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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 20, 1999 on B&B
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Monday September 20, 1999

Sally asked Macy if Macy and Thorne planned to reschedule their wedding. Macy said she had tried not to pressure Thorne, but that hadn't stopped someone else from pressuring him. "If you love Thorne and want a life with him, then fight for him," Sally advised. Macy needed to make Thorne realize how much she loved him.

Taylor feared she was too weak and tired to give birth, while Ridge asked Brooke what she and Taylor had talked about. Brooke admitted Taylor had asked her to be there for Ridge should anything happen. Ridge blamed himself for Taylor's condition and felt he should have insisted she take medication. Stephanie arrived at the hospital and noticed Brooke with Ridge. "Get out of here," Steph spat, but Brooke wasn't going anywhere. Taylor slipped into unconsciousness, and the doctors feared a coma. Ridge willed Taylor to wake up and encouraged her to push.

Macy stopped by Thorne's and suspected Brooke had been there, teasing and flaunting herself. Thorne mentioned the fashion show fiasco, but Macy said their problems had nothing to do with the fashion show and everything to do with Brooke. If Thorne couldn't get Brooke out of his system, then he and Macy didn't stand a chance.

Thorne wouldn't make any promises to stay away from Brooke but wanted Macy to stick around also. Regardless of Brooke, Macy would not quit seeing Thorne. She felt Thorne was caught in the same trap Eric and Ridge had gotten caught in. Brooke needed to be aware she had some serious competition.

Tuesday, September 21, 1999

Taylor went into full labor as Brooke remembered Taylor's request to be there for Ridge in case anything should happen. Stephanie told Brooke she didn't belong there and ordered her to leave. Brooke was amazed at how much she hated Stephanie and said Taylor's request was the same as Caroline's before she had died. Brooke mentioned that maybe Stephanie should remember that the next time she decided to throw dirt in Brooke's face.

Sally barged into Forrester, concerned about Taylor. Eric filled La Spectra in on Taylor's critical condition as Sally remembered how Taylor had tried to get Thorne and Macy back together. Sally felt it was a shame that it took a tragedy such as that to draw her and Eric closer.

After giving birth to a healthy baby girl, Taylor struggled with the second one. Taylor slipped in and out of conscious, but finally gave birth to her second daughter. The doctor had trouble getting the second baby to breathe, but Ridge and the rest of the Forresters were relieved when she started breathing. The babies were okay, but everyone wondered how Taylor was.

Wednesday, September 22, 1999

Sally informed Macy and Clarke about her visit to Forrester. Macy and Clarke agreed that it was tragic that Taylor's life was in jeopardy. Sally believed something good had to come out of it and said sometimes it took an unexplained death to make people realize how much they had to be grateful for.

Eric, Stephanie, and Brooke joined Ridge inside the delivery room as Taylor flatlined. Ridge willed his wife to return to him. Taylor had an out-of-body experience and met the homeless man, George, she had found under her deck. Taylor could see how much Ridge loved her and she wanted to go back for him and her children.

Ridge begged God to give Taylor back as Taylor asked George why God had taken her away from her children at that moment. The lesson Taylor was to learn was that lending a helping hand to those less fortunate, even at the risk of one's own life, opened doors to the divine. George told Taylor to remember that lesson and that she didn't have to leave this earth to experience heaven. Ridge prayed for Taylor's soul as the doctor got a pulse and Taylor returned from her celestial experience.

Thursday, September 23, 1999

Macy felt the news about Taylor was cause to celebrate so she called Thorne and asked him out. Thorne accepted, and Macy told a shocked Darla about Thorne's involvement with Brooke. Macy wondered how she could compete with Brooke while Darla offered to give Macy a few tips.

Taylor's doctor admitted he had thought they'd lost Taylor when there was no heart activity. Taylor came to, and the Forresters showed their love and support. Taylor called out for Brooke and thanked her for helping, since she knew, had something happened to her, Brooke would have been there for Ridge. The doctor began giving Taylor medication to defeat the tuberculosis.

Macy modeled some different clothing styles in her attempt to bag Thorne. Darla advised Macy to loosen up, since part of what made Brooke so appealing to men was her sense of being carefree. After speaking with Taylor, Brooke called Thorne and invited him out, but Thorne said he was already meeting Macy for dinner.

Ridge thanked Taylor for returning to him while Taylor said she had seen Ridge and their family standing around her. Ridge said his prayer was probably what pulled her through, but Taylor recounted how she had run into George and the lesson she had learned about helping others. Two nurses took the babies to the delivery room window so Taylor could see her beautiful daughters for the first time.

Friday, September 24, 1999

Brooke stopped by the Forrester studio and ran into Giovanni, who admitted that having a beautiful subject like Kimberly made his work much easier. Giovanni pitched several ideas to Brooke, including shooting Kimberly in Venice, and then asked Brooke out for dinner or coffee. Realizing Thorne was out with Macy and probably at Insomnia, Brooke agreed to coffee.

At Insomnia, Macy suggested Thorne keep his distance from Brooke, but even so, Macy did not feel that Brooke was a threat. Brooke was attractive, but she had no sense of loyalty, Macy said. She was nothing more than a Forrester groupie, and if Thorne preferred that, then Macy was better off without him.

Taylor looked and felt better as two nurses carried the newborns to the delivery room window so Taylor could see them. Ridge said Taylor was the reason for everything good and beautiful in his life, while Taylor said suffering from tuberculosis was worth it since she had delivered two healthy babies. Ridge didn't know what he would have done had he lost Taylor but thanked God he hadn't.

After Brooke showed up at Insomnia with Giovanni, Macy confronted her and advised her to stop throwing herself at Thorne. To prove she didn't have to throw herself at a man to get his attention, Brooke caught some guy's eye and when he tried to pick her up, she turned him down. Brooke returned to her table with Giovanni but avoided talking about Thorne. Macy told Thorne she planned to deal with Brooke and make her sorry she had ever set foot in that place.

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