The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 6, 2000 on B&B

Brooke debuted Morgan's designs without consulting Eric, who insisted that all design decisions go through him. Sally, who was in the hospital after the explosion, informed Kimberly of why Adam had left town. C.J. asked Becky out on a date.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 6, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, March 6, 2000

At Forrester Creations, Brooke is having a showing of Morgan's fashion line with Thorne, Megan, and Giovanni in attendance. Ridge and Eric show up and wonder if their invitations were lost in the mail. Brooke tells them that she was going to give them all the details at another time. She tells them that she was previewing Morgan's designs for the upcoming show. Eric tells her that he approves the designs for his show, and that what Morgan has designed doesn't go with the things that he and Ridge have already designed. Brooke tells him that he is a designer, but she is the CEO of the company. Eric tells her to act like it before she runs the company into the ground. Eric then asks everyone else to leave. He tells Brooke that he knows that she is upset and that she is just trying to pay him back for what happened in Venice. Brooke tells him that she will run her company any way that she sees fit. She tells Eric that she loves the company and that she loved sharing it with him and Ridge, but that they had destroyed it and betrayed her by taking away the one thing that was important to her. She tells them that she won't forget what they did and go on with her life. Ridge tries to talk with Brooke, but Thorne tells him to stop trying to screw with Brooke's head. Thorne told them to back off and that anything that Brooke did to them was justified, because nothing that she could do to them would ever cause them the pain that they had caused him and Brooke. He told them to go back to their offices and let Brooke run her company any way that she saw fit. Ridge said that he wouldn't be going anywhere. Thorne tells Ridge not to challenge him because he was very close to losing it. Ridge told him that if he wanted to settle it to make his move. Brooke is standing by looking pleased.

At the hospital, Sally is talking with Macy, Darla, and C.J.. She is telling them about the shooting incident. She tells them that the people were sent there to take care of Miles. She tells them that Miles left to protect his family. Macy can't believe that her father is gone. C.J. worries about Kimberly because he knows that all of this will be very hard on her. Kimberly enters Sally's room and states that she had been at Spectra's and police cars were all around. She tells them that she had a hard time finding out what happened.. She has also been looking for her father. C.J. explains that Miles was the one who brought Sally to the hospital and if it hadn't been for him Sally wouldn't have made it. Sally tells Kimberly that the men were professionals and that they were after Miles. Kimberly is worried that they would try it again, but Sally says that they won't be back and that Miles made sure of that. Kimberly realizes that her father is gone and that he didn't even say good-bye. Sally tells her that Miles last thoughts were of her and that she wouldn't be alone because Sally would be taking care of her and the family.

Morgan and Taylor meet at a local restaurant. Taylor is surprised that Morgan is there so early, but Morgan says that her meeting was cut short. They talk about Forrester Creations. Morgan said that Eric hated her designs. Taylor tells her that the Forrester line has always been rather conservative. They switch the conversation over to guys. Morgan asks Taylor if she could have sex with any guy other than Ridge, who would it be? Taylor says that she doesn't discuss things like that with people that she barely knows. Morgan tells her that she thought that she wanted to be her friend, and that friends discussed things like that. Morgan tells her that she needs one friend to discuss intimate things with. She tells Taylor that she needs to let her hair down and she would be the one to help her do it. She tells her that she wants to be the friend that Taylor can tell anything to.

Tuesday, March 7, 2000

C.J. pays Amber a visit over at their dinky apartment. He is telling Amber how shocked he is that she was holding out this long. Amber tells C.J. how sorry she is about hurting Rick. Amber leaves to head for an audition, C.J. ask if how Amber is really. Becky says that she is doing fine. she shares her news about being transferred back to Los Angeles. One day she hopes that she will have a love life of her own.

Thorne tells his father and brother to leave Brookes office, NOW. Brooke tells Thorne that she was thankful to him for standing up for her. Thorne tells her that it wasn't about her, but for the company. Brooke is hurt by this remark. She asks him how can he look at those two without feeling so much rage. Thorne tells Brooke to get over it because he has.

Brooke decides to get cute and suggest that she should start dating. Thorne tells her that it may be what she needs to do. Giovanni walks into the office and Brooke ask him out on a date. Giovanni accepts and leaves. Thorne reiterates that he cannot change things. Brooke tells him how he could never forget her. Thorne leaves a teary-eyed Brooke.

Morgan is trying to loosen Taylor up at the Insomnia. Morgan ask Taylor whom she thinks she should consider dating. Taylor tells her that Clarke is definitely not a choice and recommends Giovanni.

Wednesday, March 8, 2000

As Adam cradles Sally, he finds himself staring down the barrel of Jones' gun. He refuses to leave Sally to go with Jimmy and Jones, fighting until both men are unconscious. Adam helps Sally out of the office. At the hospital, Adam stays by Sally's side. He begs the doctors to save her.

Adam tells Sally that no one can protect him now, but he can protect his family. Adam tells Sally that he has to leave. Sally doesn't want him to go, but she understands, and she forgives him. She realizes that he risked his life to come back and help his family. Sally promises to take care of Kimberly. She tells him that he should leave before the police arrive.

Ridge and Taylor make love in his office. After Ridge is gone, Taylor spots Morgan and Clarke kissing goodnight in Morgan's office. Morgan thanks Taylor for giving her the scoop about Clarke. She tells Taylor that the two of them may have gotten off on the wrong foot, but she hopes that they can be friends. Morgan and Taylor agree to meet for lunch tomorrow.

Thursday, March 9, 2000

Becky sees how disappointed Amber is that she didn't get the gig and offers to invite C.J. over for the evening instead of going out with him as planned. Amber insists that Becky go ahead. Becky tells Amber how much she likes C.J., and Amber is genuinely happy for her. Kimberly pulls back and tells Rick that she planned to wait until she got married before making love to anyone. Rick insists that he loves her and that this is what they've been waiting for. Kimberly explains that she dreams about her wedding night, but Rick continues to kiss her, saying that this can be their special night - the most beautiful night of their lives. Darla warns C.J. that Sally is going to have a problem with his choice of dates. Suspecting that Amber and Becky are looking for a new mark, Sally isn't happy to hear that C.J. is going out with Amber's cousin. She confronts Becky, telling her that her association with C.J. ends now. Sally advises her to back out gracefully or suffer the consequences.

Friday, March 10, 2000

Kimberly tells Rick that he's not listening to her, but Rick says that she's sending him mixed signals. Kimberly admits that she's confused, but wants to do what's right. She asks for Rick's understanding. She points out that he's more experienced, but insists that the problem isn't Amber. Kimberly finally says that she's not ready yet, and asks Rick if he can wait for her. Rick agrees and they kiss.

After Morgan drops off some papers at his house, Ridge wants to know why she's avoiding him. Morgan avoids a direct answer, but has a glass of wine with him and comments on the contrast between Ridge the family man and the Ridge that she used to know.

When Ridge gets a business call, he asks Morgan to watch Thomas for a minute. As Ridge takes Thomas up to bed, Morgan comments on how adorable the little boy is. Morgan thinks about what she could have had and curses Stephanie.

Despite Sally's warning not to, Becky tells C.J. about Sally's visit. The head out and enjoy an evening together at Mannequins.

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