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Amber confessed to attempting to pass Becky's baby off as Rick's because Amber and Rick's baby had been stillborn. Taylor noted that Ridge seemed to regret what he'd done to Brooke. Macy told Thorne that she couldn't compete with Brooke for his affection.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 24, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, January 24, 2000

Ridge and Taylor are on the plane on their way home from Venice. They both look very unhappy with what has transpired. Taylor says that it is over. Ridge says that Thorne and Brooke are history thanks to him. Taylor tells Ridge that they had to do what they did to Brooke for a reason. She said that although it may have been wrong, it did prove something.Ridge wonders if it really proved anything. Ridge feels like he pushed Brooke too hard and she was very vulnerable. Taylor asks Ridge if Brooke came on to him because she thought that they had split up. Ridge says, " I don't know Doc, maybe?" Taylor said that she is not trying to defend what they did, but the fact is that Brooke did give in to him. She said that Brooke would have caused Thorne a lot of heartache if they had gotten married. Ridge said and it would have definitely killed their mother.

Thorne returns to his room at the hotel when there is a knock at the door. It is a hotel employee delivering a note from Thorne's fiancée. Thorne takes the note crumbles it and throws it across the room. He says that he never wants to see Brooke again. Thorne has memories of seeing Brooke and Ridge in bed. He grabs his coat and says, " what a fool I've been." He then heads out the door. Thorne is walking around hopelessly in the rain. He is remembering happier times that he spent with Brooke. A lot of those memories took place in Venice. He even remembers proposing to her. He says to himself that she never got over Ridge and shakes his head. A hand touches his shoulder and he turns around and looks stunned.

Kimberly and Rick are in the hotel cafe. Kimberly finally realizes that it is over between her and Rick. She feels that she was wrong about Amber and she needs to give them a chance. She says that she knows that he loves his baby deeply. Rick is unable to accept that it is over with Kimberly, when it never really began. Kimberly kisses him on the lips and says good-bye and good luck. Rick is sitting at the table with tears in his eyes.

Amber demands that Becky give her back the baby. Becky tells Amber that it is not her baby. Amber tells Becky that they have both changed, and she understands how Becky feels. She tells becky that she has been raising the baby as her own for over a year. She said that the baby had bonded with her and Rick. She said that it would ruin her marriage and her family if she lost the baby now.Becky said that Rick wouldn't leave Amber if he really loved her. Amber said that when he finds out that it is not their baby, Eric will hate her. Becky said that one day the secret will be out anyway. Becky tells Amber that she has to give little Eric back to his real mother. She said that how can Amber go on lying to Little Eric and that the truth has to come out before it's too late. Amber asks Becky if she really believes that she will let her walk out of the door with the baby. Becky believes that she will because it is the right thing to do. Amber says that Little Eric needs them. Becky said that wishes that she could help Amber with her family but that she had a son to think about. Amber feels that Becky knew that it would come down to this all along. Becky said that when she held the baby in her arms today, she knew what she had to do. She said that she was taking the baby back to Paris with her.Becky wishes that she could help ease Amber's pain. Amber doesn't feel that Becky can give the baby what she and Rick can. Becky said that she could give him a mother's love. She said that she knew that Amber had lost a baby and that it was hard. She told Amber that she could no longer pretend that her baby had died. She said that now Little Eric would have the love of his mother and his cousin Amber.She tells Amber that it is all for the best. Amber is crying. Becky says that they should leave before Rick gets home. She said that this is best for everyone. Amber says that it is not best for her. Becky thanks Amber for all that she did for Little Eric. Amber is crying and says that she really loves Little Eric. Becky tries to comfort her.

Tuesday, January 25, 2000

Macy tells Thorne she knows about Brooke and that he was protecting his mother from the truth. Macy doesn't want to hear his apologies, but has something to say. She warns Thorne that the same thing happens in every relationship Brooke has with a man who isn't Ridge, and she doesn't want to see that happen to Thorne. He tries to stop her from leaving, but Macy just says that she loves him and walks away. Tawny tries desperately to get Becky to leave. Amber needs to speak to Rick alone, and asks Becky to trust her and leave the baby behind. Rick sees that Amber has something heavy on her mind. She goes into his arms. Amber asks if she would even be a part of his life now if it weren't for the baby. Rick tells her they should be enjoying their honeymoon, but Amber makes a decision. She tells Rick that she's going to explain everything.

Wednesday, January 26, 2000

In Venice, Amber begins to tell Rick what happened when she gave birth to Eric. She tells him she wanted to tell him the truth a long time ago but couldn't. He asks her "Tell mw what?" Brooke cannot believe that Thorne has left Italy. Brooke declares that she will find him, explain what happened and that he will forgive he and tell her he loves her. Just then, there is a knock at the door. When Brooke asks who it is, she is surprised to hear Kimberly's voice. Kimberly asks if Brooke got her an earlier flight to LA. She tells her yes and that she will be joining her on that flight.

Becky shows up in the lounge and Tawny sees her. Becky tells her that it is all over. Tawny asks her "What is over?" Tawny says that if she loves the baby, she will let it drop and go back to Paris alone. Beck tells Tawny that Amber's whole life has been made up of lies and that she has made it this way, it is all her fault and that she and Amber have come to a mutual agreement concerning Little Eric. Amber tells Rick that she could not tell him until now about what happened that night when Eric was born and Rick tells her that she should have told him long ago and that she could tell him anything. He tells her that that he is her husband and that she should not be afraid to tell him what is bothering her. He asks her to tell him everything that happened that night.

Tawny says to Becky "How dare you criticize me" and that she is jeopardizing Little Eric's future by being in Venice. Becky says that he has a brilliant future and that she is grateful to Amber for what she has done for him and for her but that he will finally be with his real mother. Tawny tells her that she does not care about anyone but herself and that the baby is still better off with Amber and Rick and not with her. Becky tells Tawny that their marriage is coming to an end even as we speak. Rick tells Amber that he should have been with there with her during the delivery but that her mother was with her instead. He says that he knows all of this already and that they do not need to discuss this any further. She wishes that the circumstances about that fateful night were different but she can't change the fact of what happened. He tells her that he is sorry that he was not with her but that it would not change how he feels about her now. She tells him that there is a lot more and then he begins to look at her weird.

Kimberly helps Brooke pack for their flight home. Brooke asks her how she is doing and that she is sorry about Rick and her. Kimberly says that she is sorry to and now Rick will never be with her but with Amber. Rick tells Amber that it must have been a rough evening when the baby was born. He asks her to help him understand what happened that night. Amber begins to tell him what happened during the delivery. She says that it was the happiest day of her life but that there was something wrong with him in that he was not crying. He begins to understand and says that it must have been awful watching him fight for his life but that everything worked out because he is here with them.

Brooke tells Kimberly that it breaks her heart that they can't be together and reassures her that he still loves her. Kimberly says that he still loves his son and that he won't leave Amber. She tells Brooke that they probably will never know Amber's secret but that she can't go on like this much longer.

Becky tells Tawny that she ruined her daughter's marriage and that once Rick knows the truth about the baby, he will leave her. Tawny says that she will not blackmail her this way and Becky tells Tawny that she does not want any money just her son and she tells her that she is taking him back from Amber and back to Paris where he belongs. Rick tells Amber that she has to find a way to forget about that night. He tanks god that the midwife was there to save his life but Amber says "NO" that she did not save his life. She tells him that the baby still would not breath and that the midwife gave up and that she did not want her to give up and she begged her to keep trying. Rick, now confused, pleads with her to tell him what she did to make him breath again. She tells him that she could not make him breath. Rick says that she did because he is here and is fine. He again pleads with his wife to tell him what happened.

Thursday, January 27, 2000

In their hotel room, Rick says that he is sorry for yelling at Amber and asked if she took the baby to the hospital. She said that it was too late for that. He comes over, grabs her by the arms and says "Too Late", what happened to my son?"

Tawny tells Becky that she is not taking the baby anywhere. Becky tells Tawny that she and Amber came to an agreement and that by now, Rick knows the truth about the baby. Rick begs Amber to tell him about his son. She explains that he died. Rick is in total shock, to which he replies, "What?" She says he did not make it and he starts saying "The Paramedics..." and that it does not make any sense what she is telling him and that he is right there in the crib. She finally tells him that he is not his son and that his real son died in Furnace Creek, to which he yells "NO", and asks "Why are you saying this to me." She tells him how beautiful he was and how he would have loved him so. He asks, "if his son is dead, then who is this"?

Becky says that if Tawny is smart, she should take off because Rick will know the truth very soon and that Tawny is living in a fantasy if she thought for just one more moment that Rick will stay with Amber knowing that "Eric" is not his. Rick says to Amber again that if this isn't Eric Forrester the 3rd, then who is he. She tells him that she wanted to die about what had happened to the baby. She says that when she woke up after the delivery, there was a baby in her arms that she told her mother to take the baby and leave but that she did not listen to her and told her that the baby needed her. Rick looks at the baby. Amber tells him she's sorry for lying to him all this time. He says, "This is not my son." Amber said that it was God's way telling her to keep the baby as her own and that Becky was all alone. He says "Becky." He finally realizes what has happened and says "Becky's, this is Becky's baby."

Kimberly looks out her hotel room window and says that she let her get her hopes up and says that it is hard to let Rick go especially when she knows how it could have been between she and Rick. She begins to cry and says that there has to be a way to forget all this. Later on, Rick says to Amber, "Becky gave you her son." She tells him that Becky put him up for adoption and that she did not know she had him until recently. He said to her that she knowingly brought him home, put him into his arms, even though he is not his. He asks her where his son is. She tells him that she buried him. He yells at her that his son is dead and he never got to say goodbye and that the boy that he gave up his whole life for is dead. He says to her that you sang and sang to him just like it was hers, and when she comes to comfort him, he pushes her away and tells her to get away from him.

Kimberly opens the door and Giovanni is standing there. He asks if he could come in and is told that she is leaving to go back home. He tells her that he can't let her go and that she should stay and let him take care of her and that there is lots more for her to see and that tonight she is his.

Rick tells Amber that he cannot believe what he is hearing and she tells him that what she is telling him is the truth. He says that he spent the last year of his life for a child that was not his. Amber tells that she thought that everything would be all right but now she could not let this go on any longer. Rick says that he worked his butt off so that Amber could raise his son but now that she is telling him that it was all a lie and Amber confirms his question. She tells him that it was her decision to lie to him about the baby and let him fall in love with him but that her mother made her do it by starting the lies. He tells her that she does not care if she hurt him as long as she got what she wanted. He tells her that he is an idiot.

Amber tells him she loves him and he tells her to shut up and that she never loved him to begin with. He tells her he can't believe that he loved her at all. Amber says that she did not deserve him and she never did and she knew that having his baby was her chance to be with him. She also tells him that he hates herself for what she has done and begs to him to tell her how she can make it up to him. He looks at her in disgust.

Friday, January 28, 2000

Brooke asks the bellhop to take her luggage downstairs. She says she is sorry about Thorne seeing her and Ridge kissing. She claims Ridge tricked her and vows she will straighten it out when she gets to LA.

Rick tells Amber that there is nothing she can do to make it up to him. She tells him she was afraid to tell him the truth because she knew he would hate her, and he says you're right, I do hate you. He tells her that what she did was a crime and that she never loved him. She tells Rick that Becky is taking the baby back.

Tawny told Becky that because of her, the baby would be a ward of the state if Amber had not taken him and that she should just let things lie and go back to Paris as if nothing has happened and let Rick and Amber continue raising the baby. Becky stresses further that she is taking the baby back to Paris with her and that Rick will leave Amber by the end of the day.

Kimberly told Giovanni that she would not stay with him. He begs her to change her mind and that she needs to see Italy before she leaves and that he is the only person who can show it to her. She tells him that she cannot stay once more. She tells him that she has to get back home. He asks her who is she going back to and tells her that he wants her to get through all that has happened and what a better way to do it but with him and in Italy. She thanks him for all that he has done for her. He tells her it is okay and says he will make sure that her luggage gets to the airport.

Brooke says that Thorne will understand once she sits him down and talks to him. Her only regret was leaving her son in Italy with that lying "Bitch." Rick asks where Becky is taking the baby and she informs him that she is taking him back to Paris. He asks her if she knows what it is like for him not to able to see his son ever again and declares that he is staying with him and is not going back to Paris. Amber tells him that he can't do that because he is not his son.

Brooke sees Kimberly getting on the plane. She tells Kimberly that she thought she had changed her mind about coming home. Kimberly tells her that she has to get over she and Rick being together. Kimberly tells her that she thought that things would work out once she talked to Becky about Amber's secret and still thinks that the secret was about the baby.

Amber wishes that the baby were really Rick's and not Becky's. Rick is very angry with Amber and asks who else knows about this besides his mom. He says that now he has to tell his family that the baby they were showering with love is not his but Becky's. He further tells her that he never believed in the devil but now he does and that he is staring at her. She says that I guess maybe you are.

Brooke asks Kimberly if she still thinks that the secret is about the baby and Kimberly tells Brooke that she does just by Becky's reaction whenever she mentioned the baby. Kimberly said that it can't be, Amber would never do that to Rick, but did she. Brooke asks "did what?"

Rick kneels down in front of the crib and looks at the baby and says, "my namesake, my father's namesake" and asks how he could he possibly give him away. She tells Rick that she would die before she would take away something that was his and reaffirms that they have to give him back to Becky because it is the right thing to do. He begins to cry and says that not a day went by that he wished he was a day older but that he had a boy and was able to go over and watch him grow and change every day. He tells her of all the things he would give up for him and that he loves him so much and never thought he could love someone so much as he does the baby and says that he now has to give him up to someone who does not love him and how can he leave without him, someone who never existed in the first place.

He tells her that she took away two children from him, one he never got to know and one that he knows and now has to give away. He tells the baby how much he loves him that he always will and Becky will never take him away from him.

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