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Despite Ridge's objections, Brooke headed to Genoa City to convince Victor Newman to develop a Jabot fragrance for Forrester. Rick said goodbye to Kimberly and went to see Amber. Macy discovered that she had a sister.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 4, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, January 4, 1999

Brooke hopes Jack Abbott agrees to let Jabot develop a fragrance for Forrester and wonders if Ridge is paying the price for missing Taylor's big party. Brooke calls over to Ridge and Taylor's and gets the machine. Maybe Taylor never made it home. At Pierce's house, Ridge threatens to take Pierce out if he continues to come on to his wife. Ridge apologizes to Taylor for not showing up but says they are going home now. Pierce says Ridge can pick Taylor up in the morning, but Ridge will not stand for that. And let Pierce have the whole not to take advantage of her? Taylor says she can't walk but does want to go home. Well there's only one solution then. Ridge picks Taylor up and carries her out!

With all the talk about sex, Brooke feels it's a good time to have "the talk" with Bridget. Brooke hopes what is happening at Forrester is not sending Bridget mixed signals regarding sex. Bridget says she is proud of "Brooke's Bedroom" and understands that what is happening at Forrester is for adults. Brooke reminds her daughter to come to her if she ever has any questions about sex.

Rick tells Kimberly to forget about the two of them having a relationship as an enraged Myles looks on. Myles interrupts the young duo and tells Rick from now on if he so much as looks at Kimberly, he will come after Rick. Kimberly talks back to her father as Rick tries to explain he never meant to hurt Kimberly and was just telling her to move on without him. Myles continues to blast Rick as Kimberly tells her father he can't stop her from seeing Rick. Rick explains he cares enough for Kimberly to tell her to move on with her life. Rick bids Kim a tearful goodbye and promises he will never forget about her. Myles blames Rick for the distance between he and his daughter and warns Rick if he sees Rick again, he will pay.

Back at home, Ridge explains he decked Pierce because Pierce goaded him about Taylor being in his bed. Taylor says she sprained her ankle and could not have sat on the floor. Taylor is upset because once again, Brooke came before her. Taylor stresses that Brooke is their problem, not Pierce, and as long as Ridge insists on letting Brooke be a part of his life, Taylor wonders if they will ever be happy. Ridge assures Taylor that he wanted to be at her celebration, but things got complicated. He said he was sorry, what else can he do? Hold me, Taylor says. Pierce is content to let Ridge keep chipping away at his marriage because someday Taylor will grow tired of it, and Pierce will be there for her, to love Taylor as she deserves to be loved.

Tuesday, January 5, 1999

Brooke wants to call Jack to find out his decision. Brooke thinks Jack would be making a huge mistake if he doesn't agree to let Jabot develop a fragrance for Forrester. Jabot is such a class act, even someone like Taylor can't sneer at them. Brooke can't believe Ridge puts up with Taylor's demands and when Ridge doesn't meet those demands, he has to beg Taylor for forgiveness. In fact, Taylor probably gave Ridge hell for missing her party, Brooke says. Ridge tells Brooke that Taylor sprained her ankle, and Brooke is surprised to learn Taylor rested in Pierce's bed. Why not the couch? Ridge defends his wife by saying she didn't know I was coming. So Taylor wanted to punish you by spending the night with Pierce, Brooke asks.

Thorne thinks it's odd Macy can not reach her father, but Macy explains he has to keep a low profile because of his past. Macy doesn't care where he's been, she is just happy to have him back in her life. Kimberly reiterates to her father that he can not control her life. Myles damns the Forresters and vows they will not get to his daughters. Thorne can see the difference in Macy since her father returned and is happy for Macy. Myles spots Thorne and Macy embrace.

After Thorne leaves, Macy is happy to see her father and promises Thorne can be trusted not to reveal Myles' identity. Macy has a lot of questions still for her father like where he went when he left all those years ago. Myles explains he went on the run and went everywhere practically. The people he was running from almost caught him twice so he changed his name and moved to Nantucket. He worked a lot to keep his mind off the family he left, but he never forgot Macy. Eventually he took a job at a bank and later became a successful investor. Myles also married again, but his wife died. Macy is shocked when Myles reveals she has a half-sister.

Brooke tells Lauren that Jack turned her down because he thought "Brooke's Bedroom" is too risqué for Jabot's image. Lauren informs Brooke about Victor Newman's marital problems and the way Lauren describes Victor, forceful, passionate, and determined, gives Brooke an idea. Brooke thanks Lauren for solving her problem. She will simply go over Jack's head. Lauren advises that it will take more than numbers to impress Victor Newman and warns Brooke to be careful. Brooke has never come up against anyone like Victor Newman.

Wednesday, January 6, 1999

Sally and Amber discuss Amber's wedding plans and Sally's wedding to Clarke. Sally says she really didn't love Clarke and has only loved one man in her life, Adam Alexander. Sally describes her wedding to Adam and how perfect their lives were. Amber wants her relationship with Rick to be just like that, but Sally said even though they had everything, something went wrong and Adam took off. Adam left town without a reason and asks Amber if she is sure Rick wouldn't run out on her. Amber is sure Rick would never leave her. After Amber leaves, Sally opens a box and takes out an old picture of her and Adam. How could he have left her like that?

Brooke looks at a picture of Victor Newman and wonders what he is all about. Ridge drops by ready to work, but Brooke is going to Genoa City to see Victor. Ridge warns against going over Jack's head, but Brooke is in business to make money and wants Ridge to go with her to Genoa City. Ridge declines which is just as well since Lauren filled Brooke in on Victor's mystique. Ridge is bothered by the idea of Brooke and Victor having an affair and reminds Brooke that Victor is married. Later on the plane, Brooke wonders if Victor is all they say he is. She is about to find out...

Macy is stunned to learn she has a half-sister. Myles says Kimberly is going through some teen stuff right now and needs a mother figure. Myles had hopes his daughters would become close and wants Macy to meet Kimberly. Macy isn't sure that's a good idea since she just found out she had a half-sister which is a lot to deal with. Myles had hopes Macy could talk to Kimberly because she won't listen to her father. Macy is qualified to talk to Kimberly about her problems because she knows the Forresters. Macy agrees and the two head over to Myles' house. Once there, Macy doesn't think it's a good idea, but Kimberly arrives before Macy can leave. Myles introduces his daughters to each other, but doesn't tell Kimberly that Macy is her half-sister. Kimberly is delighted to meet Macy since she is a big fan and has all her CD's. Macy and Kimberly start talking and get to know each other.

Thursday, January 7, 1999

Macy and Kimberly are continuing their conversation when suddenly Kimberly becomes suspicious. "I know what you are doing here. It's about Rick Forrester. My dad asked you to lecture me, didn't he?" Macy tells her that that isn't true but Kimberly says that she is wasting her time. Macy says that her father felt that she needed someone to talk with and that maybe a female could do better than a father. Kimberly says that everyone keeps telling her that the Forresters are bad but she knows that Rick is a good person. "So do I," Macy tells her. Kimberly is astonished; she thought for sure that with Macy's history with Thorne and the Forresters that she would be on her dad's side. Macy explains that she and Thorne are now friends who have gotten past their former difficulties. Also she adds that she never blamed the Forresters for the problems in her marriage. She assures Kimberly that she told this to Myles before he brought her over her and Kimberly wonders why he asked her anyway. Macy explains that Myles is very worried about her. He can see that she is going through something but going through it alone. Kimberly says that he isn't helping matters by constantly trying to control her and telling her who she can and cannot see. Macy says that he is trying to help by bring her here. "But, if you aren't comfortable talking to me . . ." As Macy starts to go, Kimberly calls her back and says that she does want to talk about Rick. She asks if he is really as dishonest and irresponsible as her father says. Macy says that he isn't but he is confused and she tried to tell her father that. She says that she can see that her father loves her; it is evident in his eyes when he talks about her. He just wants what is best for her. "You don't understand what it is like to have a father like him!" Kimberly says.

Amber is going on and on about what Sally told her and she says that it really stinks that her husband would treat her like that. Sally says that she has only heard Sally's side of it, so she shouldn't judge. She then says that she heard about the swimming pool incident and would like to hear Amber's side. Amber tells her what happened, saying that Kimberly is trying to steal her man. Stephanie says that Amber must see Kimberly as a threat to go that far. She suggests that Amber and Rick need to slow down and reevaluate the situation since things seem to have changed. Amber says that Rick hasn't changed his mind about her---he is just confused. She says that if it weren't for the baby, Rick would never have looked at Kimberly at all. Once she has the baby and gets her shape back, he will look at her like that again. "Rick loves me and he always will!" There is a knock at the door. When Amber opens the door, a stern-faced Rick stands there. "WE NEED TO TALK!"

Ridge tells Thorne that Brooke flew to Genoa City to meet with Victor Newman. Thorne says that at least Brooke is persistent and she usually gets what she wants. Ridge feels that that is the problem because so does Victor Newman. Thorne realizes that Victor can be ruthless but Brooke can handle herself. Ridge is sure Brooke can handle business but can she handle the player? He is a player and if he wants someone, nothing will stop him. He has a sixth sense and know when a woman is vulnerable. So what? Thorne wants to know. Ridge says that he doesn't want to see Brooke get hurt. Who says she is going to get hurt? Who knows, maybe this will be good for her, Thorne says. He tells Ridge that it isn't his decision to make and reminds him of the last time he tried to "save" Brooke from herself---the time at the marina. He says that he gave up the right to "save" Brooke when he married Taylor. Ridge changes the subject and they talk about Rick's problems. Thorne hopes that this new girl, Kimberly, can help him to change his mind. Ridge says that obviously he hasn't heard; Kimberly's father came over like a crazy man and had to be thrown out of the office by security. He has forbidden his daughter from seeing Rick again. He thinks, however, that maybe Kimberly has planted a seed that sooner or later will grow and he will see through Amber.

Rick is shouting at Amber that he found out what happened. How could you do that? Amber laughs and says that she was hoping that she would melt. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? Rick yells. She turns and tells him to stop yelling at her. He sees Stephanie. Stephanie says that she is going to leave and give them some privacy, but as she passes Rick, she tells him not to be raising his voice. Rick demands an explanation and Amber gives it to him. When she says that she wants an explanation of why he was inviting Kimberly to his room and holding her in his arms, he says that she is just a friend. He says that he didn't invite her; it was his father who wanted her to come and talk to him. Amber points out that his parents are doing everything that they can to break them up but Rick says that they only want what is best for the two of them. Amber corrects him; they only want what is best for him and if he can't see that, then he must be the kid she thought he was in the beginning.

Macy looks hurt but admits that it wasn't that way for her and her father. Kimberly says that he has always been strict with her but he always listened to her. They have been close since her mother died, spending a lot of time together. She felt lucky until recently; now he acts like she hasn't a brain in her head. He even asked her if she was having sex with Rick. He should know that she would not do anything so foolish. She isn't ready to take that step no matter how much she was pressured or no matter how much the feeling was there. Macy says that she thinks that her father has raised a mature, levelheaded young woman. Do you really think so? Kimberly asks. When Macy says that she really does mean it, Kimberly thanks her and says that she needed to hear that.

"So now I'm a kid?" Rick asks. Amber says that he knows that she didn't mean that but she did mean it when she said that his folks were turning him against her. She asks him to deny that she is right. He says that he has just been confused. "Confused?" Amber says. "Just wait until someone swears to you that he will love you forever; he will love you and marry you and take care of you. Then wait until he stops paying attention to you, he stops kissing you and will hardly listen to you. THEN WE CAN TALK ABOUT CONFUSED!" She tells him that he is the only person who has ever paid any attention to her---that treated her like a real person, the only person in her whole life that ever gave a damn. She reminds him of the time when they first met and he thought she was so smart and sexy and he said that it would be forever. Where did it go? She says that she believed him. She could have taken the money from his mother and raised the baby on her own; that would have been so much easier, but she believed him when he said he would fight for them. But what did she get? Everyone hates her and calls her names. Everybody thinks that she is just white trash with no feelings. Rick comes up behind her and says that he is sorry. Turning, she asks if he has given up on them. "You have, haven't you?" she asks desperately.

Friday, January 8, 1999

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