The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 18, 1999 on B&B

Adam and Kimberly prepared to leave town, but after a row with Amber, Kimberly asserted that she wasn't going anywhere. Rick approached Eric with legal consent forms for Rick's wedding to Amber, but Eric insisted that Rick still had feelings for Kimberly. Brooke was disconcerted upon learning of Ridge and Taylor's plans to have more children.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 18, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, January 18, 1999

Even though Macy dreamed of her father's return, Sally wanted nothing to do with Adam Alexander because nothing could excuse what he had done. Adam had made the choice to leave years before, and since he was so good at it, Sally thought he should leave again. Macy begged her father not to leave, but Sally said Adam had given up the right to be Macy's father when he had abandoned them years earlier. Adam reminded Sally that he had never stopped loving them, but Sally asked how he'd proved it when he had remarried and started a new family.

Sally had heard enough and wanted Adam to leave immediately. She said his stories would never heal the pain he had caused when he had walked out on Sally and Macy. Adam promised never to hurt the two of them again. He wanted to start over and convince them that Sally and Macy had never left his heart.

After a few days in bed, Taylor's ankle was better, and she asked Stephanie to stop by and watch the baby while she and Ridge enjoyed an evening at the Private Dining Room. Stephanie was concerned with Taylor's involvement with Pierce. Pierce had feelings for Taylor, and Stephanie wanted to know what Taylor was going to do about it.

Taylor denied Pierce had feelings for her, but Stephanie reminded her his feelings had been apparent in the song he had sung at his party. While Brooke had worked her charms on Ridge, Pierce had chipped away at Taylor. Stephanie was convinced Pierce and Brooke were working together.

At Forrester, Brooke noted Ridge's jealousy that she had shown Victor her lingerie. Ridge said Victor was a ladies' man, and he just didn't like Brooke working with a man like that. Taylor called Ridge and invited him to meet her for dinner at the Private Dining Room. There was something important she wanted to share with him.

Macy was determined not to let her mother's pride stand in the way of her reunion with Adam. Macy's one wish since she had been a little girl rested in Sally's hands, so Sally had to find it in her heart to forgive Adam. Sally admitted she wanted to be a family with Adam as much as Macy did, but it wasn't real. Adam Alexander wasn't real. He had given up all claims to being Macy's father when he had walked out on them.

Lauren informed Brooke that Macy's father was back after 25 years. The way Macy had poured out her heart, Lauren thought maybe there was a chance at forgiveness. Sally would have loved Adam forever, but his abandonment had made her feel dead inside -- and if Adam had any dignity at all, he would walk out and never return. Adam left as Macy screamed for him not to go. "How could you do this?" Macy yelled as she ran after her father.

Ridge joined Taylor at the Private Dining Room. Taylor revealed that while lying in bed for the past few days because of her sprained ankle, she'd had time to get her priorities straight. Taylor knew what she wanted, and Ridge had already given it to her. Ridge noted Taylor was glowing, and he wondered if she were pregnant.

Tuesday, January 19, 1999

Due to CBS News coverage of the impeachment trial, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air this date. The episode was scheduled for broadcast on Wednesday, so no episodes were lost.

Wednesday, January 20, 1999

Adam blamed himself for thinking Sally would welcome him back, while Macy said she had forced their meeting too soon. Since Adam knew Sally was okay, he planned to leave town. Macy wanted her father to stay, but Sally didn't. Adam thought Sally would have moved on, but she hadn't. Sally was consumed with anger. The answer was not to run away again, Macy said, but Adam was convinced the only thing for him to do was to leave.

While Stephanie babysat Thomas, Brooke stopped by. Stephanie wasted no time saying Ridge was out for a romantic evening with his wife. Stephanie showed Brooke how happy Thomas was, but she also said Brooke had broken up a family before, so Stephanie shouldn't think guilt would work on Brooke. Stephanie insisted that while Brooke might think Stephanie's reason for going after Brooke was Brooke's part in Stephanie's marriage to Eric ending, the real reason was Thomas. Stephanie would make sure that Thomas grew up with Ridge and Taylor. Stephanie warned Brooke that Brooke would never have Ridge.

Ridge asked if Taylor was pregnant. She said that though she would like to be, she was not. However, Taylor said she was going to have another child and asked Ridge how he felt about that. Ridge was worried about the timing because they'd been having problems lately, and he wanted to know the reason for her desire to have another child. Taylor got angry when Ridge suggested it was about Brooke. Taylor said she would never use a child to keep Ridge.

Taylor insisted that if she thought Ridge wanted to be with Brooke, she wouldn't be having babies with him. Taylor said she loved Ridge and wanted to share their love with another child. She added that as far as timing was concerned, when Taylor had been pregnant with Thomas, her doctor had told her that she might have problems again and that the older she got, the more likely she would be to have problems while being pregnant. She could see no reason to wait, but she said the big question was whether Ridge wanted to have another baby with her

Macy pleaded for her father to stay as Kimberly returned home. Kimberly was crushed that Rick intended to marry Amber, even though Kimberly knew Rick cared for her. Kimberly tried to put Rick out of her mind because she knew it was over.

Adam reminded Macy to not say a word to Kimberly about him being Adam Alexander, since Kimberly knew nothing about it. After noticing how upset Kimberly was over Rick, Adam decided to pull Kimberly out of school and move back to Nantucket. Adam apologized to Macy, but he and Kimberly were leaving.

Stephanie reminded Brooke that Ridge had made his decision months earlier, but she realized Brooke did not have respect for Ridge's marriage. Brooke wondered if Stephanie would have fought as hard for her child as she fought for Thomas. Stephanie stopped Brooke from slapping her and said Brooke had never been pregnant. Brooke vowed Ridge would return to her because his marriage to Taylor would self-destruct.

Stephanie noted that "Brooke's Bedroom" was just a ploy to win Ridge and that everything Brooke did was about getting Ridge back. Stephanie said Brooke had no shame going around dropping her drawers in front of Victor Newman. "The boardroom, the street, what's the difference where you sell your body?" Stephanie said. Brooke vowed that she loved Ridge, he loved her, and someday they would be together again -- and there was nothing Stephanie could do to stop that.

Macy told her father even if he ran away again, Kimberly's and Sally's pain would still be there. Adam owed it to Sally to stay and help her through it, even though it would not be easy. Sally's anger was aimed directly at Adam, but he couldn't leave, not that way. Adam agreed to stay for a little while.

Ridge said he would love to have another child. Taylor said she loved being a mother and wife to Ridge. Her work was important, but no job was as important as her family. Ridge and Taylor embraced as she said she loved him.

Thursday, January 21, 1999

Stephanie sat in her bathrobe, having spent the night at Ridge and Taylor's beach house. She had slept in Thomas' bedroom. Thomas sat in his high chair, munching on toast and jam, and Stephanie ate breakfast. Taylor walked out in a silk bathrobe. She was very happy, as she'd had a wonderful, romantic night. Ridge entered the room and hugged his wife. Taylor and Ridge kissed as Stephanie smiled broadly.

Stephanie said she had gone to bed, since she had been tired; she had never even heard Ridge and Taylor return home. They told her they hadn't gotten in until really late. Ridge then thanked Stephanie for watching Thomas and said that she did such a good job that they were going to double her responsibilities. Stephanie considered that remark and figured out what her son was trying to say -- he and Taylor were going to have another child.

Meanwhile, Brooke visited Pierce at his office. She told him about her conversation with Stephanie the night before, which Pierce admitted sounded pretty harsh. Brooke was ready to get rid of Stephanie -- she could, she reminded Pierce; she was CEO, after all -- but Pierce told her she would just make things worse that way. Brooke didn't think anything could be worse where Stephanie was concerned, which led him to ask her why she put up with all that.

Amber showed up to see Rick; she arrived all bubbly, thanking him for his great display of commitment to her the night before in front of Kimberly. She then handed Rick some papers. He looked at them and saw consent forms for his mother and father to sign. He looked surprised and asked Amber when she expected him to have it taken care of. She told him it had to be soon and reminded him they were getting married in a month. Rick just stared at the papers.

Brooke told Pierce that Stephanie was the one putting Brooke through it. He then explained that he was wondering why Brooke would keep working for that company and putting herself through all the heartache; even if she ever got Ridge, Stephanie would always oppose her. Brooke said that she had tried other men, but none made her feel like Ridge did. He made her feel alive and fulfilled, and it only happened when she was with him.

Pierce thought Brooke was not giving herself enough credit, but she offered an analogy. "Imagine that you can fly, and it was the most exciting thing in your life. Then one day, you couldn't. Would you be happy walking, or would you look up there and remember how it was?" she said. Brooke told Pierce that he wanted it as badly as she did -- and that Ridge and Taylor's marriage would not last forever.

Stephanie was thrilled at Ridge and Taylor's news and wondered if Taylor was already carrying her next child. Taylor was not, but Ridge and Taylor stated they were working on it -- and having fun doing it. Stephanie was pleased. Ridge and Taylor got dressed, as he had to get to work. Taylor was hoping that they might have a baby by Christmas.

Ridge noticed papers, and Stephanie said that Brooke had stopped by the night before and dropped them off for him for their meeting that day. He said he would look at them. Taylor looked at Stephanie.

Brooke told Pierce, "Ridge loves me and always has. If she didn't get pregnant, he would still be with me." Taylor had destroyed her family, Brooke continued. Someday Ridge would realize what he was missing without Brooke.

The phone rang, and it was Taylor, calling to tell Pierce that she wouldn't be in until the afternoon. She got around to telling him that her priorities had changed, and she was going to spend much more time with her husband and their children. "Children?" Pierce asked. "Yes, Ridge and I have decided we are going to have another baby," she said. Taylor said she would see Pierce later.

"So you will get them to sign the papers?" Amber asked Rick. He answered that he would talk to his father later and get him to sign it. "That is great! In less than a month, we will be married," she said. She went on about how happy and in love they would be and how the baby would make three.

Rick left and said he would see Amber later. She thought to herself that, in time, things would be good; she just knew it -- as long as Kimberly was out of the picture. She thought, "Yes, I will make sure of that," and she left in search of Kimberly.

Ridge wanted to know if he should take Thomas to the Forester daycare center. Taylor said no and picked up her baby boy. She said, "I want to be with him as much as possible." Ridge asked," What about work?" She replied that she had called Pierce and told him that she wouldn't be in until later.

Ridge was happy about Taylor's rearranged priorities. She said, "Tonight, I will show you how much my priorities have changed." He said he couldn't wait. He even considered staying home himself but remembered his meeting in the office, Ridge kissed his wife and son goodbye and headed to work.

Brooke asked, "What is it, Pierce? Has something happened to Ridge?" He answered, "No, Brooke, but Taylor just told me that she and Ridge have decided to have another baby." Brooke was shocked. Pierce asked, "Doesn't that prove something about how much they love each other?"

Brooke said it was a ploy, and Taylor was running scared; that was how she had gotten Ridge in the first place, by getting pregnant, and Taylor feared he would return to Brooke. Taylor was using the babies to keep Ridge. Brooke said she wouldn't let it happen again; he belonged to her, and they belonged together. Brooke vowed to make Ridge see the truth.

Friday, January 22, 1999

Brooke was in her office, wondering how to get through to Ridge that his marriage to Taylor was a big mistake. "Can't they see it?" she asked herself as she racked her brain. Ridge entered the office to go over the notes that Brooke had left for him the night before, and she told him that Victor Newman would be there the next day. While Victor hadn't committed to the project over the phone, Brooke stated, there was no other reason for him to travel so far.

Ridge noticed Brooke didn't look happy and couldn't figure out why; after all, the visit from Victor was what she had wanted. "Is there something wrong?" he asked. Brooke told Ridge that she had something else on her mind at that moment.

At the beach house, Taylor spent her time off playing with Thomas. She told her son that maybe soon he would have a brother or sister to play with. Stephanie entered and wanted to know if Taylor would stop working for Pierce Peterson once she had the new baby. Taylor commented that it was still a long way off, and she was concerned about another difficult pregnancy.

Stephanie reminded Taylor that the last pregnancy had happened at another time -- a much more stressful one. Stephanie said things would be different. "Speaking of stressful things," Taylor asked, "Why did Brooke come by the house last night?"

Rick stopped by his father's office at Forrester Creations, but he couldn't stay very long because he had to meet Amber. He thanked Eric for the consent to get married and explained that it meant a lot to him to be married before the baby was born. Eric was upset and said that Rick should not take it as a personal thing against him, but no 17-year-old boy should have to make that lifetime commitment. Rick had already been through enough, and it was nothing compared to what he would have to go through in the future.

Eric questioned where things stood between his son and Kimberly. Rick didn't want to talk about Kimberly, and he handed his dad the consent form. Rick wanted the license by the end of the day. Eric said he wouldn't sign the consent because he knew that his son had feelings for Kimberly but was denying them.

Eric admired Rick's commitment to the baby. However, Eric wished to God that Rick could learn from his mistakes. Rick stated that breaking up with Kimberly had hurt him very much -- it was the hardest thing he had ever done. But if he could do that, he felt like he could do anything.

Kimberly was on the phone with her aunt, explaining that she was packing and was pretty glad that they were moving back home. Amber dropped by to chat, and Kimberly didn't want to let her in, but Amber just walked in anyhow. Amber advised that one day Kimberly would look back on everything and laugh. She spotted the boxes and asked what was going on. "I'm going back to Nantucket. Are you happy?" Kimberly responded.

Amber said she was happy. She clarified that she was happy for Kimberly, who would be better off back where she fit in. Amber spotted Rick's picture and took it, saying that Kimberly wouldn't need it anymore. Kimberly protested, and Amber mocked, "What are you going to do, kiss it goodnight before you go to bed every day?" She said that Rick wasn't Kimberly's type, so Kimberly should just get over him.

Kimberly stood up for herself. She said she actually felt better all of a sudden, and she had Amber to thank. Kimberly stated that she was not going anywhere because Rick was going to need her. Kimberly said she intended to be there for Rick. She ordered Amber out of her house.

Stephanie told Taylor about Brooke's claims that Ridge and Taylor's marriage was doomed. She lamented to her daughter-in-law that she was tired of Brooke trying to seduce Ridge. Stephanie again stated how the entire lingerie line was just an opportunity for Brooke to take her clothes off. Taylor said that she wouldn't give Brooke the chance to interfere.

Stephanie thought that if Brooke found out about the impending pregnancy, it would jump-start her into overdrive to get to Ridge, and the less Brooke knew, the better. Stephanie advised Taylor to just keep quiet about her plans and not disclose them to anybody else, especially Brooke, until Taylor was already pregnant. However, Taylor pointed out, there was one problem -- she had already told Pierce.

Ridge asked Brooke to tell him what was going on. Brooke told Ridge that she didn't want to discuss her problems at that moment, as they needed to concentrate on Victor Newman. Ridge remarked that there was nothing left for Brooke to do unless she wanted to take off all her clothes. He commented to her that she had never dealt with a guy like Victor Newman before.

"Logan, the guy is a player," Ridge stated. Brooke wanted to know why Ridge was so interested in her love life. He wanted to drop the subject, but she insisted that he hid behind his marriage -- and yet he was having another baby. Ridge wanted to know how she had found out, and she said that she had heard about the impending pregnancy from Pierce. Brooke was in tears, but Ridge insisted that it was the right time for him and his wife.

Brooke told Ridge that she had been holding on. She had been waiting for Ridge to come to his senses. He knew how unhappy he was. Everybody else knew that he had never been happier in his life than when he had been with Brooke. They belonged together, she insisted, and he loved her -- body and soul.

Ridge insisted that it was over. He was a married man, and he loved his wife. He took her hand and said, "Oh, Logan. What is the point?" He left. In tears, Brooke was thinking when Megan called her. She thanked Megan for the update and said that it was good news; Mr. Victor Newman was on his way, and that was exactly what Brooke needed right then.

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