The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 7, 2000 on B&B

Amber tried to reconcile with Rick, to no avail. Ridge and Eric's plan to break up Thorne and Brooke worked, and Sally rejoiced about the developments between Thorne and Macy. Brooke was stunned to see a wedding band on Macy's finger.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 7, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, February 7, 2000

At Thorne's house, he and Brooke are discussing the set-up by Ridge and Eric. Thorne said that he would never forgive Ridge or Eric for what they had done. Brooke said that she felt that Eric was more at fault because the whole plan was his idea. Brooke wants to go away with Thorne, but he tells her that he has no intention of going anywhere with her. She doesn't seem to understand where all this is coming from, but he reminds her that he saw her on the bed kissing Ridge. She explains that it was all a set-up. She tells him that Ridge came to her because his marriage was in trouble and he was very upset. She was only trying to comfort him. She said that she didn't realize how vile and disgusting he really was. She said that Ridge and Eric were trying to destroy what they had. Thorne tells her that they didn't destroy them, she did. He tells her that she fell for the set-up, and all that she ended up doing was proving that they were right about her. She asks Thorne to remember what he said to her when he gave her the ring. He tells her to take the ring off. He tells her that they couldn't go back, and that he could have given her something that no one had been able to give her. He said that he had given her his heart and soul. Brooke said that she would take off the ring for now, but in time he would be placing the ring back on her finger. Thorne takes the ring. Macy comes in with the mail and she and Brooke exchange glances. Macy asks Brooke. "What are you doing here"

Kimberly comes over to Rick's house. Kimberly seems surprised to see him.She said I thought that you would still be on your honeymoon. He tells her that the honeymoon is over. He also says that his marriage is over. Kimberly is happy to hear this, but she tells him that she knows that he will still have to see Amber because of the baby. Rick tells her that it wasn't his son, nor was it Amber's son. He said that the baby was Becky's. He tells Kimberly that his baby died and was buried in the desert. He said that Becky didn't even know that Little Eric was her son until she came to Los Angeles. He said that she had believed that Amber and Tawny had given up her baby for adoption. He said that Becky didn't take the baby at first, because she thought that he and Amber could do much more for the baby. He said that Becky wants her baby back, but he doesn't know how to deal with it. He said that he doesn't feel any different where the baby is concerned. Kimberly says that maybe Becky will still let him see the baby , because she seemed to be a kind person. She tells Rick that at least he was free of Amber. Rick tells Kimberly that he has held back his feelings for her for so long. She tells him that he no longer has to hold anything back. He tells her that he loves her and they kiss.

At Forresters, Eric and Megan are having a discussion about Brooke and Thorne. Megan says that not only is Brooke her boss, but she is also her friend. She doesn't understand how Eric can treat Brooke like he does. She feels that Thorne and Brooke should be allowed to work things out as they see fit. Eric tells her that she doesn't understand. He said that Brooke and Thorne don't have the right to put Stephanie's life in danger. He also said that Brooke doesn't love Thorne. He said that Thorne is a substitute for Ridge just like he was , and every other man that Brooke has ever been involved with.

Ridge arrives home and Taylor informs him that Rick and Amber's marriage is over. She tells him that Little Eric is Becky's child and that Amber did all of that just to get Rick to marry her. Ridge wants to go over and see Rick, but Taylor tells him that Kimberly is visiting. Taylor said that Kimberly is just what Rick needs. She says that now he can actually live the life of a young man with no more adult responsibilities.

Tuesday, February 8, 2000

Kimberly promises Rick that he'll never be lonely again. Brooke wants Macy to leave, but Macy tells Brooke that Thorne has made his decision. Brooke is stunned when Macy explains that she was in Venice, too. Macy reveals that Thorne followed her to the airport, and they went to Amsterdam together. Horrified, Brooke asks Macy to take off her gloves. Macy does, and reveals a beautiful wedding band. Thorne asks Brooke to leave. She runs out and sobs. Sally tells Stephanie that she hopes something positive happened in Venice between Macy and Thorne. Stephanie worries that Brooke may have driven them apart, but Sally tries to calm Stephanie's anxiety. Rick admits that he used to wonder what it would be like to kiss Kimberly without feeling guilty. Kimberly points out that now he can have fun again. Rick gathers all of Amber's belongings and throws them out the door just as Amber is arriving. Amber tries to talk to Rick and convince him that she didn't lie about loving him. Rick insists that he just wants her gone. As she goes, Rick throws his wedding ring onto the pile of Amber's things.

Wednesday, February 9, 2000

At Spectra, Adam is worried about Macy and her whereabouts. Sally tells him not to worry about her. Darla enters and informs them that she is at Thorne's. Sally says that there must be something good happening for her to be there. Adam tells Sally not to jump to conclusions. Sally decides that they all should go to Thorne's. Brooke, still reeling from Macy & Thorne's announcement, tells Megan that the wedding is off. Megan wonders why and asks what happened in Italy. Brooke still cannot believe that she was dumped for Macy and Brooke tells her what Eric, Ridge and Taylor did not set her up and when Thorne walked in on she and Ridge in bed, he left her.

Eric tells ridge that Stephanie is in bed and that she had a rough evening. Eric is worried that Brooke & Thorne are back together and that Stephanie fears the same. They both wonder if they're plan backfired. Macy and Thorne still cannot believe they are finally together and they share a kiss. Macy is truly happy to be together with Thorne. Macy tells him that they need to tell their families and just then, there is a knock at the door and they hear Sally's voice.

Sally, Adam, Darla and Clark enter and Sally can tell that they have done it. Adam asks why she did not call him and why she stayed at Thorne's and not at his place. She tells him that she decided to stay at her husbands. She detects that Adam is upset at the news. She asks him what he is upset about and he tells her that if she is happy, then so is he. He tells Thorne that he seems quiet and he tells Adam that he is tired from the long flight home. They tell them what happened in Italy.

Ridge tells Eric that they did quite a number on Brooke & Thorne and there is no way that they would be back together, but Ridge says that it could have backfired and it drew them closer. Brooke tells Megan that not only did Thorne break up with her, he got back together with someone else. Megan is in awe. She tells Megan that Thorne saw her and Ridge in bed. Megan told her that she was victimized. Brooke told her that if she caught Thorne in bed with another woman, she would have done the same thing. She tells Megan that she has to stop everything before he settles in with Macy. She says that the pressure from their families would be so great that the marriage would never last and that he will run back to her and she will be there to comfort him.

Sally asks then what changed their minds and decided to be together. Macy tells them what happened with Brooke. She said that she was concerned about Thorne and tells them what they did in Amsterdam. Sally tells Macy & Thorne that there was someone missing from the celebrations and asked Thorne his permission to call Eric & Stephanie. The phone rings and Eric answers it. Sally asks to speak with Stephanie and Eric asks why. She tells him that something wonderful has happened and that they need to get over to Thorne's right away.

Brooke tells Megan that Thorne is miserable and that marrying Macy is not what he wanted and that they have to prepare for battle. Eric and Stephanie arrive at Thorne's. She sees everyone there and asks what is going on. Sally introduces Mr. and Mrs. Forrester and Stephanie is overjoyed. She hugs Thorne and congratulates him. Eric welcomes Macy to the family. Stephanie tells Macy she is thrilled. Thorne asks Eric if he can speak with him in private. They discuss what happened in Italy. Eric lets it slip what happened and Thorne gets irate. Eric tells him what he did for him and that he freed him from Brooke's clutches and that deep down inside, he really loved Macy and wanted to be with her but was with Brooke just to spite his family. Macy interrupts them. Eric starts to make a toast when Thorne interrupts and says that before Eric can continue, he would like to tell everyone what happened in Italy. They all pause.

Thursday, February 10, 2000

Brooke is showing Megan the pictures of their trip in Venice. She tells her that what Ridge, Eric and Taylor did was a dirty trick and they will never get away with it. Thorne's pre-toast speech is directed to Stephanie. He tells her how she hoped and prayed for this marriage and that he is glad that he has made her so happy. Eric tells him that he has something to say. He tells him that nothing makes him happier than seeing his family happy. He tells Thorne that he will find no one better than Macy.

Amber is being shown an apartment. Becky tells her that it must have been awful what happened between she and Rick and how he threw her clothes out the door. Ridge and Taylor go and talk to Rick. They tell Rick if he needs anything, to ask and they will be there for him. He tells them that they were right about Amber. Ridge tells him that he made more blunders during his time with other women and his was not all that serious and that he will get over what he is feeling. Taylor told him not to be ashamed but proud. Rick hopes that the family feels the same when he tells them what has happened.

Becky is helping Amber move into the apartment but Amber tells her that she has to go and see the Forrester's about the baby. Becky says that this is something Rick should do on his own but Amber says she has to do it for some peace of mind. She tells Becky that no one put a gun to her head making her confess to Rick. She knows that the Forrester's will be furious with her.

Thorne continues to try to tell everyone what happened in Venice until the phone rings. It is Brooke on the other end and tells him that she needs to see him and now. He tells her not to call him because he has nothing to say to her and he is with Macy now. Brooke is trying to get through to him what Ridge, Eric and Taylor did but he has nothing left to say. He says that he thinks that there is something else going on and she implies that he should leave Macy. She tells him if he loves Macy, then she will leave him alone but if he does not, he will regret it forever. Eric asks him to come into the next room because there is something Stephanie needs to tell him.

Rick says that he needs to find the rest of the family so he can tell them everything. He admits that it's going to hurt really badly but that he needs to do this. Amber tells Becky that what Rick did to her hurts but she betrayed him and the family and now she has to stand in front of them and tell them how sorry she is despite of what Rick wants her to do. Amber claims that she has to do this for Rick because she took away his life and she feels repulsed for all of this. Becky asks her what is she going to tell them.

Thorne asks Stephanie what she needed to show him. She tells him that both he and Macy made this possible. She asks for help and she stand up out of her wheel chair. She goes over to see Macy to tell her ho9w glad she is that she is a Forrester now. Thorne crying, is glad to see her out of the chair. She tells him that she knows how tempting Venice is but that he knew all along what he had to do. They embrace on her miracle and are glad for all that has happened.

Friday, February 11, 2000

Eric proposes a toast to Ridge and Taylor thanking god that Thorne & Brooke are nor longer together. Ridge asks, "How can you be so sure" and Eric responds that he came home from Venice with Macy as his wife. Ridge is ecstatic and he says that it's not all. He tells them that they went to Thorne's and that Stephanie stood up and walked over to both Macy and Thorne. He thanks Ridge and Taylor for all that they have done. Ridge tells Eric that they have to talk about Rick.

Brooke and Kimberly are talking about Rick. She tells Brooke that something happened to Rick and Amber. Kimberly tells her that their marriage is over and Brooke asks her if it is about the secret that Amber is keeping and Kimberly says "yes" and it is horrible. Rick is looking at a picture of he and Eric in happier times and he asks himself how he can tell the family and what it is going to do to all of them. Becky asks Amber what she is going to tell the Forrester's and Amber replies "the truth." Becky suggests that she get a lawyer because she will be in a lot of trouble. Becky says that the family will line her up just like a firing squad and they wouldn't care what they do to her. Amber leaves for Rick's.

Brooke begs Kimberly to tell her what it is and Kimberly tells her that Rick needs to tell her himself. Brooke is delighted about this and Kimberly should to. She tells Brooke that this has more to do with the baby than it does with Amber. Brooke leaves to talk to Rick. Amber calls Rick to tell him that she will not let him talk to his family all alone. He tells her to stay away and that she is a virus to him. She asks when he is going to tell the family and when he tells her. He suggests that she get out of town because they will kill her. He says that if she wants to do something for the family, do not call him ever again and he lets her know that she has hurt him deeply and that he does not want to see her again. Becky said she is going with Amber because Stephanie will want to see the baby. Amber feels bad that she had to hurt Stephanie because she believed in her and supported her when the rest of the family wouldn't.

Brooke shows up at the Forrester's and sees Ridge and Taylor. She asks if they know about Rick. When they tell her they do, she blows up at them and accuses them of keeping things about her son from her. Rick calls and asks if everyone can come to the house. Brooke asks Taylor what she is doing there and she says that she came to see Rick. Brooke asks if she was invited and when Taylor replies no, she tells her to stay away and she is not needed. Brooke leaves for Rick's. Ridge tells Eric that it is a good idea for Taylor to go and Eric agrees saying that he does not want any trouble for Stephanie's sake. He leaves as well. Ridge tells him that what he is about to hear will be hard for him and that it will be harder on Stephanie.

Amber tells Becky she should not be a part of this. Becky says that if the baby is there, maybe the scene will not be too bad. Becky says she is protecting Amber because she needs it. Amber tells her again how what she did will hurt everyone badly. Amber tells Becky that they should leave before she looses her nerve and stays at home. Kimberly shows up at the Forrester's and Ridge asks her how she is doing. She asks if he knows about Rick and Amber. She tells him she is worried and wishes she could be there. Ridge tells her that maybe she should be there for Rick.

The family gathers at Rick's. Rick asks where Stephanie is and Eric says that they can wait for her but Rick says "NO." He begins to tell them what happened in Venice. Just then, Amber and Becky show up with the baby. He tells her he told her to stay away from him. Brooke demands that she leaves, much to Amber's chagrin. Amber says that she did something unforgivable to their son and that she should be the one to tell them what happened in Venice, not Rick because he had nothing to do with it. They all look at Amber and wait for her to tell all.

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