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Brooke desired to tell Stephanie the truth about Brooke and Thorne, but because of Stephanie's health, Thorne ordered Brooke to be silent. Brooke appealed to Eric, but he demanded that she stay away from his family. Brooke then asked for help from Ridge, and in turn, he kissed her to prove that she actually still had feelings for him. Eric gathered the family together and married Stephanie at her bedside.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 25, 1999 on B&B
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Monday October 25, 1999

Thorne is determined to make his family understand his feelings for Brooke are real. Thorne realizes he has to tell Macy who is cautious but excited about her future with Thorne. Kimberly agrees to be Macy's maid of honor. Macy tracks down Thorne on his cell phone. Thorne wants to talk but not over the phone. Thorne dreads telling Macy news that will break her heart.

Brooke thinks Stephanie is lying about her short term memory loss as a way of keeping she and Thorne apart. Brooke plans to confront Eric but Katie, Brooke's sister, warns against it. Since Stephanie is suffering from partial paralysis and short term memory loss, Eric volunteers to be her personal nurse as she recovers. Eric explains that for the past few years he has been searching for something that has been missing in his life when all along what he was searching for was right under his nose. Since Eric loves Stephanie, he plans to be there for her as she recovers and from now on.

Brooke knows she and Thorne were past the worst of his family's wrath until Stephanie had a stroke. If only she could remember, a frustrated Brooke says. With her condition improving, Brooke is sure Steph can handle the truth. Once Stephanie knows about Brooke and Thorne, she can not use that over their heads anymore. Eric informs the doctor that he will be taking care of Stephanie when she is released from the hospital. The doc says it's imperative to keep Stephanie calm. Another incident like the one she had before the stroke could kill her. Brooke slips into Steph's room and confronts her hated rival.

Tuesday, October 26, 1999

Thorne interrupts Brooke as she is about to remind Stephanie of her involvement with Thorne. Brooke feels they shouldn't have to hide their feelings but Thorne says it's not the right time to tell Steph. Thorne makes Brooke promise she won't attempt this again. Eric works on a special design for Stephanie with strict instructions the design needs to be completed overnight. Brooke stops by searching for support but Eric blasts her and orders her to stay away from Thorne.

Stephanie tells Thorne how happy she is for he and Macy. Now that the family is together, it's almost like Brooke never existed, Steph says. Taylor is shocked to learn of Thorne's involvement with Brooke but senses she knows what will make Stephanie feels better. Stephanie is thrilled with Ridge and Taylor bring the twins by and is delighted to learn one of the twins is named after her. Ridge makes Thorne notice how happy Stephanie is to finally have her whole family together. This is what Stephanie has worked her whole life for. Will Thorne take this away from her?

Wednesday, October 27, 1999

Eric plans something that will change Stephanie's life forever and summons Ridge and Taylor to Stephanie's hospital room. Rick and Amber are worried about seeing the fallen matriarch until Eric calls and tells them to get to the hospital for an important family pow-wow. Brooke is anxious to talk to Stephanie but Thorne warns her to stay away. Thorne assures Brooke that Eric and Ridge will not be able to change how he feels. Eric calls Thorne and advises him to get the to hospital without Brooke.

Brooke admits to Katie that she is concerned the Forresters are trying to shut her out by not including her in the family meeting. But Brooke believes in what she and Thorne share and vows nothing will keep them apart. At the hospital, Rick and Amber join Ridge and Taylor in Stephanie's room. Thorne notices how happy his mother is to have her whole family with her. Eric asks Macy to join also. Stephanie senses something's bothering Thorne and advises him to make the wedding plans to Macy. In front of the entire family, Eric admits he made the biggest mistake in his life by leaving Stephanie. Eric shocks Stephanie by asking her to marry him!

Thursday, October 28, 1999

Brooke calls the hospital and learns Macy was asked to join the family pow wow. Brooke is sure Eric and Ridge are matchmaking and worries that Thorne will not be able to resist the pressure. Brooke hopes Stephanie a speedy recovery and wishes Steph's heart would soften toward her and her relationship with Thorne. Whatever is going on in the hospital room, Brooke is sure it does not bode well for she and Thorne.

Eric proposes to Stephanie in front of the entire family. Considering her condition, Stephanie asks Eric if he is sure since she can't give him what he needs right now. Eric assures Steph that what he needs is her strength and character and promise to stand by him through whatever challenge they face. Stephanie accepts his proposal and Eric further surprises Stephanie when he brings a minister into the hospital room and asks her to marry him now. As a show of family support, Eric asks Thorne to be his best man while Macy is Stephanie's maid of honor. Eric weds the love of his life for the second time in a beautiful, touching ceremony.

Friday, October 29, 1999

Amber debates about sending pictures of Little Eric and wonders if it's a good idea to ignore Becky. Rick notices Amber is distressed and calls her on it, but Amber plays it off by saying she is just worried about Stephanie. Rick reminds Amber about their vow that there would be no more secrets between them. Meanwhile in Paris, Becky runs into Raymond at Forrester International. When Becky and Raymond are introduced to each other, Becky mentions she is from a town outside of LA called Furnace Creek. Raymond says he knows someone from Furnace Creek with the same last name as Becky. Becky is shocked to learn Raymond knows Amber!

Stephanie assures Macy that Brooke is the furthest thing from Thorne's mind. Stephanie tells Thorne that Macy is like a daughter to her and knowing Macy will become a part of their family has made Stephanie very happy. Brooke is surprised to learn Eric and Stephanie remarried and even more surprised when Thorne tells her that he and Macy stood up for them. Brooke is convinced Eric and Ridge are trying to manipulate Thorne, but Thorne promises her that he will not be persuaded by what Eric and Ridge say. Brooke agrees to wait and tell Stephanie about their relationship until she can handle it better. Brooke confronts Ridge and blasts him for his interference. Brooke is not going to let Ridge stand in the way of what she and Thorne share. What they share is more mature and sensitive than anything she and Ridge shared. Ridge believes Brooke is using Thorne to fill a void in her life. To prove him wrong, Brooke kisses Ridge and after the long kiss, she says she felt nothing. Brooke wouldn't take Ridge back if he was begging on his knees! Ridge wanted Brooke to find happiness, well she has and now he is trying to take it away from her. Ridge remains firm on his stance and orders Brooke to stay away from Thorne.

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