The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 27, 1999 on B&B

Macy humiliated Brooke in public. Thorne declared his love for Brooke. Stephanie suffered a stroke after seeing Brooke and Thorne together. Sally paid Eric a visit. Taylor reunited with all her children.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 27, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, September 27, 1999

At Insomnia, Brooke likes Giovanni's idea about shooting the princess line in Venice since that will mean she and Thorne will have to work closely together. Macy plans to beat Brooke at her own game and takes the stage. Macy works the crowd with a number called "I Gotta Crush on You." Brooke fumes while Macy makes a point of introducing Brooke to the audience.

Knowing Brooke can't sing, Macy puts the pressure on Brooke by asking her to sing. Brooke steps up to the challenge but falls flat on her face when she tries to sing "I Will Survive." Humiliated, Brooke walks out midway through the song while Macy picks up where Brooke left off.

Eric is shocked to learn Brooke is in love with Thorne. Stephanie assures her ex that Thorne has enough sense not to get caught in Brooke's web, but Eric wants to put an end to this now. He calls Brooke at home and gets her machine. Brooke better not be at Thorne's, Steph warns.

Giovanni finds Brooke outside where people are laughing at her. Later, Brooke lets herself into Thorne's house and hears Thorne and Macy come home after a stroll on the beach. Brooke pages Thorne with a crisis at Forrester. Macy takes off and Thorne walks into his bedroom to find Brooke waiting for him. Brooke admits the crisis at Forrester was made up to get rid of Macy. Brooke feels sorry for Macy for being in love with a man who doesn't return her feelings. But then again, Macy probably feels the same way about Brooke, but Brooke and Thorne know better, right?

Tuesday, September 28, 1999

Stephanie stops by Macy's looking for Thorne. Macy says Thorne got called into work and fills Steph in on Brooke being embarrassed at Insomnia. Macy tells Stephanie that she and Thorne are back on track but Steph warns Macy not to underestimate Brooke.

Thorne says what he and Brooke share can not go beyond friendship. Brooke feels Thorne is sacrificing his happiness for Stephanie, but Thorne says it's more than Stephanie. He can't break Macy's heart and it would devastate his entire family, not just the Queen. Brooke says he should not live his live by what others think and encourages him to be honest with his feelings. Thorne admits he desperately wants Brooke and takes her into his arms and kisses her.

Clarke is grateful for Sally since she is the one who encouraged C.J. to convince him to return to Spectra. Adam catches Sally in Clarke's arms and warns her to be careful. Sally reminds Adam that she has taken care of herself for years and if there is someone he should be concerned about it's Macy. Sally is sure there is something coming between Thorne and Macy and she is determined to find out what it is.

Macy is convinced Thorne does not want Brooke because of the wonderful night they shared tonight. Stephanie tells Macy about the night in cabin where she lost control in a terrible confrontation with Brooke. All the years of Brooke being a thorn in Stephanie's side came to a head that night. First there was Brooke's interference with Ridge's marriage to Caroline, then Brooke stole Eric from Stephanie, and nearly destroyed Ridge and Taylor, not to mention gaining control of Forrester. Brooke drives Stephanie crazy and leaves Steph wondering how can she protect her family from that woman. Thorne says he wants Brooke everynight but the outside world makes it impossible. Brooke says she has been searching for love her whole life and she is convinced every relationship she has gone through has led her to this point. But Brooke is tired of the games and fighting for what she wants. She loves Thorne but if he loves her, he is going to have to fight for her. Brooke isn't giving up on love and not about to settle for anything less with or without Thorne. Just as Brooke is about to leave, Thorne calls her back and declares his love. The two kiss passionately as if finding their true love for the first time.

Wednesday, September 29, 1999

Stephanie is happy Thorne and Macy worked things out and assures Macy that she and Thorne will have the support of both families. As crazy as it seems, Thorne can't deny his feelings toward Brooke any longer. Thorne asks Brooke to wait for him in the bedroom. He wants this night to be perfect. After all these years of being friends, tonight Thorne and Brooke are going to become lovers. Brooke lights candles in the bedroom and feels in spite of Stephanie and Macy, she and Thorne are meant to be together. Thorne is surprised when Stephanie knocks on his door.

Sally is surprised to learn Macy has Stephanie's support. Macy says it is going to take time for she and Thorne to rebuild their relationship, but tonight was a good start. Sally asks what was wrong between the two of them, but Macy says there is no point in bringing it up. Macy and Thorne are moving forward and that is the only thing that matters. But Sally knows there was something troubling her daughter and keeps asking Macy until she breaks down. Macy makes Sally promise not to say anything, especially to Adam. Sally promises and is shocked to learn Thorne has been involved with Brooke.

Stephanie is happy Brooke is out of Thorne's system and after tonight, Steph knows there isn't anything keeping Thorne and Macy apart. In the bedroom, Brooke wonders what's keeping Thorne. She dreams of Thorne proposing to her and vows nothing will keep this from happening. Brooke can't stand the waiting and feels Thorne is teasing her. Steph admits she feels a deep sadness that she and Thorne have not been close these past couple years and explains that she was only trying to protect Thorne when she lost control at the cabin. If Thorne became involved with Brooke, Stephanie can't imagine what it would do to the family. Stephanie begins to leave but is shocked when Brooke walks out of the bedroom!

Thursday, September 30, 1999

Sally is shocked to learn of Thorne's involvement with Brooke. Macy has forgiven Thorne and is sure he is finished with Brooke. Thorne didn't give into Brooke's advances and it's over. Macy does not want her father finding out considering how much Adam already loathes the Forresters. Sally agrees not to mention this to Adam but can't help wondering about Stephanie's reaction.

Stephanie demands to know what Brooke was doing in Thorne's bedroom when Thorne says there is no sense in denying his feelings anymore. Thorne stuns Stephanie when he reveals he is in love with Brooke. It's hard for Stephanie to hear, but Thorne makes it clear it's over between he and Macy.

Taylor is a bit jealous that everyone else gets to hold her babies before she does. Ridge reminds his wife that she has already touched them in a special way by sharing the miracle of birth. The antibiotics are taking affect and Taylor is anxious to hold her twins. The first couple weeks are a crucial time for bonding and Taylor is not able to hold her own babies. Ridge encourages his wife to hang in there and says he will talk to the doctor and see if it's ok for Taylor to hold the twins. Later, the doctor tells Ridge that Taylor has been given the green light. She can hold her babies. Macy informs Sally that Stephanie figured out Thorne and Brooke's involvement and went after Brooke. Sally says the Queen must be losing her touch if she put the fear of God in Brooke and didn't get any results. The only thing Brooke fears is rejection. When Brooke realized she couldn't compete with Taylor, she quit and moved on to Thorne. Macy is going to make sure she keeps on moving. Sally is concerned this might push Stephanie past her breaking point.

Stephanie doesn't understand how Thorne and Brooke got together since he just shared a romantic evening with Macy. Thorne admits he cares deeply for Macy but he is in love with Brooke. In lust is more like it, Steph snaps. Brooke stops Steph and says she is tired of Stephanie's same line that she isn't good enough. The truth is Brooke is in love with Thorne and they're going to share their lives together. Stephanie thinks this is like incest and begs Thorne not to be manipulated. Stephanie says it was her mistake not stopping Brooke when she had the chance. Brooke is a threat to everything Stephanie loves and cherish. Stephanie thought of all people, Thorne understood better than anyone what honor was. Brooke says Thorne wants her and as Stephanie starts to respond, she collapses...

Friday, October 1, 1999

Taylor's father, Jack, brings Thomas by to see his mother. Taylor is getting stronger and soon will be ready to leave the hospital. Ridge surprises Taylor when he brings the twins in to see their mother for the first time. Taylor is overjoyed to finally get to hold her baby girls. Jack takes a picture of the special moment when Taylor first got to hold her daughters.

Thorne orders Brooke to call 911. Stephanie is breathing but can't talk. The paramedics arrive and take Stephanie to the hospital. Thorne learns his mother may have had a stroke. Will Stephanie's collapse keep Thorne and Brooke from becoming lovers? How will the Forresters and Spectras react to the news of Stephanie's stroke when they learn the cause of it?

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