The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 14, 2000 on B&B

Brooke implored Thorne to find out the truth about Eric and Ridge's plan, and after talking to Ridge and Taylor about it, Thorne decided to settle things between him, Brooke, and Macy. Brooke hired Morgan DeWitt to design for Forrester. Macy went back to her A.A. meetings and became Roberta's sponsor.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 14, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, February 14, 2000

Amber and Becky show up at the Forrester house with the baby just as Rick is about to explain things to his family about what happened between them. Rick asks Amber to leave, but she says that he shouldn't have to go through this alone because it was all her fault. Taylor tells her that maybe she doesn't know what she has gotten herself into, but Amber says that she is aware and that she deserves everything that will happen to her. Rick tells her that she is right about that. Amber tells them that it's about the baby. Eric wants to know what's wrong with the baby. Amber tells him that the baby is alright. Eric says that he wants to see that for himself. He starts to take the baby from Becky, but Amber shouts out that it is not his grandson. Eric and Brooke look stunned. Rick tells them that it is true. Eric thinks that Amber is lying because the marriage is over. He feels that she is just trying to get back at them through the baby. Rick tells them that it was all a scam. Eric asked her if she even knew who the father was. Rick told them that the baby wasn't even Amber's. Brooke realized that the baby was Becky's, and asked Amber what happened to her baby. Amber said that her baby had died. Amber said that Becky was unaware of what had happened. Brooke said that she found it hard to believe that Becky was not involved. Taylor said that Becky was just as much a victim as the rest of them. Amber said that Becky's baby was born after her baby died, and she had decided to give the baby up for adoption. She said that Becky didn't think that she could properly take care of the baby. The mid-wife came by the trailer with the baby and Tawny decided that she should claim the baby as her own. Eric said that he couldn't believe that she was blaming everything on her mother. Becky said that it was all Tawny's fault. Rick said that he still loved the baby. Eric said that they would always make sure that the baby was okay. Becky told them that they didn't have to worry because she had decided to take the baby back to Paris. Brooke told her that she gave the baby up and she couldn't just take the baby because she wanted to. Brooke told Amber that she had ruined Rick's life. She said that she had taken the last two years of his life. She said that Amber had caused Rick problems with his family, and had taken him away from the only girl that he had ever loved (Kimberly). She told Amber that she hated her. She told Amber that she loved her son and his happiness was the only thing that mattered to her. Amber said that that was the way she felt about the baby. Amber said that when her baby died, she took all the love and gave it to this baby. She said that it broke her heart every time she saw Rick hold the baby, but she didn't know how to tell him. Eric said that she should have just told the truth. Amber wants to know if she can talk to Stephanie. Eric told her to stay away from his wife. He told her that if she came near any member of his family, he would have her arrested. At the hospital, Stephanie is having a physical therapy session. The Therapist tells her that she should have a son get married every week, if it makes her do this well. Stephanie tells her that she has run out of sons, but that her stepson was married. She said that He and his wife had a son, but that they were in Venice . She said that they should be home soon. She said that this was one of the happiest times in her life. At Spectra, Kimberly is telling Sally and Miles about the Rick and Amber situation.

Sally said that she almost feels sorry for Amber because the Forrester's would be out to get her. She said that Amber had perpetuated a fraud against the mighty Forresters and they would not take that lightly. Miles seems to think that they will probably just sweep everything under the rug and go on with their lives. He doesn't think that they would send Amber to jail. Kimberly says that it doesn't matter whether Amber goes to jail or not, that Rick would still be hurting. She said that Rick still loved that baby, and she didn't know what he would do. She said that she doesn't feel sorry for Amber because of what she put Rick through. She said that Amber tried to make her feel guilty because of her and Rick's feelings for one another. She said that all along Amber was the one who had a house built on lies.

As Becky and Amber are leaving, Stephanie comes home. She is glad to see Amber and the baby. Amber is surprised to see Stephanie walking. Stephanie tells her that this is her surprise to them. Eric says that Amber is leaving, but Stephanie tells her to stay. Eric says that he doesn't think that it is a good idea. Stephanie wants to know what is going on. Eric says that he will talk to her about it later, but Stephanie says that she wants to talk about it now. Amber and Eric just look at each other.

Tuesday, February 15, 2000

Stephanie embraces a tearful Amber. Despite Eric's desire to throw her out, Amber insists on telling Stephanie herself. Amber says that she has done something terrible, and has lied to all of them. She explains that Little Eric is Becky's baby. Becky tries to defend Amber's role in the ruse. Stephanie doesn't understand. Brooke tells Stephanie that in her effort to get back at Brooke, she's the one who gave Amber everything she needed to ruin Rick's life. When Stephanie realizes that Becky plans to take the baby, Stephanie is suddenly unable to speak and looks as if she's about to faint. Eric calms her down. In tears, Stephanie turns to Rick. Stephanie tells Rick that no one has betrayed her the way Amber has. She accuses Amber of using her to trap Rick. Stephanie wants Amber to leave, but Amber refuses until they hear what she has to say. Kimberly tells C.J. about Amber's deception and he can only imagine how Stephanie will react to the truth. He'd hate to be in Amber's shoes right now. At Forrester, Ridge is surprised when he runs into Morgan, who is there to see Brooke.

Wednesday, February 16, 2000

When Amber refuses to leave, Brooke begins to call the police but Becky begs her to stop for the baby's sake. Amber wishes they could understand how sorry she is, but tells them that after today they would never see her again. She admits that it's too late to change what she's done to the family, but it's not too late to change herself. She'll be able to turn her life around because of what she has learned about family from the Forresters. She promises to make a clean break and turns to Rick who confirms that is what he wants. Amber gives Rick her wedding ring. She suddenly throws her arms around him and whispers that she loves him. Outside the door, Amber breaks down in sobs.

Giovanni is about to call Kimberly when he spots Morgan. Clarke explains that she is a designer who used to be a model. She dropped out of the modeling world for mysterious reasons before she made it big. Giovanni pretends that Clarke has bet him ten dollars that he can't get Morgan's phone number, but Morgan sees through the ploy - and gives Giovanni ten dollars to pay off his bet!

C.J. admits to Sally that he doesn't know what to say to Rick. Sally doesn't want C.J. getting mixed up with Amber anymore. She doesn't think C.J. should worry about Amber because the Amber's of the world always land on their feet.

Thursday, February 17, 2000

Brooke tells Megan that the breakup of Thorne's marriage to Macy is inevitable. She's going to strike back at Ridge and Eric for what they've done, and when she's through they won't know what hit them. Brooke calls Thorne and tells him that they can't let Ridge and Eric destroy their love.

Macy tells Thorne that she's never been happier than she feels this morning. Taylor senses that Ridge questions the depth of Thorne's commitment to Macy. Ridge hopes Thorne realizes that Macy is the best thing that ever happened to him...and that Brooke is the worst. Brooke meets with Morgan.

When Morgan asks about Ridge, Brooke tells her that she feels nothing for him anymore...except maybe contempt. Brooke adds that she didn't ask Morgan to come in to discuss Ridge, but she wanted to make her an offer. Thorne tells Taylor and Ridge he wants some answers from them - about Venice. Thorne wants to know whose idea it was to lie on the bed. Ridge admits that he took Brooke to the brink, but she fell over. Thorne realizes she wouldn't have if Taylor and Ridge hadn't fed Brooke a bunch of lies. Thorne tells Ridge that he ruined Thorne's life. He loved Brooke - and he still does.

Friday, February 18, 2000

Morgan has a hunch that there is more than just a job offer on Brooke's mind. Brooke wants Morgan to be her liaison with the design department. Brooke would communicate only with Morgan, not Eric or Ridge. Morgan wants to know how closely she would be working with Ridge. She decides to accept the job.

Thorne tells Taylor and Ridge that because of them, he dropped the woman he loved and married someone else. Taylor wonders why he hasn't told Macy what really happened, and how he really feels. Thorne can't believe that they think it's that easy. It would be easier for him to stop an avalanche than end his marriage to Macy. When he asked her to marry him, Macy wasn't convinced that's what he really wanted, and she made him promise that the marriage would work and he'd never hurt her again.

Thorne tells Taylor and Ridge that he's going to do the hardest thing that he's ever had to do in his life. At her AA meeting, Macy shares the story about her relationship with Thorne and tells Roberta how fortunate she is to have a husband who is committed to her. John hears Macy's advice to Roberta and suggests that she become Roberta's sponsor. Macy is honored. When Thorne tells Brooke that he can't talk to her, Brooke senses it's because he's about to tell Macy the truth.

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