during his visit with Sheila. James promises to be careful and leaves for his trip upstate. Stephanie plays with Mary and wonders how such a beautiful baby could come from a person like Sheila. Stephanie promises to protect Mary.

Taylor reminds Ridge not to talk about the project in front of Brooke, but Ridge says Brooke is a trusted friend who won't tell a soul. Ridge and Taylor return from outside and Ridge tells Pierce he wants to be hypnotized. Under hypnosis, Ridge says Brooke will always be a friend, but he feels indifferent toward Pierce and Bailey. Ridge says Pierce is misguided and the project is doomed to fail. Ridge wakes up and says he was faking being under hypnosis. Brooke thinks it's funny while Bailey feels insulted.

Before Amber heads out to the coffeehouse, Stephanie reminds her to act responsibly and do what's best for herself and the baby. Amber appreciates the concern and says her mother would never show such concern. Amber wants to be the kind of parent Stephanie is, strong and in control. Amber leaves as Sheila lurks in the bushes.

Over dinner, Bailey says Ridge's joke was cruel. Taylor mentions Ridge wouldn't think it was funny if someone made fun of a dress he designed. Ridge says he would if he was wearing it. Hypnosis doesn't work for me, Ridge explains. If it doesn't work on Ridge, then there is a portion of the population it will not work for, so the project is not as powerful as Pierce and Bailey claim it to be. Pierce reminds Ridge hypnosis doesn't work if you don't want it to. Ridge does want it to work since his wife has invested her reputation in it. Bailey excuses himself. Later, Brooke and Pierce take off. Bailey confronts Ridge outside and blasts him for making a fool out of Pierce. Bailey can't believe Taylor would tolerate living with a animal like Ridge. Ridge throws Bailey out while Bailey says Pierce is a hero to me while Ridge is merely a dressmaker. Ridge says you, Pierce, and the hypnosis are a joke. Bailey vows to show Ridge what kind of joke it is!

At the prison visitation room, James is stunned to find a woman pretending to be Sheila. Meanwhile, Stephanie is alone with Mary as Sheila begins her final chapter and knocks on Stephanie's door.

Wednesday, September 30, 1998

Amber is starting to show and by the time she has the baby, she hopes the Forresters will have accepted Amber into their family. Sally comes home to find Amber waiting for C.J. and offers her some motherly advice. Although Amber has caused quite a stir at the Forrester's camp, Sally warns Amber not to expect them to accept her with open arms simply because she is carrying a Forrester baby. You have to earn their respect which could take years, not force your way into the family, Sally continues. Amber informs Sally she already had an Aly in Stephanie. In fact, Amber is staying with the Queen herself.

Stephanie is horrified when she opens the door and finds Sheila standing there. Stephanie tells Sheila that Mary is on a walk with James but Sheila hears Mary start to cry. Sheila calls Stephanie a lying bitch and goes after her. While Sheila is cooing over Mary, Steph attempts to call 911 but Sheila yanks the phone off the hook.

James tells the warden there must be some sort of mix-up because this woman standing before him is not his wife. Maybe Sheila was transferred to solitary confinement, James says. The warden pulls up Sheila's records and finds that Sheila was admitted a couple weeks ago, so where is she? The woman impersonating Sheila finally admits that Sheila offered her money in exchange for freedom. The warden looks up Sybil Weller's records and finds she was released the same day Sheila was transferred. James realizes Sheila and Sybil switched places which only means Sheila escaped.

Amber tries to convince Sally she is not after the Forrester money but she wants to be accepted by the Forrester family. All Amber's baby needs is love, something Amber never had growing up. Sally understands Amber's need for acceptance, but she is not sure she believes her.

Stephanie tells Sheila she needs help while Sheila say she is finally going to get some retribution for all the pain Stephanie has caused her through the years. Stephanie destroyed Sheila's relationship with Eric, but Sheila moved on and found happiness with James. Yet Steph destroyed that marriage also. Stephanie says Sheila brought all her pain on herself. Sheila continues to verbally assault Steph when Steph attacks her. The two struggle and Stephanie hits Sheila over the head with a vase. Stephanie gets up and Sheila pulls a gun. If Stephanie moves, Sheila swears she will shoot!

Thursday, October 1, 1998

Sheila is holding the gun on Stephanie while Stephanie begs her not to shot. She says that it would be murder if she shoots and kills her; how would her daughter feel knowing that her mother was a cold-bloodied murderer? Sheila says that Mary is going away with her. "No," Stephanie says. "She will be the child of a monster. She will hate you for that." Sheila says that her daughter loves her and needs her. But, Stephanie insists that this is premeditated murder.

James is yelling at poor Sybil. He wants to know what Sheila promised her to make her go through with this charade. When Sybil mumbles, money, James is disgusted. He tells the warden to call the Beverly Hills police department; Stephanie has to be warned.

Eric arrives at Lauren's and she quickly hides something. When Eric tries to see what it is, she tells him that it is a surprise. She will show him later but right now, she is going to take care of some of that stress that he is under. She says that she has techniques for relieving stress that yoga masters only dream about! Eric says that no master yoga ever had to deal with an Ambrosia!

Amber stands outside and tosses gravel at Bridget's window. Bridget comes down and asks her how she could make such a stupid mistake. She knows that Amber is pregnant and that she and Rick are engaged. Amber tells her that she and Rick love each other but they never meant to make a baby. And she really is sorry it is causing so much trouble! Bridget says that her folks don't believe her. Amber says that she wants Bridget on her side; they have been friends for so long and she would hate to have her turn against her. Bridget says that she is just a kid; what does it matter what she believes? "I need you and your support," Amber tells her.

Lauren says that she knows it is hard for him, but Eric tells her that he had life all arranged. He had prepared for anything then life turned around and threw him a curve. Lauren says that something good can come out of any adversity. She reminds him of how happy Stephanie is with James when only recently, that relationship put Thomas in danger. She says that the problems they are having with Rick and Amber could actually bring his family together and make it stronger. Eric thinks that she may be right. He never would have believed that Stephanie would be raising Sheila's baby! Lauren says that Sheila is poison; she destroys everything close to her. She is so glad that she is finally locked up where she won't hurt anyone else.

Sheila tells Stephanie that this isn't murder; it is self-defense. "You started this war, Stephanie, a long time ago. I would have settled for a truce, but no! You had to ruin my life. I came to LA to start my live all over again, to put the ugliness behind me. I wanted a family and a child of my own and it was happening with James. He was mine but you had to interfere. You kept on and on at him, telling him that I was unfit to raise my own daughter. That was going too far. After all my efforts to get better, to better myself, and it was working. But that didn't matter to you. No, you didn't care! Well, it stops right here. I will not be tormented any more! Do you hear me? It is finished."

Amber tells Bridget that she is living with Stephanie now. "I'm not the evil person that your parents think I am." Bridget says that she knows she isn't evil. Amber reminds her that this baby will be her little niece or nephew. Are you going to turn your back on him? No, Bridget tells her. I am with you guys. Amber tells her that that means so much to her as they embrace.

The warden tries to tell the Beverly Hills police that Sheila has escaped and could be there in LA. James is in a panic and keeps telling the warden what to say which makes having a conversation on the phone very difficult. Finally, James takes the phone and tells the police that they know how dangerous Sheila can be. After hanging up, he says that he has to warn Stephanie. If Sheila has been free for weeks, she could have been watching and waiting for her chance.

"Good-bye, Stephanie," Sheila says as she begins to pull the trigger. The phone begins to ring and breaks Sheila's concentration. Stephanie jumps on her and pushes her down. As she is trying to run away, Sheila pulls the trigger. Bullets spray through Stephanie and exits just above the heart. Slowly she sinks face down on the stairs while the phone continues to ring and ring.

Eric says that for a while he thought that James had turned Sheila's life around but Lauren says that Sheila is pure evil. She is like a cancer that pops up here then recedes and waits to pop up somewhere else. Eric is sorry he ever brought her into their lives; he cannot believe that he married her! Lauren tells him that she did try to warn him about her but Eric says that he just couldn't believe that anyone could be pure evil the way Sheila was. Lauren says that she has spent years looking over her shoulder never letting her guard down. She still cannot believe that she is finally safe. Eric assures her that she is safe now. He also agrees that after living with Sheila, the problems with Rick are a cakewalk.

James tells the warden that there is no answer. Sheila has had weeks to watch and make plans. She could be there now!

Stephanie gains consciousness and turns over. She looks at her chest and tells Sheila that she shot her! "You have to call for help!" She says. "Call for the paramedics!" No, Sheila tells her. "I bet it hurts, huh? But it is nothing compared to the pain you caused me. I was going to kill you quickly but that would be too good for you. I'd rather watch you bleed to death; I'd rather watch as life slowly slips away from you. I want you to suffer like you made me suffer. You took everything from me until I had nothing. Well how does it feel to watch everything slip away? All your plans and dreams are just drifting away. Tell me when it starts to get dark, Stephanie. I WANT TO WATCH YOU GO TO HELL!"

The phone begins to ring again and once again, it breaks Sheila's concentration. With her last bit of strength she pushes Sheila over. As she falls against the table, the phone falls on the floor. Weakly, Stephanie calls for help, saying that she has been shot. Sheila grabs the phone and hears James calling for Stephanie. "It's me," she tells him. What have you done? James asks. Sheila says she only did what should have been done a long time ago. "What about Mary?" James shouts. "Dear God, tell me you haven't hurt her!" Sheila says that she thought he knew her better than that. She loves Mary; she loved him and they had a good life. If only he hadn't let Stephanie come between them. But don't worry, she tells James. I will take good care of Mary. Goodbye, James. She hangs up the phone and then pokes the gun into Stephanie's wound. Stephanie flinches. The police are on the way, she says. But it won't matter. I'll be gone and so will you. I'll always remember you like this, Stephanie, always. She brings up the gun to Stephanie's head and pulls back the hammer.

Friday, October 2, 1998

Sheila is pointing the gun at Stephanie's head and telling her that she finally won. Now she is going to get her reward. Stephanie looks away and closes her eyes in dread.

Ridge is laying up in bed waiting for Taylor when she comes in dressed for bed. However, she sits down at the dressing table and puts on her reading glasses and begins to peruse a magazine. Ridge tells her that she can't dress that provocatively and still give him the silent treatment. Coldly, she tells him that she certainly can, seeing how he behaved at their dinner party. He reminds her that he didn't like her guests but Taylor says that is no excuse for bad manners. She could have been just as rude to Brooke---his ex-wife---but she restrained herself. Ridge says that that is different; it had nothing to do with his feeling that Pierce is unscrupulous. Taylor laughs at him and says that has nothing to do with it; he is just jealous.

Brooke is home and she recalls the moment that Ridge served her the martini and was flirting with her. "It's still there, Ridge. No matter how many times you deny it, it is still there." The doorbell rings and she admits Bailey to her house. He has come to apologize for any discomfort he might have caused her at the dinner party. Brooke admits that she had a good time at the party. Bailey mentions that he knows that she was once involved with Ridge and Brooke thinks that Pierce has sent him over to scope her out to see if she is toying with his affections.

James is driving as fast as he can while he talks with the police on the car phone. He tells Lt. Baker that Stephanie has been shot and Sheila says that she is going to take the baby. Baker tells him to hurry but don't do anything foolish. In case there is a hostage situation, he will need James' help.

Sheila stands, holding the gun. She tells Stephanie goodbye just as Amber comes in and tackles her. The gun goes sliding across the floor. As Sheila and Amber wrestle on the floor, a weakened Stephanie tells Amber to get the gun. It is only when Amber winds up on top of Sheila and sees who it is that she realizes who she is fighting with. As she hesitates for an instant, Sheila hits her in the nose with a fist. As Sheila gets up and starts out to the patio, Amber jumps up and rides her back. Stephanie is still telling her to get the gun! Sheila shakes Amber off of her back; Amber grabs a vase and hits Sheila over the head with it. Sheila just turns and gives Amber an evil look. "Oh no," Amber cries when Sheila gives her that look! Once again, the ladies tangle and Amber is knocked out. When she comes to, she crawls over to Stephanie. She says that Sheila is gone; Stephanie again tells her to get the gun. As she looks for the gun, Sheila walks in with the baby. As she walks by Stephanie on the way to the door, she turns and says, "See, Mary. That is what happens to people who try to take you away from Mommy. Say bye-bye, Mary. You will never have to see her again." As she turns and leaves the house, Stephanie passes out. Amber hurries to her side and tells her to hold on. She puts pressure to the wound and looks around wondering what she can do. Just then, two policemen come into the house. She tells them to get an ambulance at once. They want her to tell them what happened; she says that it was Sheila and she has gone. She doesn't know what kind of car she was driving but she describes Sheila to them.

Ridge denies that he is jealous but Taylor insists that he is. She describes Pierce as brilliant and good looking, having the bluest eyes and broadest shoulders, along with a sexy voice. Stop! Ridge says. He admits that he may be jealous just a little bit! Does that earn him a little reassurance that she loves him and would never leave him? Taylor says that she won't reward him for bad behavior but he grabs her book, pulls off her glasses and begins to kiss her. All the time, she is laughing while she protests that he has to stop this!

Everything happens at once when the paramedics and Lt. Baker arrive. While Baker questions Amber, the paramedics give Stephanie emergency treatment and wheel her out of the house. Baker is given the gun and he leaves, leaving Amber alone in the house with a bloody nose.

Bailey assures Brooke that Pierce doesn't know that he is there. She notes that he is very protective of his boss and Bailey says that they share a special relationship. He isn't worried about Brooke breaking Pierce's heart; on the contrary, he doesn't think that would be possible. Brooke is intrigued and Bailey says that it wouldn't be possible because Pierce is already in love with someone else. This is nothing against Brooke; she is a very beautiful woman and could break any man's heart except Pierces. Brooke wants to know who Pierce loves, but Bailey won't tell her.

After getting comfortable under the covers, Ridge and Taylor begin to talk. Ridge admits that Pierce handled his abuse pretty well but Bailey sure didn't. As a matter of fact, he returned later and made some threats to him.

James arrives at the hospital and Baker tells him that Stephanie is in surgery and is still alive for the moment. However, Sheila is gone with Mary. You've got to find them! James tells him. You've got to find her. Do whatever you have to do, but find her!

Brooke tells Bailey not to clam up on her; it isn't fair to hold out that little tidbit and not tell her any more. Bailey says that he has already said too much but he also knows after that dinner tonight that it isn't Pierce that Brooke wants. She admits that she isn't over Ridge but she has to get on with her life. Don't give up hope, Bailey says. Have you read much of Pierce's writings? When she says that she has read some, he tells her that Pierce would tell her to fight for what she wants. Your dream can be a reality. As he heads to the door, Brooke realizes that Bailey is talking about Pierce and Taylor. She says that even Pierce wouldn't want her to break up a marriage. "Maybe not," admits Bailey with a smile. "Remember, miracles can happen!" Bailey lets himself out while Brooke watches open-mouthed. Outside, Bailey comments that miracles are his specialty.

Taylor tells Ridge that Bailey is very loyal and protective of Pierce. She thinks that it is sweet the way he has appointed himself Pierce's guardian. "Not to me," Ridge says. Taylor says that is because he was the one out of line. The phone interrupts before they can say any more the phone rings. Ridge answers it and identifies himself as Ridge Forrester, son to Stephanie. Suddenly he is sitting straight up and asking her condition. When he hangs up, he tells Taylor that his mother has been shot. They have to get to the hospital right away. Taylor makes a call to the sitter.

James is scrubbed and masked as he enters the operating room. He goes to her side where the OR team is working to save her life. I'm here, Stephanie, he says. The surgeon tells James that the bullet went in at the shoulder and then it fragmented behind the heart. There are little pieces of the bullet all over the place. Suddenly there is an alarm from her monitors. "The airway pressure is increasing," someone shouts. "Her pressure is dropping!" Hang on, Stephanie James shouts.

In the car, Sheila is humming the tune to "Hush Little Baby," as she drives down the highway. She glances back and tells Mary to sleep. When she wakes up, they will be somewhere else; somewhere where no one will be able to find them. Looking back at the road, she slams her fist on the steering wheel and says, "Dammit Stephanie! You stole my life! This was my home; this was where I planned to have a family and live my life. Well, a life for a life! Stephanie Forrester, MAY YOU ROT IN HELL!" She once again begins to hum the tune to "Hush Little Baby."

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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