The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 3, 1999 on B&B

Raymond was relieved when C.J. said that Rick, not Raymond, had become a father. Amber and Tawny took Becky's baby back to Los Angeles, and Rick met 'his' new son. Brooke and Amber faced off. C.J. recreated the prom for Kimberly, and to himself, he vowed to be there for her once she was over Rick.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 3, 1999 on B&B
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Monday May 3, 1999

Brooke is determined to get proof Amber's baby is not Rick's even if that means she has to drive out to the desert and confront Amber herself. Rick calls with news about Amber. Brooke is not surprised to learn Amber had the baby at her mother's. Rick says that Amber is on her way home now with their baby. Eric consoles a disappointed Brooke after Rick assures his mother that Amber's baby is his.

Tawny continues to encourage Amber to raise Becky's baby as Little Eric, but Amber is having trouble accepting that. Tawny reminds Amber that her baby is in heaven, but all the love and joy he was supposed to give Amber and Rick is alive in this other baby. This baby was going to be given up for adoption and he is alone and needs a mother. This baby can be Amber's greatest joy in her life. Amber takes the baby and Tawny says that he needs Amber. Even though it might seem impossible, it is for the best. Becky's baby needs a mommy and daddy who will love him and hold him when he cries. All of Amber's sorrow can be turned into joy if she accepts this child as her own. Amber asks how she will ever pull this masquerade off especially since she is grieving for the lose of her own child. Tawny says that this child is Rick's son and this baby needs Rick and Amber as much as they need him. Tawny packs the car for Amber's return to LA.

Rick calls C.J. and informs him he is a father. C.J. heads to Spectra to find a anxious Raymond still awaiting word about the baby. Raymond is relieved to learn the baby is not his. Amber seems to have all the luck going her way, Sally comments.

Rick stops by the main house and tells Stephanie the good news. Ridge, Taylor, Brooke, and Eric come by and all but Brooke offer their congratulations to Rick. Eventually Brooke congratulates her son on becoming a father and secretly warns Amber if she is trying to pull something over on her son, Amber will not get away with it. Tawny drives Amber and the baby back home while Amber wonders how she can pull off masking the pain of losing her child while appearing happy while knowing the baby she has is someone else's child.

Tuesday, May 4, 1999

Stephanie warns Brooke not to worry Rick with her suspicions, but Brooke isn't about to drop it. Something is going on, Brooke says. First Amber has her baby away from Rick and his family and now she is suddenly coming home with his baby. Rick admits to Ridge that he has tried to prepare for becoming a father but it has been hard. Rick's mind has been elsewhere, with Kimberly.

Kimberly is still holding out hope that Amber's baby is not Rick's. Adam advises her daughter to give up her hope and move on with her life, but as long as there is a small chance that Amber's baby is not Rick's, Amber is not giving up hope. Adam thinks Rick is stringing her along with this wild accusation, but Kimberly informs her father that is was Rick's mother who put the idea in Kimberly's mind. None of this invalidates his marriage, Adam says. Rick is married to Amber. Move on, Adam says. Rick calls Kimberly and breaks the news that Amber had the baby and he is a father. Crushed, Kimberly wishes Rick luck and tells him goodbye.

On their way home, Tawny pulls over as Amber gets sick to her stomach. Amber can't go through with this charade, but Tawny says that she will explain everything to the Forresters. Tawny plans to says that Amber went into labor so early in the morning that there was not enough time to call. Tawny reminds Amber that this baby is depending on her and that Rick is waiting to see his son.

Stephanie is aware of Brooke's suspicions but says they don't belong here. Rick is the father of Amber's baby, Stephanie says. Brooke notices Rick is upset after talking with Kimberly. Rick says Kimberly tried to cover her pain, but Rick could tell she was hurt. Everything is about to change once Amber walks through that door. How does anyone prepare for that? Brooke admits this is not what she wanted for her son, but reminds him that she loves him and will always support him. Stephanie reminds Ridge, Eric, and Taylor that she is counting on them to make Amber and the baby feel welcome. Ridge knows Brooke has been on a paternity kick for a while, but even Brooke must realize that if Amber is bringing home a baby, it isn't Raymond's. Tawny and Amber arrive in Beverly Hills and Tawny reminds her daughter that she said her marriage is the most important thing in the world and if that is true, the only way to make sure that marriage stays together is if Amber passes this baby off as her own. Amber is nervous when she finds the whole family's cars at Brooke's house. Tawny says this will give Amber the chance to tell everyone what happened all at one time, but Amber isn't sure she can handle all their questions. Tawny gets Amber to pull herself together and reminds her that this is the biggest moment in her life. Either Amber answers the Forresters' questions or she will lose her marriage and end up alone. As far as what happened with the still birth and the switching babies, Tawny says it never happened.

Wednesday, May 5, 1999

As Amber and Tawny prepare to introduce her baby to Rick and his family, Amber starts to back out, unsure if she can go through with this. Tawny reminds her daughter of all she stands to lose if she backs out. Amber came to Tawny for help and this scenario is the best Tawny could come up with. Tawny is not about to let her daughter throw her life away. Tawny knocks on the door and introduces Rick to his new son. Amber remains distant as Tawny and the baby are introduced to the rest of the family. Brooke says to herself that Amber may have the rest of the family dancing to her tune, but not Brooke. She intends to find out what Amber is hiding. Tawny answers all the questions the Forresters have as Brooke asks to hold the baby. Kimberly explains to C.J. that she thought she and Rick had a chance at happiness together until he called her and informed her Amber gave birth to his son. Kimberly realizes she should not have clung to hope and now knows her relationship with Rick is over for good. After the baby was born, Kimberly thought she would feel closure, but all she is feeling is emptiness. Rick and Kimberly will not be together because of one night he spent with Amber.

Tawny hands the baby to Brooke who notes how small he is considering Rick was almost ten pounds at birth. Tawny says all the Moore babies are small but the baby has Eric's chin. Brooke doesn't see that similarity either. Amber is about to lose it as Tawny explains Amber had the baby at home with the help of a midwife. Tawny chalks up Amber's crying to just being tired after delivering the baby. Taylor and Rick make Amber feel more comfortable as Tawny confronts Brooke outside on the patio. Tawny realizes Brooke is not crazy about Amber and Tawny admires Brooke for wanting to protect her son, but Amber is Rick's wife and the mother to his child. Little Eric needs Brooke's love and support just as much as Rick does.

Kimberly has always believed that there is one special person for each of us and Kimberly found that person for herself. She and Rick loved each other so much, and now Kimberly is not sure she will feel that way about anyone again. Kimberly lost Rick before she even had a chance.

Rick holds the baby and tells Amber when he opened the door and saw his wife and baby there, he felt relieved. Rick knows he made the right decision by marrying Amber and giving his child and home and family. Amber says she did it all for Rick. Amber says to herself that yes she lost their baby, but as long as she and Rick both love this child, why couldn't he be their son? Maybe Amber can pull off this charade after all. It will be a secret she will have to keep for the rest of her life.

Thursday, May 6, 1999

Rick asks Amber about his son's birth and Amber remembers the horrifying details of discovering her baby was stillborn. Rick tells his son that he loves him and he will always be there for him. Amber starts to tell Rick something when Stephanie and Tawny interrupt. Stephanie advises Amber to get some rest while she and Rick leave Amber and Tawny alone with the baby. Tawny congratulates Amber on handling the Forresters while Amber wonders how Tawny expects her to act like nothing is wrong when her baby is dead. Tawny wants Amber to breastfeed the baby but Amber is not sure she can go through with it. Amber tries but the baby doesn't take. Tawny encourages Amber to stop thinking of this baby as Becky's but Amber isn't sure she can. If you don't, Tawny warns, you stand to lose your husband and your life as you know it.

Brooke informs Thorne on Amber's strange behavior when she brought the baby home. Amber should have been jumping for joy but instead she looked uncomfortable. What makes it worse is Stephanie has befriended Amber just to spite Brooke. Brooke is sure Amber is up to something and her mother is in on it. Thorne says Amber is family now and Brooke has to find a way to get along with Amber, but Brooke says that is impossible because Amber is hurting the people she loves. Thorne advises Brooke to trust her instincts but not to tip her hand. Brooke is determined to get to the bottom of this tonight. Macy informs Kimberly that she and Thorne are taking it slow while Kimberly tells her sister that she missed out on last week's prom because she has been so worried about Rick. Macy encourages Kimberly to start dating again and not get so caught up in Rick's problem. Even though he is married, Kimberly will always love Rick.

C.J. drops by Rick's house and catches him playing his guitar out by the pool. Rick is glad he made the decision to be a full time father to his son and knows he made the right decision when he held him for the first time. C.J. notices the song Rick was playing is written for Kimberly. C.J. asks Rick when is he going to get over this girl?

Amber misses her baby but Tawny encourages her to turn her pain into love for Becky's baby. Tawny warns Amber about being careful around Rick's family, especially Brooke. If Amber needs a shoulder to cry on, turn to me, Tawny says. Amber asks how she is supposed to act like nothing is wrong when her baby is dead? Just stay away from Brooke, Tawny warns as Brooke knocks on the front door. Tawny opens the door and tells Brooke to come back another time because Amber isn't feeling well. Brooke barges in anyway and asks Amber what's wrong. Tawny tells Amber to go to bed, but Brooke drops the bomb. Amber thought she could get away with it, but Brooke knows her little secret!

Friday, May 7, 1999

Brooke shocks Amber and Tawny when she claims she is on to Amber's secret. Brooke knows why Amber had to get out of town before she had her baby and it's because Amber thought the baby might be Raymond's and she couldn't risk having the baby in LA. Tawny says that is ridiculous as Amber went to Furnace Creek to visit her mother. Amber is stunned by Brooke's truth but says Raymond being the father was never an issue. "When are your lies going to stop?" Brooke asks.

Rick is sitting by the pool with his guitar and realizes now that he is married and has a family, there is nothing that is going to change that even though he still cares about Kimberly. C.J. drops by Kimberly's house and because she did not go to the prom last week, C.J. brings the prom to Kimberly. C.J. admits he did not go either because he wanted to go with Kimberly. C.J. brings over dinner and they dance. Kimberly cuts their evening short when she says she is worried about her dad coming home, but C.J. knows Kimberly was thinking about Rick. C.J. leaves but knows one day she will get over Rick and when that happens, C.J. plans to be right there. Rick asks himself how is he ever going to get Kimberly out of his head as Kimberly calls. Rick informs her that Amber returned with the baby and the truth is his baby needs him. Kimberly congratulates Rick and tearfully says goodbye.

To get Brooke off Amber's back, Tawny shakes the baby's crib to get him to start crying. Tawny says the baby needs his mother and hands the baby to Amber. Tawny tells Brooke that Amber did not do those things she is claiming, and even if she did, what difference does it make? The difference is Rick is married to a lying, cheating, gold-digger, Brooke says. You can call her every name in the book, but that does not change the fact that Rick has a son, Tawny says. Marriage is based on honesty and if it were not for this baby, there would be no marriage, Brooke counters. If there are anymore secrets Brooke will find them and she swears she will make Amber's life a living hell! After Brooke storms out, Amber falls apart and doesn't think she will be able to keep it together. Tawny reminds Amber that only the two of them and Sarah know what really happened and as far as everyone else is concerned, this baby is Eric Forrester III.

Rick sings a beautiful song dedicated to Kimberly in which there is a video shot in black and white with the two of them playing around on the beach. Rick realizes he could have had so much more with Kimberly, but he is a father now and he must focus on his baby.

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