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January 3 to 7, 2000
Taylor was reluctant to go along with the plans Eric and Ridge made to break up Thorne and Brooke. CJ wondered why Amber wouldn't visit Becky while she was in Europe. Kimberly fumed at Amber for refusing to visit Becky while she was in Europe and for continuing her honeymoon with Rick in Venice. Tawny arrived in Helen's place. To Eric's chagrin, Sally asked Stephanie if Brooke was the cause of Macy and Thorne's failure to be together.
January 10 to 14, 2000
Giovanni asked Rick to join him and Kimberly on the location shoot. Later, Amber accused Kimberly of "gawking" at Rick. Tawny spotted Becky in Venice and chased her up a bell tower while threatening her. Ridge rejected Taylor's suggestion that Brooke and Thorne might really be in love.
January 17 to 21, 2000
To escape Tawny's threats, Becky said that she'd leave Venice. Brooke responded to Ridge's kiss. Taylor told Thorne she was leaving Ridge because she knew that he and Brooke still cared for each other. Thorne later saw Ridge and Brooke kissing. Amber reluctantly agreed to let Becky see baby Eric. Kimberly told Rick she was ending her modeling career.
January 24 to 28, 2000
Taylor sensed that Ridge was hurting over what he had done to Brooke. Meanwhile, Macy told a shocked Thorne that while she would always love him, she wouldn't compete with Brooke to win him back. Rick, still smarting over his parting with Kimberly, was shocked to hear Amber confess that their baby had died at birth and that she had taken Becky's child to pass off as theirs.
January 31 to February 4, 2000
Rick reacted with disgust when Amber said he no longer had the burden of raising "their" child. Rick told Taylor that he would divorce Amber, but he wasn't sure he could let Becky take the baby. Kimberly got a strange call from Amber. Brooke told a shocked Thorne how Ridge and Eric had set them up.
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February 7 to 11, 2000
Ridge and Eric succeeded with their plan to break up Thorne and Brooke. Thorne got back together with an unlikely person. Rick found out about Amber's secret regarding his "son." Rick and Kimberly got back together after a surprise move from Rick. Amber tried to reconcile with Rick, to no avail. Sally was ecstatic about the developments between Thorne and Macy. Stephanie surprised everyone with her latest attempt to walk.
February 14 to 18, 2000
Brooke called Thorne and told him that he should go ask Eric and Ridge if it was a setup and insisted she and Thorne couldn't lose their love over what Eric and Ridge had done. Thorne left and told Macy he had someone to see that couldn't wait. Thorne left to see Eric and Ridge but ended up just talking to Ridge and Taylor. He found out that Brooke had been telling the truth and told Ridge and Taylor that he was going to go straighten things out between Macy, himself, and Brooke. Morgan went to see Brooke, and Brooke offered her a job as top designer. Morgan accepted after the figures Brooke showed that she was willing to pay. Macy and Sally went to an A.A. meeting, and Macy helped a girl with giving up alcohol; Macy was asked to be the girl's sponsor even though Macy had been clean for only six and a half years. Macy ran home to tell Thorne, and he was waiting there, ready to tell Macy the truth after just hanging up with Brooke.
February 21 to 25, 2000
Eric was sure Brooke had hired Morgan in revenge, and he was not about to let Morgan's trendy designs destroy the classic, elegant Forrester image he'd worked so hard to build. He and Ridge confronted Brooke, who told them that she wanted them to feel furious, helpless, and cheated, because that was what they had done to her. Ridge wanted Brooke to keep the issues of Thorne and Morgan separate. When Eric said that Brooke should be thanking them for saving her from making the biggest mistake of her life, Brooke went after him. Morgan walked in on the confrontation, and Brooke promoted her to head designer. Becky didn't want to hear Rick's negative words about Amber and suggested that he return some other time. Rick insisted that he just needed to be with little Eric. Rick was alarmed that Becky planned to return to Paris within days. He insisted that the child was a part of his family, and he wouldn't let Becky take him. When Rick was gone, Amber cried in Becky's arms, knowing how badly she'd hurt Rick. Thorne kissed Macy passionately, obviously thinking of someone else as she responded. After they made love, Macy wanted to know what kind of fantasy he was having.
February 28 to March 3, 2000
Everyone, including, Sally, was drawing the conclusion that Morgan was mischievous and that Brooke had hired her to destroy the Forresters. Rick informed Becky that she would not be going back to Paris -- at least not yet. Rick wanted to keep the baby in Los Angeles. The birthday bash thrown for Adam ended explosively, especially for Sally. Adam informed his family that in order for them to be safe, he needed to leave town. Ridge spied Morgan and Clarke kissing. He worried that she would lure him into her trap.
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MARCH 2000
March 6 to 10, 2000
Morgan and Brooke had a fashion show to show off Morgan's creations, but Brooke failed to invite Eric and Ridge. Eric reminded Brooke that all decisions regarding the fashion line had to go through him first. Thorne told Ridge to stop screwing around with Brooke's head, which made Ridge wonder if he still had feelings for Brooke. Sally explained to Darla and company what had happened at Spectra and tried to make Kimberly understand why her father had needed to leave. Sally stated that if it were not for Miles, she would not be lying in the hospital bed. Morgan and Taylor met, and they began to discuss the designs but later switched to guys. C.J. went to visit Amber and instead asked Becky out on a date, which she accepted. Thorne told Brooke to get over him and to get on with her life.
March 13 to 17, 2000
Morgan confronted Ridge and asked why he had left her the way he had. He told her that he was good at disappearing. Brooke and Morgan talked about Brooke's date with Giovanni, and she was having second thoughts about going out with him. Morgan told Brooke about her date with Clarke but said that it had not gone anywhere. Ridge talked to Stephanie about Morgan and how he felt about her; he said that he needed closure and she was the right person. Stephanie said that Brooke was always generous with other people's money and that she could get Morgan a job in Milan. Macy and Thorne were having lunch when Morgan and Giovanni arrived. There was a unique bond between Stephanie and Morgan. At Café Russe, Macy spied Roberta ordering a gin and tonic and tried to persuade her not to drink it.
March 20 to 24, 2000
Thorne went to deliver some invoices to Ridge, and Ridge informed Thorne that he would like for them to put their differences aside, for Stephanie's sake. Morgan and Taylor were having lunch at the Insomniac and Taylor noticed that Morgan was distracted by something. Taylor asked her what was happening between Morgan and Stephanie when she interrupted them. Brooke was thinking about Thorne finding her and Giovanni together and hoping that it would make him jealous and that he would return to her. She went so far as putting on a wedding gown and going down the runway with it on, hoping to entice him back. Kimberly realized that Amber had sabotaged her date with C.J. and was not pleased. Morgan and Ridge flew to Paris. Morgan vowed that she would never let Ridge find out that she'd had an abortion several years before.
March 27 to 31, 2000
Becky and C.J. drew closer romantically, but Sally didn't want her son mixed up with "the Moore Girl," or a baby. C.J. coerced his parents into having dinner with Becky, and Sally was reluctantly impressed when Becky stood her ground and displayed the best intentions toward C.J. Rick and Kimberly's first date at Café Russe was anything but romantic with Amber as their server. Kimberly ran Amber ragged and flaunted her new relationship with Rick. Amber lost her temper and would have been fired, had Rick not intervened. During a phone call, Becky's oncologist mistook Amber for Becky. Amber played along, and the doctor urged her to go to his office to hear some critical, if not fatal, news. In the Forrester showroom, Brooke danced with Thorne, and they shared a romantic moment, but he later insisted that he and Brooke avoid each other as much as possible for his marriage's sake. Brooke gave Taylor the number to Ridge's hotel in Paris, but warned that Morgan might answer the phone. Taylor called and was disconcerted when Morgan said that Ridge was in the shower. Brooke questioned Stephanie about Ridge and Morgan's past. Stephanie insisted that the brief fling had long since been over, but Brooke seemed to doubt it. In Paris, Morgan's erratic mood swings made it impossible for Ridge and Morgan to work. During one of Morgan's emotional outbursts, Ridge pinned her to the floor and demanded that she reveal what was wrong with her. Ridge was stunned to learn that Morgan had aborted a baby they'd conceived together years earlier.
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APRIL 2000
April 3 to 7, 2000
Morgan opened up to Ridge about how the abortion, coerced by Stephanie, had ruined Morgan's life. Becky told Sally about Becky's past, and Sally realized that she and Becky were more alike than Becky knew. Posing as Becky, Amber learned some grim news about Becky's health. C.J. romanced Becky and presented her with diamond earrings. Macy overheard Eric reminding Ridge that there would be no Thorne and Macy if Eric and Ridge hadn't taken action.
April 10 to 14, 2000
Macy was crushed when she inadvertently overheard a phone call between Eric and Ridge, during which the men agreed that if Ridge hadn't acted in Venice, Thorne would have chosen Brooke over Macy. Macy relayed the men's cryptic words to Kimberly, who urged Macy to believe in her marriage; however, nagging doubts had already crept into Macy's mind. Ridge was still livid at his mother for manipulating Morgan into an abortion, and after Morgan warned Stephanie that she'd finally pay, Stephanie urged the unsuspecting Taylor to be cautious of Morgan. Ridge and Morgan returned from Paris, and Brooke's and Taylor's curiosities about the pair continued. Taylor was resigned to believe her husband, who'd said Morgan's personal issues didn't concern them. Brooke, however, vowed to get to the truth. Taylor was surprised when Morgan revealed that talks with Ridge had made her want to have a child, and Morgan implored Taylor for her and Ridge's help in getting one. While pretending to be Becky again at another doctor's appointment, Amber learned that Becky had stage-four cancer. The doctor had little hope for Becky's recovery and gave "Becky" medication to keep her comfortable. Amber slipped the medication into smoothies that she insisted Becky drink. Amber was unable to tell Becky the truth, so Amber turned to Stephanie, who insisted that Becky be told and treated. Amber begged Stephanie not to ruin the final happy moments of Becky's life. Becky entered, and as she gushed with glee and optimism about life, Amber and Stephanie exchanged stark gazes.
April 17 to 21, 2000
Taylor agreed to help Morgan get a baby, but Taylor figured Morgan first needed to find a man -- or an insemination clinic. Morgan, however, secretly desired for Ridge to be the father for her baby. When she revealed her baby project to Ridge, he insisted that one baby could not replace another, and she needed a man in her life. Morgan didn't want a man if he wasn't Ridge, and she insisted that she'd reverse the past through the birth of a new baby. Macy became increasing insecure about Brooke and Thorne's working relationship, and on a night that he was late returning home from work, Macy struggled with her sobriety. She tried to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Brooke, who got upset and fled Thorne's office upon seeing her wedding dress box there. Just as Macy discovered the wedding dress and a packing slip dated the same day she'd been in Venice, Thorne entered and abruptly hauled the dress out of his office. Stephanie and Amber bonded as they tried to figure out how to help Becky, and they decided to throw a family birthday party for Little Eric. Amber appealed to Kimberly to let Rick be a part of the party, but Kimberly snubbed the invitation. Rick intervened and assured Amber that he and Kimberly would attend. Eric suspected that something more was going on when he learned that Amber and Stephanie had made up, and Brooke would be one of their party guests. Stephanie ducked his questions until he cornered her during the party, and she finally revealed Becky's condition to him.
April 24 to 28, 2000
Thorne stopped by the birthday party, but left his phone behind as he rushed to Macy's A.A. meeting. Macy called Thorne, but was disillusioned when Brooke, who'd found the phone, answered. The next day, Thorne and Macy had a big argument about the time he'd been spending with Brooke. Macy was again tempted by the bottle, but she poured it out and went straight to Ridge to find out what had transpired between him, Thorne, Eric, and Brooke in Venice. Taylor was floored when Morgan set up a surprise meeting for them at a fertility clinic, and she urged the gung-ho Morgan to think things through. Suddenly, the clinic made Morgan flash back to the abortion, and she ran out in a panic. Ridge and Stephanie had it out about Morgan, and he insisted that his mother admit that she'd wronged him and Morgan. Stephanie, however, said she'd do it all over again if she had to. Ridge let it slip that Morgan was living at the beach house and seeking to become pregnant. Stephanie marched straight to the beach house to tell Morgan to pack her bags and stay away from Ridge. Morgan bragged that she'd have a baby, and Taylor and Ridge would support her through it. Stephanie warned Morgan that her plans had better not include Ridge. C.J. decided to take Becky away on a romantic trip, and Eric told Amber that she had to tell C.J. about Becky's illness. Amber found the gleeful C.J. preparing for his trip and said she had something important to reveal about Becky.
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MAY 2000
May 1 to 5, 2000
Sally urged Amber to tell Becky that Becky was dying so that Becky would have time to say goodbye to her loved ones. Kimberly assured Macy that if Thorne wanted out of the marriage, he would tell her. Taylor was shocked when Ridge told her that it was Stephanie who had pressured Morgan into having the abortion.
May 8 to 12, 2000
Rick reluctantly told Brooke he wouldn't stand in the way of her relationship with Thorne. Kimberly vowed that no one would break up Macy's marriage to Thorne. C.J. reaffirmed his feelings for Becky, saying he couldn't imagine life without her. Later, C.J. found Sally, Eric, Stephanie, and Amber waiting to tell him that Becky was dying of cancer.
May 15 to 19, 2000
Morgan overheard Ridge tell Taylor that he might have married her if he had known she was pregnant. Later, Morgan asked Ridge and Taylor to stay with her while she was being artificially inseminated. During the procedure, Morgan kept having flashbacks about her abortion and had the insemination stopped. Morgan told Taylor she wanted to know the father of her baby and asked Taylor if Ridge could be the father of her baby. C.J. tried to tell Becky that she had cancer, but she started having abdominal pains, and he asked her to marry him. Stephanie, Sally, and Amber agreed with C.J. not to tell Becky she had cancer. Sally gave Becky and C.J. her blessing, but Clarke said he could not support the marriage. Amber gave Becky her wedding dress and told her that it would give her good luck.
May 22 to 26, 2000
Macy was tempted to take a drink after Thorne told her that he wasn't ready to have a baby. Kimberly told Sally that she had caught Macy almost taking a drink. Taylor told Morgan that she didn't like the idea of Ridge being Morgan's baby's father. Rick confronted Thorne about his feelings about Brooke. Rick told Thorne that his marriage to Macy wouldn't last because he didn't love her. Thorne told Brooke he loved her and couldn't live without her, and he said he would tell Macy the truth. Macy stopped by a liquor store and, in a drunken stupor, confronted Brooke. Macy wanted Thorne to tell Brooke he didn't want her. Becky and C.J. called her parents and told them they were getting married. Becky's parents arrived in town to stop the wedding.
May 29 to June 2, 2000
Amber told Becky's parents Becky had cancer and there was no cure. They agreed to let C.J. and Becky get married. Tawny returned to town and found out about Becky's illness. Eric had the church decorated for the wedding. Becky's doctor called and left her a message to call him as soon possible. Thorne told Macy that Brooke hadn't caused her to start drinking and she needed to focus on staying sober and not worry about their marriage. Thorne told Brooke he was still leaving Macy, but he had to help her through her crisis. Sally warned Brooke to stay away from Thorne, or she would destroy her. Taylor told Ridge that Morgan wanted him to be the father of her baby. Ridge told Morgan that he couldn't be her baby's father because he would want to be a part of the baby's life. Taylor received a call from her father saying that he was ill. Taylor left a note for Ridge with a strange request and left town.
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JUNE 2000
June 5 to 9, 2000
Taylor left town to be with her father, who had fallen ill. She left a note for Ridge to father Morgan's baby through sexual intercourse. Ridge tried to call Taylor to let her know he couldn't do as she asked. After evaluating the situation, he told Morgan he would father her baby, but he wanted to be a part of his or her life. Becky asked Amber to be her maid of honor, and she hoped that Amber and Rick would get back together. C.J. told Rick that he and Becky were getting married, and he asked if Rick would be his best man. Becky received a call from her doctor asking why she hadn't gone in for her appointments because she was very ill. At the church, Becky told Amber she knew she was dying, and she couldn't marry C.J. Amber told her that everyone knew that she didn't have long to live, and they wanted to make her happy. Becky stopped the wedding and told C.J. she couldn't marry him because she was dying, and it wasn't fair for him to marry her because of her illness. C.J. told Becky the reason he was marrying her was because he loved her and wanted to keep that love always. Becky agreed to marry C.J., and after the ceremony, she collapsed.
June 12 to 16, 2000
Ridge was shocked to learn that Taylor hadn't sent him any emails, but she had lent Morgan her laptop. Ridge lit into Morgan for tricking him into sex, but Morgan claimed that Taylor never had to know. Ridge said Morgan had better pray she wasn't pregnant. A drunken Macy declared to Brooke that Thorne would never leave Macy; however, Macy's sponsor advised Thorne to tell Macy that the marriage had been a mistake. Complying with the sponsor's advice, Thorne asked Macy for a divorce.
June 19 to 23, 2000
Thorne told Macy nothing would change his feeling about her, and he still wanted a divorce. Thorne told Brooke he had told Macy the truth. Macy said Brooke would pay for taking Thorne away from her. Stephanie confronted Morgan and told her she had failed in getting between Ridge and Taylor; Stephanie said she should leave town. Ridge met Morgan at her house to get the results of the pregnancy test. C.J. took Becky out for a romantic dinner, and she became very ill. Becky said her goodbyes to C.J., Little Eric, and Amber.
June 26 to 30, 2000
Morgan's pregnancy test was negative, and Ridge told her he didn't know if he would ever forgive her. Morgan overheard Clarke tell Ridge and Taylor he hoped Brooke destroyed the Forresters and invited him to her place. She told him how she had tricked Ridge into making love with her to get her pregnant and the fake pregnancy test she had let Ridge see. Macy begged Brooke not to take Thorne away from her, and he confronted her with the divorce papers. Macy told Eric about Thorne leaving her for Brooke, and he confronted them. Thorne told Eric he was going to spend the rest of his life with Brooke, and there was nothing Eric could do about it. Macy tricked Thorne up to Big Bear to try to seduce him.
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JULY 2000
July 3 to 7, 2000
Morgan found out she was really pregnant by Ridge and made Clarke promise not to tell anyone. Macy told Thorne she realized their marriage was over and asked for one last night together. Brooke showed up at the cabin with the divorce papers and tried to get Macy to sign them. Macy told Brooke she wasn't giving Thorne up without a fight and took Brooke's car. Macy hit an oil tanker and got trapped behind the wheel while Brooke was unconscious with a head wound. Thorne happened upon the accident and got Brooke out; when he went to get Macy, the car blew up. Becky left a videotape for C.J. and Amber, asking them to raise Little Eric. Becky told Amber the man of her dreams was not far away.
July 10 to 14, 2000
Macy died in the car explosion. Thorne and Brooke were guilt-ridden about Macy's death. Sally didn't believe Kimberly about Macy's death until the police confirmed her story. Thorne showed up at Macy's memorial after C.J. warned him not to go. Stephanie also went to the memorial to support Thorne in his time of grief. Sally told Stephanie that Thorne didn't love Macy and he had another woman in his life.
July 17 to 21, 2000
Sally told Stephanie that Brooke was the woman in Thorne's life, and Stephanie collapsed. The doctor told Stephanie she'd had another stroke, but it was minor and she needed to avoid stress. Stephanie told Eric she would get Brooke out of their lives forever. Amber apologized to C.J. for being insensitive to his feelings, and they shared a kiss. Taylor asked Morgan if something had happened with Ridge because he seemed to be avoiding her. Morgan told Taylor she couldn't think of anything, and Taylor suggested to Morgan that she stop by more often to clear up the friction with Ridge. Stephanie gave Thorne an ultimatum: the family or Brooke.
July 24 to 28, 2000
Thorne chose Brooke over his family, and Stephanie told him he was no longer welcome in the family. Thorne told Kimberly that he and Brooke were getting married as soon as possible. Kimberly begged Thorne to postpone the wedding and vowed that Brooke would never have Thorne. C.J. told Rick he didn't want Rick to see Little Eric again, and Rick contemplated fighting for custody. Amber let Ash and some of his friends go over. Ash's jealous groupie called the police with a complaint about a party and planted some drugs. The police found the drugs and arrested C.J. and Amber -- and had Child Protective Services took Little Eric.
July 31 to August 4, 2000
Thorne told Kimberly he wouldn't marry Brooke until everything cooled down. Child Protective Services let Rick take Little Eric home with him. Rick approached Amber about moving into the Forrester mansion with Little Eric, and she turned him down. Amber shared a special dinner with C.J., and he took off his wedding ring. The police arrived with indictment papers for Amber. Taylor went to visit Morgan; she saw Clarke in a towel and told Stephanie. Stephanie went to Morgan's obstetrician and found out Morgan was pregnant. Stephanie called Ridge, asking him to meet her.
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August 7 to 11, 2000
C.J. told Amber that he wouldn't let anything happen to her, and they shared a kiss. Thorne told Kimberly she needed to do a makeover to cheer up and invited her to dinner. Kimberly showed up for dinner completely made over and told Thorne she wanted him to see her as a woman; she kissed him. Stephanie told Ridge that Morgan was nine weeks pregnant. Ridge confronted Morgan, who told him he was the father of her baby, and no one was making her have an abortion. Morgan told Clarke that Ridge knew the truth about the baby. Morgan was worried about what was going to happen when the truth was revealed. Ridge told Stephanie about Morgan's treachery to get pregnant and that he was the father of her baby. Stephanie told Ridge not to say anything to Taylor, and she would take care of Morgan.
August 14 to 18, 2000
Kimberly fantasized that Thorne kissed her and chose her over Brooke. Later, Kimberly told Brooke that she had a new man in her life and not to worry about her. Rick asked Amber to think about moving back into the Forrester mansion with Little Eric. Rick kissed Amber and told her they could raise the baby together. Amber went home and found that C.J. had made a pizza with a pepperoni heart; he told her that he really cared for her. Stephanie had Bill Spencer get her some pills to cause an abortion and went to see Morgan. Bill told Ridge what Stephanie had planned. Ridge went to Morgan's and stopped Stephanie from going through with her plan. Morgan promised to take Stephanie down after what she had tried to do.
August 21 to 25, 2000
Morgan confronted Stephanie about what she had tried to do her and told her nothing was going to stop her from having her baby. Stephanie told Ridge that he had to tell Taylor the truth about Morgan. Taylor invited Morgan over for lunch and asked who her baby's father was. Amber went to court, and the judge told her to get a lawyer because she was facing serious charges. After court, Amber met an attorney named Sherman Gale who she let take her case. Kimberly told Bridget that Thorne and Brooke were involved, and Bridget went home and found them together. Brooke and Thorne told Bridget that they loved each other and that they were getting married. Eric told Bridget she could live with him and Stephanie. Bridget gave Brooke an ultimatum: her or Thorne.
August 28 to September 1, 2000
Brooke wouldn't choose between Bridget and Thorne and persuaded Bridget to go home with her to work things out. Morgan promised Stephanie and Ridge she wouldn't tell anyone who her baby's father was and later called Clarke and begged him to keep her secret. Sherman persuaded Amber to plead guilty to a lesser felony charge so she wouldn't get any jail time. Eric told Rick they could fight for custody of Little Eric and win because of Amber's drug conviction.
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September 4 to 8, 2000
Stephanie asked Amber to move back into the guesthouse with the baby, and Amber refused. Amber let the Forresters know that she and C.J. had feelings for each other, and they would raise little Eric together. Later, Stephanie told C.J. that Amber was at the Forrester mansion, and C.J. promised them that they would never see Little Eric again. Kimberly sang a song for Thorne and told him she loved him. Thorne told her they could only be friends; she vowed that Brooke would never have him.
September 11 to 15, 2000
Taylor advised Brooke to take Bridget on a trip to prove Bridget, not Thorne, was her priority. Kimberly challenged Thorne to prove that he didn't want to escalate their relationship. C.J. cautioned Amber about the Forresters' agenda. Stephanie, Eric, and Rick considered having Amber's parole conditions changed in order to force her and baby Eric to move back in with them. Morgan assured Taylor that she had been artificially inseminated.
September 18 to 22, 2000
Brooke and Bridget left for their mother/daughter trip to Hawaii. Brooke insisted that the purpose of their trip was only for them to get closer again. Back in Los Angeles, Kimberly took advantage of Thorne's lust for Brooke and tried to seduce him, which prompted him to call Brooke and tell her he wanted to announce their engagement and get married as soon as she got back. Bridget and Kimberly were both mortified at the news. Stephanie got a court order demanding Amber and Little Eric move into the guesthouse as part of Amber's probation. Amber didn't want to leave C.J. and said she would only move in if C.J. went with her. Seeing how serious Amber was about C.J., Stephanie agreed to it.
September 25 to 29, 2000
Getting ready for the fashion show, Kimberly tearfully said to herself and Bridget that she had lost Thorne to Brooke. In his office, Thorne told Rick that he and Rick's mother were getting married as soon as Morgan's show was finished. Thorne asked Rick to be his best man. Rick happily said, "Yes." On stage, behind the curtain, Thorne tried to make Kimberly understand that their romantic relationship was all in her head. Feeling desperate to prove to him that it wasn't, she kissed him. Bridget lifted up the curtain on the stage and exposed Thorne to her mother, as well as Stephanie, Eric, and Ridge -- and the press covering the show. Thorne begged Brooke for her forgiveness, but Brooke said she couldn't marry him anymore because she didn't feel that she could trust him. "I want you to be my wife," Thorne begged her. "Yes, I know you do," she replied, "but now I'm wondering why." Stephanie told Eric she was delighted with the situation because, at least out of self-respect, Brooke couldn't possibly marry Thorne anymore. Rick and Bridget then teamed up to make Brooke choose between them or Thorne.
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October 2 to 6, 2000
In Sally's office, Kimberly told Sally, C.J., and Clarke that she and Thorne were involved as a couple. When Brooke arrived back home, Rick and Bridget told her that Thorne had to go. Alone, Brooke tearfully told Thorne that if the four of them couldn't be a family together then she couldn't marry him. Bridget was relieved when Brooke said she had broken things off with Thorne. After an angry outburst from C.J., Amber begged Stephanie to give him a second chance and let him stay with her and Little Eric. Meanwhile, C.J. did some thinking about his feelings toward Amber, and when she arrived back at the guesthouse, he proposed to her. A close call with Dax nearly finding out the truth about the paternity of Morgan's baby scared Ridge into demanding that Morgan have a miscarriage.
October 9 to 13, 2000
Morgan's doctor told her and Ridge that there was a small tear in her placenta, but that it should heal on its own. She also informed them that Morgan was having a boy. C.J. proposed to Amber. When she said she was not ready for marriage yet, he told her to hang on to the ring. About to make love to Thorne, Brooke realized that she couldn't break her kids' trust in her and asked Thorne to leave. At home, while drinking himself into a frenzy, Thorne realized that his family had been right all along -- Brooke, in the end, had hurt him.
October 16 to 20, 2000
Recovering from the night before, Thorne woke up believing he and Kimberly had made love. C.J., Sally, and Connor began to work to get C.J. full custody of Little Eric. Amber grew more confused over her feelings for C.J. and Rick when Rick and Stephanie tried to make Amber see that Rick would be a better husband to her and father to Little Eric than C.J. would. Ridge got worried when Clarke implied to him that he knew who the father of Morgan's baby was.
October 23 to 27, 2000
C.J. was granted temporary custody of Little Eric, and was relieved when he, Amber, and his son were able to move out of the Forester house and begin their new life together. Kimberly continued to put up the wall between Brooke and Thorne by implying to Brooke that Thorne had deflowered her. Rick declared that he was going to find Little Eric's real father and get him to grant Rick full custody of Little Eric. Thorne begged Brooke to believe him that what he had done with Kimberly had just been meaningless sex.
October 30 to November 3, 2000
Rick had second thoughts about getting Deacon involved in Little Eric's life after meeting with him at his club. C.J. and Amber made plans to wed the next week. Morgan realized she was in love with Ridge and was determined to make him fall in love with her. Ridge took Morgan to her Lamaze class, where they got locked in the closet of an empty classroom together.
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November 6 to 10, 2000
Deacon learned Little Eric was his son. Rick agreed to give Deacon $100,000.00 for full custody rights. C.J. and Amber discussed their final wedding arrangements. Sally and Stephanie discussed whether the marriage should even take place. Rick pushed the Foresters' lawyer, Jonathan, to get the custody papers drawn up before the wedding began. Amber worried that she still loved Rick.
November 13 to 17, 2000
Helping Amber get ready for the wedding, Darla sensed Amber was still torn between Rick and C.J. Eric and Stephanie joined Rick's crusade to stop Amber from marrying C.J. Rick took Deacon to the church, where he announced that Deacon was Little Eric's biological father. Brooke and Bridget discussed their lack of a "social life." Thorne dropped by Brooke's office and swore to her that he was not involved with Kimberly.
November 20 to 24, 2000
Visiting Amber, Taylor tried to counsel her into thinking twice before marrying C.J. when she still had feelings for Rick. Seeing how desperate the fashion clans were over his son, Deacon had second thoughts about signing the custody papers so quickly. Clarke informed an agitated Ridge that he knew Ridge was the father of Morgan's baby and that it was only a matter of time before Taylor knew as well.
November 27 to December 1, 2000
Amber decided to take matters into her own hands and talk to Deacon about Little Eric's future. Clarke was nervous when Sally took Patsy the Python in for the reptile skin fashion show. Ridge prepared to tell Taylor the truth about the paternity of Morgan's baby, but stopped when he heard the news of Clarke's death. Jonathan, the Forrester family lawyer, devised a plan to trap Deacon into sealing the deal.
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December 4 to 8, 2000
Deacon realized the Forresters were setting him up and stormed out of their house with the already-signed custody papers. In Clarke's hospital room, Morgan admitted to him that she was the one who had let the snake out of its cage, and she threatened to shut him up for good if he tried to tell Taylor her secret. Stephanie warned Ridge that she thought Morgan had tried to kill Clarke and that he should find a way to protect Taylor and the kids. Terrified of Deacon kidnapping her baby, Amber considered running away with Little Eric. Deacon opened up to Stephanie about his own stepfather and childhood.
December 11 to 15, 2000
Trying to scare Clarke without Taylor knowing, Morgan hovered behind Taylor as Taylor tried to decipher Clarke's message to her. Thorne told Brooke he didn't want to go on the next photo shoot with Kimberly and begged Brooke not to make him. Brooke was hit on the head with an overhanging lamp in the photo studio. Bridget announced to Kimberly that she no longer planned to stand in the way of her mother's happiness with Thorne. Deacon informed both the Forresters and the Spectras that he had decided to raise Little Eric himself.
December 18 to 22, 2000
Not feeling insecure about her mother's love for her anymore, Bridget informed both Brooke and Thorne that she was not going to stand in their way any longer. Deacon and Carmen took Little Eric home with them. Rick promised Amber he would get their son back. Ridge finally told Taylor that he had slept with Morgan and was the father of Morgan's baby. Taylor asked Ridge to leave. Brooke told a confused Rick that she was engaged to Thorne again. Brooke welcomed Amber back into their family.
December 25 to 29, 2000
Amber stormed into Deacon's lair, demanding to see her son, distraught that she wasn't able to comfort him. Deacon vowed to prove to Amber that he was going to be a good father to Little Eric. Arguing with Taylor, Morgan fell from the upstairs landing in Ridge and Taylor's house. At the hospital, Morgan had an emergency C-section. Rick and Amber discussed their future together, while Darla helped C.J. set up a romantic evening for himself and Amber.
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