The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 13, 1999 on B&B

Brooke told Taylor that everyone could 'go to hell' about Brooke's relationship with Thorne. Brooke continued slaving for Stephanie to win Stephanie over, but Stephanie continued to push Thorne toward Macy. Amber suggested that she and Rick renew their wedding vows.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 13, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, December 13, 1999

Thorne is trying to talk business with his father and brother but they are just staring at him as if he were a disgusting specimen under a glass. He asks them if they are listening and they say that they are. He says that he is going back to his office but they stop him. They are going to have this out once and for all! They begin yelling at him for allowing Brooke Logan to visit Stephanie, once again warning him that she could kill his mother. They slip and let him know that they are also talking to Brooke. Ridge says that Taylor is in his office with Brooke right now talking about ending this relationship. They let him know that Taylor has been talking to psychiatrists about the relationship. Thorne is outraged that Taylor would interfere with his life by talking to strangers about him and Brooke. He will not have it. Ridge reminds him that Taylor is trained to see aberrant behavior in others and this relationship is definitely not normal. Thorne says that they are just trying to get between him and Brooke and it won't work. "Do you hear me? It won't work!"

Kimberly is heartbroken and can't believe that Rick wants her to stop searching for the truth. She can't believe that Rick would believe anything Amber says because she is an expert at lying and wouldn't know the truth if it was right in front of her. But Rick says that she has to give this up; it is nothing but a witch hunt and it is demeaning. He only wants her to get on with her life. She doesn't need this and she doesn't need him. She says she isn't doing this because she needs him but because she wants to save him from the life he will have with Amber. If she wants to do everything she can to uncover Amber's lies and secrets, she will do it and it will be her problem. She can see that he is in pain and deep down inside, he knows that something is wrong with his marriage. Amber is freaking out all the time but it isn't because she is afraid that she is a threat to the marriage; it is because she doesn't want her to find out her secrets. Rick tells her that if she is wrong, what then? She could spend years looking for something that doesn't exist and that would be such a terrible waste. "Don't do that to yourself," he pleads. "You deserve so much more." He leaves but Kimberly isn't giving up. "The truth is out there and I'm going to find it. And when I do, I'm going to use it to set Rick free."

Amber is worrying about Rick being gone so long. He should have been home by now and it isn't a good sign that he isn't. She believes that he is with Kimberly. Tawny comes back to the house with all the things she needed from the drug store. As she is talking, she notices her bag in the middle of the room. Amber says that she packed it while she was gone; she wants her to leave tonight. She says that she loves her and appreciates all she tried to do but nothing has been right since she got there. Tawny tells her that she has something to say and Amber is going to listen to her. She tells her that she has a good thing going for her here and she has to fight like hell to hang on to it. If she thinks she can become a little church mouse and hang on to everything, she is wrong. She can't let herself be turned into a doormat for any of the Forresters. If she lets her guard down for one minute, they will chew her up and spit her out. The answer is babies, lots of babies. She knows this isn't what Amber wants to hear but that is the way this family works. She advises her to keep that in mind as she grabs her bags and leaves.

Brooke is angry at Taylor for wanting her to break up with Thorne. She reminds Taylor that she was the one who told her what to do to get Stephanie to accept her but now, she is listening to Eric and Ridge. She blasts her for having no sense of loyalty. Well, Brooke says, this whole family can just GO TO HELL! Taylor tries to reason with Brooke telling her that it has nothing to do with Ridge and Eric but with Brooke and her problem. Thorne is only a symptom of that problem but it can be solved; you need therapy, she tells Brooke. Brooke disagrees; she says that it is Eric and Ridge who are out of touch with reality. Again, Taylor tries to point out that the way she has related with every man in the Forrester family is not normal. She has to give up Thorne is she is ever to be normal. Brooke is able to explain how she has been involved with more than one member of the family and it all sounds reasonable. She explains that Thorne gives her the love, the tenderness and the friendship that she needs. If she were to turn her back on all that, she would go crazy. She then tells Taylor that she can never trust her again; she has destroyed the young friendship that they had started. Taylor says that she knows she was taking a chance with their newfound friendship; it killed her to have to say these things to her but she had to do it. If she continues with this relationship with Thorne, she will be setting herself up for a future full of heartache and pain.

"Is that so?" Thorne asks from the doorway. He is very angry as he tells Taylor that he used to have a lot of respect for her but now he has zero. He tells her that he knows how he feels about Brooke and it isn't sick. He tells her to take her garbage and feed it to her sick husband but leave Brooke alone. "I don't want to catch you talking to Brooke again! Now get out of here!" He pulls Brooke into his arms and tells her that they will prove them all wrong.

Rick comes home and admits that he was with Kimberly. Amber asks what he said to her. Did he tell her to stop trying to break up their marriage?

Tuesday, December 14, 1999

Kimberly angrily tells Giovanni that even after she discovered what she has about Amber and even after Amber's mother pulled a gun on her, Rick is still staying with her. Giovanni tells her that Rick is right; she must get on with her life. She is only throwing her own dreams away on this quest that she isn't even sure has a basis in truth. No, Kimberly insists, she isn't going to give up until Rick knows the truth. Giovanni surprises her by kissing her again. Kimberly tells him that she can't enjoy anything until she proves what she knows about Amber and sets Rick free of her.

Brooke and Thorne talk about what happened. They are determined not to allow his family to get between them. He is particularly angry with Taylor and can't understand how she could change so suddenly. Brooke is disappointed because she really counted on Taylor's friendship. She says that the advice that Taylor gave her about getting Stephanie on her side was good and she will continue to work at a friendship with his mother. Nothing will stop them from being together.

Rick tells Amber that he told Kimberly that it is over and she has to accept his marriage and get on with her life. Amber is thrilled, saying this is what she has prayed for for so long. She asks if Kimberly is going to leave their marriage alone now and Rick says that she will. What did Brooke say? Amber asks. He admits that he didn't talk to his mother yet but he will tell her the same thing. They embrace and Amber wants to make love. Rick asks if she is still on the pill. She tells him that she is; she knows that neither of them wants more children at this point in their marriage. She tells him how much she loves him and they kiss.

Stephanie asks the maid if Brooke has been back today. The maid says that she hasn't but is surprised that Stephanie was expecting her. Stephanie says that she is sure that Brooke is after something and she is going to find out what it is. The phone interrupts and it is Brooke. She asks if she can come over the next day and Stephanie says that would be fine. When she hangs up, Stephanie is pleased with herself and says that Brooke will tell soon tells her what she is up to.

Wednesday, December 15, 1999

In Paris Becky is caught off guard when Suzanne, Pierre and Franz surprise her with a birthday cake. Pierre admits the party was his idea and offers her a special gift. He announces that her probation period is over and he'd like to make her position a permanent one. After making love, Amber watches as Rick sleeps and realizes how lucky she is. When he finally wakes, she confesses how grateful she is for the second chance. She suggests that they celebrate by renewing their wedding vows. Taylor is defensive when Thorne confronts her about her offer to help Brooke deal with her psychological problems. He insists that they were wrong to involve her and then leaks that Brooke is making another attempt to woo Stephanie. Meanwhile, Brooke forces her way into the mansion again and agrees to polish the silver as another way to make amends with Stephanie. Brooke dons her gloves and starts rubbing only to find out that the party Stephanie is planning does not include her as a guest.

Thursday, December 16, 1999

Macy calls Stephanie to ask if they could talk about Thorne. She is confused about Brooke and Thorne's relationship. Stephanie then asks Macy to join her at the house for tea. Brooke talked to Thorne about her visit with Stephanie. He told her that when the situation with his mother and Macy is over, they will spend a lot more time together.

Amber brings baby Eric to see Stephanie. Steph asks Amber what she and Rick are doing tonight and invited them over for dinner with the family. Amber has a scheme to keep Rick from going back to Kimberly. Macy and Darla are working in her office and Darla asks Macy to fill her in on what happened with her and Thorne in the dark room the other day. Macy told her that she took her advice and while she was waiting for Thorne, she took off all of her clothes, and when she heard someone entering the dark room she came up from behind assuming it was Thorne but instead it was Giovanni.

Brooke and Thorne were kissing in his office and when she backed off, he asked her what the problem was. She said that he was not going to get anymore until he thanked her for every piece of silverware she polished for his mother. Amber is planning for she and Rick to renew their vows at Stephanie's dinner party. Amber told Stephanie that he will agree to it since after telling him of all her insecurities, he told her that he still wanted to be with Amber and the baby. She then asked Stephanie if they could renew their vows at dinner tonight.

Brooke removes her clothes and asks Thorne what he thought of her new night ware for her model line. They begin to make love when the phone rings. Brooke tells Thorne not to answer it and he doesn't. Unbeknown to them, it is Macy on the other end. Stephanie and Amber are discussing the wedding and says that if she and Rick renew their vows at dinner tonight, it will have a profound effect on a lot of people. Amber asks if it is a good idea and Stephanie says that it is. Amber further tells Stephanie that she has no idea what it means to both her and baby Eric. Steph says not to worry about Brooke. She also told Amber not to worry about the details because she will handle them. Amber says that she can't let her do that and that she will call the minister and Brooke. Stephanie tells Amber "NO" just go home to her husband.

Thorne tells Brooke that if he could get out of going to dinner at his mother's house, he would. Brooke says that she wants him to go and be with his family but is disappointed that she was not invited. She further tells him that Stephanie will try to get him and Macy closer together all night but he reassures her that nothing his family can do to keep them apart. Stephanie tells Macy that Thorne's preoccupation has nothing to do with their relationship. Macy says that he loves her. Stephanie informs Macy of Rick and Amber's upcoming nuptials at dinner tonight and she suggests that she and Thorne say their vows as well. Macy agrees and she and Stephanie begin to prepare for a wedding at the house. Macy is overjoyed that she and Thorne can finally be together and that she will be rid of Brooke forever.

Friday, December 17, 1999

Macy goes to visit Sally, Adam and Clarke to ask them if they can be at Stephanie's tonight when Rick and Amber renew their vows. Kimberly walks in and asks where they are going and she informs her of their plans for the evening. Kimberly asks them if this is a joke and that how can anyone be a part of this. Rick comes home and finds Amber talking to baby Eric and sees him all dressed up and asks what she has done to his son. She tells him that they are going to Stephanie's for dinner and that the whole family will be there. She also tells him that they are going to renew their vows tonight "TONIGHT"! he replies in shock. Brooke and Thorne are kissing in the office again and she tells him that he better get going to dinner or he will be late. Stephaine is having one of her physical therapy sessions and the nurse congratulates her on how well she is doing.

Amber asks Rick what is wrong and he says that the renewing of their vows is such short notice and Amber says that this will show everyone how far that have gotten in their relationship. Amber declares that this will be better than the last time and that it is too bad that Kimberly will not be there to see it. Kimberly tells everyone that they can go without her. Macy begs her to come because she and Thorne are going to be married. Kimberly changes her mind and tells Macy that she will go for her sake. Stephanie's doctor warns Eric to be careful about the changes in Steph's body and that she still needs her therapy sessions and to watch her diet. Eric declares that no one will hurt her ever again. Amber tells baby Eric that she is lucky to be able to marry his daddy twice. He asks her what Brooke thinks of all this and she informs him that she does not know yet and that she will not be at dinner tonight since she and Stephanie do not get along. As she leaves to change the baby, she begins to hum the wedding march.

Eric congratulates Stephanie on how well she is doing and she attributes it to having her family around her and all together again. She tells Eric that he will not be the only one that will be surprised with the nights festivities. Ridge and Taylor arrive at the house. They see Sally, Adam and Clarke arrive and Ridge asks why Steph invited Sally. The rest of the family remind Ridge and Thorne that Steph cannot be under stress and Stephanie says that Sally has really helped her since suffering the stroke. Ridge tells Thorne that he has to tell him something. Thorne tells Ridge that unless it is about mother, then he does not want to hear it. Macy arrives and asks if C.J. has arrived yet in which she is informed no. Ridge is shocked to see Clarke. Kimberly finally arrives with Adam and Rick is shocked to see her. Stephanie tells Thorne and Macy that Amber and Rick are renewing their vows. Rick asks Kimberly why she is there and she asks the same of him. He tells her that if she came to stop him then don't. She tells him she wasn't and excuses herself. Meanwhile, Amber says to herself that they have finally made it and that after everything that was thrown at them, they are still together and standing. She says that after tonight, that is the way it is always going to be.

Thorne calls Brooke to let her in on what is going to happen at Steph's. Brooke is shocked and says that she knew Stephanie was up to something. He tells her who else is there and she asks him why. She feels she should be there but does not want to see her son remarry a woman that he was about to leave. Suddenly, Stephanie sees Amber and says, "Here Comes the Bride." Rick and Amber enter the living room. Kimberly and Amber look at each other with disgust. Brooke wonders why Macy's family is there since they hardly know Rick and Amber and that she knows there is something more to this and wonders what Stephanie is up to. Amber welcomes all the guests and then thanks Stephanie for the wedding. Stephanie says that this will be an evening that no one will ever

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