The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 18, 1999 on B&B

A comatose Stephanie reached out to strangle Brooke. Stephanie regained consciousness with no memory of finding Brooke and Thorne together. As Stephanie grappled with the news of her partial paralysis, Eric decided to care for her in his home.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 18, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, October 18, 1999

Eric orders Thorne to keep Brooke away from Stephanie. Thorne reminds his father that he is in love with Brooke and plans to marry her. What happened to Stephanie is killing Thorne, but what he is most upset about is Eric and Ridge laying a guilt trip on him. Eric asks Thorne if he wants to be responsible for Stephanie having another stroke, but Thorne is sure that if he gives Stephanie enough time, she will see how happy he is with Brooke. Stephanie wakes up and starts to strangle Brooke. Later, the doctor questions Brooke about what happened and mentions she should be pleased to be the catalyst for Stephanie to regain consciousness. Brooke calls Eric and advises him to come to the hospital as soon as possible.

Giovanni puts the move on Kimberly who backs away from his advances. Kimberly admits she is attracted to Giovanni, but her heart is with someone else. Giovanni educates her on the way Europeans kiss and says he plans to show her more when he takes her to Italy with him. After Kimberly leaves, Giovanni says this was a first of many interesting evenings. Stephanie's doctor informs Eric that Stephanie has regained consciousness. With Eric, Ridge, and Thorne by her side, Steph asks Thorne if she missed his wedding to Macy.

Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Stephanie asks Thorne to tell Macy how happy she is for her. Ridge asks his mother how much she remembers about what happened before the stroke. Steph turns to Thorne and says she remembers talking to Macy and is glad whatever was going on between he and Brooke is over. Eric, Ridge, and Thorne realize Stephanie doesn't remember the scene with Brooke.

Brooke stops by the guesthouse and informs Rick and Amber about Stephanie's stroke. Brooke hopes this tragedy will enable everyone to put aside their differences and come together as a family. Amber is shaken by the news of Stephanie's stroke and admits she loves Stephanie like her own mother. Brooke goes home and informs Katie that although Stephanie should be fine, she is worried about what happens next. Macy and the Forresters will have to accept her relationship with Thorne because there is nothing anyone can do to change that.

Stephanie has blocked out the cause of her stroke due to self preservation and Eric and Ridge want to keep it that way. Would they rather Thorne lie to his mother and not tell her how he really feels about Brooke? Thorne asks. Eric says they can't risk Stephanie's life by telling her the truth, but Thorne knows Stephanie will remember what really happened eventually, so why keep her in the dark now? Ridge demands Thorne not mention a word about Brooke to their mother or else Thorne might be the one who winds up in the hospital!

Wednesday, October 20, 1999

Brooke tells Katie that her relationship with Thorne is different than her relationship with Ridge in that with Ridge, Brooke was always fighting for his approval. With Eric, both he and Brooke were on the rebound, but now Brooke has finally found someone who is right for her. Brooke would be denying her soul if she walked away from Thorne just because his last name is Forrester.

Thorne is sure his mother will fully recover and accept him with Brooke, but Eric and Ridge are still opposed to the idea. In fact, Eric thinks Stephanie's memory lapse of the hour before her stroke is a blessing. Stephanie does not feel anything in her left leg and is barely able to move her left arm. Her doctor says it's unlikely she will regain the memory of the hour before her stroke. Ridge asks the doctor considering Stephanie's condition, would she be able to survive the same level of stress that caused the stroke. The doc says all stress and anxiety should be avoided.

Rick bumps into C.J. at Insomnia and fills him in on Stephanie's condition. C.J. invites him to a game tonight but Rick nixes the idea. Stephanie's stroke made Rick realize how short life is and what he could be missing out on. Katie isn't sure Brooke's relationship with Thorne can withstand the Forrester's wrath, but Brooke is convinced when they see how happy she and Thorne are together, they will support the relationship. Brooke even feels that Stephanie will become more accepting of her when she realizes how right Brooke and Thorne are for each other.

Thorne would sacrifice just about anything for his mother, but he begs Eric not to ask him to give up something he has spent his whole life searching for. Eric won't risk Stephanie's health. He is in love with Stephanie again and he is not letting her slip away again. Thorne realizes his father wants him to throw away his feelings he has for the woman he loves. Eric wants a second chance with Stephanie and as far as the family is concerned, Thorne and Brooke are over.

Thursday, October 21, 1999

Adam cautions Kimberly about spending time with Giovanni but Kimberly says her heart still belongs to Rick. Adam reminds his daughter that Rick is married and to be careful. Later, Kimberly catches Rick at the Forrester photo studio about to open a letter Giovanni wrote to Kimberly. Giovanni informs Kimberly in the letter that he will be out of town for a couple weeks on a photo shoot. Kimberly wonders if Rick is jealous but he says he just wants to know what's going on between the two. Kimberly says she works with Giovanni, but Rick flips when he learns Giovanni took her back to his apartment.

Tawny tells Amber she can't get too depressed over what happened to Stephanie now that she is finally free of Becky. Since Becky can't be trusted, Tawny encourages her daughter to just write Becky off or she will undermine everything Amber has worked for. Amber and Tawny are concerned when the mail is delivered and there's a postcard from Becky.

Thorne tells Brooke that Stephanie does not remember the last hour before her stroke. Brooke is sure Steph will remember in time and then they will tell Stephanie gently their plans to spend the rest of their lives together. Thorne is considering ending his relationship with Brooke since Eric and Ridge are so opposed to it and Stephanie's reaction. Brooke knows Thorne loves his family but feels the idea that they are killing Stephanie because they are in love is ridiculous.

Friday, October 22, 1999

Kimberly tells Rick that her kiss with Giovanni didn't mean anything. She admits to trying to recapture the feelings she and Rick share with Giovanni but it didn't work. Tawny wants to put a stop to Becky calling and sending postcards with innuendoes about Little Eric. Amber and Tawny are surprised when Becky calls again and requests pictures of Eric. Tawny grabs the phone from Amber and tells Becky that it isn't a good idea to keep calling. Tawny advises Becky to stick to her decision to move on with her life and to show Amber some appreciation for everything she has done for her. After hanging up, Becky thinks Amber and Tawny are rude by thinking they can take her child away and sweep her under the rug. They better think again.

Eric promises Ridge that Stephanie will never be hurt like the way Thorne hurt her. Thorne threatens to turn his back on his family if they don't accept his relationship with Brooke. Brooke says now that they know Stephanie's condition, they can break the news to her gently. Thorne vows not to let his family come between them. Brooke informs Thorne about Stephanie's attempt to strangle her and Thorne warns her to stay away from his mother. Brooke just wants to be with Thorne and for Stephanie to accept her.

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