The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 10, 1999 on B&B

Brooke got close to finding out what had really happened between Raymond and Amber. Sally and Adam joined forces to put Spectra back on the map. Sally offered Clarke a job. Amber worried about her future and the future of the baby. The Forresters prepared for the fall fashion show.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 10, 1999 on B&B
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Monday May 10, 1999

Brooke is close to getting rid of Amber if she could only discover her secret. Brooke blames Stephanie for opening her big mouth at Rick and Amber's wedding and stopping Sally for saying what she had to say. If only Stephanie had not stopped Sally, Brooke would be free of Amber now. Sometimes, Brooke could just kill Stephanie and the wedding is a perfect example of Stephanie butting in where she doesn't belong. Brooke is determined to show Rick Amber's true colors but it will have to wait. Brooke is going to Genoa City to meeting with Jack Abbott and Brad Carlton. Jack wants to back out on "Brooke's Bedroom" and Brooke is heading to Wisconsin to talk some sense in to him.

Lauren thinks Rick and Amber will make it while Darla had flowers sent from Sally to the Forrester main house. C.J. flips because Stephanie will receive the flowers, not Amber. Sure enough, the flowers are mistakenly sent to Stephanie who is outraged when she reads they are from Sally. Stephanie marches over to Spectra and throws the flowers on floor of Sally's office. Stay out of Rick and Amber's life, Stephanie barks.

C.J. clues Adam in on the Sally/Stephanie feud. Both women started in the fashion business at roughly the same time, but Stephanie has always looked down on Sally because she made it while Sally struggled. What did Stephanie do that Sally didn't? Marry the right man while Sally married a man who borrowed money from criminals. Stephanie even had Sally sent to jail once for trespassing on Forrester property. Adam is livid to learn of the way the Forresters and especially Stephanie have treated Sally. The days of the Forresters humiliating Sally are over, Adam promises.

Brooke can't go to Genoa City overworked and overstressed so Thorne gets Brooke to unwind a bit. Brooke feels better after Thorne helps her relax and promises she and Pierce will go on a double date with Thorne and Macy when Brooke returns from Genoa City.

Sally informs the Queen that the flowers were for the young Mrs. Forrester, the one who is still married. Stephanie blasts Sally for spreading rumors about Amber and thinks Sally is jealous because Amber married into the Forrester family. Stay away from Amber and stop creating problems, Stephanie warns. Sally is tempted to tell Stephanie about Amber's night with Raymond while Stephanie continues to berate Sally for having to lie and cheat her way to the top. Adam interrupts Stephanie's tirade and asks her who the hell she thinks she is?

Tuesday, May 11, 1999

Adam warns Stephanie about speaking to Sally in a condescending manner. Stephanie thinks is cute that Sally has a knight in shining armor while Adam informs Stephanie that he is Sally's friend. Stephanie has taken advantage of Sally too long and Adam is here to see to it that she never talks down to Sally again. Stephanie says that Sally and Adam are cut from the same cloth and Spectra has failed because Sally has no integrity. Adam accepts the blame for Spectra failing but advises Stephanie if she thought Spectra was a headache before, just wait. Spectra is about to become Forrester's worst nightmare.

Eric, Ridge, Taylor, and Clarke plan a Forrester fall fashion show which will be a benefit for AIDS awareness. Eric promises this showing will be the biggest yet. With the showing not far off, Ridge suggests Taylor return to the workforce and help Forrester pull it off. Taylor reminds her husband she already has a full time job making a home for him and their children. Taylor is a happy being a homemaker.

Lauren informs Eric that Myles Fairchild is really Adam Alexander and he is not crazy about the Forrester family. Lauren feels caught in the middle because she works at Spectra, but warns Eric that teamed up with Sally, Adam is a force to be reckoned with.

Stephanie says Adam can blame her family all he wants for Spectra's failure, but if he causes Stephanie or her family any trouble, there will be hell to pay. Adam accuses Stephanie of being threatened by Sally because if she had the resources Stephanie had, she would have been just as successful as Forrester. The only way Sally can compete is if she steals are designs, Stephanie says. After Stephanie leaves, Sally tells Adam it wasn't necessary for him to go to bat for her. Sally reminds her ex that she has managed to keep Spectra afloat all these years by herself. Adam realizes that but it's time he and Sally take this company and turn it into the company they always dreamed it could be. Stephanie, Eric, and all the rest of them will never look down on Sally again.

Wednesday, May 12, 1999

Amber wakes up from a nightmare and wonders how she let it come to this. Amber worries that Brooke won't stop digging for answers until she finds out about Amber's night with Raymond. Tawny reminds Amber that this baby is hers is every way that matters. The baby cries and Tawny encourages Amber to breastfeed him. Amber tries but the baby doesn't take. Besides, breastfeeding him doesn't feel right Amber says because she is not his mother. If Amber told Rick the truth, Tawny fears Amber will lose her marriage. If the only reason Rick married Amber is because of the baby, then maybe Amber should lose her marriage. Amber is going to tell Rick the truth.

Sally needed Adam years ago when she first started in the business, but now Sally has been standing up to the Forresters for years. Adam wants Sally to do more than stand up the the Forresters. Adam feels together he and Sally can knock the Forresters off their pedestal. If Sally has any motivation to join Adam, it should be to give her children a legacy they can be proud of. Adam knows what makes Stephanie and Eric tick and that's their arrogance and pride. Sally considers joining forces with Adam but makes one thing very clear. If she agrees to this joint venture, Adam is to understand that Sally is the boss at Spectra and any decisions she makes will be treated with the utmost respect. Adam hasn't convinced Sally she should hire him but is willing to listen to his plan to bring the Forresters to their knees.

Eric preps for the showing and informs Stephanie he donated 50k to the pediatric AIDS foundation. Stephanie suggests he mail a copy of the check to Sally to set an example of generosity. Stephanie advises Eric she met Adam Alexander yesterday and he could be trouble. Eric mentions that Lauren also warned him about Adam while Stephanie says Adam was rude and ill tempered but he is intelligent and shouldn't be taken lightly. Adam has an enormous amount of pent- up anger and could be dangerous.

Tawny reminds Amber if she tells Rick the truth, she will lose him forever. Amber might not even see Rick again. Tawny knows how depressed Amber will get and she might not recover from something like that. Rick comes home and notices how upset Amber is. Tawny chalks it up to normal post-birth depression, but Amber says it is more than that. Amber wants to talk to Rick about this baby.

Adam suggests he help design a fall collection, but Sally says it will take more than a collection of knock off designs to compete with Forrester. Sally recalls her marriage and partnership with Clarke and how that fell apart. You settled for less while you are twice the woman Stephanie could ever hope to be, Adam says. Adam asks Sally to join him and show the Forresters that she is not some knock off queen. By the time they are done, the Forresters will respect Sally

Thursday, May 13, 1999

Adam tells C.J. his plans to help Spectra become a major player in the fashion industry and compete head to head with Forrester. C.J. isn't keen on working with Adam but because his mother agreed to bring Adam on board, C.J. goes along with it. Meanwhile, Sally surprises Clarke at Forrester to talk about their son. C.J. is heading nowhere fast. He dreamed of following his father in the "rag trade," but Spectra is about to sink. Clarke wonders how Sally could let Spectra go under and Sally blasts Clarke for accusing her of sinking the Spectra ship. It was Clarke who bailed when Spectra was starting to sink and took a minor job a Forrester. Clarke doesn't belong at Forrester and Spectra needs a head designer. Sally offers Clarke a chance to do something good for himself as well as his son. Sally wants Clarke to create a fall collection for Spectra.

Brooke informs Thorne that Jack and Brad nixed her deal with Jabot but Brooke hopes to get that straightened out once Victor returns. Back on the homefront, Brooke feels Rick never would have married Amber had he known there was a chance the baby might not be his. But the baby is Rick's, Thorne points out. Yes, but the point is Amber lied so easily to Rick the whole time she was pregnant. Brooke plans on finding out about what really went on between Amber and Raymond. Thorne invites Brooke to a beachside picnic with he and Macy.

Amber is near hysterics when she prepares to tell Rick the truth about their baby. Amber can't say it so Tawny tells Rick what Amber is trying to say. The baby is not interested in breastfeeding, Tawny says. When Rick hears this, he assures Amber he too is learning about raising a baby but they will make excellent parents. Rick and Amber are a family, and that is all that matters.

Brooke drops by Kimberly's and advises her although she is suffering now, not to give up hope. Kimberly reminds Brooke that Rick and Amber are married and have a baby, but Brooke feels if Amber could keep the secret that the baby she is carrying might not be Rick's, God only knows what else she is capable of. Plus, Rick only married Amber because he thought she was pregnant with his child. When Rick learns he married under false pretenses, he will end his marriage. Brooke leaves and pays Raymond a visit at his hotel room. Brooke wants the truth about he and Amber and she wants it now!

Friday, May 14, 1999

Sally offered Clarke a job as head designer at Spectra to help her put together a fall collection. Clarke was leery saying the Forresters have given him job security, a nice office and a fat, steady pay check. Sally blasted him for putting money ahead of his son's own legacy, Spectra. Kimberly spotted Rick and the Insomnia coffeehouse. Tawny tried to convince Amber that her baby is Eric Forrester III. Brooke continued her digging into Amber's web of lies which led her to Raymond's hotel room. Raymond didn't spill the beans but the hotel maid, who has a big crush on Raymond, told her she would have Raymond if it wasn't for his "bitch of a fiancée." The maid remembered Raymond had a blond in his room one night about ten months ago. Brooke showed the maid a picture of Amber and asked if that blond was her?

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