The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 5, 1999 on B&B

Brooke pleaded with Thorne not to marry Macy, but Thorne persevered in his wedding plans because he felt that Brooke wouldn't remain committed to him. Brooke picked Kimberly over Amber to be the new supermodel. C.J. hatched a plan to put the Spectras on top at the fashion show.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 5, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, July 5, 1999

Brooke calls a meeting at Forrester and announces she released an article in today's newspaper searching for a new supermodel. Brooke is looking for a fresh face, no experience necessary, and one who is a local beauty. Brooke's intention is to bring the focus of the fashion show back to Forrester.

Meanwhile at Spectra, things are not going as well. Clarke's collection is beautiful but production is not anywhere near that of Forrester's. Clarke rips up Spectra's showstopper out of frustration. This is the third time he has sent the showstopper to production and each time it comes back wrong. C.J. tries to rally his family and not let his father's career go up in flames.

At the Forrester main house, Rick wonders what happened to Becky's baby. Amber informs him that she gave her baby up for adoption and the subject is sensitive so don't bring it up around Becky. Rick asks what Amber's problem is regarding Becky. Amber says she is already skating on thin ice with his family and Becky's appearance makes it look like she is here for a handout. Becky overhears and claims she is only here to help. Rick props her ankle up and before leaving, makes her breakfast. After Rick leaves, Amber tells Becky her game is over. Amber pulls Becky's bandage off and calls her on her "sprained" ankle. Either go home or Amber will tell the Forresters about Becky's stunt.

Kimberly brings some photos of herself by Spectra in hopes of starting a modeling career. Adam forbids her for getting involved in modeling and Kimberly takes her pictures and leaves. Before leaving Spectra, Darla mentions the article in today's newspaper about Forrester searching for a model. Kimberly gets an idea...

Thorne assures Eric and Ridge they do not need to worry about Spectra pulling any surprises at the showing. If Spectra does not pull any surprises, Eric agrees to cut them some slack. Macy calls Thorne and tells him she can't make it for lunch since Spectra is having problems with production. Brooke grabs the phone and blasts Macy for being involved with Spectra. If anything goes wrong at the showing, Brooke will hold Macy personally responsible. Clarke admits to C.J. that compared to Forrester, Spectra's showing will not measure up unless Forrester has a complete a total meltdown. This gives C.J. an idea and he begins to plot Forrester's demise.

Tuesday, July 6, 1999

Kimberly asks Darla if she should send her pictures to Forrester in response to Brooke's ad. Clarke shoots down the idea of Kimberly becoming a model which makes Kimberly even more determined to apply for the job.

Macy stops by Ridge and Taylor's to congratulate them on the twins. Taylor is at the doctor's for a routine checkup with Thomas. Macy mentions Brooke has been out of control lately with the way she has been talking to her. Ridge chalks it up to Brooke being preoccupied with work. If this fashion show is not a success, Spectra could go out of business and that would destroy Macy's parents and C.J.. Macy has never seen C.J. so intense about anything before. Ridge advises Macy to focus on her wedding and not to be too rough on Brooke. Macy just wished Brooke would get together with her mystery man. Don't worry, Ridge says, Brooke always seems to get her man. Except for Ridge.

Brooke looks over stacks of pictures of potential models but can't seem to get Thorne out of her mind. What would Ridge think if he really knew what was bothering her? Thorne stops by with more photos and notices Brooke is not doing well. Brooke is surprised to receive Kimberly's photos but sees this as an opportunity. If Kimberly was a Forrester model, Sally and Adam would not do anything to embarrass Forrester. Brooke loves the idea of Kimberly becoming Forrester's next supermodel, and calls Kimberly to her office. Brooke offers a thrilled Kimberly the job.

Sally reads a discrimination article about Spectra in one of the rag trade magazines. C.J. is determined not to let Forrester beat them and believes Clarke will come through. Adam promises Spectra is not going down without a fight. If Spectra sinks, Sally advises her son not to take it personally, but how can C.J. help it? All his life he has sat back and watched the Forresters kick Sally when she is down and something has to be done to change it. Later, Sally admits to Adam that luck better beon their side at the showing because Spectra does not have a lot going for it. C.J. purchases some products at a local shop that he says will help save Spectra.

Wednesday, July 7, 1999

Amber applies for the Forrester modeling position and Brooke takes delight in informing her she has already filled the position with Kimberly. Amber accuses Brooke and Kimberly of teaming up against her and warns Brooke she better start treating her like family. Amber wants Brooke's respect but how can Brooke respect Amber when she doesn't even trust her? Kimberly is a breath of fresh air and Brooke plans on keeping her around as long as she can. Sally and Adam plan to go for the kill right off the bat by showcasing their best designs first. Adam second guesses his return, but Sally says no matter what happens at that showing, she is a winner because Adam and Clarke's return has brought life back into Spectra. Plus, Sally has something Queen Stephanie doesn't have and that's a strong man who is willing to stand by her. Sally thanks Adam for his support.

Macy assures Thorne her parents are not going to pull any surprises at the showing, but Macy is worried about C.J.. He seems to be taking the success of the fashion show so personally and that scares Macy. At Spectra, C.J. advises Darla that he plans to do something that will relieve the pressure his mother has been under. C.J. knows Spectra can compete with Forrester if the playing field is leveled and C.J. has a way to make sure that will happen. Amber confronts Kimberly and warns her to back away from the modeling position. Kimberly wonders what it must be like to have your whole life fashioned after someone. Amber has Rick's ring and name, but she doesn't have his love and that is why Amber feels so threatened. Kimberly informs Amber she is going to model the Forrester centerpiece but it's not out of her love for Rick. Amber catches Amber's declaration of love and accuses her of using this modeling position of a way to get closer to Rick. Amber warns Kimberly to stay off that runway or else she will have no choice but to make good on those threats. Amber is determined to do anything to protect her family. Anything.

Thursday, July 8, 1999

Thorne tells Brooke that Macy has assured him her mother and father are not planning any surprises at the showing, but Brooke isn't convinced. Thorne says if he didn't believe Macy he would not be marrying her. Given the bad blood between the two families, Eric wonders if Thorne and Macy's marriage can exist. If Sally and Adam make trouble it will be Thorne and Macy who will be hurt the most. Ridge informs Eric that Taylor went to visit her father after he was complaining of chest pains.

If Spectra falls flat on it's face, Clarke advises C.J. not to take it personally. After all, it was Clarke's decision to return to Spectra. C.J. reminds Clarke that his collection is brilliant and Forrester is not going to beat Spectra. In fact, the Forresters are in for a rude awakening and considering all the hell they have put Sally through, they are getting what they deserve, C.J. says.

Stephanie surprises Sally and reminds her that Thorne and Macy are getting married in two days so behave yourself. Sally doesn't think Stephanie is concerned about Thorne and Macy, but is worried Spectra may upstage Forrester at the showing. C.J. walks in and blasts Stephanie for talking down to his mother. If Stephanie thought Sally was trouble, just wait until C.J. is in charge. Stephanie is convince Sally is planning something and asks C.J. why all his anger is directed at her. C.J. informs Stephanie off all the years of putting his mother down are about to come back and hurt her. Stephanie tells C.J. about how Spectra wormed its way into the fashion show to begin with and the only reason she came over was to asks Sally not to cause trouble for Thorne and Macy. C.J. says Thorne doesn't deserve Macy. After Stephanie leaves, C.J. says Spectra is going to waist Forrester at the fashion show is it is going to feel so good.

Brooke gives Thorne a wedding present and Thorne admits it's not easy walking away from Brooke but whatever feelings they have, a relationship would not have worked. It's not that Thorne doesn't desire Brooke, but any relationship they might have would turn out the same as her relationship with Eric and Ridge, and Thorne wants more than that. He wants a future, family and a child. Forrester men are a bad habit for Brooke and it's time she got rid of it. Brooke says she will never forget what they have shared and wished Thorne luck on his wedding day.

Friday, July 9, 1999

Rick is speechless when he sees Kimberly modeling a Forrester original. Amber thinks Brooke hired Kimberly out of spite, but Brooke explains it was a business decision. Kimberly is ready to challenge herself and prove to her family she is not a little girl anymore. Amber is determined not to let Kimberly get on that runway. Meanwhile, Stephanie fears Adam and Sally are going to cause trouble. C.J. finds Clarke in his office and encourages him to believe his collection is good enough to compete with Forrester's. C.J. calls Kimberly but doesn't get a hold of her. He tells himself he has to talk to her before the fashion show starts. C.J.'s parents have worked too hard to lose everything now and unless the scales are tipped, Forrester is going to decimate Spectra and there is no way C.J. is letting that happen.

Brooke introduces Kimberly as the latest Forrester sensation. Sally, Adam, and Macy are shocked to learn Kimberly will be modeling the Forrester showstopper. Adam accuses Brooke of hiring Kimberly as protection because Brooke thinks Adam and Sally are going to sabotage the show. Kimberly informs everyone that the decision to model at Forrester was hers and she is going to stand by that decision.

Thorne and Macy discuss the Kimberly issue as Brooke looks on and tells herself to stop thinking about him. Thorne and Macy are getting married tomorrow and nothing is going to change that. Darla informs C.J. that Kimberly is at the fashion show and he races over there. Amber wishes Kimberly luck as she is getting ready. Ridge points out to Clarke that all the media is circled around the Forrester runway. The showing begins. It's Forrester vs. Spectra. When the Forresters see what C.J. has in store for them, they will never mess with Spectra again.

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