The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 28, 1999 on B&B

Amber tried to hustle Becky back out of town, but Becky finagled her way into the Forrester mansion. Rick and Kimberly talked more about their unresolved feelings. C.J. was upset by Kimberly and Rick's connection, but Rick remained determined to make his marriage work.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 28, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, June 28, 1999

Tawny assures Sarah that Becky is not going anywhere near Amber. Sarah hopes Tawny got through to Becky because if Becky sees that birthmark, this whole thing will blow wide open. Tilley stops by looking for Becky. The car is gone and Becky's bag is missing. Tawny flips that Becky took off for LA. Thorne balks at Brooke's declaration that she is falling for him. Brooke admits a part of her will always love Ridge, but she can't have him and she can't deny her feelings for Thorne. Brooke dares Thorne to look her in the eye and admit he does not have feeling for her, but he can't. Thorne admires Brooke and finds her extremely desirable, but a romance will never happen. Brooke thinks they should forget what others will say and follow their hearts. They owe it to each other to see where these feelings lead. Thorne says they have to get this out of their heads because it is never going to happen between them.

At dinner, Amber says it is great seeing C.J. and Kimberly getting along so well and hopes it's only a matter of time before love finds it's way to their relationship. Amber gives thanks for her family and vows no one will ever take her son or husband away from her.

Eric and Stephanie relieve Megan of babysitting. Eric wonders if Rick and Amber's marriage will last while Stephanie tells him to accept the fact that Rick has a son and to concentrate on his grandson.

Becky arrives at the Forrester estate and spots Eric and Stephanie taking care of Amber's baby. Becky debates how she is going to convince them she is Amber's family and decides she will tell them she is here to see the baby. Look out Amber, you're worst nightmare has just arrived!

Tuesday, June 29, 1999

Tawny fears if Becky sees the baby Amber's marriage will be over. Sarah is worried about the legal ramifications while Tawny reminds her as long as Becky does not see that birthmark, she will never know Eric is really her child. Sarah feels it is possible Becky will know Eric is hers just by holding him or looking at him. All the more reason for us to keep Becky away from that baby, Tawny says.

Becky knocks on the door and introduces herself to Eric. Stephanie thinks it is odd Amber didn't know Becky would be visiting. Tawny calls looking for Amber and Eric tells her that Becky is here. Eric hands the phone to Becky and Tawny orders her to get home now. Becky acts like everything is great between her and Tawny and hands the phone back to Eric who mentions the name of the restaurant Amber and Rick are dining at.

At Mannequins, Amber hopes C.J. and Kimberly will someday be as in love as she and Rick, but Kimberly reminds Amber things are not serious between her and C.J.. Tawny tracks down Amber at the restaurant and advises her to get home as soon as she can. Amber panics when she learns Becky is at the house. Amber better get home quick because Stephanie is introducing Little Eric to his real mother!

Wednesday, June 30, 1999

Amber flips when Tawny calls her at Mannequins and informs her Becky is at the house. Tawny advises Amber to get home before Becky has a chance to see Little Eric's birthmark. Amber grabs C.J. and has him drive her home. C.J. wonders what is going on and realizes Amber has another secret and Becky is in on it. Amber phones Rick from the car and tells him her cousin showed up and is waiting for her at their house.

Rick agrees with Kimberly that Amber's sudden leaving is strange but that's Amber. Rick and Amber made a pact their would be no more secrets so Rick trusts his wife. Amber obviously trusts Rick by leaving him alone with Kimberly.

Amber walks in to her house and finds Becky holding the baby. Becky says Eric looks just like his mama. Amber tries to get rid of Becky by telling her now is not a good time to be having guests, but Becky says she came to help. Becky wants to change the baby as Stephanie lets Becky and Amber have some time alone and changes the baby herself. Amber drags Becky outside and blasts her for showing up unannounced. Becky advises her cousin to get used to it because she "ain't leaving! "

Thursday, July 1, 1999

Amber tells Becky that now is not a good time for a visit, but Becky insists she can help. Amber tries to get Becky to go home when Becky says she knows the real reason why Amber doesn't want her around. It's because Amber is ashamed of Becky and afraid she might say something that will remind Eric and Stephanie of where Amber came from. Amber says that's not true, she and Rick would just like some privacy. Becky promises not to embarrass Amber and begs her to let her stay. There is nothing in Furnace Creek for Becky and she wants to make a fresh start in LA like Amber did.

C.J. calls Rick from his cell phone and tells him his car overheated. Rick offers to take Kimberly home which infuriates C.J.. At Kimberly's house, Rick and Kimberly think about what might have been between them. Kimberly thought she was doing better but admits she is having a hard time letting go of Rick. When Becky first arrived, Stephanie thought she and Amber were close, but the minute Amber came home, things got uncomfortable. Stephanie asks Eric what he thinks is the real reason for Becky's arrival. Becky admits to Amber she thinks about the baby she gave up everyday and says she has no where else to turn. Amber reminds Becky that that is not her problem and orders her to get out of LA tonight. Becky says goodbye to Eric and Stephanie and just when Amber thought she had gotten rid of her, Becky trips and sprains her ankle. Stephanie offers to let Becky stay in one of the guestrooms while she recovers. Eric tends to Becky's ankle, which Amber thinks is a ploy to get her to stay.

Friday, July 2, 1999

Macy visits Kimberly to tell her about the Spectra plans but Kimberly says that Rick has told her all about it. She asks Macy if she was part of it but Macy assures her that she was just as surprised as the Forresters were. She asks Kimberly if she is still seeing Rick. Kimberly says that she can't stop seeing him; they are friends. She says that the way she feels for Rick is not infatuation; it is something deeper and more special. Macy says that Kimberly has to leave Rick alone; he is now a married man with a child. Kimberly says that she has no plans to interfere in the marriage.

On his way home, Rick pulls the car over to think about what he has been feeling for Kimberly. He admits to himself that he has feelings for Kimberly and wonders what could have been. But he comes to his senses and realizes that he is married to Amber. He has to be a good father; he has to be a good husband.

Becky is playing the victim for all it is worth while Amber watches on with a pout. She knows that Becky is faking the injury but when Eric sends her for ice for the ankle, she obeys. Later, Eric asks if Becky can stand on her foot and when she tries, she collapses again. Stephanie says that they can't send her away; she will have to sleep at the house tonight. Becky says she doesn't want to "put anyone out," but Stephanie assures her that they have plenty of room. Eric gathers her up in his arms and carries her to the house.

Amber and her mother talk by phone. Tawny is beside herself with worry. Amber fills her in and says that she did everything she could to get rid of Becky. Tawny is about to come to LA, but Amber says that would be suspicious. She says that she will handle it tomorrow.

In the house, Stephanie and Eric take her up to Felicia's old room. Becky asks if Felicia will mind and Stephanie says she hasn't been there in years. When she gets a good look at the room, she exclaims that their daughter must be nuts! Eric is shocked but Becky says that if she had a room like this, she would never want to leave it. They settle her in bed and tell her that the maid will be up with a tray for her shortly. When Eric and Stephanie finally leave, Becky jumps up on the bed and bounces for joy. She walks around the room and looks over everything in the room, wishing that all of these possessions were hers. She walks to the window and looks out to see Amber's "little house." Well, she says to herself. I'm above you now, Amber. How do you like that?

Amber's voice is heard in the room and Becky is startled. Amber tells her to pick up the phone; she is on the intercom. Amber accuses her of faking the accident and tells her that she will be leaving in the morning. Becky says that she wouldn't have to fake the accident if she would have let her stay in the first place.

Rick arrives home and asks about Becky. She tells him that Becky is up in the main house. He wonders why she didn't stay with them and Amber explains that they are newly weds and need their privacy. Suddenly Rick pulls Amber to him and kisses her passionately.

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