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Tawny was frantic to save Rick and Amber's marriage, but Brooke tried to convince Rick to get out of it. As Kimberly confronted Becky in Paris, Becky received a phone call from Amber and taunted Amber about the secret getting out. Taylor and Ridge debated telling Macy the truth about Brooke and Thorne.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 22, 1999 on B&B
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Monday November 22, 1999

Tawny and Amber are glad this is finally over; now, Tawny says, no one ever has to know. Brooke can ask all the questions she wants to but she won't have the answers. Amber isn't so sure. She says that Becky will always know and she can tell anytime she wants to. It has been one crisis after another ever since Becky found out about Little Eric. Tawny tells her that there is still one way she can make her marriage solid and satisfy Becky at the same time. Amber says that if she is talking about having another baby, she can just stop right there. She and Rick decided that they wouldn't have any more children until after he graduated from college. Besides, she isn't going to have a baby as some kind of insurance policy. Besides, Rick has too much on his plate as it is; he is torn in a hundred directions a once and she will not add another problem to that list. She slips and says that she couldn't get pregnant if she wanted to because... She doesn't finish but Tawny knows that she is talking about sex. She tries to convince her that she has to make herself more available and alluring. Amber says it is because he is so tired; however, Tawny says that since the dawn of time, there has never been a teenage boy who has been too tired for sex. She warns Amber that if she doesn't do something quick, she is going to lose that man. Amber takes this to mean that Tawny doesn't think Rick loves her. She is devastated. Tawny tries to convince her that she does believe that Rick loves her.

Kimberly continues to tell Becky that Amber is hiding something but Becky says that it is her imagination. Kimberly wants to know why she made that phone call; did Amber put her up to it? Becky says that Amber had nothing to do with it so Kimberly asks what she hoped to find out if that is so. She tries to convince Becky that she wants to help her. She can see that Becky is hurting and wonders if Amber took something from her. When this doesn't work and Becky pushes Kimberly's coat and purse at her, Kimberly changes tactics and tries to make her do it for Little Eric's sake, even saying that Eric is Becky's flesh and blood. Before Becky can react to that, Kimberly says that they are cousins. She wonders if she really wants that child to be raised in a house where the parents don't love each other. If she is afraid, Brooke will protect her. Becky reminds her that Brooke has been trying to break up that marriage since the beginning. Kimberly says that that isn't so. In the beginning, Brooke liked Amber and tried to help her. She gave her a job until things began to go missing. Then Amber was driving a car that caused Rick to lose his kidneys but she lied about who was driving. Then Brooke found out that Rick and Amber were having sex. Only then did Brooke begin to hate her because she was ruining Rick's life. Now, she says, Rick is trapped in a marriage that he doesn't want. Think of that precious little boy. Do you want him to grow up in a family without love? Think about him and then tell me the truth. Becky has been holding the door open for Kimberly to leave but now she closes the door again.

Brooke is playing with the baby when Rick gets up from a nap. She wonders if he has been losing sleep and blames Amber for it. He explains that he doesn't have much time since he has been working, going to school and studying for exams. He tells her not to feel sorry for him; he is doing what he wants to do. But she says that she can't help but feel sorry for what is happening to him. She tells him that she has made some lunch and invites him to sit and eat with her. While they are eating, she begins again trying to get him to get out of that house and away from that woman. He gets angry and asks her to show some respect for his wife. She can't respect a woman who has tied her son to herself and trapped him in a marriage he doesn't want. He claims he does want the marriage and stalks off. She asks him to say he loves Amber but he says that she isn't a bad person. Brooke asks him to say whether he loves Amber the same way he loves Kimberly but he can't. Without Amber, she tells him, you would be free. He again says he doesn't want to be free and begs her to leave it alone. She says that the only thing he feels for Amber is guilt and obligation; she will not let it go and leave her son to live like that. He says that he won't take his home away from his son, because... She guesses that he is referring to the way he grew up. He says he didn't say that to hurt her, but it is true. He is trying to do the right thing like his father did. Brooke tells him that when she married Eric, they loved each other, yet it still didn't work. Therefore, his marriage doesn't stand a chance. He has to get out of this marriage before it is too late.

Tuesday, November 23

C.J. arrives at Spectra complaining because he can't find his study partner, Kimberly. He has called everywhere and can't find her. Adam thinks about it a moment and then angrily says that he bets he knows where she is. They all look at him as he continues and says that she is in Paris. C.J. says that can't be right; she told Brooke that she didn't want a modeling assignment this week because of midterms. When he says that the photographer didn't go with her, he begins to see the light, but why did she go? C.J. says that maybe he should work for Forrester so that he could get a free trip to Paris. If he were in Paris, he could see Amber's cousin, Becky. Now Adam gets it and he doesn't like it at all. He questions C.J. about Becky and learns that Brooke is suspicious that Amber and her mother shipped her off to Paris to keep her from talking about something Amber doesn't want the family to know. Adam says that now Brooke has interfered again and sent his daughter off to Paris; this isn't the first time Brooke has used his daughter for her own agenda. C.J. tells him that he has to be wrong; Kimberly wouldn't lie to him. "She didn't used to lie to me," Adam says, "until she got involved with the Forresters."

Amber is all worked up because of all the hiding and lying she has had to do since the baby came; she wonders if it is worth it. Tawny tells her that her little boy is worth it. Where would he be if she hadn't taken him in and loved him? Whatever she has to do, it will be worth it. Yes, Amber says, you are right! I will never take what we have for granted and I will do anything to protect my baby. She talks about how she and Rick decided before they were married that their child would have the kind of life they never had. She says that Rick has had to give up a lot for that commitment, more even than she. Tawny suggests that Rick needs a reward. Amber agrees and starts making plans for a romantic evening for just her and Rick. But, she emphasizes, she isn't going to try to get pregnant. Tawny gives up on that project for the moment and suggests that if Brooke and Kimberly should hear it through the grapevine that she was keeping Rick happy, maybe they would leave her alone for a while. Just then, the phone rings and it is Adam calling for Mrs. Rick Forrester. He says that he is Kimberly's father and he thinks that they may have a common problem. Do you know where my daughter is right now? He asks. She is in Paris. Brooke sent her. Does that mean anything to you? When Amber doesn't answer, he tells her that he thought that would mean something to her. He tells her that he has a strong interest in seeing that her marriage survives. If there is anything---anything---he can do, please let him know. Amber hangs up and tells her mother. "Oh, my God! Kimberly is with Becky right now. This is what she meant when she said she was on to me. Oh, my God! What if Becky told her? I could lose my little boy!" Tawny tells her that she should call Becky immediately and tell her the pictures are there already.

Rick tells his mother that she is not helping by attacking his wife. Brooke says that she wants so much more for him and he replies that his life would be so much better by abandoning his wife and son? She says that he doesn't have to abandon them; he could provide very well for them. They might even sue for custody of the baby and he could raise his son as he wants to. He tells her that he is going to stay married with or without her support, but his life would be so much better if he had a friend in her. He wants her to stop this continual harping on the subject or he will have to leave. She continues however and begins telling him how life would be so much better with Kimberly in it. He says that she isn't doing any service to him or Kimberly by pushing them together. Here is Kimberly, an young pretty and smart girl but instead of getting on with her own life, Brooke has her running all over trying to find some dirt on Amber. There is no amount of dirt that they can dig up that will make him leave Amber and that is final. Brooke says that he and Kim are more married already than he and Amber ever will be. Trying to love someone will never work. She says that marriage is difficult enough under normal conditions but with him, it is impossible. He says it wouldn't be impossible if she would just leave them alone. This is his last warning. Lay off or lose him. Will you do that? She is silent and finally tells him that she has allowed things to happen most of her life but now, she won't do it anymore. "Not even for me?" he asks. She doesn't answer. He tells her that he is going to get his son and go home to his wife. After he is out of the room, Brooke is devastated. "Oh, God! Amber what have you done to me and my family. I live and breath for the day I get rid of you, and that day is coming soon."

Kimberly continues to hammer away at Becky destroying every argument and excuse that Becky can come up with. Becky tells her that she doesn't care for the baby; she is just using that argument to get Rick. She asks if Rick has told her that he would be better off without Amber. Kimberly is stumped for a moment but comes back with her own logic about knowing what is best for Rick. She says that Becky is scared to death of Amber because she knows Amber's secret. It appears that Becky has finally been convinced when the phone rings. When Becky hears Amber's voice, she wonders how she knew it was her. Amber tries to make the call casual but Becky is even more hostile than the last time they talked. She asks if Amber knows who is talking to her right now and Amber asks who. Here, she says, I'll let her tell you. She hands the phone to Kimberly and with great pleasure, Kimberly says hello to Amber. She infers that Becky has already told her the secret and reminds her that she told her she couldn't keep the secret forever. Amber demands that she put Becky back on the phone. Becky comes back and Amber asks if she has told her. Not yet, Becky answers. Amber tells her that they have already sent the pictures; they are already at her office on the computer. You only did it because you had to, Becky says. You should have sent them sooner. Amber cries out that she should never have listened to her mother. Becky agrees and hangs up the phone before Amber can say another word.

Wednesday, November 24, 1999

Macy visits Ridge and Taylor and helps with the feeding of the twins. Macy is talking to Phoebe, introducing herself. She says that before long she will be her Aunt Macy. Taylor and Ridge exchange looks. Taylor and Ridge begin talking about the trials and joys of raising twin babies but the subject keeps coming back to Macy and Thorne. Macy says that she hasn't seen much of Thorne lately as he is always visiting his mother but now that she is home, she expects that to change. She offers the services of the two of them for babysitting duty. She says that maybe this time next year, she will have a baby to take care of. She wanders out onto the balcony talking about the view. Taylor whispers to Ridge that she can't stand much more of this. She wants to tell her about Thorne and Brooke but Ridge says that they can't. Macy comes back in and continues talking about Thorne. She lets it slip that Thorne deserted her at Café Russe the other night before they even ordered. Understanding dawns in Ridge's eyes as she says that he felt he had to go to his mother's right then and have a talk with her. She was disappointed because he had said that there was something he wanted to talk to her about. She expected a proposal that night, but she is sure that it will be coming soon. She leaves, reminding them that she will baby sit any time. Taylor says that she felt so badly for her. If only they could tell her something. Ridge says it is all Brooke's fault. If she wasn't around, Thorne and Macy would be married by now. You really believe that? Taylor asks. He says he does but he doesn't know what the hell is wrong with him.

"Amber is angry and scared to death of your, isn't she?" Kimberly smirks. Becky says that she is angry and scared but she can understand her. Kimberly doesn't understand. "You can't relate, can you?" Becky demands. She points out the kind of life she and Amber has lead whereas Kimberly has wanted for nothing. Kimberly says that she hasn't had an easy life but she didn't lie and scheme to get what she wanted. Becky asks her what she thinks she is doing right now. She is trying to turn her against her cousin so that she can have her cousin's husband. Kimberly tells her not to worry about Amber; she can take care of herself. Becky says she knows that; she always could take care of herself better than Becky could. Kimberly says that she doesn't have to worry about that now because she has Brooke Logan on her side. This infuriates Becky. She says that Brooke Logan will use her and then toss her out when she doesn't need her any longer. She says that is what Brooke did to Amber. Kimberly says that if she helps them, Brooke will be grateful to her. "As grateful as she was to Amber when Amber gave her son a kidney?" Becky asked. Kimberly is surprised that Becky knows about that. Anyway, she says, she is worried about the baby. Becky promises that there is nothing to worry about. The baby will have everything it needs; it is a Forrester. No matter what happens he will always be a Forrester! Becky is quiet for a moment then she turns to Kimberly and tells her that she cannot help her. Kimberly is surprised. She points out that she was ready to help her before Amber called. What changed your mind? Becky says that she didn't change her mind. She never had anything to tell her because there was never anything to tell. Kimberly realizes that she has been had. "You used me!" She accuses. "You used me to scare Amber!" Reminding her that she has also been used, she throws Kimberly out of the apartment. Standing outside, Kimberly says, "I am not giving up. I don't care what I have to do, I will find the truth."

Amber tries to call Becky back but only gets a busy signal. She turns on her mother and says that she should never have listened to her; she should have sent the pictures when Becky asked for them. If she loses Eric... Tawny promises that she will never let that happen. Rick arrives home with the baby at that time. Amber tells her mother to take the baby to Stephanie's so she can talk to Rick. He sees that she has been crying and tries to comfort her. He realizes that things have been rough on her lately. She tells him that she loves him so much. If only everyone would leave them alone. He tells her that he has told his mother to lay off but she doesn't believe that will happen. He tells her about Brooke sending Kimberly to Paris. She asks him if they can just go away and live their life where no one can find them. He points out the reasons why they can't do that. But he does promise that they will always be together. She says that she is just scared. She tells him that they hate her so much that they won't give her a chance. But she declares that no matter how pretty or how perfect any other woman might be, she will never love him as much as she does and that includes Miss Kimberly Fairchild. After they comfort each other, he goes for take out leaving her alone when Becky calls. "I sent your little friend away," she begins. "I didn't tell her the truth so you had better do the right thing for me." She tells Amber that she isn't her enemy here. Amber apologizes for listening to her mother instead of keeping her promise and promises that she won't do that again. She acknowledges that Becky has given up a lot for her and things will be different from now on. Outside the door, Kimberly has returned. She listens to the phone conversation and knows that Becky is talking to Amber. Amber begs Becky not to talk to Kimberly or Brooke again. She says that they will never let this go but if they find out the truth, Eric will end up with nothing. Becky understands and says that she will be quiet as long as Amber keeps her word. She says that she did what she had to do but she didn't feel good about it. Outside, Kimberly says, "You are hiding something, Becky. What is it? I am so close to finding the truth. There are just a few missing pieces and I'll have it. I will find out the truth about you, Amber Moore. I know I will!"

Thursday, November 25

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful will not air.

Friday, November 26

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