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The Forresters gathered at the hospital, where Stephanie was recovering after Sheila had shot her and run off with Mary. Amber fainted from internal bleeding, and the doctors claimed that the lack of oxygen could affect Amber's pregnancy. Macy sang to Grant as he quietly died.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 5, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, October 5, 1998

James encouraged Stephanie not to give up as she was being operated on. Amber informed Ridge and Taylor what had happened, and Lieutenant Baker informed them Sheila had been out of prison for three weeks after she'd switched places with another inmate. The lieutenant advised Ridge that Stephanie's condition was not good, and he should call the rest of the family.

Brooke helped Bridget with her homework. Bridget wondered if Brooke would warm up to the idea of Rick being a father. After all, Brooke had to feel something for the child. Brooke wasn't thinking that way, since she believed adoption was the only solution. Ridge called Brooke and reported that Stephanie had been shot. Rick was fantasizing about his future with Amber when Brooke informed him of Stephanie's situation, and they headed to the hospital.

Eric and Thorne arrived as the lieutenant said Sheila had escaped with the baby, but the police were doing everything they could to find her. The doctor operating on Stephanie gave the Forresters good news: Stephanie was going to be fine. Amber admired how close the Forresters were. Stephanie regained consciousness, and James informed her that Sheila had gotten away with Mary, but he would always be there to protect her.

The rest of the family joined James and expressed their gratitude that Stephanie would be okay. Brooke and her kids arrived, and Rick hugged Amber. After Brooke and the kids went in to see Stephanie, Amber experienced some pain and dizziness. The Forresters were surprised when Stephanie said Amber had saved her life. Rick went to get Amber and was shocked to find Amber collapsed on the floor.

Tuesday, October 6, 1998

Rick screamed for a doctor to help Amber, who had passed out at the hospital. Bridget told Brooke that Amber had passed out. The doctor examined Amber and found she had a nasty cut on the back of her head as a result of her fight with Sheila. Internal bleeding had caused the blackout and could affect the baby due to the loss of oxygen.

Three Spectra production workers expressed their concern over the lack of work since Grant had been gone. There hadn't been enough business to produce a spring fashion show with Spectra's head designer in the hospital. C.J. joined the Spectra team and was determined to learn the business from the ground up. The workers hated to do it, but with no work, they could not support their families and were forced to quit.

Sally tried to explain that the setback was only temporary but the workers realized Grant was not going to be back, and there was only one month until the spring showing. Sally asked them to give her two more weeks, but the workers couldn't afford it. They quit. Darla reported that Sheila had escaped from prison and had shot Stephanie. Sally, C.J., and Darla headed to the hospital.

Lieutenant Baker informed the Forrester clan that there was still no sign of Sheila but vowed to find her and Mary. Brooke informed Stephanie and the rest of the Forresters that Amber had been admitted to the hospital after passing out from a blow to the head. There might be some internal bleeding under the skull, and Amber could lose the baby.

Amber's CT scan showed there had been some internal bleeding, but there was not any pressure or swelling, so there was no need to operate. Overall, Amber would be fine, but until there were more tests run, the jury was still out regarding the baby. The doctor reported the news to Brooke and the Forresters. Rick comforted Amber, who was scared to death she might lose her baby. Brooke and Eric heard Amber say how much she loved the baby.

Wednesday, October 7, 1998

Amber feared for her baby's life as Taylor related to Amber's situation, since she'd almost lost Thomas the year before. Taylor advised that the best thing Amber could do for her baby was to relax and stay calm. The doctor prepped Amber for an ultrasound. The doctor didn't hear a heartbeat, so she scheduled Amber for a second ultrasound, using a machine that was more sensitive. If there was a heartbeat, that machine would be able to pick it up.

Bridget told her parents it was obvious how much Rick and Amber loved each other. Bridget realized Rick and Amber were young, but what they had was more than a high school crush. Stephanie blamed herself for the baby's life being in jeopardy. Amber had risked her life, defending Stephanie against Sheila, and that was something Stephanie would never forget.

C.J. reported to Sally that Amber had suffered a concussion, and the baby might not make it. C.J. feared for Amber because he knew how much the baby meant to her. Sally wondered if Eric and Brooke could help but felt some relief if Amber did lose the baby.

Amber wondered what she had been thinking, fighting with Sheila, but Rick urged her not to think the worst. The thought of losing her baby frightened Amber to death. Amber's baby might be dead because of her. Taylor, Eric, Brooke, and Bridget anxiously awaited the results of the second ultrasound. Taylor reminded everyone to keep a positive attitude.

Brooke still couldn't imagine her sixteen-year-old son with a child. The doctor readied Amber for the ultrasound. Just as Amber was about to give up hope of hearing the baby's heartbeat, she was overjoyed when she finally heard the heartbeat. Brooke noticed how much the baby meant to Amber.

Thursday, October 8, 1998

James and Rick took Stephanie and Amber home from the hospital. Stephanie was wearing a left arm sling; otherwise, she seemed to be doing just fine. James asked Connie if there had been any messages, and she sadly told him that there hadn't been any. Amber hoped that Sheila didn't hurt the baby, but James insisted that the one thing he was sure of was that Sheila would never hurt Mary. Just then, Connie entered after answering the door and told James that the messenger had delivered a parcel for him. Opening the envelope, James found that it was a letter from Sheila.

Bridget joined her parents at the breakfast table, telling Eric that she was very happy that he was going over for breakfast so often. He said that he enjoyed it also. When she asked where Rick was, they told her that Amber was being released from the hospital that day, and he was taking her to Stephanie's house. Bridget was happy that the baby was okay and said that she knew her parents were happy about that also.

Bridget mentioned that she had seen her mother's face the day before when the doctor had been searching for the heartbeat. She said that Amber was special; she had a certain charisma. Eric said that he wouldn't call what Amber had charisma. What she had a negative effect on Rick. Bridget said that the jury was still out on that. Anyway, it wasn't the worst thing that could happen to Rick. Brooke told her daughter that yes, it was the worst thing that could happen to her brother. Bridget said that she knew what her mother had been thinking the day before, and Brooke had wanted that baby to be alive.

Macy told Sally that she was going to Mexico City. She had been researching alternative medicines on the Internet, and there was a drug down there that had been showing good results with cancer.

Grant was looking awful. He was barely there, and he had several days' growth of beard. His doctor, Dr. Hughes, walked in, saying that the nurse had told him that Grant had wanted to see him. Grant looked up at the doctor and weakly told him that it was time. "What do you mean?" the doctor asked Grant. Grant said the doctor knew what he meant. He wanted to be taken off the machines as they'd discussed earlier.

Dr. Hughes was hesitant. He thought it was too soon, and he also thought that they should talk to Macy about it. Grant said that he didn't have much time left. "Will you help me go out the way I want?" he asked the doctor.

Stephanie sent Connie to make breakfast then asked James about the letter. He read it to them. Sheila told him that his daughter was safe, and she would guard her with her life. She would raise Mary to be a responsible adult, and she would never let harm befall her. She assured James that she was sane and focused. She had no regrets about anything that had happened. She promised that she would tell Mary all about her father; she would make him as real to Mary as if he were there with them.

Sheila's letter also stated that she could not abandon her daughter, especially to Stephanie but neither could she abandon her to James. She pleaded with him to stop trying to find her. The longer he searched for her, the more he would prevent Mary from having a stable life, since she would have to be constantly moving to keep away from him. Once again, she assured him that she would take good care of their daughter.

Sheila's letter stated that she continued to love James, and she was sorry for the pain she had caused him. "In fairness," she told him, "you brought it on yourself. I trust that Stephanie is with her maker. I am told that there is a merciful God; for Stephanie's sake, I hope so!"

Rick asked if James wanted him to call the police, but James stopped him. "Why?" asked Stephanie. James said that he needed some time to think it out. He kissed Stephanie and left the house. "Poor James," Amber said. "No, poor Mary," Stephanie said.

Brooke told Bridget that the baby should never have been conceived, but she didn't wish it harm. It was more than that, Bridget insisted. "That was not just any baby you were reacting to. Rick and Amber are having your first grandchild. That is why you were freaking out," Bridget insisted.

The doctor told Grant that he would have to sign papers for the machines to be unhooked, and Grant said that was fine with him. "Bring them on," he said. He told the doctor that he had a suit and tie in the closet, and he wanted the doctor to help him into it. Then he needed the doctor to order some flowers for Grant's wife. The doctor agreed and went to get the papers for Grant to sign.

Brooke told Bridget that she was mistaken. It had just been a baby in danger and she had only been as concerned for it as she would be for any baby in that situation. She still thought that the right thing to do was to put the baby up for adoption. Eric mentioned that he thought that was what her brother should do also; he said that Bridget was romanticizing the situation. Bridget said that Rick was there for Amber; anyone could see that they were in love.

Eric told Bridget that being in love didn't make Rick ready to be a father. Bridget thought that since it was Rick's baby, they should have her living there with them. "Do you really want Stephanie raising your first grandchild, Mom?" Bridget asked.

Sally told Macy that if she believed in the new medicine that strongly, she would go with Macy to Mexico. Macy rushed into her mother's arms, crying. The phone rang, and when she answered, Macy heard her husband's voice. He told her to go right over to the hospital; he wanted her to get there as quickly as she could. Macy said that she would be right there.

Rick kissed Amber goodbye and left for school. Amber was going upstairs to lie down when Stephanie asked her to sit beside her on the couch. She told Amber that she hadn't slept very well the night before. Amber asked if she had been in pain, but Stephanie said that she was okay; she had just been trying to figure out the best way to thank Amber for saving her life. Amber reminded her that she had also saved Amber's life; she didn't have anywhere to go, and Stephanie let her stay there with her.

"I came to your doorstep -- your worst nightmare -- and ended up a blessing in disguise," Amber said. She told Stephanie that everyone thought that all she wanted was the money, but that wasn't so. Yes, the money was a part of it, but the most important thing was being a member of that family. She loved the family; she looked at them and saw the closeness -- something that she had never had -- and she wanted it for herself and her baby.

"If what I did makes you see that I'm not a bad person, then it was worth it," Amber said. She said that her acceptance into the family began with Stephanie; she was the engine that ran the family. She could make it possible. Stephanie only smiled as she gathered Amber in her arms.

C.J. was leaving for school. Sally told him to take a little time that day and say some special prayers for his sister and her husband. She said that she had a feeling that the day might make a big difference for them. "Also, ask God to help your sister find the strength to endure what she is going through," Sally added.

Macy arrived at the hospital and found Grant lying on the bed, dressed in a nice suit and tie with a dressy striped shirt. He had a white rose in his lapel. When Macy looked at him in surprise, he reminded her that she had bought the suit for him. He reached to the side of the bed, handed her a large bouquet of flowers, and told her that she was the best part of him.

Macy asked what was going on; she wondered if they were releasing him that day. "In a way, yes," answered Grant. Macy wondered if it was okay for him to go home so soon; he was still weak and sick. "I'm not going home," Grant told her. "What is going on?" Macy demanded, "Why did you need to see me?"

Friday, October 9, 1998

C.J. returned to Sally's office, and she asked him what he was doing there. She wanted to know why he wasn't in class. C.J. told her that he was worried about Grant; Grant had been like a big brother to him. He thought that they should be at the hospital with him, but Sally told him that Macy was there. "I want a chance to say goodbye," C.J. told her.

Sally said that Grant could have another month, even six more months. That was what his sister believed. She told him that she and Macy were flying to Mexico that night for a medication that Macy believed would work wonders. C.J. was afraid that Grant might die while they were gone, but Sally told him that Grant would never let that happen.

Grant reminded Macy of the first time he'd worn the suit that Macy had bought for him. It had been the night when they'd opened the coffeehouse. "You told me I looked like Humphrey Bogart, hopping from table to table. We were so happy and it has only gotten better after that," he told her. Macy told him that they would have it all back. He would go into remission, and they would be at the coffeehouse together, just like before. She told him that there were "so many treatments" out there. They would go find the one that would work for him.

Grant interrupted. He told her that he had been very fortunate to find a woman like her and to be able to share the past year with her. "We will have much longer," Macy said. "That is not for us to say," Grant told her. He continued, "We've had each other as long as we needed one another, and for that I am truly grateful." Macy jumped up and told him that she needed to get the doctor. She wanted him to hook the machines back up.

"Come here, sweetheart," Grant said, "I'm done with that -- no more machines. Don't look at me like that, Macy." Macy said that she was going to get the doctor. "The doctor can't help me now," Grant said softly. He held out his hand, and Macy took it. He pulled her close.

Ridge went to Pierce Peterson's office and peeked in. He called out for Taylor. When he didn't get an answer, he slowly walked in and looked around. The office was empty. He looked at the bag of lunch he was holding and hoped that she wasn't out to lunch. He walked over to the side table and saw the crystal. He picked it up and held it while it swung and swayed, reflecting the light in multicolor.

Just then, Bailey walked in and ordered Ridge to put it down. "Well, hello, Bailey boy," Ridge said in a cheerful but insolent voice. In a hard voice, Bailey ordered him out of the office. Ridge said to take it easy and called him "my man." Bailey took umbrage at that and informed Ridge that he was not his man. "If you call me that again, you will regret it!" Bailey said.

Sally said that Macy loved Grant very much. It was a miracle to find that kind of love. C.J. said that he had done what she'd asked; he'd said a prayer for Grant and Macy. Sally assured him that God would answer one way or the other. "You think that Grant is going to die today, don't you?" he asked.

Grant asked Macy to sit next to him, but she wanted to have the I.V.s hooked back up. She told him that she had already told her mother not to include them in any holiday plans because they would be traveling. She had heard about a clinic in the Philippines that was doing miraculous work with cancer. "Today is all we have," Grant told her, "the future doesn't matter. That is never more true than now. Now, no more talking about the future. Treat this moment as if it were the only one that will ever matter."

Macy sat beside Grant and held his hand. He told her that he'd had an amazing gift of consciousness -- every breath was a celebration. But he had more than a gift of consciousness. Earlier, he had fallen asleep, and it was the deepest sleep that he had ever had. It was more than sleep -- he was halfway there, and it was beautiful. It was every bit as fulfilling and wonderful as being awake. He said that he'd learned something from the experience. Death was nothing to be afraid of.

"We come in this world from who knows where, and it is truly a miracle. When we are ready, we grow and move on, and that is another miracle. Every stage of life is as important and joyful and wonderful as the last, and when we are ready to move on to the next stage, we never want to go back. Macy, I want to move on. I'm ready to move on," Grant said.

"I'm here for you, Grant," Macy said with tears streaming down her face. Grant told her that he hoped those were tears of joy for him and his new adventure. "Now, will you show me the best part of you? Will you show me one of your beautiful smiles?" Macy struggled through her tears to give Grant a smile, and she finally succeeded. Grant was happy to see her smile. "Now, sing for me -- please!"

"You are an animal, Ridge!" Bailey said, "that is the only way I can describe you." Ridge feigned fright and asked, "What are you going to do, Bailey, spit on me? If I am such an animal, I wonder why Taylor married me." Bailey answered, "As do I Ridge, as do I."

Ridge told Bailey that the reason he couldn't see that Ridge and Taylor belonged together was that he and his boss were so caught up with themselves and their self-importance. They were victims of their own runaway egos. Bailey laughed and said Taylor was able to see beyond those egos to see the wonderful man behind them. "Ah," Ridge said as he saw the light, "I see now. Your black heart hopes that Taylor will show an interest in Pierce Peterson."

Ridge said that they got Taylor so wound up at work that it took him hours to get her relaxed once she got home. Bailey said that it wasn't easy for Taylor to go home every night to a husband who mocked the work that she believed in, but Ridge denied that he mocked Taylor's work. He did, however, worry that some dishonest people with no moral values would take advantage of her. He warned Bailey that if that ever happened, Taylor would be out of there, and it wouldn't be his decision -- it would be hers.

"There is no chemistry between your boss and my wife," Ridge warned Bailey, adding, "Your boss doesn't stand a chance." He slapped the lunch bag into Bailey's hands and told him to tell Taylor that he'd stopped by. After Ridge left, Bailey flipped the lunch into the trash. "It's time. Yes, it's time I made my move," Bailey said.

C.J. thought that if Grant was going to die that day, then they should be there. Sally said that they would be there as soon as Macy called. But if she didn't call, then they didn't belong there. She said that Grant might want to be alone with his wife; he might need time with her to prepare her for what was going to happen. She felt that was why he had been so insistent on her rushing down there that day. "Then we have to respect their privacy," C.J. said, "but I am going to miss him. Whether he goes today or next week, I am really going to miss that guy."

Macy told Grant that she could not sing that day. "Today is all we have," Grant told her. He said, "If I had my choice, I would leave this world, sitting on a mountaintop watching the sunset, listening to the sound of your beautiful voice carrying me through." Macy nodded her head and struggled to control herself. Slowly and falteringly, she began to sing "Wind Beneath My Wings."

As Macy's voice grew stronger, Grant closed his eyes and smiled. By the end of the song, he appeared to be resting quietly with a tear in the corner of his eye. Macy called out to him, but he didn't answer. Getting up, she rested her head beside his and stroked his face with her hand while she began to weep. Grant was gone.

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