The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 15, 1999 on B&B

Claiming to have realized Ridge's real feelings, Brooke relinquished her fight for Ridge. The upset Kimberly disappeared after learning that Macy was her sister. Lauren gave Amber a makeover.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 15, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, March 15, 1999

Kimberly has a feeling Sally is up to more than she is letting on. Kimberly asks Sally why she was invited over and also why Sally stood up at the wedding but didn't say anything to stop it. Sally reminds Kimberly that she was thrown out of the wedding and for now she is just holding her peace. Sally avoids the question about why she invited Kimberly to her house and asks Kimberly about her relationship with her father. Kimberly describes the wonderful relationship she has with Adam but admits he has been quite overprotective ever since her mother dies years ago. Kimberly's mother died when Kimberly was six, about the same age Macy was when her father abandoned her. Kimberly thinks that must be the reason she and Macy get along so well.

Taylor surprised Ridge at his office and the two get some unexpected play time with each other. After Megan interrupts, the two head out for a bite to eat. Elsewhere at Forrester, Thorne visits Brooke who is not only down because Rick will not move back home, also because Ridge and Taylor are expecting. Thorne sympathizes with Brooke and assures her she will get through this. Thorne invites Brooke out to eat.

Kimberly describes her mother as the love of Adam's life and asks Sally what kind of man would leave his six year old daughter and wife? Sally replies that she and Macy helped each other through the hard times. Kimberly wishes she had her mother back and Macy has been the closest thing to a mother, like a big sister. Sally excuses herself and reports to Adam and Macy in the other room that Kimberly is in need of help and is lonely but Sally is sold on the fact that Kimberly should be told about Sally and Macy.

Thorne and Brooke get seated at Mannequins when Brooke notices Ridge and Taylor walking in. Brooke wants to leave but Thorne talks her out of it. Brooke fumes when she spots Ridge's hands all over Taylor.

Adam and Macy convince the only way to be free of this is to tell Kimberly the truth. Macy wants to be the one to tell her they are sisters. Adam wants to be with Kimberly when she's told but agrees to let Macy drop the bomb by herself. Macy preps Kimberly and warns her she is about to go through another change. Macy admits they have been keeping a secret from Kimberly and it is something that is so exciting.

Tuesday, March 16, 1999

Thorne encourages Brooke to face the truth that Ridge is with Taylor now. Brooke says she has accepted that but she can't face it. Brooke knows in her head that Ridge is happy with Taylor but in her heart, Ridge still feels like her husband. Taylor tells Ridge she saw her doctor today and it is official. Ridge and Taylor are expecting another baby and everything seems to be great. Ridge and Taylor should have a new little bundle of joy by Christmas.

Sally blasts Adam for not telling Kimberly that he had another daughter and a wife before he married Kimberly's mother. Kimberly is shocked to learn she and Macy are sisters and can't believe her father is the same man that Macy claims walked out on she and her mother. Macy explains that Sally and Adam were married but Kimberly doesn't believe it. She calls her father to prove Macy wrong when Adam joins them and confirms Macy's claim. Adam explains his life with Sally and why he walked out on his wife and daughter all those years ago. All this information is too much for Kimberly as she faints in disbelief. Kimberly comes to and is laid down on the couch. Macy relates her own shock when she first learned she had a sister. Kimberly realizes Sally and Macy have knows about this for a while and she lashes out at having been lied to.

Thorne suggests Brooke seek counseling since she is having a hard time letting Ridge go. Thorne assures Brooke that she will come out a stronger person if she feels her pain and then lets it go instead of trying to cover her pain up. Brooke tries to face reality as she notices Ridge with Taylor across the room. Brooke confronts Taylor and admits she has been watching them. Brooke came over to apologize for not seeing to truth. It's been hard for Brooke but she can see how happy Ridge is with Taylor. Brooke lets Taylor know that she will not be a problem for her again. In a rare moment, Taylor hugs a defeated Brooke.

Wednesday, March 17, 1999

At Mannequins, Thorne tells Ridge he took Brooke out to cheer her up and it was working until she saw Ridge with Taylor. The two brothers notice Taylor and Brooke talking and hope thinks don't get out of line . Taylor is impressed by Brooke's call for truce while Brooke wants Taylor to know how she feels about Ridge. Brooke does not want him as a possession or for his name or money. Brooke only wants Ridge. The first time Ridge smiled at her, Brooke felt as if she had found what she had always wanted, like she was being pulled in by him. Ridge and Brooke are so alike. They cry and laugh at the same things and he understands Brooke like no one else has. Taylor assures her there will be another soul mate. No one like Ridge, Brooke says.

Darla drops by Lauren's to return a blouse she borrowed. Lauren informs Darla about what's going on with Macy and Kimberly. Lauren feels that because Kimberly has been so sheltered, when she learns to truth it could blow her away. Darla agrees and points out there could be a jealousy factor with Kimberly and Macy because Kimberly has never had to share her father with another sister.

Sally tells Kimberly that she took care of all the legal aspects of divorcing Adam years ago. Kimberly flips when she hears her father being called Adam Alexander, and lashes out at him for lying to her. Adam thought it would be best if Sally and Macy were in Kimberly's life but after learning of her father's past with Sally, Kimberly says he is more like a stranger to her. Kimberly didn't even know her father's real name. Adam reminds Kimberly that all this happened years before she was born but Kimberly can't take it anymore and storms out.

Brooke realized Ridge was in love with Taylor, she is just unsure when she realized it. It's always been there, she just couldn't see it. Taylor relates to how Brooke feels but wonders if Brooke won't wake up tomorrow and decide she wants to fight for Ridge again. Because Taylor has what Brooke wants. Ridge is happy, just not with Brooke. Before leaving Mannequins,Ridge looks at Brooke. Is it really over between Ridge and Brooke?

Thursday, March 18, 1999

Amber serves Rick breakfast in bed when Rick says he wants to catch up with Raymond because he wanted to tell Rick something the last time they spoke but were interrupted. Amber assures Rick that she and Raymond were only friends but Rick thinks there's something more to it. Raymond represents a time in Amber's life she would just soon forget. Her life is being Amber Forrester now and she doesn't want to think about the way her life was when she knew Raymond. Amber wants to prove she belongs in Rick's world by having Rick take her out to dinner at the Cafe' Ruse. Rick reminds his wife he doesn't care where she is from but Amber just wants to make Rick proud of her and show him how much she loves him.

Meanwhile at Insomnia, Raymond runs into C.J. and says it is time he had a heart to heart with Rick. Raymond wants this situation with the baby settled once and for all but C.J. warns against spilling the beans. If Raymond starts making accusations now and the baby turns out to be Rick's, this whole thing will blow up in Amber's face for nothing. The only person's feelings they should be concerned about is the baby's, Raymond says.

Eric expresses his concerns about Rick's marriage while Stephanie feels Rick's sense of responsibility and commitment to Amber and the baby demonstrates his maturity. Eric is still against the marriage since Rick is only seventeen and statistically Rick and Amber don't stand a chance. On a different note, Stephanie has never felt so good about Ridge and Taylor's marriage and hopes Brooke is sincere about not causing problems anymore.

Ridge admits Brooke seems to have laid down the sword, but does Taylor believe her? Taylor thinks Brooke was sincere and fully understands her. Brooke was as honest and sorry as any person could have been and that made Taylor see a whole new side of Brooke. Brooke was completely convinced she and Ridge were meant to be together and only Brooke could make Ridge happy. Now after seeing Ridge and Taylor at Mannequins and hearing first hand that Taylor is expecting, Brooke seems to have finally realized that Ridge is happy with Taylor. What is remarkable is that Brooke chose to tell Taylor the fight is over. Brooke had a dream she truly believed in but is now letting go of that dream. Taylor has never felt such compassion toward another person and wishes there was something she could do to help.

Stephanie checks up on Rick and asks him how he is doing. Rick admits he sometimes wishes he could wake up and everything would be different. At Insomnia, Amber catches up with Raymond and Raymond advises Amber to get her head out of the clouds and admit the baby she is carrying could be his. Amber refuses to acknowledge that fact. Raymond will not buy that the baby is Rick's until there is a blood test. The baby could be Raymond and if Amber isn't going to tell Rick, Raymond will.

Friday, March 19, 1999

Rick wonders what he's done with his life when Brooke stops by to talk. She still thinks it would be best if he and Amber lived at home, but Rick will not move back because Amber won't hear of it. Brooke chastises Amber for controlling Rick and reminds him he doesn't have to stay married to her given his feelings for Kimberly. Brooke knows her son did not mean the vows he said to Amber so why deny what is in his heart? Rick will not be able to provide his child a loving family considering since he is in love with Kimberly. Rick reminds Brooke that she has survived loving someone she can't have and so will Rick.

Raymond blasts Amber for putting her baby in harms way by not acknowledging the child could be Raymond's. Amber says her mother's intuition is all the proof she needs the baby is Ricks, and begs Raymond not to tell Rick the baby might not be his. Later Amber surprises Lauren with a visit. Amber says she has the Forrester name, is married to a Forrester, and carrying a Forrester baby, but she doesn't really feel like Forrester. That is where Lauren comes in. Amber asks Lauren to help her with her makeup, hair, and with the way she acts. Lauren insists there is nothing wrong with Amber but with Amber's dinner date tonight at the Cafe' Ruse, she wants to make Rick proud to be her husband.

Thorne drops by Pierce's office and asks for his help concerning Brooke. Brooke needs someone and Pierce is Brooke's friend. Besides, Brooke and Pierce have Ridge and Taylor in common. Brooke needs to be motivated to move on with her life and that is what Pierce does best. Thorne convinces Pierce and he calls Brooke and asks her out for dinner tonight. Brooke agrees.

Lauren agrees to help Brooke with her makeup but will have someone else do her hair. Rick remembers the last time he went to the Cafe' Ruse was with Kimberly. Rick tells himself to stop thinking about Kimberly. He only has Amber now. Meanwhile, Amber knows it has not been easy for Rick being married to her, but she is determined to make Rick proud of her, starting tonight.

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