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While Ridge and James suspected that Bailey had been doing something to Taylor, Brooke revealed to Pierce that Bailey had been giving Taylor hypnotic suggestions. Pierce deprogrammed Taylor and shut down his protect. A new girl caught Rick's eye, and the bank had bad news for Sally Spectra.
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Monday, October 19, 1998

Ridge and James are talking. James tells Ridge how he went to see Taylor but Bailey wouldn't let him. Ridge says that Bailey once had a problem with alcohol and was on the verge of suicide when Pierce saved his life. Now Pierce is not only his best friend, he is like a God to him. James can see the analogy and says that if they don't believe in Pierce then they are the heretics. Ridge says that James is the heretic but he is an animal. Then what does that make Taylor, James asks. "Taylor is the human sacrifice," Ridge says. Ridge says that he has already had a run-in with Bailey and was told that Taylor could do a lot better than him. Ridge says that whatever is wrong with Taylor, his money says that Bailey is behind it. James agrees.

Brooke tells Bailey that he can't be serious when he says that Ridge will be hers soon. "Have you seen Ridge lately?" Bailey asks. He asks if she has noticed how tense and upset Ridge has been lately. Brooke admits that he is upset. Bailey says that he should be upset! Brooke says that Taylor may be infatuated with Pierce, but she is in love with Ridge. Bailey asks if she doesn't think that she is better suited to Ridge than Taylor and Brooke can't help but agree. However, she reminds him that Taylor and Ridge see it differently. Besides, how can he be so sure of what he is saying? Bailey says that right now the two of them are together planning their future. It could all be over by tonight. Pierce softly caresses Taylor's face but as he goes to kiss her, she pulls away. He says that she is only afraid of her feelings but she will be all right. She says that this is not right; she is married and she loves her husband. Pierce demands that she look at him. He says that there is something missing in her life; that is why she is having feelings for him. She doesn't have to remain stuck in a marriage that doesn't fulfill her. She needs so much more than Ridge is giving her; she needs passion. Taylor says that this isn't real; but her marriage is real. "No," Pierce tells her. "Look into my eyes and tell me that you don't want me." As hard as she tries, Taylor can't tell him that.

Brooke admits that she did something today that she shouldn't have done. She called Pierce and told him to go for it with Taylor. Bailey becomes excited that the two of them can work together, but Brooke says that she regrets making that call now. Bailey says that they are perfect for each other---just like she and Ridge. Between the two of them, they can make this happen. He admits that he has made it happen so far. What did you do? Brooke asks. He admits that he gave her some hypnotic suggestion but all he did was hurry along the inevitable. Brooke is shocked to learn that Bailey has hypnotized Taylor.

Taylor says that she isn't giving in on this. "We are not a slave to our feelings," she tells Pierce. "We have a choice." Pierce tells her that she doesn't love her husband but she says that she does love Ridge. She says that she would never forgive herself if she betrayed her husband and herself. Pierce says that she isn't being fulfilled in her marriage to Ridge; it is all wrong for her to accept only half a life when he is offering her a full and satisfying life. Taylor says that she can't stay there but Pierce stops her. He tells her that she really doesn't want to leave. Please, she begs.

Ridge says that when Bailey threatened him, he figured he was only blowing smoke. James tells him that he should take it more seriously. Ridge says that if Bailey is behind what is happening to Taylor, he will be one sorry individual. He wonders if Bailey could be giving Taylor drugs---slipping something in her food. James wants to hear the symptoms again and Ridge tells him about the nights that Taylor comes home. He never knows what to expect. Sometimes she is so touchy that nothing he can say is right. Another time, she comes in all weepy, touchy and irritable. He says that everyone keeps saying that he is reading too much into her behavior, but he knows that she is as scared as he is. Neither have any idea of what is happening. He just hopes it will be over soon. "What if it isn't?" James asks. "Can your marriage survive?"

Brooke wants to know if Pierce is aware of what Bailey has done. When he tells her that he doesn't, she says that he will when she tells him. You can't! Bailey says. She tells him that what he did was wrong; it is mind control---brainwashing! Bailey says that he doesn't believe that she would give up her chance to have Ridge. She tells him that she doesn't want him this way. He convinces her that when you make a hypnotic suggestion, the person would never do anything against their will. Taylor and Pierce would have gotten to this point eventually; all he did was hurry it along a little. This is crazy! Brooke says. Bailey says that what is crazy is that she and Ridge are separated and it is just plain insane that a couple like Taylor and Pierce can't be together. "But I can put this right," Bailey tells her. "I will give you back the love that you lost. It is destiny."

When Taylor insists that she can't do this, Pierce tells her that he needs for her to admit that she needs him. He tells her that she cannot hide from her feelings and she knows that. He forces her to look at him and admit that she wants him. Looking at Pierce, Taylor can't help but answer yes, but it doesn't make her happy. Pierce begins to describe the wonderful life the two of them will have when they have begun their life together. He tells her that if she doesn't feel the same way, she had better leave now because he can't stop himself form making her his.

Brooke arrives in the lobby and tells the receptionist that she is there to see Pierce. When she says that she cannot, Brooke says that Bailey sent her. The receptionist calls Pierce and Pierce says that he will be right out. When he comes outside, he tells Brooke that this is a bad time for her to come. He thanks her for calling him and encouraging him to tell Taylor how he feels. Broke wonders how Taylor feels and Pierce says that she is scared and confused, but it is only a matter of time before Brooke has Ridge back and he gets to spend the rest of his life with the most wonderful woman he has ever known.

Tuesday, October 20, 1998

Brooke feels guilty for encouraging Pierce to tell Taylor his true feelings now that she knows about Bailey's plot. Pierce feels Brooke and Ridge belong together as Pierce and Taylor do. Bailey realizes Brooke went to Pierce to tell him that Bailey is responsible for Taylor's feelings. Bailey heads over to stop Brooke but runs into Ridge on the way out. Ridge demands to know what Bailey is up to. He pins Bailey against the wall and asks him what is he doing to Taylor.

Amber is feeling good about living with Stephanie. She is eating right, exercising and taking great care of herself, but there is one thing that isn't right. Amber's doing all this alone. Rick reminds her that he is still in school and can't be with her all day. Amber still does not feel part of the Forrester family and there is only one thing that will make her a Forrester, a wedding ring.

Taylor asks herself how she could let Pierce talk to her that way and wonders what is happening to her. Pierce urges Brooke to pour her heart out to Ridge because Taylor feels strongly for Pierce. Brooke advises Pierce that he needs to be aware of something Bailey did. Bailey hypnotized Taylor and planted the suggestion of making Taylor believe she could not resist Pierce. Taylor does not love you, Brooke continues. Taylor was manipulated and so were you. Taylor comes out of Pierce's office and asks Brooke what she is doing here.

Thorne tells his mother they can not let Amber marry Rick no matter what she has done for the family. Stephanie says Amber may be an opportunist, but deep down she has a good heart. Thorne wants to give his little brother some advice. Amber admits she is feeling insecure about her self since she is starting to show plus the baby will be illegitimate. Amber wants to baby to feel loved and cherished. Rick promises he and Amber will marry and she and the baby will be a Forrester. Amber loves Rick for that but his parents are going to put up a fight for them to get married. Amber says it would mean so much to her if she and Rick could get married as soon as possible and asks Rick if there is anyway he can make it happen. Thorne and Stephanie come in and Thorne asks to speak to Rick alone.

Ridge accuses Bailey of doing Pierce's dirty work while Bailey says Pierce performs miracles and there is nothing he wouldn't do for Pierce. Ridge realizes Bailey's goal is to deliver his wife to Pierce and promises that will never happen. Bailey leaves but let's Ridge know his confidence is very sexy.

Taylor waits in Pierce's office as Pierce understands Brooke is telling the truth. Pierce feels he should have realized Taylor only loves Ridge but the signals were so strong and now to learn it was all induced by Bailey. Brooke says Bailey thought he was doing the two of them a favor. Pierce is crushed. He has never loved anyone before and he finally felt he found his true love, his soul mate and it turns out to by a fabrication! Brooke admits she was tempted not to say anything and Pierce says maybe she should not have. Brooke asks what is Pierce going to say to Taylor?

Wednesday, October 21, 1998

Pierce is devastated to learn Taylor's love is not real, it was programmed. Brooke asks him what is he going to say to Taylor. How does Pierce tell Taylor the truth? Brooke says Bailey is a dangerous man and should be let go. Pierce says he never would have encouraged Taylor had he known of Bailey's scheme. Taylor calls James frightened because she is doing and saying things that are not her. James urges Taylor to get out of Pierce's office since Ridge feels something is going on with Bailey. Taylor is unsure of James' since of urgency but says she will stop by later.

Thorne tells Rick he made a mistake when he got Amber pregnant. The child will be raised by teenage parents, one that is still in high school. Rick replies that for centuries teenagers have gotten married and started a family, in fact it used to be common and widely accepted. Thorne can't believe Rick is using history to justify marrying Amber, and says a wedding vow will only make matters worse. Thorne reminds Rick he is young and is going to meet plenty of women who will make Rick look twice. Rick reiterates he doesn't want anyone but Amber. Eric calls Rick and tells him to be home for dinner, no excuses. That's another thing. Rick is tired of people telling him what to do.

C.J. and Amber are at Insomnia and C.J. reminds Amber he will not mention Raymond again even though Amber doesn't know for sure if her baby is Rick's. C.J. suggests she go to the doctor and find out, but Amber knows it's Rick's baby. Amber hopes to become more than Rick's fiancée. C.J. reminds Amber that she and Rick need his parent's permission. Amber thinks they can get around that since Rick is starting to listen to her now and not his parents. Amber notices a young couple with a baby and assures herself the child she is carrying is Rick's.

Bailey walks in on Pierce and Brooke. Brooke exits and Bailey senses Pierce is livid. Pierce says Taylor is in his office waiting for him to have a talk about their future. Bailey is happy for Pierce since that is what he has always wanted. Pierce joins Taylor who apologizes for coming between he and Brooke. Pierce asks her if she is jealous. Taylor says she shouldn't be jealous but starts crying because of the way she feels toward Pierce. Taylor says the way she feels is wrong while Pierce says it's wrong because you don't love me. Pierce has decided although he will always believe in hypnotherapy, he is having second thoughts about it. More research is needed to safeguard its practice because if used incorrectly, it can do great harm. Taylor is shocked. Since two people have gotten hurt, Pierce has decided to end the project immediately. Taylor wants to know why he is ending the project and what two people have gotten hurt by it?

Rick returns home to find his family getting ready for dinner guests. Eric informs his son that Rick's school picked the Forresters to show some hospitality to a newly arrived family. Rick's school asked James and James mentioned the Forresters. All Eric knows is there is a father and daughter and they are moving to LA from Nantucket. Rick is not amused and vows not to say a word all night. Brooke wants Rick to welcome them into their home, especially the daughter, since she will have a hard time changing schools and moving from the east coast. Myles Fairchild and his daughter Kimberly arrive. Eric and Brooke greet them as Rick becomes smitten with Kimberly.

Thursday, October 22, 1998

Drinks are passed around and the Forresters and the Fairchilds exchange small talk. Mr. Fairchild says that they have lived in Nantucket all their lives but now this is home. Eric says that Nantucket is beautiful but so is California. Eric asks how he likes the Warrick house and Fairchild says that it is very nice and homey. When Brooke says that it is a Cape Cod house, he says that that is why they like it so much. He compliments Eric on his home but Eric tells him that this is Brooke's home; Mr. Fairchild appears uncomfortable as Eric goes on to explain that he doesn't live her. Rick speaks up and says that he and his sister do live here; they have a swimming pool and everything. In a rude manner, Mr. Fairchild asks if he has a lot of those "California" parties around the pool. Rick answers that he has had a few. "How many girlfriends does a boy like you have, Rick?"

At Insomnia Amber cannot take her eyes off the interracial couple and their child. C.J. tries to get her attention and when he can't, he looks in the direction that she is staring and mentions that it is hitting close to home. He says that the happy bride-to-be planning her wedding has disappeared, leaving a sad person in her place. He says that if Raymond is the baby's father, they will have a kid that looks like that one over there; if it is Rick's baby, he won't, but everyone will know in the end. Amber changes the subject by asking him if she should have her wedding in the Beverly Hills Hotel or the Ocean Club.

Taylor tells Pierce that her feelings for him have changed but Pierce sadly tells her that nothing has changed. Yes, they have, Taylor insists. "I have to stop denying my feelings. I think I'm becoming involved with you. But how can I do that to Ridge!" She begins to weep and Pierce takes her into his arms and comforts her. What are we going to do? Taylor asks. I know what I would like to do, Pierce says. He leads her to the lounge chair and sits her down. Picking up the bell, he looks at it for a few seconds then he rings it. Taylor falls into a trance. How do you feel? He asks. Taylor answers that she feels peaceful. Getting close, Pierce tells her that when he next rings the bell, she will wake up and all that they have had between them for the past few days---the feelings, the attraction---will all be forgotten and she will remember none of it. She will look upon him only as a colleague and a friend; someone that she can work with and trust. All the passion that she thought that she felt was just the power of suggestion and nothing more. He also tells her that the ringing of the bell will no longer have the power to put her in a hypnotic trance, "Someday," he says, "we may come together again in love, but if we do, it will be a true expression of how you feel from your heart." As he gently kisses her on the lips, he whispers, "Goodbye, my love." He rings the bell.

There is an embarrassed pause before Mr. Fairchild apologizes for putting Rick on the spot. Brooke goes to check on dinner. Eric asks about Fairchild's business and he says that he is an investment banker. He wasn't transferred out here, he answers when Eric asks; he just saw an opportunity and took it. Eric says that he will be pleased with the Meadow Woods; it is a good school. He asks Kimberly if she is into sports and she answers that in Nantucket she was into crewing. Eric looks puzzled and Bridget explains that it is rowing. Kimberly corrects her and explains that it is a team sport with 8 rowers who have to work as a team. She supposes that she will have to find another sport to get involved in and Bridget says that the big think now is volleyball or soccer. By this time everyone has wandered out onto the terrace. Eric and Mr. Fairchild goes back to refresh their drink, leaving the young people alone on the terrace. Mr. Fairchild asks about Eric's family; he has heard that he has a couple of grown sons. Eric says that besides Rick and Bridget, he has two grown daughters and two grown sons. Ridge is married and has a son; he is also his head designer. "Our head designer," Brooke corrects him. Mr. Fairchild asks about Thorne and Eric says that he isn't with the company any longer. Fairchild asks if Thorne is married and when Eric says that he isn't, he asks if he has anyone. Brooke answers that he hasn't a girlfriend at the moment but there is someone that he would like to be close to. Just then, the maid comes into the room and tells them that dinner is served. Brooke tells her to alert the children.

Back at Insomnia, C.J. observes that Amber is really rushing this wedding. Amber says that she can't let Rick's firstborn come into this world without a name. "You are so confident," sneers C.J.. Yes I do! Amber says. "I've got the world on a string. I feel great." Getting up, she walks over to the counter and picks up the microphone. She begins to sing "I've got the world on a string," and everyone stops talking and pays attention. When the song is over, everyone applauds, even the interracial couple in the corner.

As Pierce rings the bell, Taylor opens her eyes and it becomes business as usual. So you are really ending the project? She asks. She asks if he will need her any longer and Pierce tells her that he will. "How can you?" She asks. You hired me specifically for the hypnosis project. That was all that you were working on. Pierce says that there will be other things to work on but for now, why doesn't she go home and they will talk in the morning. Taylor thinks that is a good idea. She wants to do something special for her husband tonight. They haven't been able to spend a lot of time together recently. She tells him good night and she will see him in the morning.

After Taylor leaves, the door slowly opens and Bailey comes in. "Before you say anything . . .," he begins but Pierce interrupts. Don't try to justify yourself and what you have done! Pierce tells him. "I deprogrammed Taylor. All the damage you caused, all the hell you put her through, is gone. All that is left is me, a man fighting to hold it together, a man who doesn't want to live." Bailey asks why he did it; Taylor loves him, he is sure of it. "Stop it!" Pierce cries out. Stop trying to feed my hopes. You have cut my heart out already! Don't do me any more damage." He tells Bailey that he has ruined his entire project. He took something positive and turned it into something wrong. It could have been a valuable tool that could have changed the lives of millions of sick people. Bailey begs him not to stop the project. "It is over!" Pierce says. "The project is over! My life is over! Now, get your things together and get out of the building. I don't ever want you near this building again." Bailey is sick! You are all that I have got! He cries. Pierce tells him that he is a sick man and he only wishes he had seen it coming. Go home! He orders. But this is my home, Bailey pleads. "I cannot associate with you any longer," Pierce tells him. "Now GO!" With tears streaming down his face and sobs racking his breast, Bailey turns and walks out of the office, head bowed, and into the elevator, a beaten man. Pierce is also shedding tears. Alone, he looks at the crystal bell and using all his strength he throws it again the far wall, shattering it into a million pieces.

At Insomnia, as the applaud dies down C.J. tells Amber that she thinks that she is the coolest thing in the world. I am, she agrees. Nothing can go wrong now.

Everyone gathers around the table and Brooke suggests the seating arrangement. Looking around, Rick notices that everyone is present except for Kimberly. He returns to the terrace where Kimberly is gazing out over the city. He tells her that they are ready for dinner but she isn't hungry. He guesses, rightly, that she is suffering from homesickness. He tells her that he will be happy to show her around and this seems to please her. Smiling, they go into the dining room. Rick seats her at the table and goes to his seat. They look at each other and smile. Brooke observes this exchange with pleasure.

Friday, October 23, 1998

Stephanie looks at Mary's baby picture and wonders where she is now. Amber comes into the room with a bowl of ice cream; she is giving her baby a "calcium boost" and offers to get some for Stephanie. Stephanie observes that Amber is very confident. "Why shouldn't I be confident?" Amber answers. "Rick loves me and as long as that doesn't change, I've got nothing to worry about."

At dinner, The Forresters and Fairchilds are having souci, but Kimberly is having trouble mastering the chopsticks. Rick gives her a lesson that almost works until the fish falls back into the bowl. Eric tells her that it took Rick ages to master the art; she will learn it. Brooke asks Myles what he misses most about Nantucket and he replies, "My Lady." There is an uncomfortable silence until he explains that "My Lady" is a 65-foot sloop that he owns back in Nantucket. He explains how every year, he and Kimberly explore the north Atlantic up around Nova Scotia. It gives them time to spend alone together---just him and his precious angel.

Sally has her office fixed up as if it is seeing a lot of design activity. The models are there wearing some of the designs that she has put together. She tells Darla and C.J. that they have to look really busy if they are going to pull this rabbit out of the hat. More models come in just as she is saying that this will be Spectra's last stand. The banker is coming soon and they have to give him the show of a lifetime, otherwise, it is curtains for all of them. When the secretary tells her that someone is coming up in the elevator now, she says that everyone has to be busy. When the elevator doors open, it is only Thorne.

Thorne says that he has to talk to her about Macy. Macy is sitting in that house grieving and she isn't doing very well. Sally says that she knows that; it is only to be expected since she just lost her husband. She feels guilty that she has to be here worrying about business when her daughter needs her so much. Thorne says that Macy knows what is going on over here and she feels badly that she can't help. He says that he wants to help out. He has a lot of contacts all over the world; just a few phone calls and he could have distributors buying up everything that she has. Sally is shocked! Spectra and Forrester Creations are enemies. Thorne says that that doesn't matter; this is family and he wants to help Macy. Sally says that it is too late, anyway. The good ship Spectra is headed for an iceberg named Charles Brady. Everyone is looking behind Sally; when she turns, she sees Charles Brady, the banker, standing there.

Eric says that a sloop of that size must have a large crew aboard but Myles says proudly that he is looking at the entire crew. Eric is impressed that Myles and Kimberly is the only crew aboard. He asks Myles to recount some of their adventures. Myles says that this past July they were anchored and Kimberly was swimming quite a ways from the ship when he suddenly saw a school of fish swim by. Suddenly he saw the dorsal fin of a great white shark. He used a hook to fend him off but just before Kimberly got to the ship safely, the shark broke loose. In the nick of time, he was able to spear the shark. He will never forget the pool of blood around that shark's body. Rick says that that must have been frightening. Myles says that he may not understand now, but when he is a father he will realize just what lengths a man would go to to protect his child.

Stephanie observes that Amber is very confident of Rick's feelings. Why shouldn't I be? Amber asks. Rick loves me and he loves our baby. Pretty soon, this baby will pop out and we'll all be one big happy family. Stephanie tells her that giving birth doesn't guarantee you will be a good mother. Amber is shocked that Stephanie doesn't believe she would be a good mother. Stephanie says that she wasn't referring to that; she only meant that keeping the baby might be the worse thing for the baby. She still has time to consider adoption. Amber says that she can't do that. "Can't or won't?" Stephanie asks. Amber becomes upset and tells her not to lay a guilt trip on her about this. Stephanie tells her that if she truly loved the baby, she would think of what was best for it. Amber says that she may not be the most ideal person to be a mother, but she knows that there are a lot of sickos out there and she is not going to take a chance with her own child!

Stephanie doesn't understand how why she would want to take on this responsibility at her age. Then there is Rick who isn't even out of high school. She is sure that his fondest dream wasn't to be a husband even before he was out of high school. There is only one reason that he is marrying Amber and that is the baby. Amber says that she can't believe that Stephanie is doing this to her after she saved her life. Stephanie says that she will always be grateful to her for that, but she isn't trying to hurt her. Amber tells her to stop with the adoption talk and telling her that Rick doesn't love her because she knows it isn't true.

Rick carries some of the dishes back into the kitchen and Kimberly helps him. He tells her that the story about the shark was "gnarly." She doesn't understand "gnarly," so Rick explains it to her. He likes that she and her dad are so close and she says that they spend a lot of time together, especially now. They are interrupted when the maid tells Rick that he has a phone call. Rick explains that it is probably his friend, C.J..

Sally tells the banker that they have arranged a fashion show especially for him, but he says that he knows nothing about fashion; banking is what he understands. Sally begins her pitch and is helped out by C.J. but the banker isn't impressed. When Thorne comes in and introduces himself, the banker is impressed. Thorne tells him what he could do for the business but the banker says that it is too late. He has no alternative but to tell them to vacate the premises immediately.

Amber is on the phone with Rick crying about Stephanie giving her a hard time. She is insecure but Rick says that he can't talk right now. After he tells her several times that he can't talk, they hang up.

The Fairchilds are saying goodnight to the Forresters. Eric wonders where Rick is and Kimberly says that he got a phone call earlier. Bridget offers to go find him, but Kimberly says that she will see him in school tomorrow. After they leave, Rick comes into the room and Eric chides him for his lack of manners. He says he was talking to Amber. They find Kimberly's purse on the couch. Eric says he will drop it off on his way home, but Rick insists on walking it over himself.

After he leaves, Brooke mentions the way he practically pushed them aside to deliver the purse. She talks about how Kimberly is a nice young woman, especially compared to Amber. Maybe she will open Rick's eyes and he will realize his mistake. "What a Godsend that would be!"

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