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Sally told Stephanie that Thorne had been involved with Brooke, and the news caused Stephanie to suffer another stroke. Stephanie ordered Thorne to choose between Brooke and the family. After noticing that Ridge was avoiding Morgan, Taylor invited Morgan to the house to clear up any issues between Morgan and Ridge.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 17, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, July 17, 2000

At the funeral, Stephanie is still trying to get Sally to tell her about what she meant about Thorne not loving Macy. Eric and Ridge are still trying to get Stephanie to leave, but she wants to hear what Sally has to say. Sally tells her that Thorne broke Macy's heart. She says that when Macy had finally gotten on with her life, Thorne pursued her. She said that Thorne was having an affair with another woman. Thorne asks the other guests to leave so that the families can have some privacy. Sally blurts out that Thorne was having an affair with Brooke. Stephanie can't believe her ears. She starts pounding on Thorne's chest and calls him a stupid fool. She says that she can't believe that he would leave sweet Macy for that slut. Sally talks about how Thorne and Brooke made Macy's life a living hell. She tell Stephanie that Macy had started drinking again and didn't tell her because she was so ashamed. Stephanie wondered why Macy had to die and wished that it could have been Brooke instead. Thorne said that it wasn't Brooke's fault. He blamed Eric and Ridge. Sally asked him if Ridge and Eric had promised to never hurt Macy again or promise to love her forever. Stephanie and Sally hug. As Ridge and Stephanie walk towards the door, she collapses as Eric and Thorne rush toward them.

Brooke is at her office thinking back to the accident. Taylor comes by looking for Ridge. Brooke tells her that they were at the Church. She says that she should be there with Thorne because he shouldn't have to face everything all alone. Taylor tells her that the Church is the last place she should be. Taylor says that Stephanie shouldn't find out about Brooke and Thorne in that manner. Brooke says that she thinks that it is too late, because Stephanie probably already knows by now. Taylor makes it clear that she is concerned about Stephanie's health, not about Brooke's safety. She tells Brooke that she knows that she has been through a lot, and that she needs to get her rest. Brooke says that it has been hard for her to rest because she has the feeling that something bad is going to happen.

Amber and Rick are discussing Brooke and Thorne. Amber said that Brooke needs to tell Bridget about Thorne before the tabloids get a hold of it. Rick said that his Mom deserved to be happy and that it wasn't anyone's business. Amber tells him that Brooke is famous and that she is working on her third Forrester. Rick said that he had really wanted to reach out to C.J., but he didn't feel that he should considering the circumstances. He said that Thorne had always been there for Brooke and he is the one that she should have been with all along. They are worried about what will happen when Stephanie finds out.

Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Eric and Ridge are at the hospital in the lobby. The doctor comes out and they ask him if Stephanie is going to be all right. He tells them to go in and see for themselves and he will be in to explain to them what happened. Ridge and Eric enter Stephanie's room and she is sitting up in bed looking well. She kiss and hugs Eric. The doctor enters and tells them she had a "TIA" which is a mini-stroke. He explains that is a warning sign of a stoke and that she is at high risk for another one. He is going to give her more medication as well as a sedative to keep her calm. He explains that high blood pressure is often what leads to a stroke.

The doctor leaves the room. Stephanie wants to know where is Thorne. Eric says that he does not know. Stephanie says that she does and that he is with Brooke. Eric leaves out the room to get Stephanie released from the hospital. She tells Ridge that he should have told her. He says that he felt that he thought that it was handled. At one point they thought that he had went on with his life without Brooke. Stephanie tells him that there is no way that Brooke would let him go that easily.

Amber is at work getting prepared to leave for the night. Her co-worker comes over complaining about some customers at her table. They show that the crew is very. She ask Amber if she could take them but Amber says, "No, I have a little baby at home. I do not want to lose my babysitter." The girl says that she understands and heads out the door to the table. Amber decides not to leave after all and takes over the table. One of the girls are giving her a hard time about some Caviar. Amber returns with the a replacement and the girl and the other girl razes her about it not being the same as before. The other girl decides that they want new Caviar plus desert this time. Amber proceeds to slam her with a "description" of a desert she recommends called a "Tart." The girls realize they are the ones that are being insulted and they get up to leave. One of the guys are the last to leave and he stands there looking at Amber. She looks at him and says, "You better go." He walks out. They show Amber later on her cell phone talking to Darla. She ends her call and turns around to face the "guy" from the table.

C.J., Sally and Kimberly are at Sally's talking about the funeral. They are so shocked that Thorne was there talking about how much he loved Macy. Sally said that she wished Adam was there to deal with Thorne and Brooke She says that Adam saw through Thorne. (Kimberly is sitting on the couch looking very despondent.) C.J. is talking about how the Foresster's will pay for this. Sally tells him not to worry about Thorne, Stephanie is going to handle her. C.J. says, "What about Brooke? She can't do anything to her." Sally says to leave that to her. Kimberly gets up to leave and Sally wants C.J. to take her home but Kimberly insist that she is okay.

C.J. is shown shortly after coming back into the living room with a cup of tea but Sally is gone.

At Brooke's office, Thorne is there telling her that he wants her to get out of town until everything cools off. Brooke says, okay and she wanted to go by her house to pick up some things. He tells her not to because the reporters are camped out at her gate. Brooke, "I don't want to go without you." Thorne, "Do you think I would let you out of my sight after almost losing you?" He says in time everyone will know that it was an accident. Brooke steps away from him and looks off into space. Thorne asks what is wrong. Brooke says that she believes that the accident was not an accident. She believes that Macy was trying to kill them both. She was really upset when she had told her that there was nothing that was going to keep them apart. She tells him about what else had happened in the car. They hold each other. Thorne appeared to be surprised by this piece of news.

Later on Megan comes in with Brooke and Thorne's itinerary. She says how awful this whole thing is and promises not to tell anyone where they are and leaves. Brooke is having flashbacks of when Sally came by her office and threatened to destroy everything in her life. Then her thoughts flashed back to when Stephanie was trying to kill her in Big Bear (the best). She realizes that she must leave town. The lights go out in her office and she screams out Megan. There is a person with a black cape on standing at the doorway. She breaks something on the table and displays this long trophy with wings. Brooke screams, "Who are you!"

Wednesday, July 19, 2000

C.J. tells Darla, who is watching Little Eric, that Sally took off. He guesses that she wanted to be alone. Ash apologizes to Amber and gives her tickets to his concert, but Amber says that she can't use them. Amber tells him that he can leave, but Ash convinces her to give him a ride. Outside Amber's apartment, Ash tries to kiss her just as C.J. is leaving. Ash assumes C.J. is Eric, the 'man' in Amber's life. When Brooke grabs the phone, the intruder swings a heavy trophy and smashes it. Then, the figure grabs a framed photo of Thorne and Brooke and breaks it. Brooke thinks it's Sally and tries to explain that she tried to stop Macy. The figure goes berserk and shatters everything in sight. Brooke trips as she tries to slip out. Brooke realizes it's not Sally and guesses the intruder is Stephanie. Brooke insists that she didn't kill Macy; all she did was fall in love. Brooke realizes the enraged figure is Kimberly who, sobbing, says that Brooke killed her sister. Brooke insists that she didn't cause the accident because Macy was driving. Brooke slips and adds that Macy was trying to kill Brooke. Kimberly is horrified and accuses Brooke of trashing Macy's memory. She swings a statue and breaks the window. Brooke falls, finding herself with a jagged piece of broken glass.

Thursday, July 20, 2000


C.J. was angry with Amber for giving Ash a ride and finding them at the door of the apartment. He verbally attacked her and told her she doesn't know anything about him and that she didn't seem to care about Little Eric. C.J. apologized and Amber asked him to continue living with her.
Morgan thought about the night that she and Ridge made love. At Morgan's house, Clarke told Morgan that "all hell broke loose when Thorne showed up at Macy's funeral service." Clarke vowed that "if the Forrester's don't make Thorne pay for what he did to Macy, I will." Clarke told her that he wanted to be more than her friend. Morgan told Clarke she was worried what Stephanie would do to her if she finds out she is pregnant before her first trimester is over. Clarke offered to shield her from the Forrester's.
A grief stricken and crazed Kimberly attacked Brooke and pushed her through a window at Forrester. A horrified Thorne arrived to find Brooke on the floor but unharmed. Kimberly incoherently muttered that "my only remaining relative is gone because of Brooke." She went on to say that "she's going to pay for what she did to my sister. I can promise you."
Thorne told Kimberly she was wrong and she needed counseling. Thorne sent Brooke to San Francisco.
Stephanie, Eric and Ridge waited for Thorne at his house. Eric told Stephanie that he does not want her to confront Brooke. Stephanie said she didn't intend to. Eric and Ridge told her they had done all they could to try to convince Thorne to leave Brooke, but nothing worked. Stephanie thought it had because Brooke and Thorne weren't married yet. When Thorne arrived, he was relieved to see that Stephanie was okay. Stephanie told Thorne" we're here as your family." " The family has a problem that we're going to solve all of us. It's a problem we're going to eliminate one way or the other."

Friday, July 21, 2000

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Taylor wants to know just how close Morgan and Clarke have become. Taylor notices that Morgan is radiant and wonders about the change in her. She hopes Morgan isn't staying away because of Ridge, though she acknowledges that he's still a little irritated that Morgan wanted him to be a donor so she could get pregnant. C.J. tells Amber that he doesn't think he can continue to live with Little Eric and her. C.J. feels that he's a mess, Amber's just looking for a guy and Little Eric needs a stable home. He thinks she's going to leave sooner or later. Amber desperately tries to change C.J.'s mind. She promises that she'll help C.J. through this rough time and they will raise Little Eric together. They share a tender kiss. Stephanie tells Thorne in no uncertain terms that there is no place for Brooke in their family. She defends Eric and Ridge's past actions, explaining that they did what they had to do to get rid of the greatest threat the Forresters have ever faced. Stephanie is ready to go one step further. She tells Thorne to choose - its either Brooke or his family. If he stays with Brooke, Stephanie will no longer consider him her son.

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