The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on B&B

To C.J.'s delight, technical difficulties and mishaps plagued the Forrester fashion show, and a nail on the runway ripped Kimberly's dress off. Eric and Adam argued when the Forresters blamed the Spectras for it, and the warring caused Thorne to cancel his and Macy's wedding.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on B&B
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Liam and Hope choose to move, but Brooke won't hear of it Liam and Hope choose to move, but Brooke won't hear of it

Monday, July 12, 1999

Eric preps the Forrester models and reminds everyone all of this is for the Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Clarke rallies the Spectra troops as they prepare for the fight of their lives. Forrester is up first and the first group of models wows the audience with Forrester's latest collection. Spectra's first group falls flat on their face as no one is paying attention. C.J. notices Spectra failing to gather attention and decides to take matters into his own hands. C.J. approaches the man in charge of the music and tells him one of the speakers on the runway blew. Alone, C.J. switches Forrester's tape that will be used for their group 2 models.

Macy can't believe how cruel people can be by ignoring Spectra's show. Thorne reminds Macy that Spectra has a lot more to give, but Macy says Spectra's plan was to show the best designs first. Macy is sure Spectra will not bounce back this time as they are getting humiliated out there on the runway. At this point, it would take a miracle to save Spectra. Brooke sidetracks Kimberly who wants to check on her family. C.J. looks for Kimberly and sneaks into a Forrester dressing room where he spots the Forrester showstopper left unattended. C.J. makes sure he is alone and takes out a pair of scissors....

The 2nd group of Forrester models take to the runway and are slowed down by some slow, sad music. Stephanie mentions that is not the music Eric picked out and the Spectra camp is delighted. The Forrester models can't strut their stuff to the music and Spectra plans to capitalize. The 2nd Spectra group takes center stage and the media gather around the Spectra runway as the models razzle dazzle the audience. Spectra is back in business thanks to C.J. who says by the time this show is over, Forrester will be sorry they ever messed with Spectra!

Sheila struggles to see what is so sexy about Deacon Sheila struggles to see what is so sexy about Deacon

Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Spectra enjoys success on the runway but Macy is skeptical Sally didn't have something to do with Forrester's collapse. Eric is not going what happened with the last group derail their overall show. As the Spectra models are strutting their stuff and no one is paying attention, C.J. sprays glue on the Forrester runway. Eric gets the music problem corrected but when Forrester sends their next group out, Brooke notices the models are having trouble moving. Macy believes her parents had something to do with this, but as much as Sally is enjoying watching Forrester fall flat on their face, she can't claim ownership.

Stephanie, Rick, and Amber fume over Forrester's fall while Stephanie believes Sally's fingerprints are all over this. Ridge is sure the glue came from Spectra. Thorne tries to stop Ridge from confronting Sally and Adam by reminding him Macy promised her parents would not pull any stunts. The Spectra models continue to razzle dazzle the audience with the latest Clarke Garrison designs and the media begins reporting that Spectra has taken this gala by storm.

Kimberly is nervous as she prepares to model the Forrester showstopper. Stephanie is sure Sally and Adam won't do anything with Kimberly on stage. C.J. plants a hook at the end of the Forrester runway and is shocked to see Kimberly modeling the Forrester showstopper. Kimberly walks down the runway and as she gets to the end, she turns and the gown gets caught on the hook and is ripped off Kimberly leaving her standing on the runway with only her underwear on! Kimberly is mortified as the press snaps up pictures. Amber laughs hysterically while Adam is horrified at the Forresters for humiliating his daughter.

Wednesday, July 14, 1999

Kimberly is humiliated as the press hounds the Forresters who feel the folks at Spectra are to blame. Adam believes the Forresters set Kimberly up and sabotaged their own show just to get back at Spectra. Clarke holds a press conference and announces Spectra is back. Rick is upset about what happened to Kimberly and blasts Amber for laughing at her.

Adam barges into the Forrester camp and Ridge stops him from attacking Eric. Adam blames the Forresters for using his daughter to get back at Spectra while Stephanie feels that accusation is delusional. Thorne wants the truth while Sally swears she had nothing to do with Forrester's misfortunes. Sally hopes the Forresters will learn a lesson in humility. Ridge wants to know if Sally and Adam are not responsible for the fiasco, who is? A maintenance man brings the hook that Kimberly's gown got snagged on and says the hook was at the end of the runway. Thorne takes the hook and finds Macy who is having a heated conversation with Brooke. Before leaving Sally says it is interesting that the Forresters were supposed to get rid of that pesky company called Spectra, but the oh how the tide has turned! It's Spectra who is the talk of the town now and Forrester who is the laughing stock of the entire industry.

Thorne tells Macy he has proof that Spectra interfered with the show but Macy swears he family had nothing to do with the gliches. Thorne shows Macy the hook and says their families were supposed to be coming together. Thorne is furious for what he believes Sally and Adam pulled and reminds Macy she gave him her word her parents would not pull any stunts. Because of that, Thorne calls it quits with Macy. Brooke notices Macy crying and plans to go in for the kill.

Thursday, July 15, 1999

Rick and Amber return home and Rick is disgusted with Amber for laughing at Kimberly. Amber is sick of Rick's holier than thou attitude toward Kimberly and storms out. Kimberly wonders if Amber planted the hook on the runway because of the threats she made before the showing, but even if Rick's family used her to get back at Spectra, Rick would never have been a part of it. Rick calls Kimberly at home but gets the machine and doesn't leave a message. Adam wouldn't let him talk to Kimberly anyway.

Tawny and Becky watch the news about the Forrester/Spectra fashion show and Becky wishes she was there. All Becky can think about is how Amber's baby is living in luxury while Becky gave up her baby. Tawny assures Becky that her baby is in a good home with a family who loves him. Becky says she gave her baby up so she could have a future but look at her. She's at the same place in her life she was before she had the baby. Becky takes off and is headed to LA.

Thorne shocks his family when he announces he called off the wedding. Brooke follows him home in hopes of cheering him up. Macy is heartbroken while Clarke and C.J. are happy Spectra is back on top. Darla asks C.J. where he was at the fashion show because she never say him backstage. Darla accuses C.J. of setting the traps and ripping Kimberly's dress but C.J. denies it. Sally encourages Macy to fight for Thorne. Brooke is glad Thorne called it quits so they can explore their feelings. Thorne reminds Brooke it will not work between them because of her history with his family. Thorne starts to undress as Brooke watches.

Friday, July 16, 1999

Thorne steps out of the shower and finds Brooke waiting for him in his bedroom. Thorne reminds Brooke that he is in love with Macy, but Brooke asks why he called off the wedding if he loves her. Brooke says Thorne's problems with Macy and her family have been around a long time and always will be a problem. Thorne rejects Brooke's sexual advances. Meanwhile, Macy feels Thorne has let Brooke's accusations that she had something to do with the mishaps at the fashion show cloud his mind. Sally tells Macy that if Brooke is fanning the flames, she better act now. Macy agrees and is not about to lose Thorne again.

Kimberly can't sleep because of the fiasco at the fashion show. Rick calls and they realize both of their families think the other family is to blame. Kimberly is embarrassed about standing in front of the whole world in her underwear, but Rick says he will only remember how beautiful she looked before her dress was ripped off. After hanging up, Kimberly wishes she and Rick could be alone together, and dreams of a day that belongs just to the two of them. Rick is surprised when Becky shows up on his doorstep.

Thorne questions Brooke's feelings for him while Brooke assures him she is over Ridge. Brooke feelings for Thorne are pure old fashioned lust. Thorne doesn't want the stress and scandal of an involvement with Brooke considering her history with his family. Thorne asks Brooke to leave but before leaving Brooke makes one last attempt at seducing Thorne. As Brooke strips down to a sexy negligee and corners him in a chair, Macy startles both of them when she knocks on the front door. Thorne orders Brooke to leave out the back before Macy sees her. Macy walks into the bedroom and Brooke hides underneath the bed. Macy tells Thorne they have to talk and she is not leaving until they do.

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