The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 9, 1999 on B&B

Thorne stopped Stephanie from trying to stab Brooke. Taylor was admitted to the hospital for tuberculosis and refused to take medications that might harm her pregnancy. Taylor's father, Jack, arrived in town and lifted her spirits. Amber set out to get Becky a job at Forrester International.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 9, 1999 on B&B
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Monday August 9, 1999

Thorne stops Stephanie from using the knife. Brooke calls the police while Stephanie collapses in Thorne's arms. Thorne takes the phone away from Brooke who says he can't let Stephanie get away with this. Thorne says Steph was out of her mind because of the sleeping pills he gave her. Plus, Thorne feels he and Brooke drove his mother to this. Brooke says Thorne can't blame himself, but he grabs Stephanie and takes her home.

Taylor tries to avoid getting too close to Ridge and Thomas. Ridge thinks Taylor just has a cold, but Taylor isn't taking any chances. Ridge wants Taylor to take her medication before going to bed, but Taylor fears if she doesn't have tuberculosis and she takes the medication, it will harm her unborn babies. Although if Taylor does have tuberculosis, she needs to take the medication to remain strong. After Taylor nods off, he notices her having nights sweats, one of the symptoms of tuberculosis.

Thorne drives Stephanie home and gets her into bed. Thorne calls Brooke who still wants to call the police. Thorne says Steph thinks what happened is a dream and Thorne asks Brooke not to mention this to anyone. Brooke promises not to say anything as long as Thorne promises not to give to let this stop them from seeing each other.

Stephanie wakes and Thorne tries to jog her memory by reminding her that she tried to kill Brooke. Steph remembers what happened at the cabin and blames Brooke, not the sleeping pills. Stephanie says Brooke drove her to try to kill her and asks Thorne not to let Brooke destroy his relationship with Macy. Stephanie wants Thorne to promise her he will stay away from Brooke who feels Stephanie is sick and twisted with hate. Thorne belongs to me now, Brooke says, and there isn't a damn thing Stephanie can do about it.

Tuesday, August 10, 1999

Tawny feels that Amber has been lucky so far, but if Becky sees that birthmark, she will know Little Eric is her son. Amber has arranged an interview for Becky at Forrester regarding the job in Paris. Amber's hope is to get Becky out of LA and out of her hair. Amber realizes Becky has a lot of work to do before she is ready for an interview. Tawny offers to pick out the clothes for Becky to wear. Amber gives her consent but reminds her mother to keep it conservative.

Amber heads to Forrester to lobby a position for Becky. Eric is in a meeting with a top notch candidate whose credentials wow Eric. Amber tries to down play the candidate and informs Eric she has the perfect person for the job, Becky. Back home, Becky returns and Tawny stops Becky from seeing the baby. Becky wonders why Tawny always trying to keep her from Little Eric, but Tawny says she has to get Becky ready for a job interview. Tawny plans to turn Becky into the employee of the year. Her daughter's marriage depends on it.

At the hospital, the doctor confirms Taylor's worst fear: she has TB. The doc advises Taylor to stay calm for the babies. The disease is treatable and there is a good chance the babies will be ok. Taylor is advised to stay in isolation and she will only be able to see Thomas through the glass window. Taylor could stay in isolation as little as two weeks or up to two months, depending on how well she responds to the medication. In two months, the twins will be born. Taylor might not get a chance to see her babies after they are born.

Rick runs into C.J. and Kimberly at freshman orientation at college. The teens catch up with some other co-eds and are shown around the campus and given advice on dorm life. Rick gets embarrassed when the others learn he is married with a child.

Becky doesn't like the outfit Amber has picked out for her. Tawny agrees it's a bit conservative and says she brought some of her things Becky can wear. By the time Tawny is through with Becky, the people at Forrester won't be able to take their eyes of her.

Eric advises Amber to have Becky put together a resume and then her might see her. Amber mentions she already told Becky she would have an interview today. Tawny calls Amber in Eric's office and says Becky is on her way. She looks fantastic! Tawny says. Amber says this job is exactly what Becky needs to turn her life around and Amber knows she would be perfect for the job if given a chance. Amber promises Eric won't regret this but is stunned by what she sees when Becky walks in!

Wednesday, August 11, 1999

Amber is flabbergasted by the Daisy May outfit Becky has on for her interview. Becky waltzes in chewing a wad of gum and offers Eric a piece. Eric begins the interview, but Becky says what you see is what you get. Also, Becky is the first person in her family to graduate high school. Amber is embarrassed and nearly dies when Becky asks if the French shave their underarms.

Taylor is opposed to radiation treatment for fear of harming her unborn babies. The doc reminds Taylor she needs to get well quickly or the babies will be very much at risk. The twins are dependent on Taylor for everything and if she doesn't take care of herself, they have little chance of surviving. Taylor is shown to her room where she will spend the next several weeks. Ridge encourages his wife to hang in there.

Eric dismisses Becky and tells Amber that Becky is no where near the other candidates for the job in Paris. Becky lacks the poise and education the others have. Amber asks Eric to give Becky another chance and promises to have her ready in a couple days. Eric agrees to give Becky one more chance.

Kimberly invites Rick to a college party but Rick says he has to get home to his son and Amber. Kimberly advises him to cut loose and have fun, but Rick says he is committed to his family even though he will be missing out on the fun.

Becky informs Tawny her interview went well. Becky is sure she nailed the job. This job is just what she needs to forget about giving up her baby. Amber returns home and says the interview was a complete disaster. They have a lot of work to do before the next interview.

Thursday, August 12, 1999

Stephanie realizes she could have killed Brooke. That's how crazy Brooke has made her after all these years. "Why I am the only one who sees what she's done to my family?" Stephanie asks. How does Stephanie stop her? Ridge comes by with the news about Taylor, who asks the nurse to call Ridge and have him bring Thomas. Taylor fears Thomas won't sleep if he doesn't at least see her.

Rick says he can't go to the party tonight or any other night because he has a son who is dependent on him. Rick's son is his top priority. Rick advises Kimberly to protect herself even if she is with someone she loves by using a condom. Kimberly says she won't be with anyone else as long as she knows Rick still loves her. Kimberly doesn't want anyone else. C.J. knocks on the door looking for Kimberly. Rick says she's not here while C.J. reminds Rick of all the fun he will be missing by not going to the party. Rick asks Kimberly to forget about him while Kimberly asks Rick to leave Amber. Kiss me just one time, Kimberly asks. Just leave me alone, Rick says.

Amber blasts Becky for showing up for the interview dressed like Daisy May. Becky decides to forget the whole thing, but Amber says she has scheduled a second interview. Becky says the idea of her working in Paris won't work, but Amber thinks differently. Amber plans to give Becky a complete makeover in hopes she'll snag the job and get out of her life for good.

Taylor fears taking any medication will harm her unborn babies. It will be worse for them if you don't take medication, the doc says. Ridge explains how Taylor contracted the deadly disease and that it's killing her being away from Thomas. Stephanie suggest she and Ridge take Thomas to the hospital to show Taylor their support. Taylor is delighted when Ridge and Stephanie bring Thomas to the hospital.

Friday, August 13, 1999

Amber changes Eric and wishes he didn't have the birthmark. Becky wants to hold the baby but Amber says there isn't enough time. Gladys and her assistant stop by to prepare Becky for her second interview at Forrester. Gladys admits helping Amber was kid stuff compared to making Becky over. When Gladys gets through with Becky, she will have Eric Forrester drooling all over her. Amber hopes Becky will turn heads in LA as well as Paris because she has to get this job.

Taylor's father, Jack, shows up at the hospital. Taylor admits she is feverish and has taken antibiotics but she doesn't want to take any other medication for fear it will harm her babies. Ridge advises his wife to take the medication to knock out the fever, but Taylor is not going to take a chance with these babies. Taylor reads a beautiful Psalm from the Bible to her precious child hoping God will protect him and his two sisters.

Kimberly leaves the college dance to find Rick which infuriates C.J.. Kimberly returns to the room where Rick is spending the night and says she came back because she couldn't go to the dance after their talk. Rick reminds Kimberly that he is committed to his son while Kimberly respects Rick's sense of responsibility. Rick likes hearing praise from here but says the feelings they share has to stop. Kimberly can't move on because she is sure Rick will never be happy with Amber. As much as Rick would like to be with Kimberly, it just is not going to happen. Kimberly thinks otherwise and asks Rick to divorce Amber.

Gladys begins to work her magic on Becky and gives Amber several different looks to chose from. One look is too conservative, the other too much make up. By the third time Gladys makes over Becky, she has performed a miracle. Amber and Tawny are impressed as Becky looks dazzling. There is just one more thing Becky needs to work on and it is more important than anything cosmetic.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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