The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 10, 2000 on B&B

Stephanie urged the unsuspecting Taylor to be cautious around Morgan, and Taylor was shocked when Morgan asked if Taylor and Ridge could help Morgan get a baby. Instead of telling Becky about her illness, Amber slipped medication into Becky's drinks and sought Stephanie for help and advice.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 10, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, April 10, 2000

Amber is at the Doctor's office pretending to be Becky. He wants Becky to meet with another Dr. who specializes in terminal illness, but Amber doesn't want to discuss anything further. He writes her a prescription for pain and something to help her to be able to eat. He tells her that she needs to think about her little boy and make some plans for him.

Becky and C.J. are having dinner at the Cafe Roose. Becky is very excited about the pair of diamond earrings that he gave her. She said that she would never take them off except when she is around his mother. C.J. told her that Sally already knew that he gave her the earrings because he showed them to her. He said that he would spend all the money in his bank account just to see Becky this happy. He said that he had never felt this way in his entire life.

Macy is about to hang up the phone when she hears Eric talking to Ridge about Macy and Brooke. Ridge is still having some guilty twangs about what they did to Thorne and Brooke in Venice. Eric tells him that if he could see how happy Thorne and Macy are then he would know that they did the right thing. They said if they had not interfered, Thorne would have married Brooke instead of Macy. Macy looks devastated. When she goes back outside to the party, she hears Thorne saying that Brooke is an amazing woman and can accomplish anything that she sets her mind to.

Brooke is at home talking to Katie. Katie tells her that Rick is at a barbecue. Brooke said that she was also invited to the cookout by Macy. Brooke said that Macy had to have been very confident to invite her. She said that Macy actually feels sorry for her. Katie said that she thinks that Brooke should tell Macy that Thorne proposed to her in Venice, but Brooke said that she couldn't do that. Katie said that if she were Macy, she would want to know. Brooke said that Thorne didn't want Macy to know and she had to respect that and go on with her life because she knew that Thorne would not do anything to hurt Macy.

C.J. and Becky are dancing when Becky spots Amber. Becky at first thinks that something is wrong with Little Eric. Amber makes up an excuse. She said a neighbor was watching the baby so that she could pick up her check. Becky notices that Amber has been crying. She says that she was just so happy seeing Becky and C.J. dancing. Becky said that she didn't know what she did to deserve all of this happiness. She said that C.J. loved her and she showed Amber the earrings. AMber tells her that she deserves all the happiness in the world and they hug.

Everybody starts to leave the party. Macy asks Thorne if he is upset with Eric about something. Thorne said that Eric just gets on his nerves at times. Rick and Kimberly are the last two to leave, but Kimberly says that she can stay to help clean up. Macy wants her to stay. Kimberly immediately senses that Macy is upset. Macy tells her about the conversation between Eric and Ridge. She said that she heard them say that if Ridge had not done something in Venice, then Thorne would not have married her. Kimberly asks her if she knows what happened and Macy admits that she doesn't have a clue.

Tuesday, April 11, 2000

Macy and Kimberly are in the kitchen talking about what Macy overheard on the phone. She believes that there is some truth to the fact that Thorne would not have married her if Ridge and Eric had not done something in Paris. Kimberly assures her that Thorne loves her and that he married her. She said that she does not remember the two of them doing anything- maybe sightseeing- she stops herself and insist that Macy stop thinking like this. Kimberly asks her is there anything that Thorne has done to make her feel otherwise. Macy answers, "No." Kimberly tells her that Thorne tells her that he loves her- Macy thinks about that for a moment and realizes that he has not said it since they left Amsterdam. Kimberly assures her that she is getting all worked up over nothing. Macy says that she is never going to mention Brooks name again.

Outside on the patio Rick and Thorne are talking. Rick is talking about how he respects Kimberly but it he feels like a "Leech." Thorne assures him that he is normal because he is dating a very beautiful girl. Thorne tells him that his mother did a good job raising him. Rick then thinks about his mother and says that she must be feeling mighty lonely seeing that everyone has moved on. He tells Thorne that she is lucky that she has him as a good friend even though they have not hung out as much as they did before he got married to Macy. Thorne has a guilty look on his face. Thorne tells him that he should spend more time with his mother.

Rick and Thorne go back into the house, which causes Macy and Kimberly to end their conversation. Rick comments on how chilly it is outside. Thorne tells him to go and grab a windbreaker. He then ask Macy does she want to go for a walk on the beach- they have not done it in a while. She grabs him and puts her arms around him. Thorne looks confused and ask her what was this about. She tells him that she loves him. He says that he loves her too.

In Paris, Ridge and Morgan are talking in their suite. Ridge is expressing how guilty he feels. He says that his mother is overprotective of them. Morgan tells him that she trusted Stephanie until she had taken her to the airport. She assures Ridge that she never cared about her. Ridge looks sympathetic. He ask her what happened after she left LA. She tells him that she had a couple of nervous breakdowns, eating disorders and depression. She said that the worst thing for her was wondering what the baby would have been like. She knows that the baby would have been a boy with his eyes...and that he would have had the best of them. Ridge gives Morgan a kiss on the forehead and says that he must get back to Forrester and that he will see her later.

At the Forester mansion, Stephanie walks in from the terrace. Eric is sitting at the table doing some work. He asks her where she's been and she tells him that she has been walking in the garden. Eric questions is she still worried about Ridge. Stephanie would not tell him the real reason why she is so bothered by Morgan but she insist that she does not need to be in LA.

Stephanie stresses how Morgan can cause trouble and how she has pretended to get close to Taylor. She reminds Eric that to make it where she has in this business that you have to be very cunning. Eric does agree with her on that. He does not quite understand what the big deal is. Is it because they used to date? Stephanie insists that she is not to be underestimated. Their discussion ends and Eric leaves.

Stephanie calls Paris and Morgan answers the phone. Stephanie asks to speak to Ridge and Morgan says that she does not believe that he wants to talk to her and that he is out. Stephanie tells her that she does not believe that she thinks that she is going to come between her and her son. Stephanie reminds Morgan that Ridge is a happily married man with a family. Morgan tells her not to talk to her about family—she says that she could have been the one to raise a family with Ridge. Stephanie asks her is that what she has been thinking? Stephanie tells her not to come back to LA. Morgan gets pissed and tell her that she is not telling her what to do anymore. She has been waiting for this moment a long time and that Stephanie will pay. Stephanie tells her that she is making a big mistake.

Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Stephanie warns Taylor not to let her guard down with Morgan. Taylor insists that she can't protect her marriage if Stephanie won't tell her why she thinks Morgan is so dangerous. Taylor doesn't see anything sinister about Morgan and is sure she won't be causing any trouble. On the flight back to L.A., Morgan looks at pictures of Ridge's children. Morgan tells Ridge that he's an incredible man, and no man has ever made her feel the way that he did. Amber mixes Becky's medication into a smoothie and hopes she's doing the right thing by not revealing her condition. When Becky remembers that she needs to call Dr. Russell, Amber tells her quickly that the doctor already called and nothing is wrong. Amber is conflicted and needs to talk to someone. She calls Stephanie, who refuses to see her. Amber turns up on Stephanie's doorstep anyway, and stops Stephanie from closing the door in her face by blurting out that Becky has cancer. At work, Becky feels another stabbing pain in her lower back.

Thursday, April 13, 2000

Brooke is impressed with the designs Morgan and Ridge came up with in Paris. Morgan refuses to discuss how she and Ridge got along when they weren't working. Ridge overhears Brooke quizzing Morgan about how she really feels about him and if she's really over him. Morgan ends the conversation and leaves. Brooke tells Ridge that Morgan either doesn't like him at all, or she has a thing for him. Taylor tells Ridge about Stephanie's suspicion that Morgan wants more than a professional relationship with him. Ridge promises Taylor that she will never have a reason to feel insecure about their marriage. At first, Stephanie reacts with disbelief when Amber explains that Becky doesn't know she has cancer. Amber tells Stephanie that there's nothing that can be done for Becky because it's stage four cancer and Becky is dying. Amber wonders how she's going to tell her cousin that she only has a few months to live. Stephanie insists that it's unfair to keep Becky in the dark, but Amber asks what's so unfair about giving Becky a little more time to enjoy her life. Amber cries, telling Stephanie that Becky is all she has left and she can't lose her too. Meanwhile, Becky tries to cover her pain and tells Thorne how much she enjoys working at Forrester.

Friday, April 14, 2000

Morgan tells Taylor that there's something she needs to share with her. Morgan wants to have a child as soon as possible because it will make her feel fulfilled. Taylor is surprised, but agrees to help her. Thorne asks Becky to take some fabrics over to his mother, then she can take the rest of the day off to see C.J. Amber tells Stephanie that Becky is living a dream right now. She begs Stephanie not to tell anyone about Becky's condition. Stephanie tells Amber that it goes against all of her instincts. A person needs time to prepare to die, and Becky may be stronger than Amber thinks. Becky arrives and tells Stephanie how much she respects her, and that Stephanie is someone she wants her son to be around all his life. Stephanie asks Becky to come in. Becky is surprised at first to see Amber there, but then is thrilled because she believes that Amber and Stephanie have reconciled. Brooke wants Ridge to tell her what really went on with Morgan in Paris. Brooke is sure that there's a story, and if Ridge won't tell her, Morgan eventually will. Ridge tells Brooke firmly not to ask him again.

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