The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 17, 1999 on B&B

Brooke exposed Amber's one-night-stand with Raymond, and the disgusted Rick took an HIV test. Stephanie realized she'd been wrong about Amber, and Brooke threw Amber out of the house. Adam and Sally collaborated to get Spectra back on track.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 17, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, May 17, 1999

C.J. warns Amber that Brooke is on the warpath, but Raymond left town so there is no way Brooke can prove Amber slept with Raymond. Brooke shows the hotel maid where Raymond was staying a picture of Amber and asks if she has seen her. The maid remembers Amber spent the night with Raymond about ten months ago. Brooke immediately leaves the hotel and confronts Amber at the guesthouse. Your game is over, Brooke says. She has finally got Amber.

Meanwhile at Insomnia, Kimberly asks Rick if Amber slept with Raymond and has been lying to you all these months, would Rick still want a future with Amber? Rick wants Kimberly to stop hoping for what might have been and move on.

Sally reports to Adam that Clarke turned down her job offer as head designer. Adam doesn't feel Spectra needs Clarke anyway. Adam and Sally started the company without Clarke and can turn it around without him as well. Sally assures her ex that she can sell anything, but if Spectra is going to compete head to head with the major fashion house such as Forrester, they need a head designer. Clarke is unwilling to give up the financial security Forrester is providing for a chance on Spectra. Sally is grateful for Adam's help but besides a head designer, Spectra is going to need a mega-blitz of publicity to get back on the map. Adam looks at the newspaper article about Forresters charity fashion showing for the pediatric AIDS foundation. Spectra could be closer than Sally thinks to getting her publicity.

Brooke calmly walks into the guesthouse and then blasts Amber her deception. Rick sacrificed his whole future for a girl he does not even love and all the while Amber was lying to him about the paternity of her baby. Tawny tries to get Brooke to stop harassing her daughter but Brooke wants Amber to admit the truth. Brooke has proof Amber slept with Raymond the night before she slept with Rick and by the end of the day, Rick will know it too. Amber is stunned when Brooke tells Amber the name of the hotel and the room number where Amber and Raymond had sex. Brooke gives Amber the rest of the day to pack and get out of Rick's life. Brooke plans on calling a family meeting with Eric and Stephanie to expose Amber's web of lies.

Tuesday, May 18, 1999

Amber fondly remembers the night at the Cafe' Ruse when Eric called her a lady. Brooke has called a family meeting and Amber is worried Brooke will convince the rest of the Forresters that Amber has been deceiving Rick all along. If Brooke had proof, why would she just go directly to Rick? Tawny asks. Rick calls and informs Amber he is coming home and is anxious to see his son. C.J. runs into Rick and advises him to get his mom off Amber's back. Meanwhile, Brooke informs Eric and Stephanie the maid at Raymond's hotel confirmed that Raymond and Amber had sex the night before Amber slept with Rick. This proves Amber lied about her pregnancy because she knew there was a chance the baby could have been Raymond's, yet she let Rick sacrifice his entire future on a possibility.

Brooke plans on telling Rick the truth soon before Amber has a chance to cover her tracks. In fact, she told Amber to pack her bags and be out of Rick's life by the end of the day. Eric and Stephanie advise Brooke to slow down, but Brooke is determined to expose Amber for the lying bitch she really is! Brooke calls Rick on his cell phone and asks him to meet her at Stephanie's house. Stephanie feels Amber should be here to defend herself and calls her.

Amber thinks she should giver herself up, but Tawny warns her against it. If Amber starts making excuses now, it will only make her look guilty. Tawny reminds Amber that Rick is committed to her marriage and not to let Brooke's accusations affect her marriage. Stephanie calls and asks Amber to come up to the main house. Amber freaks when she realizes if she gets kicked out, the Forresters will want to keep the baby. Then, Amber would have no choice but to come clean. This is it, Amber says. It's over. Rick joins the family powwow but doesn't want Amber subjected to this. Amber and Tawny arrive as Brooke informs Amber her lies have gone on long enough. It's time for Rick to know what kind of person Amber really is.

Wednesday, May 19, 1999

C.J. is worried about Rick and Amber. Just when things were starting to go their way, Rick's mother is set on destroying what happiness they share. Sally suggest C.J. put Amber and Rick out of his mind and join Macy at Insomnia for a party she is throwing for Kimberly. When C.J. hears that Kimberly is there, he bolts. At Insomnia, Macy throws a party to put a smile back on Kimberly's face. It seems to work as three jocks ask her to dance. C.J. walks in and notices Kimberly line dancing with three guys. C.J. cuts in and mentions Rick's name, but Kimberly does not want to talk about Rick anymore. It's time she put Rick behind her. Kimberly is moving on with her life.

Rick does not want to hear Brooke's spin on things, but Brooke isn't holding back any longer. Amber betrayed you, Brooke says. Rick turns to Amber but Amber admits Brooke is right. There is something Amber should have told Rick a long time ago. Brooke thinks that Amber does not love Rick, but nothing could be further from the truth. Amber adores Rick and has been trying to protect his family's name. Rick is shocked to learn that Amber slept with Raymond the night before they conceived Little Eric. Amber tries to explain that at the time she slept with Raymond, she thought it was over between her and Rick. Plus, Raymond had just gotten a major tour gig and wanted to celebrate with Amber. All this time Amber knew there was a chance the baby might be Raymond's, yet she said nothing to Rick. Amber says she knew all along Rick was the father. Then why did you go to Furnace Creek to have the baby? Rick asks. Amber didn't go there to visit her mother. She went there because she knew the baby might not be his. Amber says she went to her mother's to spare Rick's family humiliation. Brooke wants the baby tested for AIDS while Rick is disgusted. Amber lied to him for nine months and then robbed him of the one good moment, the birth of his son. The only reason her proposed to her in the first place was because of the baby. How many more lies is Amber going to tell? Brooke answers by saying Amber's charade is over. Brooke orders Amber and Tawny out of Rick's life. As of this moment, they are no longer part of Rick's family.

Thursday, May 20, 1999

Tawny admits Amber made a bad decision by not saying anything about her involvement with Raymond, but the night she was with Raymond, Amber and Rick were hardly on speaking terms. That is not the point, Brooke counters. Amber knew there was a possibility the baby might be Raymond's yet never said anything to Rick. Besides, why did she go to the desert to have her baby if she was so sure it was Rick's? Amber did that to protect Rick and his family, Tawny says. Brooke accuses Amber of being a compulsive liar and plans on having the marriage annulled. But that decision will ultimately be Rick and Amber's. Does Rick really want out of this marriage?

Macy notes what a good time Kimberly is having with C.J. and hopes she has put Rick behind her. Thorne points out the Brooke has proof Amber slept with Raymond and plans on calling her on it tonight. If that is the case, Rick and Kimberly might be able to pick up where they left off. Macy doesn't feel Kimberly getting re-involved with Rick is such a good thing. He's done nothing but drag her down the past few months and she is just now getting over him. C.J. asks Kimberly to dance and they clear the dance floor as they strut their stuff!

Tawny notes if Brooke hadn't interfered, Rick and Amber might have a shot at happiness. Amber turns to Stephanie for support but even Stephanie has turned her back on Amber. Stephanie defended and trusted Amber and how did she repay that trust? By making a mockery of Stephanie and her family. Amber tells Rick she loves him, but after everything she has done, how can she stand there and say that? Amber begs for forgiveness but Rick won't hear of it. Rick trusted Amber and she made a fool of him. Now, Rick can't even stand to look at her. Amber has lost everything that has ever meant anything to her. Brooke orders Amber to pack her bags and be out by morning.

Friday, May 21, 1999

Stephanie reminds Brooke that in her victory over Amber, she forgot about the baby. Brooke assures her that the baby will be provided for. Stephanie wants to know why Brooke didn't share her suspicions that C.J. knew all along. Stephanie admits she was wrong about Amber, but still feels Amber may have had real feelings for Rick. As Amber packs, she tells Tawny that she's going to tell the Forresters the truth about the baby and take him back to Becky so she can put him up of adoption the way she planned. Tawny tries to talk her out of it, but Amber doesn't see how the Forresters could hate her any more than they already do. Amber insists that Rick deserves someone special like Kimberly, and the baby needs two parents who love each other. As the party continues, Macy is thrilled that her plan to cheer up Kimberly worked so well. Kimberly thanks C.J. for sticking by her, and kisses him on the cheek. Rick waits with the doctor for the results of his HIV test, unhappy to hear that he's at risk because of Amber's unprotected sex with another partner. The doctor also suggests that Amber be tested as soon as possible. Rick is determined that she will. St

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