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Rick and Raymond each tracked Amber down in Furnace Creek, and Amber juggled to keep them from seeing each other. After the men left, Amber went into labor. C.J. kissed Kimberly. Taylor's advice about Amber's secrets led Brooke to question Kimberly and Sally.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 12, 1999 on B&B
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Monday April 12, 1999

While coming across a picture of Raymond in a magazine, Tawny says that if Amber's baby is not Rick's, Raymond will be able to take care of the baby. But Amber is not in love with Raymond. Rick surprises Amber when he shows up at her mother's trailer. Amber keeps Rick outside while she informs her mother that Rick is here. Amber hides the magazine with the picture of Raymond and invites Rick in. Embarrassed, Amber tries to get rid of her mother but Tawny starts talking Rick's ear off. Rick and Tawny bond. Thorne models a suit from the Forrester men's line for Brooke and notes her feisty mood. Does her mood have anything to do with Pierce? Brooke says Pierce asked her out for dinner tonight but she is waiting on a call from Rick. Brooke is suspicious of Amber's motive to suddenly visit her mother. Thorne wonders what Rick will find when he gets there, while Brooke won't put anything past Amber. Brooke admits she hopes her son find something wrong so he can find out what kind of person Amber really is.

Raymond presses C.J. for Amber's mother's address. C.J. admits they should have sat down with Amber sooner but gives Raymond the address. Raymond takes off and C.J. comments that Amber won't like this. Raymond knows Amber is desperate about something and that's why he has to get to Furance Creek fast. Sally assures C.J. that whatever the paternity of Amber's baby, she will land on her feet. Besides, it's not like Raymond doesn't have money to support a wife and child. It's not about that, C.J. says. If this baby is Raymond's, Amber stands to lose the one person in her life she loves and the only real family she has ever known.

Thorne warns Brooke not to fill the void in her life with anger, like Stephanie did after Eric left her. Brooke balks at the comparison to Stephanie as Thorne promises her romance is closer than she realizes. Thorne leaves and Brooke looks at a picture of Rick and Amber on their wedding day. Brooke knows Amber is hiding something, she can feel it. But what is it? Tawny is impressed with Rick's attentiveness toward Amber while Rick says he could not sleep while his wife was away. Tawny says Rick and Amber are just the sweetest couple and assures Rick that she and her daughter have worked all their differences out. Meanwhile, Raymond arrives and hears Rick's voice while walking to the door. Tawny welcomes Rick to the family as Amber is shocked to find Raymond peeking in through the window!

Tuesday, April 13, 1999

Kimberly doesn't blame C.J. for getting in Adam's face. In fact, Kimberly was impressed by the way C.J. stood up for his mother. C.J. doesn't trust Adam considering he lied to Kimberly her whole life. There is a difference between keeping the truth from someone and lying. Adam tried to protect Kimberly and that's the reason she can forgive him from withholding the truth. Secrets have a way of hurting people and always come out.

Amber freaks when she spots Raymond, and excuses herself to go outside and get some fresh air. Amber asks Raymond what he is doing here and he says to make sure you are ok. Amber says she is fine, but Raymond is not leaving because he has a responsibility to his son. This is not your responsibility nor is this your son, Amber yells. But Amber doesn't know that and until she does, Raymond is staying.

Rick shows Tawny the ultrasound picture of the baby. Tawny realizes Rick really loves this baby and says he will make a fine father. Rick asks about Amber's father. Amber never knew her father, Tawny says. Amber's father was a truck driver, who stopped coming around when he learned Tawny was pregnant. Tawny was better off that way, but Amber wasn't. It's tough for a little girl to grow up without her father. That's why Tawny wants to make sure that doesn't happen again.

Brooke visits Taylor for an unbiased opinion about what to do about Amber. Brooke admits she can't trust that girl and feels that Amber is hiding something. Is Brooke just being paranoid, or should she feel justified in not trusting Amber? Brooke doesn't want to treat her the way Stephanie treated Brooke but Brooke can not ignore what she sees. Taylor admits Amber's sudden trip to her mother's seems odd. When Brooke finds out what Amber's secret is, that will break her marriage wide open. Raymond realizes Amber has no idea what she will do if the baby is his. Amber says she will call Raymond right away if the baby is his, but Raymond doesn't but it. Rick discloses his plans of going to college in the fall and making a life for his family. Tawny says that sounds like such a good plan. She just hope it happens.

C.J. promises not to take Adam's head off again and admits it is weird he and Kimberly are family. When Kimberly first met Macy, she felt as if she could trust her right away, like they were sisters. C.J. asks how Kimberly feels about him. Kimberly says see feels like he is C.J. and that is a good thing. C.J. is the one person in her life that she cares about who hasn't lied to her. C.J. surprises Kimberly with a kiss!

Taylor feels it's a good sign Brooke at least is questioning herself, but advises her to trust her instincts. Also, don't share all your suspicions about Amber with Rick. Brooke can't sit back when she knows Amber is hiding something. Taylor says she knows exactly how Brooke should handle this. Raymond doesn't want the baby to be his anymore than Amber does, but it could be his and he can't ignore that. Amber is happy Raymond is trying to do the right thing and if the baby is his, he has a right to get involved. But if the baby is Rick's, Raymond does not have the right to screw up this child's life. Amber says she will call Raymond if the baby is his. When Rick walks outside Amber hides Raymond and warns him not to let Rick see him.

Wednesday, April 14, 1999

Raymond thinks it's nuts to hide from Rick. Amber says if Rick finds Raymond here, she will have no choice but to tell Rick of their one night together, and her marriage will fall apart regardless of who the baby's father is. Amber promises Raymond she will contact him as soon as she knows who the father is, but begs him to leave now and not blow her chance at happiness. Raymond agrees to leave, but asks Amber to call him the minute she knows the baby's paternity.

If Taylor were in Brooke's position, she would get to the bottom of Amber's deception. If Amber is hiding something from Rick, someone besides Amber has got to know about it, Taylor says. But who? The fact that Amber would hang onto Rick's every move and then suddenly disappear makes Brooke even more suspicious. Taylor advises Brooke not to follow Brooke to Death Valley because she can't risk alienating herself from her son. Brooke decides to go see Kimberly, determined to get to the bottom of this. Kimberly backs away from C.J.'s kiss. She's not ready for this, Kimberly says. C.J. feels Kimberly is not ready for a kiss from someone other than Rick. Kimberly admits she still has a lot of feelings for Rick. C.J. hates seeing Kimberly this way and says he is feeling caught in the middle between Rick and Amber. Who should C.J. be loyal to, Rick or Amber? Kimberly questions C.J.'s feelings of loyalty and says if she could change Rick's situation she would. Wouldn't C.J.? C.J. leaves before answering that question.

Rick tells Tawny it's time he took Amber back to LA. Tawny says it could be weeks before Amber has her baby, so there should not be any rush. Amber comes back in and Rick tells her it's time for the two of them to go home. Amber says she can't go home because she and her mother are just beginning to work through their problems. It's been a long time since Amber and Tawny have shared the things they have shared recently, and Amber is not wanting to stop that yet. Rick suggests Tawny come back to LA with them, but Amber nixes that idea. Rick starts to get angry and Amber realizes she is asking a lot. Rick says there is another reason he wants to get back to LA. It's because of his mother. Brooke feels Amber is hiding something and Rick wants to prove her wrong. Amber is furious when she realizes Brooke is the one who encouraged Rick to come out here. Rick accuses Amber of acting like she wished Rick was not even there and asks her to come home with him. Amber's Aunt Tilley, cousins Eb and Becky among other relatives stop by. Tawny introduces everyone to Rick while Becky has an eye on Rick. Tawny tells Amber she has got herself a real special man. But for how long? Amber wonders.

Brooke knocks on Kimberly's door and says to herself if Kimberly does not have any answers, maybe she knows someone who does. Whatever it takes, Brooke is going to find out what Amber is hiding.

Thursday, April 15, 1999

Brooke asks Kimberly if Amber has said anything suspicious or hinted that she may be hiding something. Kimberly says she and Amber are not the best of friends and Amber does not confide in her. Still when Amber went into false labor a while back, Kimberly was by her side the whole way, so Brooke assumes Amber must have said something. Sorry, Kimberly says, but she doesn't know anything. However there is someone who might. Kimberly mentions at Rick and Amber's wedding that Sally stood up and had something to say. Brooke remembers but because Sally had never been a friend of the family, she just assumed Sally was there to stir up trouble. Brooke realizes Sally may know what Amber is hiding.

Raymond tells C.J. and Sally what happened when he went to confront Amber in Death Valley. Sally can't believe Raymond took off, but C.J. says they are trying to protect Amber's son. Protect him from what? Sally asks. If Rick is the father, the baby will be born to a mother who is willing to lie about the child's paternity to get what she wants, and to a father who is nothing more than a naive schoolboy. Amber has done nothing to prove she will be a good mother, and if asked, Sally will not cover up for Amber. C.J. begs his mother not to sink Amber's ship, but Sally is not making any promises. Sally agrees concedes not to say anything unless she is specifically asked. Brooke walks in and tells Sally they need to talk. Brooke wants to know what Amber is keeping from her and her son.

Rick wants to get Amber back to LA before she goes into labor but agrees to stay at her mother's when Tawny says she is having food brought in. Tawny mentions to Amber that Rick really loves her, but what is Amber going to do because Rick is intent on taking her home tonight. Amber steps outside and is joined by her cousin Becky. Becky notes how Amber hit the jackpot marrying into a high society family. Amber says she has her share of problems while Becky tells her not to forget where she came from. After dinner, the family asks Amber to sing. Amber sings a moving song dedicated to Rick. When Amber is done singing, Rick tells her to grab her things while he says goodbye to her family. Tawny doesn't know how to stop Amber from leaving because Rick is determined to go, but Amber says she is not having this baby in LA. Amber is having this baby right here and Tawny has to get Rick out of here now because Amber just had her first contraction!!!

Friday, April 16 , 1999

Brooke presses Sally about what she knows about Amber. Sally claims to have no idea what she is talking about. Brooke reminds Sally that she stood up at Rick's wedding for some reason, now what was it? Sally says she had a problem with Amber's integrity and but now that Amber and Rick are married, there's nothing she can do. Brooke doesn't but that excuse and accuses Sally of being in on Amber's dirty little secret. C.J. fears his mother will blow the lid on Amber and tries to figure out a way to stop it. Sally isn't saying what she knows and Brooke lashes out at Sally for helping Amber lie. C.J. cracks the door open as Sally says the truth will come out eventually. Brooke is boiling mad and about to lose her temper when she and Sally hear a loud crash.

Amber begins going into labor as her family leaves. Rick tells Tawny he felt comfortable around everyone except Becky. Rick takes out the trash as Amber tells Tawny if she leaves now with Rick, she will have this baby on the highway. Amber can't let Rick see the baby before her and tells her mother no matter what it take, get Rick out of here. Rick comes back inside and notices Amber crying. Amber says she and her mother were just reminiscing. Rick admits to Tawny this baby is one of his biggest problems because he is not even eighteen years old. But Rick plans to build a life around Amber and his baby. At any rate, Rick says it's time he and Amber leave.

Sally checks out the noise and C.J. says he and Raymond accidentally knocked down the water cooler. C.J. says he has to talk to his mother now about something really important. Brooke isn't leaving until she gets some answers and realizes C.J. tipped over the water cooler on purpose. Brooke wants to know why Sally and C.J. are so threatened by Amber. Brooke concludes that C.J. is the father of Amber's baby. You couldn't be more wrong, Sally says. C.J. assures Brooke that nothing has happened between he and Amber. Maybe not, but Amber's secret is about the baby. Sally throws Brooke out for attacking her family while Brooke warns that Amber can run from her, but she can't hide. Amber gets up to leave but has another contraction. Rick asks what's wrong but Amber says she is just having indigestion. When Rick walked in and saw Amber and Tawny crying, they were in the middle of working something out, Amber says. It's going to take no more than a day for them to work out their problems, but they need their privacy. Rick doesn't feel good about leaving Amber but Tawny promises she will be in good hands. Rick agrees to leave without Amber but wants her back first thing in the morning. Rick leaves and Amber tells her mother to get the midwife because this baby is on the way!

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