The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 24, 2000 on B&B

Thorne chose to be with Brooke, and Stephanie banished him from the family. C.J. decided that Rick couldn't see Little Eric, and Rick contemplated fighting for custody of the boy. Someone planted drugs at Amber's house. The police arrested Amber and C.J., and social services took Little Eric into custody.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 24, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, July 24, 2000

C.J. and Amber are at the apartment feeling awkward after the kiss. They both admit that the kiss meant nothing, and that they felt nothing. They are interrupted by a phone call from Sally. They are getting ready to read Macy's will. C.J. tells them that he will be there shortly. After he leaves, Amber looks at a picture of the three of them and fantasizes about the kiss. She says to herself that they are just raising a baby together, and doesn't think that it can be more than that.

At Spectra Creations, Conner is there to read Macy's last will and testament. He asks Sally if she wanted to read the will to the family. She agrees to do this. C.J. arrives and they both agree that there is no good time and that their lives would never be the same without Macy. C.J. was left all rights to the Insomniac Cafe, Darla was left all of Macy's jewelry and her wardrobe, and Kimberly was awarded a sister's love and the beach house.

At Thorne's house, Sally tells Thorne that he would have to choose between the family and Brooke. Thorne can't believe that she would ask that of him. The doorbell rings and it's Brooke. She tells him that she could not leave town without him. She sees the family there and apologizes for interrupting them. Thorne tells her that she is not an interruption. They discuss the ultimatum. Stephanie tells him that she will not put up with Brooke ever again. She said that Brooke had put Ridge and Eric through hell. She said that although Brooke had done a lot of things over the years, she had never murdered anyone. She said that Brooke was responsible for her stroke as well as for Macy's death. Brooke tells Stephanie that it unfair of her to make Thorne choose because he loved her and he also loved his family. Brooke tells Thorne that if he really believed in his heart that she was responsible for Macy's death, then it would be right for him to leave her. Thorne makes it clear that he could never believe that Brooke was responsible. Brooke tells him that Stephanie was bluffing and he should just ignore her because Stephanie would never throw him out of his own family. Thorne said that he loved Brooke more than anything in this world and he had no intention of giving her up. He tries to say more, but Stephanie said that he had made his choice. She said that he was no longer welcome at the house and that they would no longer have anything to do with him. Stephanie, Ridge, and Eric leave. Brooke wants to know what she can do to make Stephanie believe that she really loves him. Thorne tells her not to bother. He says that he will always love his family, but that his life was with her and that nothing would ever change that. Meanwhile, Kimberly is at the beach house and she looks over at Brooke and Thorne and says to herself that Brooke would never have Thorne.

Tuesday, July 25, 2000

by CBS

Stephanie tells Taylor to be careful of Morgan, but Taylor assures her that Morgan is not a threat. Ridge is anxious to end the conversation. He promises them both that Morgan will not affect them. Taylor is surprised that Ridge appears to share his mother's suspicions of Morgan. Ash offers to bring his friends over to jam. C.J. tells Amber that he doesn't want Ash partying there. Rick stops by to offer his condolences, but C.J. and Rick almost come to blows over Brooke's affair with Thorne and her part in the accident that killed Macy. Amber doesn't want them fighting in front of Little Eric. C.J. doesn't want Rick anywhere near the little boy and orders Rick out. Rick implores Amber not to let C.J. keep him away from his namesake. As Amber pushes him out the door, Rick swears he won't let C.J. take his place in Eric's life. Clarke promises Morgan that he won't let anything happen to the baby or her. He tells her not to worry about Stephanie. Clarke suggests that Morgan tell everyone that the baby is his, but Morgan thinks Ridge has the right to know. Stephanie orders Clarke out of the building. She assumes Clarke is in on whatever Morgan is plotting. Stephanie is certain that Morgan has a secret she is hiding. If Morgan is after Ridge, Stephanie will do whatever she has to do to stop her, but Morgan is tired of Stephanie's threats. All she wants is peace - and what Stephanie stole from her.

Wednesday, July 26, 2000

C.J. and Amber are disagreeing about Ash and his group coming over to the apartment. Amber has been unable to reach Ash, so the group will be showing up. Amber accuses C.J. of having an attitude problem about Ash and his friends, but C.J. merely states he does not want a bunch of strangers around with Little Eric.

At Eric's home, Rick is upset that C.J. was bad-mouthing his family and cannot believe that C.J. thinks that Rick is a bad influence on "his" son (meaning C.J.'s son). Eric is surprised to hear that C.J. is referring to Little Eric as his own son. Rick says that he was the father that raised Little Eric for a year and is the only father that the baby has ever known. Rick verbalizes that he will not let anyone take Little Eric from him--especially not C.J., who was "married to Becky for, like, a week". Rick says that he knows that Amber and C.J. are doing their best, but maybe Little Eric is not in the right environment where he should be living.

Ash and his group of friends and band members show up at Amber and C.J.'s. Ash reintroduces Amber to the group, and in turn, Amber introduces everyone to C.J. and Little Eric. There are some snide remarks by Ash's friends about which one is C.J. and which one is Little Eric. Ash refuses to allow Amber to wait on them--even to get them glasses for their drinks. He tells her that he will be waiting on her since this is her night off. C.J. says that perhaps it is time to put Little Eric to bed. Things are very tense between Ash's group and C.J.. Twister calls to C.J., calling him "JC" and "Daddio", asking him while he is up to get them a beer. C.J. and Little Eric disappear to the bedroom, but C.J. stops around the corner--he is worried about Amber's new friends.

Taylor asks Morgan why Stephanie was giving her a hard time. Morgan says that she just needs to learn not to let Stephanie "get" to her so much. Taylor makes excuses for Stephanie, saying that she is going through a lot right now. Taylor asks Morgan, "She was asking you about your plans for the baby, wasn't she?" Morgan is thrown for a minute, wondering what Taylor knows, but then realizes it is an innocent question when Taylor explains that she meant the insemination procedure. Morgan tells Taylor that she has not given up on having a baby some day. Taylor asks if Morgan is still trying to get pregnant now, and Morgan pats her abdomen and admits that she's not trying any more now. Taylor asks Morgan if she is OK.......she does not understand why Stephanie's accusations bother Morgan so much if there is nothing she's hiding. Morgan obsesses to Taylor that she's certain that Stephanie will eventually find something on Morgan to turn Taylor against her, but Taylor reassures Morgan that there is nothing Stephanie could do or say to make Taylor think badly of Morgan.

Rick tells Eric that C.J. is not acting like himself, explaining that C.J. exploded in front of the baby. Eric misinterprets this to mean that the baby might be in danger. Rick corrects this misperception saying that C.J. would never do anything to harm Little Eric, but that the atmosphere over at their apartment was tense. He says that even between C.J. and Amber he could sense the tension. Eric states that probably Amber was simply trying to diffuse the situation, but Rick says that it is not Amber's job to babysit C.J.. He says, "If he (C.J.) is freaking out, maybe he shouldn't be living there." Rick is afraid that if Amber is preoccupied about watching out for C.J. that there's no telling what could happen (to Little Eric).

The band is playing, and Amber is singing words, just some "la la" syllables. Ash tells her she has a "great set of pipes" and he loves the "blues-ee thing" she does. When Amber says that is her "signature", Sam (Ash's girlfriend), who has been jealously watching the exchange between Ash and Amber, mockingly says that she's never heard of Amber. Amber tells her that is probably because she (Amber) has played mostly in coffeehouses and not biker bars. Ash tells her to be careful not to hurt Twister's feelings. Sam asks Amber just how someone as famous as her ended up bussing tables at the Café Russe. Ash breaks up the snide remarks by sending Sam for a beer for himself; meanwhile, he pours more champagne for Amber. Sam glares at the two of them from across the room.

Morgan asks for reassurance from Taylor that she does not believe that Morgan is the monster that Stephanie claims her to be. Taylor claims that she has always thought Stephanie was a pretty good judge of character and usually trusts her opinions, but reassures Morgan that Stephanie's opinions are just that--opinions. They hug. The telephone rings and Taylor goes to answer the phone. Morgan muses about what a good friend Taylor is to her, but wonders whether she will still be once Taylor knows that Morgan is carrying Ridge's baby.

C.J. wanders into the living room and tells Amber that Little Eric is sleeping. Amber tells Ash just how good the group sounds. Ash tells Amber that the group will be going on tour to the Northeast and that she should come along with them on tour. C.J. interjects that Amber cannot go because she needs to watch Little Eric since he is in school and cannot watch him then. Sam taunts Amber about how much fun they have when they're on tour in the city. Twister takes out a cigarette and C.J. tells him that he cannot smoke in the apartment. Twister crumbles the cigarette and allows the crumbles to fall to the floor, mumbling disgustedly, "whatever". Twister then goes to the kitchen seeking another shot of whiskey. C.J. is worried--"Man, I do not like this. I don't like it one bit."

Eric reasons with Rick that Amber has always been very responsible as far as Little Eric is concerned. Rick thinks things are different now--he says they both have lost a lot lately and are under a great deal of pressure. C.J. and Amber have been keeping to themselves and remaining in the apartment, so he has not seen too much of them. Rick wonders how "all this" is effecting Little Eric. And now, C.J. wants to completely shut him out of Little Eric's life. Rick does not like it and says that he is not going to stand for it.

At Amber and C.J.'s apartment, the door to Little Eric's room opens and Twister enters, closing the door behind him. He peers at the baby from the foot of the crib, and then moves over to the side of the crib, intently staring at Little Eric sleeping soundly in his bed.

Thursday, July 27, 2000

The party at Amber's continued. While nobody noticed, Twister went into Little Eric's room and approached his crib. To his horror, C.J. discovered what Twister was doing and pushed him away from the crib just in time. Ash's girlfriend, Sam, told Amber that Ash is her boyfriend and to stay away. C.J. informed Amber what had happened and advised her to throw everyone out. Amber told C.J. she thought that Ash had seemed like a nice guy. C.J. stressed to Amber, that neither of them knew these people. C.J. reminded Amber that they are both different now and they have a baby to raise. He told Amber "we are in this together. We are a family just like Becky wanted."
Amber told Ash what Twister had done and that everyone had to leave including him. Sam went out into the hall and called 911 pretending to be a neighbor reporting a noisy party at Amber's. Sam told 911 that she's had trouble with Amber before and she thinks she's selling drugs. Sam went back into Amber's and planted drugs in her apartment while the police were on their way.
Over at Thorne's, Thorne told Brooke that he'll be working out of his house from now on. Brooke and Thorne made love on the patio. Thorne told Brooke that "Stephanie is the destructive one." He was referring to the fact that Stephanie had made him choose between Brooke and his family. Brooke promised that Thorne wouldn't lose her too.
After Brooke left, Thorne noticed a light on at Macy's beach house next door. Thorne went over to check on it and found Kimberly there. Kimberly told him that Macy left her the beach house. Thorne sadly told Kimberly that he knows her family hates him including Sally, Clark, C.J. and Darla. He said, "they don't think I loved Macy but I did and maybe it wasn't enough. You have to understand I would never do anything to hurt her and I miss her too." He tried to make Kimberly understand so maybe some day she can forgive him for what happened to Macy.

Friday, July 28, 2000

The party is going strong and Amber tells Ash that he needs to leave now. Ash continues to play, saying they'll leave as soon as he finishes what he is playing for Sticks. Sam again telephones 911 to complain about the noise in Amber's apartment, and learns that the police are on their way. She checks the drugs, which she has planted in the sofa and smiles smugly.

At Macy's home, Thorne and Kimberly are talking. Thorne asks Kimberly for forgiveness and Kimberly wonders if Thorne blames himself for Macy's death. Thorne says he did not see it coming, and when he left her at the cabin, she seemed better than she had in months and was talking about going to rehab and pulling her life together. Thorne realizes that it is not Kimberly's forgiveness he wants but Macy's. Kimberly tells him that Macy did not blame Thorne and neither does she. They hug.

Eric asks Rick if he has spoken with Kimberly and Rick says that he has tried to-that he went over to her dorm but that Kimberly had moved out and her roommate would not tell him where she had gone. Rick thinks Kimberly also blames him somehow for Macy's death-like C.J. does. Eric thinks that C.J. and Kimberly simply need some time to heal. Rick is worried about what Little Eric will think: first losing his mother and now Rick has disappeared from his life. Eric reassures Rick that it is only temporary and Rick says that it certainly is-that no one will keep him from his son. "Little Eric needs me; he needs me now more than ever."

Twister drinks from a beer bottle and C.J. takes it from him, telling him "the party's over". Amber tells Sam the same thing and Sam replies that it is OK, she had such a nice time. Amber realizes this is totally out-of-character for Sam to say, but shrugs it off. Ash asks Amber if he can call her sometime, and Amber says OK, as Sam gloats in the background. There's a knock at the door. C.J. answers it. It is the police, and they're looking for Amber Moore.

Thorne is amazed that Kimberly can forgive him-she tells him that she knows how much he loved Macy. When he thinks that Kimberly might be the only one who knows that, Kimberly tells him that Macy knew it and had told her (Kimberly) all about the two of them. Talk turns to Brooke, and Thorne admits that Brooke will never take Macy's place. Thorne then tells Kimberly that Brooke is something that they need to talk about. Kimberly rolls her eyes and exhales in disgust.

Eric tells Rick that he realizes that Rick really misses Little Eric. Rick reminisces about his year with Little Eric-how they used to wake up together and he would take him for a swim or for a walk. He says that he is happy that he can still visit with him, but is afraid now that Amber is not sticking up for him that his contact with Little Eric is in jeopardy. Eric says that at least they both know that Little Eric is safe and in good hands.

Amber introduces herself to the police and when the police talk about the complaint of noise and possibility of dealing drugs, both Amber and C.J. deny it. Meanwhile, Sam moves the drugs into plainer view. The police say that then C.J. and Amber will not mind if they look around. Not knowing about the drugs, which Sam planted, of course C.J. and Amber tell them to go ahead. The police officers enter and look at the appearance of each of the guests in the apartment. Amber escorts one officer to the bedroom section where Little Eric is sleeping. Ash and the others leave. C.J. thanks the officer once Ash and the others are gone, saying that their guests were a bit out of hand and he wanted them to leave anyway. The other officer returns with Amber. C.J. asks who notified them that someone was dealing from that apartment and the police respond that it was an anonymous tip. Amber and C.J. are relieved and as the first officer heads toward the door, the second officer finds the 2 bags of drugs, asking Amber and C.J., "You want to explain this?" Amber and C.J. look at each other incredulously. The first officer uses his radio to call for CPS (Child Protective Services) to pick up the baby.

Kimberly does not want to talk about Brooke, saying she will always be angry with her. Thorne tells her that she needs to get over Brooke because her anger toward Brooke is not doing her (Kimberly) any good. Thorne says that they need to move on and that will be difficult for Kimberly while she is living in Macy's home and surrounded by her things. Thorne tells Kimberly that Macy would not want Kimberly to remain so angry and Thorne thinks that Kimberly needs someone to talk with. Kimberly tells Thorne to back off about Brooke but Thorne says that he believes he owes it to Macy to help Kimberly get through her grief. Kimberly says that she does not need counseling-she has Thorne. Thorne thinks Kimberly needs professional help. He says she does need to think about Brooke and talk about her-after all, Brooke is Kimberly's boss. Kimberly says she will quit. Well, Thorne reminds her, Brooke is also the mother of her boyfriend-will she quit Rick too?? Plus, he says that he wants him and Kimberly to be close and Brooke will be a part of his life-they're getting married. Kimberly shouts, "No, you cannot marry Brooke!"

Rick hates not having a say in Little Eric's life-he knows that C.J. is going through a whole lot but Rick does not want to have to step aside for C.J.'s problems. He wants to be there for Little Eric. Eric admires Rick's commitment.

C.J. tries to explain to the police that the drugs are not theirs. He says that they must belong to the people who just left the apartment, but they do not know any of their names except that they are friends of Ash's. Amber must then admit how she met Ash while working in the restaurant and how they just "hit it off" and that is why she invited them to her apartment. She tells the police that it was only supposed to be a small gathering, having a beer or so. Heck, they say, they would not even allow the others to smoke in the apartment because of the baby, so if they knew others were using drugs, they never would have allowed them into the apartment. C.J. asks what the drugs are and the officer tells him they are Ecstasy, plus there is more than an ounce of marijuana in the baggie-an amount greater than one would have for him/herself, so that leads them to suspect dealing. C.J. wonders aloud if one of the guests was a dealer. The police officer explains to C.J. and Amber that the charge for the drugs is not ownership, but possession, so since they are in C.J. and Amber's apartment, it is considered their possession. The woman from Child Protective services arrives at the door and the police direct her to the room where Little Eric is asleep.

Kimberly begs Thorne not to marry Brooke now because she says that the press will rip Macy's reputation to shreds and portray her as a suicidal drunk whose husband left her. She asks him to wait to marry Brooke in order not to disgrace her sister's memory. Thorne mentions that this means he will have to put his life on hold for a longer time than he already has. Thorne and Kimberly hug without Thorne agreeing to this.

The police tell Amber that Child Protective Services is here to take the baby and Amber freaks out, saying that no, she must take care of the baby-she needs to. The police try to explain that Amber and C.J. must go down to the police station for questioning and the baby cannot be taken there in spite of Amber's demand that they question them at the apartment. C.J. tries to call his mother, but she is not at home. The CPS worker emerges from the bedroom, carrying a crying Little Eric. Amber takes him from her arms and calls Rick to come over, explaining that the police are trying to take Little Eric from her. Rick says he will be right over. The CPS worker takes the baby back from Amber, and C.J. and Amber are taken screaming and fighting from the apartment. The last scene is the CPS worker holding Little Eric and trying to comfort him while he is reaching after Amber and C.J. and crying.

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