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Thorne admitted to an enraged Stephanie that he loved Macy; however, if there were no Macy, he'd be with Brooke. Taylor had contact with a homeless man who later died of tuberculosis, and C.J. and Becky began dating.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 26, 1999 on B&B
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Monday July 26, 1999

Ridge tells Eric he wants to move into a home where his family will be safe and happy. Meanwhile, Taylor is shocked to find a homeless man crawl out from under her deck. The man calls himself George and is so disoriented he can barely stand up straight. Taylor tells him he can't sleep under the deck and George grabs Taylor and asks her for food. Taylor goes inside and calls a homeless shelter hoping they could send someone to pick George up. The shelter worker says she will try to have someone pick him up. Taylor brings George food and water and he starts coughing, grabs Taylor again, and runs off. Taylor goes inside and scrubs her arms and hands. There's a knock on the door and Taylor fears it's George.

Kimberly runs into Rick at the Insomnia and mentions her daydream she had in which she and Rick were all alone in a beautiful park. C.J. walks in and notices Rick with Kimberly. C.J. can't believe Kimberly runs to Rick after their one disagreement, and feels maybe it's time he took a break from Kimberly.

Amber flips when she walks into Stephanie's house and finds Becky holding Eric. Amber takes Eric and asks Stephanie if Becky can stay at her house for a few weeks. Stephanie wants to know what's going on between the two of them but Amber covers by saying she just wants to help Becky start a new life. Stephanie agrees to let Becky stay for a couple weeks and says Becky can help babysit. Amber says Becky can't babysit tonight because a friend of hers will be asking her out. C.J. calls and Becky agrees to go on a date with him. Amber thanks C.J. for saving her.

Tuesday, July 27, 1999

When someone tries to get in the locked door, Taylor backs away, frightened. As they continue to shake at the door, Taylor cautiously approaches the door and peeks out around the shades. Exasperated, she opens the door and demands why Ridge didn't use his keys. Ridge has flowers for his wife and wonders what is wrong with her. She tells him about the homeless man who was sleeping under their deck. He is afraid that she was hurt but she says that even though she got closer than she wanted to get to the man, she wasn't hurt. She points out that most of the homeless are mental patients and it is a shame that in this country the mentally ill are treated in this shameful way. She is writing a letter to the authorities stating her outrage.

C.J. is about to back out of the blind date with Amber's cousin. Still, he thinks, Amber is hot and her cousin is probably hot also. He then has a daydream of what he is expecting. In his daydream, Becky is a sultry sexy beauty who would rather stay at home with him than go out.

Becky asks Amber's opinion of the two outfits that she has to wear. Amber says that neither of them will work. This destroys Becky's self confidence and she thinks that she should just go back to Furnace Creek and be happy with whom she is. She can find out how her baby is and if it is being taken care of. Amber quickly talks to her, telling her that she is going to help her fit in. She practically promises her that before long she will go to Paris and work for Forrester International.

Becky goes into the bedroom to get ready for her date. As she brushes her hair, she wonders if this is a mistake. She fantasizes about C.J., hoping that he is just like Rick but taller. In her fantasy, C.J. is the ideal man who wants to take care of her.

Rick is impressed with the dress Amber is wearing for their date. She says that she borrowed it from Forrester for the night. Rick is surprised to learn that she didn't send Becky away as she planned. C.J. arrives at the Forrester's home about this time, prepared for the date. Amber goes to change the baby. C.J. wants the low-down on this chick. He is disappointed when Rick says that she is nice. Just then, Becky comes into the room and as the two stare at each other, it is plain to all that both of them are disappointed. Becky goes back to the bedroom and tells Amber that C.J. doesn't like her. Back in the other room, C.J. is ready to walk out but Rick talks him out of leaving. He says that Rick owes him big time. Becky comes back out into the front room and says that she is ready. They leave.

They arrive at the restaurant. Things are awkward for the two of them. Becky says that they don't have to go through with this. C.J. doesn't answer to suit her and she gets up and tells him that she doesn't have to sit here and be treated the way he is treating her.

Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Amber and Rick are dining out. She explains to him why she has decided to allow Becky to stay in town. She feels that her cousin is hurting more than she first thought. She thinks that it was the right decision to give up the baby, but it is really hurting her. She wants her to stay in LA so that she will not be constantly reminded of giving up her baby. Rick doesn't think that giving the baby up could have been the right thing to do; he cannot picture him giving up his baby. Amber says that she didn't want Becky to stay at first because she worried that a third person in the house would cause their marriage to suffer. Rick assures her that she has nothing to worry about. He says that their family will not suffer the way he and Amber did growing up. When Amber says that she is hoping that C.J. will take Becky's mind off the baby, Rick says that he doesn't believe that C.J. is the answer.

Becky tells the waiter that she need not leave a menu because they aren't staying. C.J. rudely tells her to sit down. He then wants to know what her problem is. She tells him that he is her problem. She knows that he doesn't want to be there with her. They snap at each other a bit then C.J. asks what they do in Furnace Creek. She tells him that she hasn't been doing much lately and he looks at her as if he can see why. She tells him that it isn't what he is thinking; they wouldn't let her out on parole just to date. His eyes grow big and she laughs and says that she is trying to make a joke. There is another awkward silence, which is broken by the appearance of the waiter who asks for drink orders. She orders a screwdriver and C.J. looks at her wide-eyed, and orders the same. The waiter asks for ID and she promptly reaches into her purse and brings out her "fake" ID. When C.J. just sits there, she angrily accuses him of leaving his wallet at home again just so that she will have to pay the bill. He promises to pay her back when they get home and she says, "You're darned right you will!" The waiter accepts this and leaves for the drinks. When the coast is clear, the two break out in laughter and C.J. is impressed with her quick thinking.

Thorne calls Macy but she tells him not to call her again. He tries to talk to her; he says that they need to talk about what happened. She doesn't want to talk about it. She says that it took a lot for her to learn to trust him again and now he has destroyed that trust. She demands that he not call her again and hangs up on him. She is brushing away the tears when Sally and Adam enter the office, wondering what she is doing there so late. Sally wants to know if she went to see Thorne. She says that she did and the engagement is definitely off. Sally and Adam want to know what happened but she stalks out saying she doesn't want to talk about it.

Brooke is thinking about Thorne and says that he will soon realize that all that happened was for the best. She remembers the night when she tried to seduce him and he opened the door for her to leave. However, she fantasizes a different ending, one where he locks the door and begins to make love to her.

Thorne picks up the phone and dials a number but before it can ring, he hangs up. Stephanie comes into the office and wonders why he is there so late. She encourages him to go to Macy; she says that although the family is in competition, he should follow his love. He says that he believes her when she says that she had nothing to do with the fiasco at the fashion show. He says that he has been trying to talk to her but she isn't interested in anything he has to say. Somehow, the name of Brooke comes up. Stephanie warns him that Brooke is a devil and she has ruined three marriages in her family. Thorne tries to defend Brooke but Stephanie will have none of that. Outside the office, Brooke listens to everything that Stephanie has to say.

After Stephanie leaves, Brooke comes into the office and says that she heard everything that Stephanie said but it doesn't bother her. She tries to get close to him and he almost succumbs but he pulls back. He tells her that he doesn't want to put her between him and his family. She says that she can handle Stephanie and his family. She tells him that they will be good together but Thorne says that they have to end this.

Thursday, July 29, 1999

Brooke is still in Thorne's office trying to convince him that they are made for each other. He doesn't deny that he has feelings for her but he doesn't encourage her either. She says that the only reason he hasn't married Macy is because he knows what a huge mistake that would be. Finally, Brooke tells him that she is going up to the cabin for a while and she hopes that she sees him up there.

The waiter brings drinks to C.J. and Becky's table and she tells him not to go too far as they will need another soon. He tells them that when they are ready, they should just call him. She asks if a wink will be good enough. C.J. is impressed with her. He grudgingly admits that he thought he was wasting his time with her but he was wrong. They order another drink and begin to get better acquainted.

Amber tells Rick that she is sure that Becky and C.J. will hit it off. She tells him that she is happy being a wife and mother and asks if he is happy being a husband and father. He admits that he is but that isn't all that he wants out of life. He also says that he would like to see her interested in other things also. He knows that it must be great fun picking up after him and Eric, but the novelty will soon wear off and she will be bored. He mentions that he loved it when she used to sing; she was so real while singing.

Stephanie is with Macy and continues to ask her what went wrong with the engagement. When Macy refuses to tell her anything, Stephanie says that she was just being selfish in wanting the marriage. Macy doesn't understand so Stephanie explains. She says that there has been so much havoc in their lives this past year, most of it caused by Brooke, that she was hoping that people could see that the families of Forrester and Spectra---families that never got along---could come together and prove by the marriage that things could be better, that they could get along and things weren't so bad for Spectra. As she goes into a long list of things that Brooke has done to the family, Macy turns her back in near tears. "So she has done it to us all," Macy whispers. "What?" Stephanie asks, as she pulls Macy around to face her. "What does Brooke have to do with your engagement to Thorne?" Macy tells her that she should ask Thorne that. Stephanie stares at Macy as comprehension dawns in her eyes. She rushes out of Spectra.

C.J. takes Becky home and she seems quite tipsy. He tells her that he had fun. He then turns to leave but Becky calls him back and tells him that she wants their date to end on a good night kiss. He gives her a little peck but she grabs him and gives him a real kiss.

Stephanie storms into Thorne's office and demands to know just what he and Brooke have been up to.

Friday, July 30, 1999

Stephanie confronts Thorne about his relationship with Brooke, but Thorne refuses to talk to her about Brooke. He tells her that she is imagining things. He reminds her that she has always hated Brooke and without cause. Stephanie reminds him of everything that Brooke has done---her affair with Eric while Eric was still married to her, her chasing after Ridge and other things. Thorne denies that there is anything going on and he would still like to marry Macy. Stephanie says that Macy all but admitted that Brooke was the reason she called off the marriage. Finally Thorne admits that if he can't have Macy, he would be with Brooke. Don't you have any respect for Macy? Stephanie wants to know. Thorne also finally admits that when Macy came to see him, Brooke was there without any clothes on and that she was hiding under the bed. Stephanie is horrified and vows that she will stop Brooke no matter what it takes.

Brooke tells Megan that she is going out of town for a while but she doesn't want her to tell anyone where she is. Megan is full of questions about her sudden trip to the cabin and finally guesses that Brooke isn't going alone. Brooke says that she is going alone but hopes not to be alone for long. She admits that it is Thorne that she is hoping to be with.

Macy goes to see Kimberly and tells her about breaking her engagement with Thorne. Kimberly is disappointed because she knows how much Macy loves him. She thinks that Thorne still blames her for what happened at the fashion show but Macy tells her about going to see Thorne and finding Brooke there in her underwear and hiding under the bed.

Taylor is going through a book of baby names and coughing. Ridge asks if she is sick and she says that she may be coming down with a cold. Ridge thinks that she got it from the homeless man and warns her never to get close to people like that again. She isn't concerned. While they are talking, Ridge mentions that she is six months pregnant and has to be careful. The phone rings and Taylor answers it. It is a lady from one of the homeless shelters. She has some sad news for Taylor. It seems that they picked up the man a couple of hours ago but he has since died. Taylor drops the phone in horror when she learns that the man had tuberculosis.

Stephanie leaves Thorne's office and he immediately tries to call Brooke to warn her. In Brooke's office, the phone rings and rings but no one is there to answer it. Just as the phone stops ringing, Stephanie enters the office. When she hears the voices of Brooke and Megan outside, she hides in the closet. She watches as Brooke packs her bag, making sure that she has plenty of sexy lingerie. "You won't get away with this!" Stephanie says to herself. "No matter what, I will stop you, so help me. It ends today!"

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