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After receiving Taylor's email, Ridge unsuccessfully attempted to reach Taylor to ask if she really wanted him to naturally conceive a child with Morgan. Ridge reluctantly decided to grant the request. Becky learned that she was dying and tried to call off the wedding. C.J. wouldn't hear of it, and after the ceremony, Becky collapsed.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 5, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, June 5, 2000

It is the day of Becky and C.J.'s wedding. Becky is asleep on the couch, while Amber is watching her. C.J. calls and asks how Becky is doing. Amber said that she was resting and she had given her a little extra medicine and was going to repeat it this morning. C.J. tells her that this is the last time that they would have sneak medicine to Becky because after the wedding , she would know everything. He thanks Amber for everything that she has done. After they hang up, she sees a message flashing on the answering machine. It is from Becky's doctor and he wants to be called right away. Amber returns the call as Becky. He tells her that he has had much success with a new pain medication and wanted her to come over so that he could write her a prescription. Amber hangs up on him. Becky awakens with big dark circles around her eyes. She said that it was her wedding day and Amber had to make her look beautiful. She said that she called this day her miracle because it had brought everyone together. She said that her parents were actually supportive, and they had never supported her in anything. After talking with Sally, C.J. phones Becky. They talk about how happy that they have made each other. He tells her that his one wish was for today to be the best day in her entire life. She assures him that it was and that she would love him for the rest off her life and would never leave him. They both have tears running down their faces as they are talking.

Morgan arrives at Ridge's office. She tells him that she can't wait to hear what Taylor said in her email. She said that she had thought about it all night. He starts to read it. He starts off by saying that Taylor was with her dad at the hospital and couldn't be reached. The essence off the letter was that you can't have a full life without children and she realized that . Supposedly, Taylor feels that Morgan was cheated out of this feeling by Stephanie, so she wants to make things right. She wants Ridge to father Morgan's child , and not by artificial insemination, but by the real thing. Morgan starts talking about what a saint Taylor is. Ridge tells her that he can't believe that this is really what Taylor wants and needs to talk with her. Morgan tells him that Taylor made her wishes known and that the time for her to get pregnant is now. Ridge said that he needed to think. He said that they had a past and he didn't know if it would be right for either of them to become intimate. Morgan said that she didn't see it as being intimate, because it was just a biological process. Morgan tells him that he owes her this because of what Stephanie did to her.

Tuesday, June 6, 2000

C.J. is over at Rick's. Rick is telling C.J. that he is going to marry Becky. Rick is trying to convince him to finish school first, then he believes that Becky is pregnant. C.J. tells Rick that Becky is dying of pancreatic cancer and that he wants him to be his best man. Rick agrees to give her the best wedding a lady has ever had. He says that he will be there for him just like he was for his wedding.

At Spectra, Sally, Clarke and Darla tell Macy and Thorne about Becky's cancer. Macy is stunned about the news. Clarke assures Macy that they have gotten several opinions and Becky only has a few months to live. Thorne realizes that is why Becky has been having stomach pains. Sally explains to them that it is pancreatic cancer. Clarke says that C.J. wants his relationship with Becky to last forever. He is concerned with how his son is going cope when Becky is gone.

At Stephanie's house, Tawny, Joe, and Tilly arrive. Tawny thanks Stephanie for asking them over. Tilly explains that they did not bring Dale, Becky's brother, because they did not want him to remember his sister being ill. Stephanie suggest that they have a talk. Joe says that this is not the kind of wedding that he wanted for his daughter. Stephanie points out how wonderful Becky is and that everyone shares their pain. Stephanie and Tilly share a hug. Tilly ask, "Why is this happening?" Stephanie says that they don't have an answer to that but at least that they had the time to spend with Becky.

At Amber and Becky's, Becky makes a smoothie for Becky, who sits on the couch looking pale. Becky turns the smoothie down, so Amber offers to give her something she has for stomach cramps. Amber pretends that she has the bottle in her purse and pulls it out and hands Becky a pill. Becky takes it hoping that it will work. Becky ask Amber to be her maid of honor. Amber agrees to do it. Becky feels that she is all set now, everything is perfect. Her only other wish is that she and Rick get back together. Amber says that it won't happen, but Becky tells her that wedding wishes come true, especially hers. Amber tells her how much she loves her and that no matter where she goes she wishes that she will someday become at least half the person Becky is. Amber tells her that it is time for tears to be over; they have a wedding to get to. Becky tells Amber to get their dresses and she will get the baby. Amber heads out to door with the dresses while Becky picks up the baby. Just as Becky was heading for the door, the phone rings.

As Sally asks Clarke if he got extra film, as C.J. wants lots of pictures, Macy fears she can't do this. Sally tells her she has to be there for her brother, but Macy thinks it is so hard. Thorne says they have to be there for C.J., who is about to walk down the aisle with a woman he knows won't be with him much longer. Clarke agrees and says it is time to get to the church.

Amber arrives at the chapel with the dresses. Stephanie comes in and asks Amber how she is. Amber says she thinks that Becky has pre-wedding jitters, as she didn't say a word in the car on the way there. Becky walks in. Steph hugs the pale looking girl and says the big moment is here. Amber asks Becky if she is getting nervous; Becky says no, as she is happy they could all be there today. She thanks them.

Rick and C.J. walk in, C.J. asks where Becky is. Eric says in the bride's room. C.J. tells everyone thanks for coming to make this day possible. He ask them not to look sad. He warns them that Becky looks it, but he urges them that this a celebration; not a funeral. Tomorrow, he will tell Becky the truth, but today, she is his bride, and he wants her to see smiles on all their faces. "Becky needs you and I need you. We'll fill this church with so much love and happiness that Becky will feel reborn. I'm counting on you." He wants this to be the happiest day of Becky's life. Becky's dad gets up and shakes C.J.'s hand and then hugs him.

Stephanie wants to help Becky dress, but Becky asks to be alone with Amber for a couple of minutes. Stephanie leaves and Becky turns to Amber and says, "I know." Amber asks what she means, and Becky answers, "The truth... I know that I am dying."

Wednesday, June 7, 2000

The Church:
Rick helps C.J. get ready. Rick, Sally and Clarke tell C.J. they are proud of him and what he's doing. The wedding begins with Joe escorting Becky to the altar. Ridge is looking for Thorne. Brooke tells him that he went to Becky and C.J.'s wedding.

Beck and Amber's Apartment
Becky tells Amber that she spoke to Dr. Russell and knows that she's dying. Amber explains that she and C.J. were going to confess everything after the wedding. Becky appreciates why Amber has been lying to her. Becky thinks the wedding should be cancelled, but Amber disagrees.

Brooke's Office
Ridge mentions Morgan, and Brooke asks Ridge if he knows why Morgan has been acting strangely of late? At Morgan's office, Morgan claims she has spoken to Taylor. Ridge sees he has messages, including one from Taylor. Morgan is curious about what Taylor said.

The Church
Rick escorts Becky's Mom down the aisle, followed by C.J. and Sally. Sally gently kisses C.J.'s cheek and sits down. In comes Amber with a beautiful pink and white bouquet. "Here comes the Bride plays" In comes Becky escorted by her dad. Becky looks around. Thinks, the love in their eyes, they are doing it all for me. As Becky walks down the aisle, she looks at each person and thinks of things they said to her...first Eric, you will go a long way in this business, Becky, we are very lucky to have you, you are an inspiration to all of us. Then Stephanie, I think of you as my own daughter. You are a part of this family now and don't you ever forget that. Then Sally, I don't
know if you will ever know what you have done for my son. Then Clark, I always wanted my son to marry someone like you, welcome to the family. Then her Mom, my little sweetie, you mean so much to daddy and me, we would do anything to make you happy, anything. And you have, Mom, you all have, you have given me the greatest day of all, a wedding day. Now at the altar with C.J., Becky's father puts Becky's hand in C.J.'s.

Thursday, June 8, 2000

Morgan and Ridge listen to Taylor's message, confirming that she is okay with the plan. Nonetheless, Ridge doesn't want to do anything until he can discuss Taylor's decision with her. Morgan thinks Ridge is just making excuses and Ridge admits that he's not sure he can go through with it. Morgan tries to convince him that he's not cheating on his wife, unless Ridge is concerned that it might rekindle feelings between Morgan and him. Ridge assures her that he's not worried about that. Realizing that Ridge needs time to think, Morgan suggests that he come over later to talk. Brooke tells Giovanni about the wedding and about Becky's condition. She explains that the wedding, and making sure Becky feels loved and cared for, are C.J.'s gift to Becky. As the ceremony continues, Stephanie leads the group in the opening prayer. Amber sings while Joe and Tilly give Becky away. C.J. expresses his feelings for Becky in a moving speech, but Becky stuns everyone when she says that she can't marry him.

Friday, June 9, 2000

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Amber tells Becky that she won't let her give this up. Becky addresses the families and explains that Dr. Russell called, wanting to know why she was missing appointments. In tears, Becky says that she knows she's dying. She sobs and rushes to her parents. Becky thanks Eric and Stephanie for all they've done. She tells C.J. that because of him, she saw everything she needed to know today. C.J. holds Becky tight and tells her that he wants her to be his wife so they can make the most of every second they have left. He finally convinces her to go ahead with the wedding. Becky and C.J. take their vows. Afterward, Becky feels a wrenching pain and passes out. Thorne calls for an ambulance. Ridge tells Morgan he has reservations. He explains that if he fathers this child, he wants to have a relationship with him or her. Morgan tells him to write up whatever she wants and she'll sign it. Morgan teases him, wondering what's holding him back and what she can do to help. Morgan manages to break the tension by suggesting they think back to the way it used to be between them. She runs her hand up his thigh. Ridge asks Morgan if she's sure and they embrace.

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