The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 13, 1999 on B&B

Brooke overheard a conversation between Tawny and Amber, which just fed Brooke's suspicions. Becky made a painful departure. Brooke visited Taylor in the hospital and was surprised by how weak she was. Ridge and Taylor made a difficult decision about the babies.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 13, 1999 on B&B
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Monday September 13, 1999

Amber brings the baby home and finds a note from Rick saying he is at the main house and to buzz him when she gets in. Tawny calls Amber and is thrilled to learn Becky gave the baby back to Amber. Amber admits she feels sorry for Becky while Tawny hopes Becky makes her flight to Paris or the Forresters will know something is wrong. Brooke overhears Amber say Becky wants to put this behind her as much as I do. Amber continues to tell her mother she is tired of all the hurdles and wishes she could play it straight. Amber is shocked when she turns around and finds Brooke standing there. Brooke demands to know when the lies and secrets stop.

At the motel, Becky second guesses giving up her baby. What have I done? Becky asks and then realizes she didn't sign any papers, she just told Amber she could raise Eric. Becky is pleased to realize she could still get him back and starts to leave but remembers the baby almost choking on the bottle cap. Becky realizes she doesn't know the first thing about how to care for a baby and remembers her plane to Paris leaves in two hours. She can still make it if she hurries.

Eric is on the verge of canceling Becky's plane tickets and asks Thorne what kind of person shows such irresponsibility the day they leave for a new job. Eric decides to head over to Stephanie's and if Becky isn't there, he will hire someone else for the job. Meanwhile, Stephanie assures Rick that Becky is still planning on going to Paris and will bring the baby home before she leaves.

Brooke demands to know what Becky has on Amber but Amber ducks the question by saying Becky is just nervous about moving to Paris. If Becky really wanted this job, why isn't she here? Brooke asks. Amber leaves Brooke to find Rick at the main house. Rick is relieved to see Amber but blasts her for disappearing. Amber tells Rick and Stephanie she went to Furnace Creek and got the baby from Becky who just needed a little more time with her parents. With time running out, Amber says to herself she has got to get Becky to the airport now. Amber can't risk the Forrester's seeing Becky. Becky walks into the guesthouse looking for Amber but runs into Brooke who immediately begins grilling her for info. Brooke asks Becky to tell her what is really going on here. What is Amber hiding?

Tuesday, September 14, 1999

Amber assures Rick that Becky is on her way to the airport and no longer a threat to them or their baby. Eric shows up with Becky's plane tickets and says Becky's car is parked outside. Amber panics when she realizes Becky is at the guesthouse with Brooke. Meanwhile, Brooke is sure Becky is in on Amber's secret and pressures her for information. Becky does not want to be a part of Brooke's vendetta to break up Amber's marriage. Brooke thinks she's figured out what's going on. Brooke says Becky does not want little Eric to grow up without a family if Amber's secret is found out. Becky begins to spill her guts when Amber barges in.

Taylor is in serious condition and hopes the babies' lungs are mature enough so she can deliver. Ridge brings Taylor a seashell Thomas picked out and assures his wife that Thomas is doing fine. Ridge is at a loss about how to help Taylor when the seashell and stories from home do nothing but make matters worse.

Eric scolds Becky for her disappearing act and says he is reconsidering the job offer. Amber begs Eric not to take the offer away. This job is Becky's one chance to turn her life around. Becky admits to Amber she doesn't know if she can leave her baby but Amber reminds her of what kind of life she will be able to offer the baby. Amber wants Becky to say goodbye to the Forresters and leave. If Becky loves that little boy, she will go and never look back.

Wednesday, September 15, 1999

Becky can't stand the thought of leaving her son while Amber convinces her that Eric will be better off with her raised as a Forrester. Amber promises to send pictures of Eric and write letters so Becky will always know how he is doing. Becky asks for some time alone with her child as she makes an emotional farewell. Amber reminds Becky to hold it together when she says her goodbyes to the Forresters. Brooke gives Becky her card and advises her to call her if she ever wants to talk. Becky starts to say she never would have taken the job if it were not for the Forrester family, but Amber rushes her out the door. Becky thanks the Forresters for this wonderful opportunity in Paris.

Taylor fears she won't be able to hold her babies and makes Ridge promise to tell them how much their mother loves them. Taylor requests to see Brooke while the doctor says the babies lungs are close to being mature enough for her to deliver. Taylor won't put her babies at risk and wants to give them one more day. Taylor will not be able to live with herself if anything happens to them. But what if something happens to Taylor?

Becky is on the plane to Paris and bids her son goodbye while Amber is reunited with her baby. Rick wants to know what happened between his wife and Becky. Amber tells him it doesn't matter why Becky disappeared with their son because she's gone and things can go back to normal. Brooke notices Rick and Amber through the window and says although she doesn't know how she will find out Amber's secret, she will find out.

Thursday, September 16, 1999

Ridge informs Stephanie on Taylor's condition and says they are about to induce labor. Ridge hopes it's not too late for Taylor but fears the worst. This is all Taylor's doing. She would do anything to protect those twins. Stephanie is sure Taylor's condition will change after the babies are born and she begins taking medication. Ridge mentions Taylor has been out of lately by not only requesting to see Brooke but also by preparing to die. Taylor's situation reminds Ridge of Caroline while Stephanie advises her son to not let go of Taylor.

Macy reads a newspaper article about Taylor and relates the news to Adam and Clarke. Clarke mentions the years it took for Ridge and Taylor to find their way back to each other while Macy credits Brooke for keeping Ridge and Taylor apart. If Ridge loses her now, it will be tragic, Macy says. Adam notes that there is never a big newspaper article when someone homeless or unknown dies.

Thorne warns Brooke about Taylor's condition but when Brooke stops by the hospital, she is shocked at how deteriorated Taylor has become. Brooke urges Taylor to deliver the babies right away, but Taylor has a special request for her former rival. In the event something happens to her, Taylor asks Brooke to be there for Ridge and to raise her children. Taylor realizes there is another man in Brooke's life now, but she also knows Brooke will always love Ridge. Brooke is stunned by Taylor request but encourages her to not give up. Ridge gets a call from the doctor who reminds Ridge that Taylor agreed to induce labor today. The time is now, before it's too late.

Friday, September 17, 1999

Taylor prays to God to give her the strength to give birth to these babies. Taylor admits to a priest, Father Young, that she has always had faith, but how much faith is she supposed to have to get through something like this? Father Young prays for Taylor's twins and as he is praying he says he felt the presence of the Holy Spirit who has blessed these children. God has something very special in mind for these little girls.

Stephanie warns Eric that Taylor may die and says they need to prepare for Taylor's death. If Taylor does not make it, Eric wonders how Ridge will ever survive. Brooke admits Taylor is worse off than she thought and realizes it would destroy Ridge if anything happened to Taylor. Thorne asks Brooke if she would be there for Ridge as more than a friend should Taylor die. Brooke can't believe Thorne would ask her something like that and draws him into a passionate kiss.

Taylor is so weak she doesn't feel like she can give birth. When Taylor slips into unconscious, Ridge calls for the doctor to begin inducing labor. The doctor is concerned about the babies lungs being mature enough to deliver but if Taylor is to survive, they have no choice but to induce. Taylor starts to feel contractions as Ridge promises never to leave her.

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