The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 11, 1999 on B&B

Ridge read Thorne the riot act for allegedly taking advantage of Brooke; however, Brooke convinced Ridge not to shatter the love she'd found. Brooke and Thorne took their love to a new level. Adam was shocked to find Giovanni and Kimberly in a seemingly compromising position.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 11, 1999 on B&B
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Monday October 11, 1999

Clarke wows Sally with his latest designs that promise to keep Spectra on top. While Spectra enjoys success, the Forresters have other concerns, mainly their fallen Queen. If anything happens to Stephanie, Sally wonders who she will spar with. Macy returns to Spectra and informs the troops there has been no change with Stephanie. Macy fears the worst since some stroke victims become paralyzed, unable to speak, or even die. Twenty eight percent of all stroke victims are under the age of 65. Sally takes off with Macy to visit Stephanie. At the hospital, Macy mentions that she can't believe Thorne allowed Brooke anywhere near his mother. Sally and Macy notice Stephanie twitch her fingers at the mention of Brooke's name. Coincidence?

Becky calls from Paris and says although her job is going well, she is homesick. When Becky starts to ask how Little Eric is, Amber hands C.J. the phone. Since Becky is homesick, C.J. suggests Becky come home for a visit. Amber snatches the phone away from C.J., tells Becky things are fine back home and not to worry about them. The last thing Amber needs is Becky showing up again.

Ridge blasts Thorne and Brooke for being the cause of his mother's stroke. Brooke reminds Ridge that he wanted her out of his life, so what is she supposed to do, shrivel up and die? Brooke is too passionate a woman for that. She needs to be loved. She craves it and is consumed by it. Thorne informs Ridge that he fought his feelings for Brooke because he knew the pain it would cause. Thorne cares about Macy but he is in love with Brooke. Ridge vows this is not going to happen.

Tuesday, October 12, 1999

Giovanni gets a nice surprise when he stops by Kimberly's house and finds her in a hot bathing suit. Kimberly admits she isn't sure she is cut out to be a model and worries about how her father will react when he finds out she is still modeling at Forrester. Giovanni assures Kimberly she is doing fine. In fact, Kimberly is doing so well that Brooke plans to send Kimberly on a photo shoot in Venice, Italy.

Sally wonders what pushed Stephanie to the breaking point while Macy says it's a tragedy that Stephanie fought for everything she had and now this happened. Macy assures Stephanie that she is not alone and she and Thorne want her at their wedding. Macy will never forget how Stephanie supported her relationship with Thorne. Alone, Sally orders her rival to fight her way back. Sally needs a woman as tough as Stephanie to fight with and keep her on her toes.

Adam is caught off guard when he comes home and finds Kimberly in the arms of a strange man. Giovanni introduces himself and says he and Kimberly work together at Forrester. Adam flips that Kimberly is still working for Forrester and scolds his daughter for being dishonest. Kimberly feared telling Adam she was working for Forrester still because she knew he couldn't handle it.

Ridge feels Brooke is falling into the same trap with Thorne that she fell into with Eric. Brooke informs her ex that she is in love with Thorne. The woman who was in love with Ridge and made him the center of her world has grown up. Brooke wants to live for the future and that future is with Thorne. Ridge tells Brooke there are other guys who can make her happy, but Thorne says he did not intentionally try to find love with Brooke. If Ridge can't live with that fact, then get out of our lives, Thorne orders. Brooke reminds Ridge that he has everything he has always wanted so please do not deny her this.

Wednesday, October 13, 1999

Adam is upset that Kimberly is modeling again for Forrester and is working with a slick photographer. Sally knows Giovanni by reputation and says that he is one of the most respected and talented photographers on the international fashion scene. Giovanni's experience is what worries Adam who still sees Kimberly as his little girl. Sally reminds Adam that Kimberly does not need his protective hand in every move she makes, but Adam is determined not to let Kimberly get in over her head.

Clarke runs into Giovanni at Mannequins and the two catch each other up on their lives. Giovanni explains that he is working for one of Spectra's primary rivals, Forrester and Kimberly Fairchild could be his next great discovery. Clarke advises Giovanni to keep it professional with Kimberly or else he will have her father to deal with.

Kimberly confides to Macy that she is working with a man who makes her feel like a woman. Macy cautions Kimberly to be careful, but Kimberly is tired of playing it safe. This is her one chance to do something challenging and Kimberly plans to do it well.

Adam is surprised when Giovanni shows up at his house looking for Kimberly. Giovanni explains he and Kimberly have an appointment to scout locations for their next photo shoot. Adam invites Giovanni in and warns him to back off. Do not touch my daughter or even see her, Adam warns. Kimberly walks in as things get heated and Adam says Giovanni was just leaving. I am leaving, Giovanni says, with your daughter. Giovanni gets behind Kimberly and begins touching Kimberly and baiting Adam.

Thursday, October 14, 1999

Macy wants to have her wedding to Thorne after Stephanie recovers since without Stephanie's support, Thorne and Macy could not have made it. Meanwhile, Thorne is tired of feeling guilty for the way he feels about Brooke and plans to break the news to Macy tonight. Thorne calls Macy and leaves a message on her machine. Thorne wants to start his future with Brooke now.

Adam orders Giovanni to take his hands off Kimberly while Giovanni says he and Kimberly have work to do. Adam tells Giovanni he can't see his daughter again but Kimberly says she is capable of making her own decisions. Kimberly leaves with Giovanni and apologizes for her father's behavior. Giovanni promises they will have a beautiful evening away from her father.

Thorne says he and Brooke have to stop treating their relationship like an affair. Thorne wants to whole world to know how he feels and shouts, "Brooke Logan is my soulmate." Brooke is the best thing that ever happened to Thorne and he is ready to start his life with her as they begin to make love. Macy arrives at Adams as he is on the phone with the police. Since Kimberly will be alone with Giovanni, Adam fears he will abuse her trust. Giovanni takes Kimberly to his apartment where Kimberly admits to being a little uncomfortable. Giovanni offers to take her home but Kimberly decides to stay. Giovanni pulls out a bottle of wine to help her relax...

Friday, October 15, 1999

Finding his father worried about Stephanie, Ridge stuns Eric with the revelation that Stephanie collapsed during an argument with Thorne about Brooke. Eric can't believe it when Ridge mentions that Brooke and Thorne have been carrying on for awhile now. Ridge insists that he saw Thorne and Brooke with his own eyes and complains that Thorne boasted that he and Brooke would spend the rest of their lives together. Just then, Thorne arrives and faces the brunt of Eric's wrath. Macy tries to offer her father advice on how to deal with Kimberly. Brooke sits by Stephanie's bedside and hopes that Thorne is right in thinking that his mother will accept their relationship. Suddenly, an angry Stephanie comes to and reaches out to try to strangle Brooke with her right hand. Adam continues to worry what Giovanni might do to his naive young daughter and gets Macy to agree that neither knows what might happen. Meanwhile, Kimberly complains to Giovanni that she's still upset after the argument with her father. Giovanni's solution is to open a bottle of white wine. When Kimberly balks at drinking while underage, he quickly talks her into trying a sip which leads to a full glass.

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