The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 4, 1999 on B&B

Taylor and Ridge named their new twin daughters. Macy tried to support Thorne during a difficult time for his family. Brooke and Thorne decided to keep their relationship a secret, but Ridge was livid when he stumbled upon an intimate moment between them. Eric began to regret leaving Stephanie.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 4, 1999 on B&B
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Monday October 4, 1999

Sally and Kimberly agree Adam must not find out about Thorne and Brooke. As many differences as Sally and Stephanie have, Sally respects Stephanie for they way she and Eric built Forrester up from nothing and turned it into an international fashion house. Only to watch Brooke take it from her, not to mention bed her husband. Family and children mean everything to Stephanie and Brooke's latest assault on her family might be too much for Stephanie to handle.

Taylor and Ridge enjoy spending time with the babies but realize they need to pick out their names. After going through a list of names, Ridge and Taylor decide to name one of the girls Phoebe which means "shining light." Taylor mentions that Stephanie is their strongest supporter and they probably wouldn't even be together if it hadn't been for her. Taylor feels it would mean so much to Stephanie to name one of the twins after her so Ridge and Taylor decide to name the other girl Stephanie.

Stephanie is rushed to the hospital where Thorne and Brooke learn she had a stroke. Brooke tells Thorne that after months of keeping their feelings to themselves, it felt wonderful expressing them. Thorne doesn't want to even think how Ridge and Eric will react when they learn why Stephanie had a stroke. How do we keep it from them? Brooke asks. After Ridge learns of Stephanie being admitted to the emergency ward, he asks Thorne and Brooke how this happened. Thorne says Steph collapsed at his house, but Ridge asks what she was doing there. Brooke intercepts and advises Ridge to go in and see his mother. As Stephanie is getting ready to being operated on, Ridge encourages her to not give up. "How could this happen to you?" Ridge asks.

Tuesday, October 5, 1999

Thorne feels it's important no one find out about he and Brooke, but Brooke says once Stephanie starts talking, she will tell everybody. They can't let others dictate how they relate to one another, Brooke says. Thorne meant everything he told Brooke about his feelings, but now there is more to think about. Thorne calls Eric who races to the hospital when he learns Stephanie had a stroke.

Ridge reminds Stephanie of everything she has to live for including two granddaughters. Ridge feels that he owes his mother so much. He would not have Taylor or three children if it had not been for Stephanie. Ridge asks God not to take her now. Later, Ridge questions Thorne about what happened. Thorne and Brooke try to remain aloof but Ridge won't give up. He wants to know exactly what happened.

Eric learns Stephanie is in critical condition and admits he is not prepared for this. Eric always thought Stephanie would be the one standing vigil by him. Eric realizes everything that matters in his life started with Stephanie. Stephanie is facing her biggest challenge but Eric promises she will get through this. Eric asks Stephanie to come back to him and give him another chance.

Wednesday, October 6, 1999

Brooke regrets being a part of what brought on Stephanie's stroke, but she loves Thorne. Ridge wants to know what triggered Stephanie's stroke, but Eric advises him to focus on getting her back. Eric realizes something finally happened to push her over the edge and wonders if it was his failings as a husband.

Macy is more confident than ever about her relationship with Thorne. Adam asks if Thorne is ever going to make a commitment. Clarke informs the Spectra camp that Stephanie had a stroke. Macy races to the hospital. Clarke admits it's hard to imagine a tough woman like Stephanie having a stroke. Even though Sally and Stephanie have never been the best of friends, Sally hopes her adversary a speedy recovery.

Ridge feels like Thorne is hiding something when Thorne avoids answering his questions about what brought the stroke on. Brooke seethes with Macy joins Thorne and comforts him. Brooke gets Thorne alone and says that Macy has to be told. Their feelings can't be forgotten. Thorne says it's inappropriate to talk about their feelings for each other now. Macy blasts Brooke for being at the hospital. Ridge is determined to find out what Thorne is hiding. Eric tells an unconscious Stephanie that he realizes he wants her now more than ever. When Stephanie recovers, Eric plans to make up for the last few years. Eric declares his love for his ex and promises never to leave her.

Thursday, October 7, 1999

Although Stephanie and Brooke have had their share of battles, Brooke never wanted Stephanie to end up like this. But the fact remains, Brooke and Thorne love each other, and there is nothing Stephanie or anyone can do about it. Macy asks what Brooke is still doing at the hospital and Brooke reminds Macy that she is a Forrester and this is a family crisis. Brooke could really say something to put Macy in her place, but decides to drop that bomb when she's ready.

Taylor is thrilled she and the babies can go home by the end of the week. Ridge informs Taylor about Stephanie's stroke and wishes Stephanie could tell him what happened. Was it something Brooke or Thorne said that triggered the stroke? Whatever brought it on, Ridge promises to get to the bottom of it. At Spectra, Macy informs Sally that even if Stephanie pulls through, there could be permanent damage. Sally is sure something happened to push her over the edge. Macy is certain that Brooke will not have Thorne. At the hospital, Eric praises Thorne for not giving into Brooke's advances. Thorne is about to spill the beans when Brooke interrupts. Now's not the right time to drop this on the family, Brooke says. Thorne agrees and the decide to head back to Thorne's house to talk about it. Back home, Brooke reminds Thorne that Stephanie's stroke was not his fault. Still, when word gets out that they are in love, people will talk. Thorne fears Rick and Bridget will be confused and Macy will be devastated. Brooke and Thorne agree to keep their relationship a secret until Stephanie gets through her crisis. Ridge stops by Thorne's and is shocked to find Thorne and Brooke kissing!

Friday, October 8, 1999

Eric stops by to visit Taylor and is thrilled to learn one of the twins is named Stephanie. Eric knows this will mean a lot to Stephanie and informs Taylor that Steph is still unresponsive. Taylor says that one third of all stroke victims survive without problems. Eric hopes Taylor and Ridge realize how lucky they are to have each other. Stephanie is the best thing that ever happened to Eric and he is kicking himself now for throwing their relationship away. Sometimes it takes losing someone to realize how much we love them, Taylor says.

Amber sings Little Eric asleep and asks C.J. how things are going with Kimberly. C.J. is giving up on Kimberly since she is obviously not interested. C.J. thinks it's odd that Amber hasn't heard from Becky since she left for Paris. Amber says she and Becky are not close, but is startled when the phone rings and it's Becky!

Ridge can't believe his eyes when he spots Brooke and Thorne and realizes this is what pushed Stephanie over the edge. Ridge knocks on the door and begins to imply Thorne and Brooke caused Stephanie to have a stroke. Ridge reminds Brooke when his mother had a stroke years ago when Eric left her for Brooke. Thorne doesn't like what Ridge is implying and tells him if he has something to say, say it. Ridge realizes Thorne knew how much Stephanie hates Brooke and what it would do to her if Brooke became involved with another Forrester man. Ridge decks Thorne and says it's sick they way Thorne and Brooke have been carrying on.

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