The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 5, 1999 on B&B

Tawny, Amber's mother, arranged for a midwife to deliver Amber's baby at home. Pierce offered Brooke a pleasure cruise in his bed. After learning the truth about Adam, C.J. punched Adam. The Forresters were puzzled by Amber's sudden trip, and Brooke urged Rick to go to Furnace Creek for answers.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 5, 1999 on B&B
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Monday April 5, 1999

Tawny can't believe what she's hearing when Amber says she is not sure who her baby's father is. Amber says Rick doesn't know that he might not be the father. Tawny does not want her daughter to tell Rick. What he doesn't know won't hurt him, she says. Besides, you don't have to tell the man you love everything about you. There's just one problem, Amber says. If the baby is not Rick's, everyone will know because the baby will come out mixed. That's why Amber came to Death Valley to have the baby. Tawny is sure Rick will not stand for Amber not having the baby with him, but Amber says she will make up an excuse. If the baby is Rick's, she will tell him the baby came on too quick and she had no choice but to have it at her mother's. If the baby is mixed, Amber will disappear. Either way, Amber can not take the chance of making a complete fool out of Rick. She can't do that to the man she loves. At Insomnia, Thorne notes how lucky Kimberly is to have Macy as a sister. Macy says Kimberly is not the only reason she is happy these days. Macy seems to be falling for Thorne again. She gets on stage at the Insomnia, and sings a song dedicated to Thorne.

After the toast to new beginnings, Pierce says he has been having trouble getting inspired lately because he has missed working with Taylor. Brooke relates she is suffering the same fate with her relationship with Ridge. Taylor comments she has been keeping Ridge from work so he can take care of his hormonal wife. Not to dwell on Taylor's pregnancy, the subject is changed to Rick and Bridget. Brooke says Bridget is doing well in school, but she is unsure how Rick is doing. Brooke just hopes Rick is happy. Ridge recalls the time he and Brooke taught Rick how to ride a bike. Taylor notices Brooke fondly remembering time spent with Ridge. Brooke realizes everyone at the table is wondering how she is holding up tonight. Brooke wants to be open and it's time they know how Brooke really feels about this evening.

Tawny suggests Amber go back to LA and face the music but Amber wants no part of that. She has worked hard for the Forresters to accept her and if they learn the truth, they will never give her or her baby a chance. There is a 50/50 chance this baby is Rick's and Amber feels in her heart that it is. Soon you will have your answer, Tawny says. But will Amber still have Rick? She cares about him so much and couldn't bare to lose him. Amber begs her mother not to make her go back to LA. Tawny agrees to let Amber have the baby there and promises Amber she will take care of everything.

Tuesday, April 6, 1999

Brooke appreciates Ridge, Taylor, and Pierce for trying not to upset her, but she is not an emotional cripple. Brooke says she will get through this on her own terms. What Ridge and Brooke shared will take time to get over, but Brooke vows not to wallow in self pity. Brooke admits the evening seems awkward so she asks Pierce to take her home. This dinner was the first step, but it is time for Brooke to move forward on her own.

Kimberly wonders how C.J. will react to the news that her father is really Sally's first husband. Kimberly can relate to what C.J. will go through because she knows first hand what it is like to have this dumped on you. C.J.'s world will be turned upside down.

Sally notes that Macy has been spending a lot of time with Thorne lately while Macy says the time she has spent with Thorne recently has seemed like old times. Macy says they can't put off telling C.J. that Myles Fairchild is really Adam Alexander, Sally's first husband! C.J. comes home and notices Sally and Macy looking at him strange and he asks what is going on. Macy doesn't waist time in telling him the news. C.J. is shocked but Macy tries to explain that when Sally and Adam were married, he got into some trouble, borrowed money from the mob and when the police got involved, he was forced to leave town even though it killed him to leave his wife and daughter behind. When Adam left LA, he took a new identity, moved to Nantucket, remarried and had a daughter, Kimberly.

After Brooke and Pierce leaves, Taylor says this dinner could not have been easy for her, but is glad she had Pierce to lean on. If Pierce can make Brooke happy, that is the answer Ridge and Taylor are looking for. Ridge hopes Pierce doesn't try to take advantage of her, but Taylor reminds Ridge that he doesn't have to be Brooke's knight in shining armor anymore. Meanwhile, Pierce takes Brooke back to his place and invites her in for a nightcap. Brooke thanks him for being her escort. Pierce says it is time for Brooke to stop thinking about Ridge and start focusing on herself. Brooke and Pierce are in the same boat, but maybe this is the path they had to take in order to find each other. Pierce takes Brooke in his arms, kisses her, and asks her to stay with him tonight.

Sally assures C.J. that he and Kimberly are not related but Kimberly and Macy are half-sisters. Macy tries to get C.J. to accept the fact that their family has a chance to come together, but C.J. can't get past his rage at Adam for leaving his mother years ago. C.J. realizes Clarke caused Sally a lot of pain through the years but nothing like what Adam has done. Macy advises C.J. to try to let go of his pain but C.J. wonders what kind of person abandons his wife and child? C.J. storms out to deal with Adam on his own. Later C.J. bangs the door down at Kimberly's house and when he finds Adam, decks him right on the mouth.

Wednesday, April 7, 1999

Macy and Sally search for C.J. at Insomnia and when they don't find him there, race over to Adam's house hoping to stop a confrontation. After punching Adam, C.J. vows he will not let Adam hurt his mother again. Adam walked out on Sally before and if he knows what's good for him, he will keep on walking, C.J. says. Adam is committed to making his relationship with Sally work, but C.J. blasts him for using the word commitment because he walked out on his wife and daughter years ago. C.J. finally realizes why his mother is so bitter and not been able to trust another man. It's because of the pain Adam left her with when he abandoned her. C.J. knows Clarke caused Sally pain but nothing like the devastation Adam caused.

Stephanie stops by the guesthouse and to see how Rick is doing. Stephanie feels that Amber just felt it was a good time to make amends with her mother since she is about to have a baby. Rick expresses his concern about Amber but also for C.J.. Stephanie is surprised to learn Myles Fairchild is really Adam Alexander. Rick fears what C.J. will do when he learns the truth. Brooke enjoys Pierce's kiss and he invites her to stay the night either in the guestroom or his bedroom. Brooke is surprised by the invitation by declines. She's not saying she doesn't want to, she is just saying she can't. That is a cop out because if Brooke wanted to leave she could, Pierce replies. If Brooke doesn't want to spend the night, Pierce wants her to just say so. Pierce wants to examine the possibilities of a relationship with Brooke and propositions her for a one night pleasure cruise in his bed. This is a chance to finally raise the anchor that has been holding her down for so long. It's time for Brooke to see what is on the new horizon. If Brooke stays with Pierce tonight, Pierce promises to show her a whole new world. Brooke agrees to stay, but in the guestroom.

C.J. asks Adam if he would even be here had his second wife not died. Adam says he came back to help Macy deal with Grant's death, but now wants to reconcile with Sally as well. Macy and Sally arrive and C.J. explains he is here because he is not going to let Adam hurt his mother again. Adam apologizes to C.J. for hurting Sally and says it is time to set the record straight. Adam explains to C.J. and Kimberly that he loved his second wife, Kimberly's mother, but he loved Sally too. Sally was Adam's first love and what they shared was electric. Then one day it all fell apart and Adam was forced to leave town. Kimberly's mother helped Adam put his life back together but he still carried an emptiness inside him. Now the five of them have a chance to bring their family together. Adam tells C.J. he loves Sally and he doesn't want to see her hurt again.

Thursday, April 8, 1999

C.J. begs his mother not to get sucked back into Adam's web of lies. His whole life has been one scam after another. No matter what C.J. thinks of Adam, Macy says this reconciliation is a chance for their family to get beyond the past. Sally admits she isn't sure how she feels about what Adam means to her, but she does want to do what is right for her family. Sally does know that anger will not get them anywhere. They are five different people with one major problem and nothing will change unless they give it a try.

Eric stops by Rick's and wonders what possessed Amber to leave town at a time like this. Rick reminds his dad that Amber is only three hours away and will be home in time for the baby to be born. Amber is getting to the root of why she has a chip on her shoulder and Rick is proud of Amber for trying to work things out between her mother.

Rick calls Amber and gets the machine. He leaves a message and asks when is Amber planning on coming home. Amber tells her mother that she misses Rick but doesn't know when she will be back in LA or when the baby will be born. Tawny says Amber will soon know when she will deliver because she has arranged for a friend of hers, Sarah, a midwife to come over and check on Amber. Sarah arrives and informs Amber she is certified by the state of California, has delivered babies for years, and has never lost one child. Amber is furious when Sarah asks about her sexual history, but Sarah says Amber's sexual history is necessary to determine the child's paternity. Amber doesn't want her history on record and says she will just wait until the baby is born to find out who the father is.

Kimberly tells Rick she was angry at first but now sees things in a different light. There is still a lot to work out but she is willing to give it another try to hopes C.J. will too. C.J. agrees not to stand in the way of their family reconciling but warns Adam if he hurts his mother in any way, C.J. will make him pay.

Sarah checks out Amber and informs her she will know if a few days the paternity of her baby. Amber could deliver anytime now and at the very latest, next week. Amber is excited but Tawny asks what is she going to do if the baby is not Rick's? Rick calls Amber again and says he misses her and can come be with her if she wants. Amber nixes that idea saying she and her mom need time alone. Eric gets on the phone and tells her to hurry home. Amber hangs up and wonders what she is doing with herself. She hates lying to her husband, but she can't have the baby in LA. There is nothing more anyone can do except pray that everything will be ok for Amber and her baby.

Friday, April 9, 1999

Brooke is surprised to learn Amber left town when Eric tells her Amber went to patch up her strained relationship with her mother. A woman who is nine months pregnant and newly married doesn't have any business leaving her husband, Brooke says. Rick joins in and assures his mother that he and Amber are not having problems. She just left to go see her mother. Brooke thinks it's strange Amber didn't at least discuss it with Rick before she left. Rick tells his mother to cut Amber some slack. Brooke wants to but Amber makes it hard to trust her when she pulls a stunt like this. Rick has a right to be involved with the decisions concerning the care of his child. Brooke urges Rick to go to Furnace Creek and find Amber.

Amber reads a book titled "Taking Care of Your Baby" when Tawny says that when she was pregnant with Amber, they didn't have books like that. Now, Amber not only has books but Rick and his family to help. Amber promises to do the best for her baby. Tawny wants to talk about the past but Amber doesn't know why since her mother never wanted her. Tawny was just scared Amber would turn out like her. Amber admits she wants to fit in and make Rick proud of his wife, and vows that no one will ever look down on her baby. Tawny wonders what living life would be like knowing you are always good enough. Amber has that chance as long as the baby turns out to be Rick's. Raymond stops by Spectra wanting to know where Amber is. C.J. informs him that Amber went to Furnace Creek and Sally is surprised to learn C.J. is the one who put the idea in Amber's head to begin with. C.J. admits he advised Amber to leave because of the risk she would run having the baby in LA. Raymond is tired of being kept in the dark and demands C.J. give him the address where Amber is staying.

Brooke says Amber's story doesn't add up considering she never gave even the slightest hint she wanted to see her mother. Brooke encourages Rick to go to Furnace Creek and find Amber. She won't mind unless she has something to hide, and there is only one way to find out. Brooke asks her secretary, Megan, to find Tawny Moore's address. Rick says if he goes to Furnace Creek it is only because he is worried about her. Rick takes off and Brooke is relieved they will find out what Amber is up to after all. In the car, Rick wonders why Amber went all that way to see her mother. He will know soon enough.

Amber admits she is tired of being scared all the time and remembers a dream she had of going back to LA with Rick's baby. It will be worth the wait, she tells herself. In a few days, there will be no more secrets or lies. All Amber wants is a nice, normal family, she only has to stay away from Rick for a few more days.

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