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Amber revealed Becky's condition to Becky's parents, and they consented to the wedding. Becky's doctor left Becky an urgent message. Thorne learned about Macy's insobriety and decided to help her through it before being with Brooke. Ridge and Taylor declined Morgan's request, and Taylor hastily headed out of town to see her sick father. Ridge received an email from Taylor with a bizarre request.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 29, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, May 29, 2000

In Brooke's office, a drunken Macy begs Thorne to tell Brooke that he is off limits to her. Thorne tries to explain to Macy that she can't blame Brooke for her problems, but Macy states that she pushed her into drinking and that she might as well have poured the liquor directly down her throat. Thorne tells her that she can't put her sobriety in someone else's hand. Macy begs him to tell Brooke that there was no future for the two of them, but Brooke says that he can't tell her that because it wouldn't be true. Macy tells her that she is wrong. She tells her that Thorne wouldn't give up what they had for some cheap slut. Thorne takes Macy by the arm and tells her that she had said enough, but Macy is not finished by a long shot. She tells Brooke that Thorne left her in Italy and married her. She said that Thorne had seen the real Brooke in that hotel room, and knew that she would destroy him just as she had done with his brother and father. She said that she refused to believe that her husband was a fool because he would have to be to give up his dignity, his family, and the woman that he loved. She told Brooke that she had better stay away from Thorne or she would pay. Thorne escorts Macy from the office and turns and whispers to Brooke that he would call her.

Becky's parents demand to know what Amber is hiding from them. C.J. offers to tell them, but Amber decides to tell them herself. She tells them about the Cancer and that Becky doesn't have long to live. They are very upset and crying and can't believe that Amber waited so long to tell them. They don't understand why Amber hasn't told Becky, but she explains that Becky was so happy being with C.J. that she couldn't ruin that. They question C.J., but he explains that he only recently found out about her illness. He said that he loved Becky and wanted to marry her, but Becky's mother explains that there will be no wedding. She said that her daughter was dying and they were trying to throw a party. C.J. said that he just wanted to give her one perfect day and then he would tell her the truth. He said that he wanted her to have something to look back on and begged them not to take that away from her. He explains that it is really what Becky wants. They said that they understood that his heart was in the right place, but it was still a lie. He tells them that he would have proposed to her eventually, but not that soon, but he wanted to make her happy for as long as she lived. Amber explains to them that the wedding was all that Becky talked about. They said that they didn't know if they could look Becky in the eye and pretend that everything was okay. They decide that they are going to take Becky back home with them. They are headed into the bedroom to pack up her things when the phone rings. It's Becky , who is calling from Forrester, where her gown is being altered. She is very upbeat on the machine and said that she was born to be a bride. The parents decide to go along with the marriage plans..

Macy and Thorne arrive home, and he is stunned that Macy took a drink after being sober for 6 years. Macy explains that she slipped, but since the Brooke mess is over, she could get back on track. Thorne tells her that he is going to call her counselor to see if he can help them, and he tells her to go and take a nap. He immediately calls Brooke after Macy falls asleep. He tells her that everything is worse than before. He said that he was waiting on a call from her counselor, and that he was not about to let this situation just drag on. He also tells Brooke that Macy was there for some of the worst times in his life, so he had to be there for her. Brooke tells him that she is there if he needed her. He tells Brooke that he loves her and she says the same.Thorne hangs up the phone and just stares at Macy as she lies in bed.

Tuesday, May 30, 2000

Thorne calls Brooke from home. Brooke wants to know if he has made any progress with Macy, did he tell her? Thorne says after he helps Macy get a handle on her drinking, he will tell her and that will be happening real soon. Brooke tells Thorne that she believes him. Thorne promises that this time they will be together; he is going to leave Macy. Brooke ask Thorne when will she see him. Thorne isn't quite sure but it will be soon and he loves her.

In the kitchen, Macy is bragging to Kimberly that her and Thorne are closer than ever. Macy says that she and Thorne both confronted Brooke for her to back off. Kimberly wants to know if Thorne TOLD Brooke to really back off. Macy positively states that he stood right there and backed her. Macy explains that the only way to fight Brooke is to confront her right out. "He took the whole day off to be with me," Macy states. She gives a possible thanks to Brooke for bringing them closer together. Kimberly ask Macy shouldn't Thorne be the one to handle Brooke and not her? Macy says that he is and that Thorne is too smart to give into Brooke and to tear the family apart. Besides, she can't sit back and watch her destroy him the ways she has done every other man in her life.

Insomnia, Clarke and Morgan are having coffee. Morgan tells Clarke about how she asked Taylor if Ridge could be the donor for her child. Clarke begins to laugh and tells her that she is not serious. Clarke questions if this is all that she wants from Ridge. Morgan tells Clarke that she is not out to destroy their marriage she just wants to have a child by a man that she respects and admires. Clarke tells her that there is no way in hell that this is going to happen, so she needs to think of a backup plan. Clarke offers to be the donor and Morgan thanks him but the position has already been filled.

At Ridge and Taylor's, Taylor is discussing with Ridge how Morgan has changed her mind about the insemination. Taylor continues to tell him that Morgan wanted to know if Ridge would do it. Ridge is shocked that Morgan would ask her do such a thing. He is more amazed that Taylor is considering it. Taylor admits that she has some reservations, but she understands why Morgan wants Ridge to be the father of her child. Morgan sees this as a redemption for losing the first child. Taylor wants to know that if she wasn't around would he consider it, Ridge says, "Maybe." Taylor is shocked that he would consider it, "What about the fact that there is a boy or girl out there somewhere without you...I know how you are with our children..I just can't see you doing that." Ridge says that Morgan doesn't believe that they will consider it. "Yes, she does," Taylor says.

Back at Macy's, Kimberly is still worried about Macy. Macy insist that the worst is over and she knows what she has to do and she knows that she has made a terrible mistake. Macy stresses that she and Thorne are closer than ever, "No, we're not," Thorne says. He enters into the room and tells Macy that she has to start taking her drinking seriously. Macy knows that she has lost his trust after taking so long to get it back. Thorne says he has to leave. Kimberly says that she will stay with Macy until the sponsor arrives. Thorne says he will be back for that and walks out the door.

Morgan arrives at Ridge and Taylor's. Taylor tells her that she has spoken to Ridge, but she is not sure if he is ready for this. Ridge comes in and Morgan explains that they can make this work. She hopes they will still consider her request. Ridge and Taylor are both silent.

Brooke is in her office working with two employees and sees Thorne standing at the door. She dismisses the meeting and Thorne runs into Brookes arms and holds her. He tells Macy that she comes first in his life. "Is this really happening?" she asks Thorne. Soon, he will be all hers, forever. They kiss passionately.

Wednesday, May 31, 2000

Macy's House
Sally and Macy are talking about her drinking. Macy says it won't happen again. Sally is sure that Brooke has something to do with Macy feeling insecure. Macy says it is her own fault, she let her insecurities get in the way of her relationship with Thorne. Sally won't allow Macy to take all the blame. Sally feels Thorne should have told Macy the truth about what happened in Venice. Sally asks Macy where Thorne is? Macy says he is at work. Sally feels Thorne is at work with Brooke. She thinks he maybe giving into his desire for her. Macy denies it, she tells Sally, Thorne is committed to her and would never hurt her.

Brooke's Office
Brooke and Thorne are kissing. Brooke tells Thorne she is very happy and will wait for him, while he helps Macy. Brooke says she feels for Macy. She says she will do what she can to help her (Macy). But, she wants to get on with our lives. Thorne wishes he hadn't put Macy in the middle of this. Throne gets ready to leave to go home to Macy and her counselor. He tells Brooke he loves her, this should only take a few weeks at most and then they will be together. Thorne leaves.

Later, Rick comes by to see Brooke. Brooke tells him Thorne is prepared to leave Macy and start a future with her. Rick thinks his talk with Thorne, worked. Brooke says she and Thorne will be together. Thorne is staying with Macy to help her get through this difficult time and then he will leave her. Brooke says, Thorne and I will be together forever. Rick is pleased.

Taylor & Ridge's House
Morgan is trying to convince Taylor and Ridge to have him give a donation so she would have a child. She promises to leave town and never bother them again. Ridge tells her while he is honored with the request, he can't do it. She tells him it would only be a clinical procedure, nothing more. He says he just can t. She offers to sign papers relieving him of all responsibility but he says he just can't do it. He doesn't want to know that he has a child out there he couldn't see or be with. Morgan tells him she will be ovulating in a few days so they still have time to think about it. Taylor says, they have thought about it, they understand how she feels but the answer is no. Morgan begs Ridge not to turn her down; she just wants the happiness she never had. Taylor can't allow her to have her husband's child. Morgan is devastated.

Macy's House
John, Macy's counselor arrives, Sally gets ready to leave. Thorne arrives, and runs into Sally on his way in. Sally tells Thorne this is his fault. She tells him that he had better be there for her daughter she needs you now more than ever, and you had better not let her down.

Thursday, June 1, 2000

Bold and the Beautiful Thursday, June 1, 2000

Thorne and Macy's House
Sally and Thorne talk. Thorne wants Sally to stay out of it. Sally insists that all of Macy's problems are Brooke's fault. Sally feels any relationship that Thorne has with Brooke, is bad for Macy. Thorne doesn't feel Brooke is a problem at all. Sally tells Thorne that she will "take care of it" and suggests he go look after Macy.
Macy and John (her sponsor) are talking. Macy tells John she tried to fight it but she wasn't strong enough. He wonders why she didn't call any one? She says she thought she could do it on her own. (Thorne comes in). Thorne tells John that Macy has been feeling insecure. Macy tells John that there is a woman who is "Thorne's boss." John wants to know everything that Macy has been dealing with. He wants to have an "honest dialogue" with Thorne. Thorne tries to make John understand that Macy's real problem isn't Brooke; it is him (Thorne). Macy doesn't feel that is true at all. Thorne tells Macy she has to help herself. She can't depend on him or any one else for her sobriety. He wants her to concentrate on getting "well" and not worry so much about their relationship. Macy feels their relationship is the most "important thing in her life." She doesn't want to "focus on her drinking." Thorne tells her it is important she doesn't depend on him for her sobriety. This visibly upsets Macy. John suggests taking a break for a while.

Ridge's House
Ridge knows this means a lot to Morgan but they can't do it. Taylor knows they are friends, but she can't go along with it. Morgan says she doesn't want to sleep with Ridge, she just wants a child. Morgan leaves them alone to talk. Taylor understands why having "Ridge's child" would remove the emptiness in Morgan's life. She wonders if they should go ahead with it, especially since they have been "blessed with so much." Ridge isn't comfortable with the idea. Taylor knows he is right and wonders if there isn't something they can do to help her. Morgan comes back in and realizes that Ridge and Taylor are unable to help her. They try to explain to her why they can't help her, but she isn't interested in hearing explanations. The telephone rings. Taylor is told her father has had a heart attack. Taylor tells Morgan and Ridge what has happened. She tells Ridge she has to go and be with her father. He understands completely and offers to make travel arrangements, while she packs. Taylor leaves to get ready to go. Morgan watches this whole thing and appears to have "ideas."

Brooke's Office
Brooke and Rick are talking. Rick says he is happy for her but is concerned about his relationship with Kimberly. If Thorne and Brooke get together... Sally interrupts and barges into the office. Brooke is surprised to see her. Sally says she knows exactly why she has come. Sally apologizes to Rick for her behavior and asks him to leave them alone. Rick agrees. Brooke says she has some things she needs to talk to Sally about too. Brooke allows Sally to go first. Sally tells Brooke to back off and "stop the seduction scene." Sally won't allow Brooke to interfere in her "daughter's marriage' any more! Sally warns Brooke "Brooke, drop the home wrecking routine unless she would like big cat Sally to scratch her eyes out." Sally knows Brooke wants Thorne back. Brooke doesn't want to discuss it. Sally tells her that Thorne is committed to Macy. Sally feels all "Brooke can offer a man is sex appeal and that doesn't keep a man." Brooke tells Sally she has "no idea what she is talking about." The phone rings. Thorne is calling to warn Brooke that Sally may be stopping by. Brooke says she is "well aware of that." He tells her about Macy's counselor coming by and lets her know he loves her. Brooke hangs up. Sally tells Brooke she won't have any problems so long as she stays out of Macy and Thorne's marriage. Sally warns her that if she finds out "you and Thorne are together, she will destroy her!" Sally walks out. Brooke says "Thorne will leave Macy in a few short days and then we will be together forever."

Friday, June 2, 2000

Ridge's Office
Ridge is working, Morgan comes in. She asks what he thinks of the dress? He says it is "great, what little there is of it." She tells him she is embarrassed by their conversation yesterday. Morgan apologizes for making them feel guilty for turning her down. Ridge says he understands her wanting a child. Ridge consoles her by holding her. His computer "beeps" indicating there is an email for him. The email is from Taylor. It reads, "We have an opportunity to bring joy that Dad had described." "Just this once, I want you to trust me without question and do what I ask. Ridge is stunned, he feels it is insane and he can't do it. Morgan doesn't know what he is talking about

C.J. and Eric are talking. C.J. is determined to give Becky the happiest day of her life. Eric understands completely and they talk about Becky. Becky arrives, (looking pale and tired). She apologizes for being late but she is just "so tired." Eric says it is all right, he ushers them inside the chapel. He opens the doors; the church is decorated with flowers, candles, arches, etc. It is beautiful. Eric would love to be part of the wedding. Becky thanks him for everything, and hugs him. C.J. thanks Eric too (they exchange glances.) The reverend arrives to talk to them about tomorrow. Becky can't get over the church, how beautiful it is. She says, "It looks like a movie star would be married here." C.J. tells her as of tomorrow she will be "Rebecca Garrison." They talk about how wonderful it will be, being married. Eric and the Reverend talk. The reverend has noticed how pale Becky is. He asks what's wrong? Eric assures him that Becky will be fine. Tomorrow means everything to her. Suddenly Becky is in pain, C.J. tells her to sit down. She is upset about this "darned flu." He says she is tired, working, looking after Eric. She thinks it is more than that. She says she is worried there is something wrong. She says, "Look at me." He tells her she is beautiful. She says she "doesn't feel beautiful" She feels like she is "100 years old." She tells him how she is feeling, that she is having trouble breathing. He is concerned about that, since he didn't know she was having trouble breathing. She tells him they are getting married and nothing "will ruin it." She tells him she will be ok, and want to use the washroom. C.J. follows her with his eyes as she leaves. He gets down on his knees and prays. He asks God to please not take Becky. She has so many people who love her and need her. He doesn't think he "deserves a miracle" but "Becky does." He wants God to help her.

Amber's Apartment
There is a knock at the door. Amber opens it. Tawny is there. Tawny wants to see Becky. Amber tells her, she isn't there. Tawny says she knows about Becky's illness and intends to be honest with Becky about it. Amber says Tawny wouldn't know a thing about being honest. Tawny is angry with Amber for not being honest with Becky. Amber tells Tawny she knows what Becky wants. Amber feels Becky will thank her for keeping this from her. Tawny tries to get Amber to tell Becky the truth. Amber tells Tawny how much C.J. loves Becky, how he wants to marry her. Their vows will be "in sickness and in health" and he will mean it. It will be from the heart, she says. Amber knows C.J. will be there until the end. Tawny says that C.J. knows what he is getting into but Becky doesn't. Amber says C.J. will tell her after the wedding. Amber admits what she is doing is terrible. She feels it is even worse than not telling Rick about Eric. She says it is worse than that but she has to do it for Becky. Since Becky won't see her 21st birthday or her 1st wedding anniversary. But when she walks down that aisle, she will see all her family, friends, and all the people who love her. She wants her to have "one incredible moment, so her life will be perfect." Amber breaks down in tears. Amber asks Tawny if she really wants to take that away from her? Tawny hugs Amber. Amber pulls away and tells Tawny to go, she has things to do. Tawny offers to help with plans for the wedding.

Later, the phone rings. It is Dr. Russell. He leaves a message asking Becky to call him back, right away, it is extremely important.

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