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As Brooke and Stephanie clashed over Brooke's Bedroom, Pierce had a candlelight dinner with Taylor. Rick was conflicted over his sense of duty to Amber and his new feelings for Kimberly, who never wanted to see him again after learning about the baby and engagement. Macy's father saved her from a walk into the ocean.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 30, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, November 23, 1998

Eric expresses his concern to Ridge that "Brooke's Bedroom" will cause problems in Ridge's marriage. With Ridge and Brooke working closely together, Eric is sure Brooke will try to take advantage of Ridge when they are alone. Ridge sets the record straight by saying he and Brooke work well together but their work will not interfere with his marriage. He and Taylor made a pact in which Taylor does not sweat Brooke and Ridge does not sweat Pierce. Only Eric notices that Ridge does worry about Pierce. Ridge thinks Pierce is a troublemaker and suspects he is in love with his wife.

Taylor begins taping Pierce's new video on sexual responsibility. The concept Pierce wants to drive home is how your sex drive overpowers most people's ability to make rational decisions. The taping goes well and afterwards, Pierce has a lovely candlelight dinner prepared for he and Taylor. Pierce thinks Taylor was sensational on the first day of taping and what they are doing is going to change not only the world, but also themselves.

Brooke is shocked to find Stephanie in bed with her while Stephanie blasts Brooke for interfering in Taylor's marriage. Steph says "Brooke's Bedroom" is just about sex and that's what Brooke is all about. Brooke counters by saying she was just testing out the products, but Steph says Brooke has turned the office into a whore house to have sex with Ridge. Brooke is tired of working her butt off for Forrester while having to put up with Stephanie's crap. Stephanie says Brooke ruined her own image by falling out of an elevator half naked. Ridge walks in on the two and breaks up the argument before things get out of hand! Stephanie leaves but is glad she exposed Brooke's game. As Ridge comforts Brooke, she complains to Ridge that she is tired of the way Stephanie treats her and wants her to stop.

Tuesday, December 1, 1998

Kimberly fondly remembers her evening with Rick and kissing him. C.J. stops by Rick's house and asks him what's going on with he and Kimberly. Rick says they kissed and it was incredible. C.J. is surprised Rick hasn't told Kim about Amber's pregnancy and feels Rick is not ready for marriage. Rick's feelings for Kim only prove that. Rick can't get the night he slept with Amber out of his mind. His life is completely changed now that he is about to become a father and the thought of not dating Kimberly makes Rick sick.

Pierce feels Taylor will be responsible for the success of their video and he doesn't want the two of them to only focus on the negativity of sexual responsibility. Sex is not just the problem to the world's problems but also the solution. Pierce plans for his video to show that sex brings love and sensitivity. What better way to explore that than with anyone but Taylor? Brooke feels Stephanie will always see her as a tramp and an opportunist. Ridge sees Brooke as a sexy, smart business woman. Ridge relates that Taylor is working late tonight with Pierce on their sexual responsibility video. Brooke wonders if that's all they are doing is working.

Taylor thought the video was going to show the dangers of irresponsible sex. It will, Pierce says, but it will also show how beautiful sex can be and that it's ok to feel attracted to another person, even if that person is married. Pierce admits one would have to acknowledge that person is married but marriage is about always being there for the other. That doesn't mean you have to stop living. Ridge phones Taylor and asks what the they are up to. Taylor says they are having dinner and going over tomorrow's script. Ridge is on his way over and he is not happy!

C.J. urges Rick to explain Amber's pregnancy to Kim while Rick feels as much as it hurts, the baby will come first. What if it's someone else's baby? Kimberly calls Rick and invites him for dinner tonight. Later Rick comes by and wonders how he is going to tell Kimberly that he is the father of Amber's baby. He has to tell her tonight. There is no turning back.

Wednesday, December 2, 1998

C.J. informs Amber that Rick is at Kimberly's telling her about becoming a father. Amber thinks Rick is doing the right thing while C.J. isn't so sure. Amber notices a picture of Raymond in a magazine that says he is getting married so Amber concludes that shuts the door on Raymond. C.J. says Raymond getting married has nothing to do with who the father is. The baby could still be Raymond's.

Taylor worries that Ridge will not understand when he comes over and finds the two of them having a candlelight dinner with champagne. Taylor knows Ridge dose not trust Pierce and will misinterpret the whole thing. Taylor is surprised when Ridge stops by to pick up Thomas and to give his wife a kiss. Taylor follows Ridge home where to two make love. Pierce thinks Ridge was quite crafty whisking his wife away just as Pierce was about to have her. It's not over, Pierce warns. In fact, it's only the beginning for Pierce and Taylor.

C.J. admits he is tired of carrying Amber's secret. What kind of friend is he to Rick? Here Rick is telling some girl he has feelings for that he is about to become a father while the baby might not even be his! C.J. feels that Rick is flushing his life away for a kid that might not even be his.

Rick wonders how he will drop the bombshell on Kimberly. After the two share a romantic dinner, they dance. Kim realizes Amber is Rick's girlfriend but ever since their kiss the other night, all she can think about is doing it again. Kimberly admits she has fallen for Rick. Rick backs away as Kimberly tires to kiss him and says there is something he has to tell her about Amber.

Thursday, December 3, 1998

Myles watches through binoculars as Sally and Thorne bring Macy home to the beach house. "This is it," he says. "Soon they will leave and you will be alone, my brown-eyed girl. How do I explain? How do I make you understand?"

Macy, Sally and Thorne enter the dark house and flip on the lights. Seeing the mess that the house is in, Sally says that she will spend the night with Macy. She will help her settle in and she will pick the place up a little. Macy objects; she just wants to be alone, but Thorne agrees with Sally. Sally asks Macy if she can call James Warwick; she is sure that he will come and talk to her. Macy says no and walks out on the deck and watches the waves crash against the shore. "I want to talk about it," she tells Sally. "Tell me about my father.

Kim is upset that Rick seems to be in some kind of pain. She asks him what is wrong. "You can tell me," she says. "Please, you can open up to me." Without preamble, Rick tells her that Amber is pregnant. "Oh, no!" Kimberly exclaims. "I'm so sorry. You must be devastated. How long has she been seeing this guy who made her pregnant? How could she do this to you?"

"It's not like that!" Rick says. Kimberly says that she is being too hard on Amber; she is the one having a hard time. Here she is with a baby growing inside her. She asks if Amber even knows who the father of the baby is. "Yes, she knows," admits Rick.

C.J. and Amber are still together but they have stopped talking. C.J. strums his guitar while Amber paces the room. Holding her stomach, she asks the baby why things have to be so hard. "Sometimes," she whispers, "I feel like it is just you and me---you and me against the world." C.J. picks out the tune on his guitar and Amber asks if he knows that tune. Sure he tells her. I know all the tunes. As he begins playing it, Amber sings the words to the song.

Rick takes Kimberly's hand and takes her back to the table. After he sits her down, he begins. "It was only one night, one stupid horrible night. No matter how much I want to, I can't take it back." The truth dawns on Kimberly. "You?" She asks. "You and Amber?" As Rick begins to explain about Big Bear, she tells him to stop. She doesn't want to hear another word about it. Rick tells her that he screwed up and now he is paying the price. He thought he loved Amber but now he isn't so sure since he met Kimberly. He now realizes that what he wants is someone like her; someone he can talk to about life, and not about babies. He says that every morning when he wakes up, he feels like he has a huge mountain to climb just to get started with his day. Kimberly swings around on him and lets him have it. "You asked me to dinner! You kissed me and you knew it was my first time. How could you do this to me?" "I didn't mean to hurt you," Rick cries out. "That kiss meant more to me than you could ever know." Why? She asks him. Because it was my first time to kiss a boy? "No!" Rick tells her. "Because I knew it would be our last. Amber and I are engaged."

Sally begins to explain to Macy how much her father loved her. He loved her more than she could say. She had never seen a father love his child as much as he did. "You were daddy's little brown-eyed girl," she says. "At Spectra, we used to call you 'Daddy's Shadow,' because you followed him everywhere he went. We were the perfect little family; we were happy, until it suddenly ended." Macy wants to know why it ended; what happened? "I wish I could tell you but I can't. One day he was with us and the next day he was gone. I don't have an explanation. It was as if he wanted to let us know he was going away and never coming back." Macy asks if he ever asked about her and Sally has to tell her that he never did; she never heard another word from him. "I tried so hard to find him," she goes on. "I had my hands full. Looking for Myles; trying to take care of you. I used to go to your room at night and find it empty. I would find you lying on the couch, staring at the door and waiting for your daddy to come home. You would tell me you couldn't go back to bed because you were waiting for your daddy to come back at any minute.

"Of course, there comes a time when you can't wait any longer. You stopped asking about him a little at a time, until one day you didn't mention him again. That is when I stopped looking for him and began trying to build a life for the two of us. I didn't know what else to do. Macy, your father isn't coming back. I know you think he is still alive and you have seen him, but that just isn't true. And if he did come back, he would have stopped caring about us a long time ago."

"How could he do that to me?" Macy cries. "I was just a little girl; I trusted him. He was my father."" She begins to cry uncontrollably and Sally gathers her into her arms and comforts her. They go back into the house and Macy tells Thorne that she would like to be alone. She says that she is exhausted but she will be fine. Thorne doesn't want to leave but Sally says that they should go. She reminds Macy that she will be back the first thing in the morning. Once they leave, Macy sits alone on the sofa.

Kimberly says that Rick is engaged; he has made Amber pregnant and he is going to marry her. She can't believe this. "I don't know who you are any more!"

Macy sits for a long time on the couch. Finally she looks around the house and sees that she is all-alone. She thinks about two people that she has loved more than anything has and now they are gone. First there was her father and then Grant. What is the point? She gets up and walks outside. She stares at the ocean and listens to the crashing of the waves. "It hurts so much," she says. "I feel like I am suffocating. I could scream and no one would hear me." Barefooted, she begins to walk across the beach. The waves grow larger and louder as she approaches until she stops just as her feet are in the water. As if hypnotized by the waves, she starts walking again; she walks into the water.

Myles knocks at the door. When he doesn't get an answer, he opens the door and comes in, calling for Macy. He finds the room empty. He looks around and calls for Macy over and over. "Macy, it is your father, honey. Everything is going to be alright." He walks through the house and out onto the deck. When he doesn't see her, he begins to walk across the sand, calling out for his daughter. Everything will be okay, he calls out. Suddenly, he sees her. "Oh my God," he cries as he rushes toward the water.

Rick tells Kimberly that he is in over his head; he is trying to do the right thing. Kimberly says that she thought that she knew him. She thought he was a nice sweet mature person like herself. She never imagined that he was the kind who would rush to prove that he was a man by having sex. But it looks like she was wrong about him. Rick says that she isn't wrong. He knows he messed up, big time. Before he can go on, she stops him and tells him that that isn't her problem. He should have told her from the beginning. All he would have had to do was tell her that he and Amber were an item and she would have backed off and left him alone. Instead, he had to lead her on, letting her think that he liked her. "I do like you!" Rick cries. He tells her that he thought he loved Amber but since he met her, he is having second thoughts. "Get out of here!" Kimberly shouts. "I never want to see you again, never; do you hear me?" Rick tries to get her to listen to him but she runs out of the room. She watches from another room as Rick gets his coat and slowly walks out the door. As she watches, she is crying. Outside, Rick kicks the garbage can around a couple of times then falls to the ground, sobbing.

Friday, December 4, 1998

James and Stephanie are talking about Amber still being determined to marry Rick when there is a knock at the door. Wondering who would be there so late, Stephanie goes to the door and is surprised to find a worried Sally standing there. Sally apologizes for coming so late and wonders if it is too late. When Stephanie starts to tell her that she and James were about to go to bed, she says, "Thank God, Dr. Warwick is here. Dr.," she says as she pushes past Stephanie, "I have to talk to you. It's about my little girl. I'm losing her; she is drifting away and it is getting worse every day. She needs professional help."

Myles struggles with his load as he carries a wet and choking Macy out of the water and drops her on the beach. As he calls out to her, Macy, her eyes closed cries that she wants to be left alone; she doesn't need his help. She says that she doesn't even know who he is. However as she opens her eyes and looks up at her savior, her eyes widen in disbelief and she asks, "Is it you? I can't believe it." Myles tells her that it is true; it is he, her daddy, and he is back to help her. Crying and laughing, Macy calls her daddy over and over again while the two hug.

Brooke comes downstairs and asks Bridget if her brother is home. Bridget tells her that Rick is over at the Fairchilds telling Kimberly about Amber and the baby. Just then, she thinks she hears Rick's car pull up outside and says that he is home. She turns to her mother and tells her to go easy on Rick; he was not looking forward to what he had to do tonight. As the doorbell rings, Brooke, thinking that Rick has forgotten his key, goes to the door and opens it. Prepared to give a loving welcome to her son, she is put off to find Amber there. Amber asks if Rick is home and Brooke tells her that she doesn't know when to expect him home. Amber says that she does. He will be home just as soon as he gives the good news to Kimberly. Brooke is angry at Amber's flippant attitude and asks her if she has any feelings at all. Can't she understand what this is doing to Rick to hurt this girl in this way? Bridget reminds them both of what this could be doing to Kimberly.

Kimberly is wiping the tears from her eyes as she asks an absent Rick how he could do this to her. The doorbell rings and she thinks that Rick has returned. Reluctant to open the door, she does only to find that it is C.J. standing there. One look at her and C.J. knows what she has been put through. "He told you, didn't he?" C.J. asks. "About Amber?" Kimberly begins to wail again, asking how he could do this to her. He knew that she was falling for him and he didn't say one word about Amber. How could he be so cruel?

Rick bursts into the cabin at Big Bear. "This is where it happened," he says. "I didn't know you then, Kimberly. I didn't use my head! I screwed my whole life away and for what? One night with Amber! One damn stupid night!" Crying, he pushes a flowerpot off the table onto the floor and begins to take his frustrations out on the cabin, trashing it outrageously.

Amber says that it isn't her fault if Kimberly gets all bent out of shape when she hears the news; Rick should have told her in the beginning. But she does know that Rick will be coming back to her; when he makes a promise, he keeps it. She leaves, saying that she knows where Rick is and she is going to find him.

Rick looks at himself in the mirror with disgust and shouts at his reflection. "Do it Rick! Be a man! Show your father that you aren't a kid anymore by having sex with your girlfriend." In the mirror, he sees Amber undressing him. "Teach me how to be a man!" He shouts as he grabs the mirror off the wall and smashes it onto the floor. "A man would have used a condom! A real man wouldn't have done it in the first place. It's a moment you will never forget all right," he mocks himself. Kicking the furniture, he wishes that he could go back but he can't. One night and everything has changed. "It's all my fault. It is my responsibility. It was my mistake!"

Sally describes to James how Macy has been hearing voices and dreams and hallucinations. It started with the automobile accident even though she had no serious injuries. Macy claims that while she was in the hospital, she saw her father. He spoke to her! Sally says that it is only a delusion but it has come from out of nowhere and it makes no sense. She goes on to give James her family history concerning her husband and his desertion of her and Macy. It has been over twenty-five years; why would Macy insist that he has come back at this time to comfort her? James explains that it isn't so unusual. She needs happy memories at this tragic time. It is too painful to go through so she is reaching for the happy memories to help her through. Until Grant's death, her father's disappearance was the most painful thing that she had ever gone through. Sally says that Macy is acting and talking like her father is an angel; it makes no sense. She should be furious at him for what he did, not talking about him like he was a saint. He was no saint! He left them with problems that they are still trying to overcome. You didn't tell her this, did you, James asks. He says that she needs the comfort of this pattern of her former life. The memories of her father are her anchor---an anchor that keeps her from slipping deeper into her depression. If anyone dislodges that anchor, it would be a disaster for her recovery. Now Sally is really worried.

Macy is a mixture of emotions as she asks if he is really her daddy who has come back. She says that she missed him so much. She asks if she really saw and talked to him in the hospital and he assures her that he was there; she was not imagining things as the others suppose. Macy says that he mother won't believe her and she thinks that Macy is crazy. Myles tells her that her mother is worried about her. He is worried also. As soon as he heard about the death of her husband, he knew he had to come back for her. He tells her that he has always kept in touch with her. He may not have raised her but he watched over her as she was growing up. "You didn't forget me?" Macy asks. "How could I forget you?" Myles asks. "How could I forget these beautiful brown eyes?" He goes on to say that the last night he was home, he stood by her bed and looked down on her trying to memorize her face. He didn't think he would ever see her again. He was saddened to realize that he would never again read her a story or take her to the circus. He wouldn't be there for her first prom date or to walk her down the aisle. "If ever a man could die from a broken heart, it would have been me," he tells her. "But I had to do it." "Why?" Macy asks. "Why did you do it? Why did you leave us like that?"

Brooke grabs her purse and tells Bridget that she is going to find her son. Bridget tries to tell her that he is going to need time before he confronts her but Brooke won't listen. She also tries to tell Brooke that Amber isn't all that bad but Brooke says that she is that bad. She has ruined Rick's life! She has had her sights set on Rick and she is ruining his life. She feels that Kimberly is their only hope to stop him from ruining his life. Kimberly would be good for him; she has to make her see that! If she has to force her to help save Rick, she will, but she is determined to get that girl's cooperation.

Kimberly believes that Rick sent C.J., his best friend, to explain to her, but C.J. says that Rick doesn't even know he is here. He is here for her, not to make excuses for Rick. He agrees that it was a lousy thing that he did, but he isn't a bad guy. Kimberly says that he is bad; why else would he lead her on while he already had a girlfriend. She gave him something precious. C.J. wants to know what the big deal is; is it because he had sex with his girlfriend? No, Kimberly says. You don't get engaged to one girl then ask another girl out on a date! At least you don't do that where she grew up. She just can't forgive his behavior.

Rick looks around the ruined cabin and says that he has ruined everything. It wasn't enough that he screwed up his own life, he had to let Amber down and hurt Kimberly too. There has got to be a way to fix this. He goes to the phone, which is still working despite the punishment the rest of the cabin has received. He calls Kimberly. She tells him that she does not want to talk to him. He begs her not to hang up, then he proceeds to tell her that he is so very sorry; she doesn't know just how sorry he is. He doesn't want her to hate him. He knows he hurt her and he can't stand knowing that he did that, but he cannot lose her. He cares too much about her---she means so much to him! "Give me one more chance," he begs. She tells him no and he tells her not to do this to them. She drops the phone and rushes out of the room. C.J. picks up the phone and tells Rick that Kimberly is really upset and he isn't helping any. Rick shouts that he doesn't want to talk to him; he wants to talk to Kimberly. C.J. refuses to put her back on the phone. He tells Rick to get his mind back where it needs to be and off of Kimberly. He needs to be thinking about Amber and the baby now. Rick slams down the phone unaware that Amber is watching him. He continues to destroy the cabin.

Kimberly comes back into the room and as they begin to talk again, the doorbell rings. Brooke stands at the door but Kimberly says that Rick isn't there. Brooke comes into the house and says that she can see that Rick hurt her; she is sorry. Seeing C.J., she asks him to leave them alone. When they are alone, Kimberly says that she doesn't want to talk about this. But I do, Brooke says. Then I will leave, Kimberly says. As she begins to walk out of the room, Brooke grabs her arm. Kimberly tells her to let go of her. "Not until you hear what I have to say," Brooke tells her. "This is about my son and his future is at stake! You have to hear me out."

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