The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 22, 1999 on B&B

Sally stood up to object to Rick and Amber's wedding. Stephanie threw Sally out before Sally could get a word in, and Rick and Amber got married. Adam was upset by the Forrester men in his daughters' lives. Brooke became heartbroken upon hearing about Taylor's pregnancy. Pierce confessed his love to Taylor.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 22, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, February 22, 1999

Rick readies for the wedding as Stephanie tells Amber is nervous but getting dressed. Stephanie will check on Amber in a few minutes. Meanwhile, Sally is not leaving until Rick is told the truth, but Amber denies Sally's accusation that Raymond could be the father of her baby. Sally advises Amber that she got her information for C.J.. Amber's deck of cards is about to come crashing down on her!

Amber claims the baby is Rick's and tells Sally she will get a paternity test after the wedding but Sally isn't backing down. Either Amber calls off the wedding or she will. Amber says this is her one chance at happiness and if the baby is Rick's and they don't get married, the baby will lose his family. Stephanie checks on Amber is and surprised to find Sally. The rest of the Forrester family arrive while Kimberly gives C.J. a letter to give to Rick before the ceremony. C.J. hands the letter to Rick as Kimberly pours her heart out in the letter. While Rick's heart and future belong to Amber, she can't push Rick out of her mind. Kim wishes Rick happiness, fulfillment, and love. The reason for Kimberly being at the wedding is she has to hear Rick say his vows to Amber. Only then will she believe in Rick's commitment. Tears roll down Rick's face as he gets through reading the letter.

Sally wants to talk with Stephanie but Amber says she will handle it. Sally agrees to let Amber tell Stephanie the truth herself and leaves. Steph wants to know what Sally was doing there but Amber tries to blow it off. Amber lies and says Sally wanted her to talk to Stephanie about coming to the wedding. Stephanie says that doesn't makes sense but Amber quickly changes the subject. Eric tells Rick it's not too late to stop the wedding. Rick thinks about it but can't do that. He wants to marry Amber. Rick and Eric take the places as the wedding begins. Kimberly tearfully watches Rick as Stephanie and Amber march in. Sally is still hanging around and as the chapel doors close, Raymond walks in.

Tuesday, February 23, 1999

This is it. It's show time. The moment we have all been waiting for. The wedding begins as Amber slowly marches in. All eyes are on Amber including Brooke's and Kimberly's. Sally lurks takes her place in the back of the chapel and notices Raymond peaking in. Sally steps outside and says the Forresters will be glad when they here what Raymond has to say. If Raymond cares about Amber, he will help Sally stop the wedding. Raymond isn't there to stop the wedding. Sally quickly reminds him that if Rick and Amber marry, and she gives birth to Raymond's son, the Forresters will ruin Amber's life. The wedding is about this child and Sally is determined to stop it!

C.J. notices Sally has left and joins her and Raymond in the foyer. C.J. warns against telling Rick about the baby now. They have tried their best to get through to Amber and there is nothing they can do to stop the wedding now. James read poetry and the minister counsels the young couple as Stephanie notices Sally sitting in the back. C.J. prays that Sally will not cause trouble but as the minister gets to the part of the ceremony when he asks if anyone can show just cause as to why Rick and Amber should not get married, Sally stands up and announces she has something to say. Stephanie is furious and wants Sally to leave. Sally doesn't belong here and is making a fool out of herself as usual, Stephanie says. Since Stephanie will not let her get a word in edgewise, Sally agrees to leave. But Stephanie will regret this and be very sorry she did not listen to Sally. Amber is relieved and tries to act as if she has no idea what Sally had to say.

C.J. tells Kimberly to forget about what Sally was going to say. Sally is furious that Stephanie threw her out but leaves anyway. Amber and Rick recite their vows. Amber pledges her eternal love as Rick promises to be a good husband and father to their son. Ridge notices Kimberly in tears. Rick and Amber exchange rings and pledge a lifelong commitment to each other and their son. Kimberly is devastated as the minister pronounces Rick and Amber husband and wife. Say hello to Mr. and Mrs. Eric Forrester Jr.

Wednesday, February 24, 1999

Everyone gathers at Stephanie's for the wedding reception. Brooke looks disappointed and wonders what Sally was up to when she tried to stop the wedding. Ridge asks if Brooke saw the way Rick looked at Kimberly while he was standing at the altar. Kimberly comes home and tells her father that she had to see the wedding for herself. Kimberly feels terrible for losing the only boy she has ever loved. Rick and Amber arrive in a limo at the reception and Rick admits he was surprised to see Kimberly at the wedding. When Rick asks what Sally was up to, Amber acts like she has no idea.

Sally informs Darla on what happened at the wedding and vows that is the last time she tries to help out the Forresters. They will have to deal with their deceitful daughter in law by themselves. Stephanie blew any feelings Sally may have had toward the Forresters when she threw Sally out. Darla suggests that Sally can't give up. Someone has to tell Rick that Raymond may be the father of Amber's baby.

Eric urges Brooke to remain strong for Rick and Rick and Amber come in and are congratulated. Rick thanks everyone for coming and hopes they can get back to being a family. The greatest gift the family can give the newlyweds is their support, Stephanie says. Amber lashes out at C.J. since she blames C.J. for telling Sally and almost ruining her wedding. C.J. says he was trying to help but it doesn't matter now since Amber is married to Rick. Amber intends to stay married to Rick as long as C.J.'s mother keeps her big mouth shut!

Myles urges his daughter to let go of her feelings for Rick but Kimberly says it is hard because she cares about Rick so much. Rick reads Kimberly's letter again as Ridge notes that Rick cares a lot about her. Raymond shows up and is surprised Amber married Rick knowing that Raymond may be the father of her child. Raymond asks Amber to come clean with the Forresters but Amber says she doesn't have to tell them anything. She is married to Rick now and this is none of Raymond's business. Stephanie invites Raymond in but Amber says he can't stay. Amber orders Raymond not to say one word to the Forresters.

Eric toasts Rick and Amber's dedication toward their baby and wishes them luck. Amber thanks Brooke and Eric for giving their consent and all the Forresters for giving her a chance to become part of their family. Meanwhile, Kimberly looks a picture of Rick and says she still loves him so much.

Thursday, February 25, 1999

Ridge is comforting Brooke, who is having trouble concentrating on work after the wedding, when Taylor walks in. She wants to talk to Ridge alone, but Brooke says they're working and to just say what she has to say. Taylor takes Ridge's hand and tells him she's pregnant. Ridge twirls Taylor around as Brooke steals a look at them, dying inside. Brooke keeps her composure until after she excuses herself. Ridge points out that this is a rough time for Brooke. Outside the office, tears stream down Brooke's face. Macy fills Thorne in on the dinner fiasco with Myles and Sally, but adds that she's not going to give up. Nothing is more important than bringing her parents back together. Myles goes to see Sally, irate over the effect the Forrester men seem to have on his daughters. Sally insists that she trusts Macy, but Myles sees Thorne as a threat. Sally tells Myles he has no right to walk in and play the protective father. Myles refuses to stay out of Macy's life. Myles looks on as Thorne playfully rubs sunscreen on Macy. When Macy's gone, Myles confronts Thorne, telling him to stay away from Macy.

Friday, February 264, 1999

Excited about Taylor's pregnancy, Ridge suggests they play hooky and have a picnic on the beach with Thomas. First, Taylor needs to see Pierce. Ridge seriously doubts Taylor's conviction that he'll be happy to hear that she's pregnant. Pierce anticipates telling Taylor how her really feels about her, and his marriage. At Pierce's, Taylor begins to sense what Pierce is going to tell her, and tries to stop him, but Pierce tells her that he loves her and she's what he's been looking for his whole life. Sally warns Macy that Myles has made it his mission to keep Thorne away from her. She's worried when Macy indicates that she's feeling drawn to Thorne once again. Thorne tells Myles that he's a little late to start playing the protective father. Myles is livid when Thorne compares their relationships with Macy, pointing out they both have changed and want a second chance. Thorne promises Myles that he's not getting rid of him. When Myles has left, Macy stops by to offer Thorne a ride to the office. They kiss, first softly, then more passionately, as Myles watches from a distance, furious.

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