The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 7, 2000 on B&B

Kimberly flirted with Thorne and kissed him. Ridge confronted Morgan about her pregnancy, and she revealed that he was the baby's father. Ridge divulged the details surrounding the conception of Morgan's baby to Stephanie, and Stephanie vowed to take care of Morgan.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 7, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, August 7, 2000

Morgan is in her office looking at a picture of her ultrasound, when there is a knock on the door. It's Taylor and she wants to know what is going on with Morgan. Morgan tells her that she has been busy working on a project. Taylor feels that more is going on and feels that Morgan has been trying to avoid her. She said that Morgan was one of the closest friends that she had ever had and that they had made a point to have lunch at least once a week. Taylor asked her how she was getting along with Ridge and Morgan replied that they were working okay together. Taylor wonders if that is the reason for the avoidance, but Morgan shakes her head. Taylor leaves.

In Ridge's Office, Stephanie tells him about using her key to enter Morgan's apartment. She tells him about all the baby things that Morgan had. Ridge said that she had bought things for a friend. Stephanie said that she had bought things for herself because she was pregnant. She told him that Morgan had had an ultrasound and was nine weeks pregnant. Stephanie is trying to speculate on who the father might be. Ridge tells Stephanie not to worry about anything because he would handle things from now on. Taylor enters looking for Ridge. Stephanie tells her that Ridge had gone to see Morgan. She tells Taylor about the pregnancy. Taylor is happy and feels that she now knows why Morgan had been so distant. She believes that Clarke is the father, but says that she didn't care who the father was as long as Morgan was happy.

A policeman shows up at Amber and C.J.'s. She is being charged with two counts of drug possession with the intent to sell. C.J. wants to know why Amber is the only one being charged. The cop says that it is her apartment because her name is the only one on the lease. He wants her to admit what she did. C.J. kicks him out. He tells her that he won't let anything happen to her. He said that she was Little Eric's mother and he would do all that he could for her because he had connections. She tells him how content and secure that she feels with him. He said that nothing was going to stop them from loving and being good parents to the baby. C.J. asks Amber to dance. As they are dancing, they stop and look into each other eyes and kiss.

Ridge storms into Morgan's office and asks her if it is true that she is pregnant. She admits that she is. He wants to know who the father of the baby is. Morgan is hesitating so Ridge grabs her by the shoulder and demands to know the truth. She said that she can't answer him with him looking at her like that. He tells her that she tricked him into sleeping with her and he does not want to believe that she also tricked him into believing that the pregnancy test was negative. He asks her if she was artificially inseminated. She shakes her head, no. Ridge is very angry and grabs her by the shoulders, again. He asks her again if he is the father, while Morgan says nothing.

Tuesday, August 8, 2000

B & B did not air today due to news coverage of Al Gore's vice presidential candidate. The episode scheduled for today will air in its entirety on Wednesday.

Wednesday, August 9, 2000

Taylor arrives at Clarke's office and knocks on the door. Apparently, she had called Clarke previously and was persistent about making an appointment to see him. Clarke is quite cool to her, saying that she had almost demanded to see him, so what did she want. Taylor tells him that she knows Morgan is pregnant, which surprises Clarke. Taylor then says that she knows who the father of the baby is, which really shocks him.

Ridge is shaking Morgan, demanding to know if the baby is his baby. Eventually, Morgan admits that the baby she is carrying is his. Ridge reacts saying, "My God. My God. What did I ever do to you to make you hate me so much?" Morgan tells him that she loves him and she loves the baby she is carrying. He tells her that she could not love him and do something so evil to him and his family. Morgan tells Ridge that it is not about him and his precious family and if he wants to talk about something evil, let's talk about Stephanie and what she did. Ridge confronts her that what Stephanie did is not the issue, but Morgan reminds him that while she was suffering from what Stephanie did, he was living his life without any worries about anything. She has spent her entire life wondering what their child would have been like. Can't he understand, she murdered their child? Morgan dissolves into tears.

Kimberly is curled up on the sofa, crying softly for Macy. She is still obsessing on Brooke's guilt in Macy's death and saying that she will *never* forgive Brooke for what she's done. There's a knock at the door. It is Thorne, who enters and hands Kimberly a wet suit, saying, "Here, put this on. Surf's up. Let's hit the beach." He spends the next several minutes trying to convince Kimberly to go surfing with him. She reminds him that she does not surf, and besides, it is dark. Thorne keeps trying to get her to leave the house and try to do something besides sitting around and mourning Macy's death. She reminds him that where she grew up, they do not surf--and Thorne tells her to just imagine the surfboard as a skinny sailboat without a sail, which elicits a smile from Kimberly. He tells her to smile more often--that she is beautiful when she smiles. She claims that she has not had a lot to smile about lately, and Thorne tells her that she cannot let her grief overwhelm her. Kimberly reminds Thorne that she has lost her last living link to her family, and Thorne tells her that he has lost his family also. Kimberly seizes upon the opportunity to blame that on Brooke also, but Thorne says it is because they are angry and bitter and that it is their loss. He tells her that her anger is like a trap and it will destroy her. He tries to help her look for the good things in her life, and encourages her to try to get back to her life.......possibly by making a change in something in her life. When she asks for an example, Thorne suggests possibly her hair.

Clarke challenges Taylor... so she knows Morgan is pregnant and she thinks she knows who the father is.........Taylor reminds him that she saw the baby toys, which Clarke dismisses as being for a friend. However, Taylor tells him she knows about the cradle and also, the ultrasound. Clarke is really surprised and wonders how Taylor knows all this. Taylor admits Stephanie's role in finding out this information, telling Clarke that Stephanie had a key from when Taylor lived in the beach house, and yes, Stephanie probably did overstep her bounds about learning about the ultrasound. Clarke is incensed about the liberties that Stephanie has taken, and admits to Taylor that this is "just how you people operate." Taylor is surprised at Clarke's anger--she thought he would be relieved and that now they do not have to sneak around any more...their secret is out. Clarke is really angry with Taylor, saying, "Oh, so you approve?" Taylor says yes, that she does. Clarke jumps on her, telling her that Morgan really does not need her approval and that it is condescending for her to say so. Clarke tells Taylor that she wants something from him and he isn't going to give it to her. Taylor does not understand and reminds Clarke that she is a friend to Morgan. Clarke tells Taylor that she will find out the truth... soon enough. Taylor is very confused.

Ridge tells Morgan that what his mother did to her was wrong, but so is this. There's no excuse for what she did... no excuse at all. Morgan wonders if Ridge thinks that she made up her suffering story. Ridge says he doesn't know, but he does know that he was sympathetic to her and this is how she repays him. He tells her that millions of women have abortions, but they do not effect them this way. Morgan tells him that lots of women have this--it's called Post-Abortion Syndrome. He wonders if it was done to get revenge on Stephanie for what happened 17 years ago... ruining his life, threatening his family. Morgan claims that she is not threatening anyone, but Ridge wonders just how she thinks Taylor will receive the news that Morgan is carrying his child. Trick or no trick, Ridge says, they have both betrayed her. But, he believes that Morgan does not care a whit about that, because she is so consumed with her anger and vengeance. Morgan tells him that he is the one that is angry......that she is no longer angry. Because of this miracle growing inside her, she is now at peace. She knows Ridge is angry with her, but one day he will be happy for her and so will Taylor--when they see this precious baby. Ridge interrupts her, telling her that this pregnancy is not a miracle, it's a tragedy. And, it has to be dealt with.

Kimberly guesses that Thorne does not like her hair. Thorne says that is not true, and asks her why she changed it in the first place. Kimberly thought it was because it would look more natural, but Thorne lays out the possibility that Kimberly darkened her hair because she was in a dark mood--that Macy had begun to drink again, she and Rick were not getting along, she was frustrated with Brooke. Kimberly had not thought about it like that. Thorne convinces her that perhaps she can change the way she feels about life by changing her hair--by lightening her hair, she could lighten her mood. Kimberly ponders the idea. Thorne then invites her to have dinner with him. Kimberly balks at first, but then agrees to have dinner.

The telephone rings in Gladys' styling salon and Kimberly asks her for an appointment. Gladys tells her that since she is Sally's stepdaughter, she can come in any time she wants. Kimberly asks her to come to the house, and Gladys says she will be right out. Kimberly approaches the mirror, contemplating what she will look like after Gladys is finished with her.

Taylor reminds Clarke that he is involved with Morgan. Remember, she caught him "hangin' ten" in Morgan's bedroom? Clarke asks Taylor what she said when he asked her to become involved in Macy's life. Taylor says that she explained why she could not get involved with Macy. Well, Clarke says, since Taylor couldn't get involved with Macy's life because she was afraid her own little life would fall apart, then he was not going to give her any information or explanation. Taylor cannot believe that Clarke will not speak about Morgan's pregnancy with her just because she could not get involved with Macy's life. Clarke says that he would love to discuss Morgan's pregnancy with her, but that it is not his place. Taylor tells him that this is silly, and Clarke says it is justice--karmic justice--you know, what goes around, comes around? And then tells Morgan that he would not want to be her to find out what is coming around. Taylor leaves, telling Clarke that if he doesn't want to help her, then fine--she'll go to Morgan. After Taylor closes the door, Clarke mutters, "She cannot help you.....nobody can."

Morgan wonders why Ridge is looking at her "like that." She offers to call Taylor and explain, and Ridge tells her that she is not going to talk with anyone. Ridge is fumbling through papers as Morgan is telling him that he needs to cool off a bit. Ridge is attempting to find a calendar. He asks her just how far along she is. Morgan is upset and says to Ridge, "I am pregnant with your baby, and no matter what you or anyone else says, no one is going to stop me from having this baby." Ridge locates the date when Taylor left town to be with her father, the night that Morgan tricked him into sleeping with her. Ridge says, "Well, good, there's still time." Morgan looks at him.......she cannot believe what she is hearing. "Still time for what?" She tells Ridge that surely he does not mean for her to have an abortion after all that she's been through. Ridge looks steely-eyed at her. "Ridge, I won't do it. I swear it, I won't do it. You cannot stop me from having this baby. Let go of me." and wriggles free of his hold.

Thursday, August 10, 2000

In Morgan's office, Ridge and Morgan emotionally discussed her pregnancy. Ridge told Morgan "I'm telling you this cannot happen." Morgan tearful and angry responded to Ridge with "Are you telling me that I have to have an abortion?" Ridge emotional and sounding hysterical told Morgan "you're not going to have this child." This conversation became more heated. Ridge told Morgan he was upset because "I trusted you and you lied to me again." Morgan tried to explain her lies by telling Ridge that she didn't want his mother to know about her pregnancy. Ridge became more enraged and stopped an upset Morgan from leaving her office by grabbing her arm. He demanded that they were going to stay there and solve this problem right now. Morgan adamantly told Ridge that "it's not a problem, a mistake or a tragedy." She made it very clear to Ridge that she would do just about anything for Ridge, but she won't have an abortion. She stormed out of her office. Ridge was left crying hysterically to himself "What Have I done?"
Taylor told Stephanie that she was confused because Clarke denied he is the father of Morgan's baby. She also said Ridge is mad at Morgan. She said she "can feel all the tension in the air." Stephanie told her not to forget about her suspicions of Morgan. When Taylor left, Stephanie headed for Morgan's office. Stephanie discovered Ridge there muttering to himself. Ridge told her to go away. He told Stephanie "None of it felt right. I was just one phone call away." Ridge wouldn't explain what he meant except he said "you warned me, I should have listened." Stephanie then asked him if Morgan had done something to him?
Clarke surprised Morgan at her house by letting himself in and waiting for her. He told her that Taylor knows she is pregnant because Stephanie broke into Morgan's house and then talked to Morgan's doctor. She added that Ridge knows he's the father of my child. She said that Ridge came unglued and had threatened her baby. Clarke assured her that "Ridge or anyone can't make her give up her baby. Ridge would do anything to keep it a secret. He won't tell his mother."
Brooke called Thorne from the airport. He asked her to come right over and that they would save her some dessert. A curious Brooke murmured " it sounds like you already have dinner plans." Kimberly hired Gladys to do a make-over to make herself look more attractive to Thorne. Gladys told her that she's already a knock-out. Kimberly shared with her that she's having dinner with a friend and then admitted, it's a special friend. Thorne was floored when he saw the made-over Kimberly.

Friday, August 11, 2000

The story opens in Morgan's office, where Ridge and Stephanie are speaking. Ridge attempts to explain the way Morgan has manipulated this "setup" to Stephanie, who just does not grasp at first what Ridge is trying to tell her.

Morgan, meanwhile, is obsessing about Stephanie learning about her pregnancy before Morgan hits the magical second trimester.

Thorne is speechless when he opens the door. He tells Kimberly that she looks gorgeous. She enters and he checks out her appearance. Thorne is surprised that she has changed her hair already and is concerned that she did it only because he suggested it. Kimberly tells him that it was done just this afternoon by a friend of Sally's. Kimberly tells Thorne she is thankful to have him in her life to help her. He tells her he feels thankful too. Kimberly smiles coyly.

Morgan relives the whole abortion scenario in her mind......the indecision, the terror, the desire to have spoken with Ridge, and Stephanie forcing her to go through with the procedure. Clarke is with her and tells her that she does not need to go through with that again........he tries to convince her that she is older now and does not need to do whatever Stephanie tells her to do. Morgan is convinced that Stephanie will do anything to prevent her from carrying Ridge's child. Morgan feels alone, saying that Ridge will not be sympathetic to her plight since he will be concerned about losing his own family. Clarke volunteers to be "there" for Morgan.

Ridge tells Stephanie the whole story about the email from Taylor's laptop computer and the ensuing voice mail that Ridge received. Stephanie is really confused that Taylor would allow such things to go on. She is thankful that Ridge and Taylor did not fall into Morgan's trap. Stephanie is still convinced that Clarke is the father of Morgan's baby because this is what Taylor had told her. Ridge attempts to clear up the erroneous thought. Stephanie's face falls as she realizes what Ridge is trying to tell her.

Thorne finishes cooking the salmon steaks and places them on the plates, telling Kimberly how good they are supposed to be. Kimberly tells him that she is pretty selective when it comes to foods, so she will reserve judgment until after she tastes them. She also says that the salad was so good, and now she is not too certain that she can eat anything more. Thorne tells her that she must eat her entire steak, cuts off a piece of his, and feeds it to her, asking her for her opinion of the taste. Kimberly asks Thorne to give him her recipe, but he refuses. He tells her that all fine chefs keep their recipes secret and asks her if the chef at Café Russe would give her his special recipe for Steak Tartar. He says that the fine chefs refuse to give out recipes to keep patrons coming back for more. Kimberly asks him, "Do you mean this is not just a one-time thing?" Thorne tells her that he hopes not. When Kimberly mentions that she has not been eating too much lately, Thorne again compliments her by telling her how lovely she looks and what a pretty girl she is. Kimberly smiles.

Morgan continues to shake and obsess about Stephanie learning about her pregnancy and Ridge being the father. She decides she must go away. She must stay away from Stephanie at all costs. Clarke tells her that he will stick by her.

Stephanie tells Ridge, "Please tell me that you did not sleep with that woman!" She asks him to tell her that her baby is not his child, but alas, Ridge tells her that he cannot do so. Ridge tells Stephanie that he must tell Taylor what has happened before someone else does, and Stephanie tells him that he cannot do that--that Taylor will pack up the children and be out of the house in a matter of minutes.

Thorne and Kimberly are seated on the lounge (the same lounger that he and Brooke made passionate love on a few nights ago). Kimberly tells Thorne that he is her "guardian angel." Thorne laughs and tells her that he is no angel. Thorne tells her that he thinks about his relationship with her as more of a big brother. Kimberly questions this way of thinking of her and tells Thorne that she would not change her hairstyle and get all dressed up for her brother. She would like to be thought of "as a woman.....a woman who is very attracted to you." Thorne begins to refute what Kimberly has said, but she kisses him. He pulls away and again tries to tell her something, but she kisses him again, and he returns the kiss.

Ridge tells Stephanie that he MUST tell Taylor.......he cannot live with this lie in his marriage. Stephanie tells him he should not say anything. She tells him to go home to his wife and children and to wait to hear from her. She reassures Ridge that she will handle this problem.

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