The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 14, 2000 on B&B

Kimberly fantasized about Thorne being the new man in her life. Rick kissed Amber and tried to convince her to move herself and Little Eric back in with him. Stephanie tried to serve Morgan some tea with an abortion-inducing agent in it. Ridge foiled the plan, and Morgan vowed to take Stephanie down.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 14, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, August 14, 2000

Brooke is in the limo on her way over to Thorne's house. Kimberly and Thorne are on the chaise lounge kissing, when suddenly he pulls away and tells her that he is going to marry Brooke. Kimberly tells him that she knows, and they begin to kiss again. Oh, but it's just a fantasy of Kim's. Thorne gives her a housewarming gift. He tells her that he knows that she has lots of memories of Macy, just as he does and he wanted her to have something of her own. He gives her a picture of a lighthouse in Nantucket.
She said that she had been there before. She said that Thorne was like her lighthouse because she felt safe with him and knew that she would not drown. He thanks her for telling him this. He leaves to get them something to drink and Brooke arrives. Ridge and Brooke are kissing and Kim comes in looking disgusted. Brooke wants to know what Kim is doing there.

At Forresters' Stephanie tells Ridge not to tell Taylor anything because she would take care of everything. Ridge returns home and is trying to figure out how to tell Taylor. She is amorous, but Ridge isn't in the mood. She asks him if it had anything to do with Morgan. When he replied that it did, she states that she knows what it is about. She tells him that Morgan is pregnant and led her to believe that Clarke was the father. She said that when she approached Clarke, he didn't seem to want to admit it. She said that she doesn't trust Morgan and wished that she had listened to him and Stephanie.

Stephanie places a call to Bill Spencer and tells him that she needs to see him. He arrives at her office with some pills. He said that he wished that she would trust him to tell him what's going on. He also said that he knew that it must have something to do with one of her children, and he was sure which one it was. He gives Stephanie some pills. She asks about side effects. He tells her that the woman would have cramping and nausea. When she asks about harm to the mother, Bill realizes that the woman doesn't know about the pills. He agrees not to ask anymore questions and leaves.

Morgan is at home packing. She is planning on leaving town before Stephanie comes looking for her. She has no concrete plans. Clarke tells her that he owns a home in La Jolla and that she was welcome to use it. He tells her that no one knows about his home, not even the Forresters. She said that she only needed to stay there until after she got through her first trimester, then the baby would be safe. He gives her directions and keys. At the last moment, Morgan returns and when she turns around to leave again, she is met by Stephanie. She tells Stephanie that she was leaving and didn't want to fight with her. Stephanie tells her that she didn't want to fight with her and ask could they could just have tea. She is clutching the pills behind her back.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Stephanie stuns Morgan with the news that she knows that she's pregnant. She claims that she must end her plans for a happy pregnancy for the sake of her children but Morgan refuses. Stephanie backs off and tries to convince Morgan that her antics may cost Ridge his wife and children. She continues that if that happens, he'll never forgive her or the baby. Stephanie coldly informs Morgan that she must have an abortion. She asks Morgan for some tea and then grabs her vial of pills while Morgan heads to the kitchen. While Thorne heads outside to the wind storm to tie a few things down, Brooke admits to Kimberly that she is glad she is getting help even if it's from Thorne. However, Brooke does advises her that she won't have Thorne for long since they intend to marry soon. Kimberly hugs Thorne tightly before she leaves. Bill worries about the risks Stephanie is taking and is interrupted by Ridge who is surprised to find the man in Stephanie's office. Bill then proceeds to blast Ridge for what he has done to his family and admits that he knows all about his "girlfriend." He then leaks that Stephanie has pills that will give Morgan a miscarriage.

Wednesday, August 16, 2000

Bill accuses Ridge of letting his mother do his dirty work. Ridge realizes Bill gave Stephanie a drug that causes miscarriages and is shaken when Bill reveals that someone could be given the drug without knowing it. He points out that by this time tomorrow, there will be no baby and Ridge can continue his charmed life. Morgan assures Stephanie that the baby will not ruin Taylor's life. Stephanie promises to make sure of it. After Morgan pours the tea, Stephanie asks her for some honey and takes out the capsule while she searches for the honey. Morgan can't get over how understanding Stephanie seems to be about the situation. She is about to sip her tea when the storm knocks out the electricity. After she lights some candles, Stephanie hands Morgan her cup and she lifts it to her lips. Amber tells Rick about her indictment. He assures her that the Forrester lawyer can take care of everything. Amber refuses his help, explaining that she has to stand on her own two feet. Rick mentions Becky's desire that they get back together and asks Helen to watch Little Eric so he can discuss something important with Amber. Rick wants to know where things stand between them. He kisses her.

Thursday, August 17, 2000

Rick made a pitch to Amber for her and Little Eric to move back in with him. He told Amber "I love Little Eric and I want to raise him with you. I know we can make this work for all of us." They kissed passionately. While Amber was leaving, Rick pled with her to think about his offer.
Amber avoided telling C.J. that she had been at Rick's when he questioned why she arrived home so late. Amber secretly thought about what Rick had said to her. She recalled that Rick had said that "Little Eric was our son. He became a part of my life, you know he did. You became a part of me, you were my wife." Amber then told C.J. that "you are a crazy wonderful guy." In response to his making pizza for her and waiting for her to come home. Amber kissed C.J.
Ridge arrived at Morgan's to try to stop Stephanie from secretly giving Morgan a pregnancy termination drug.
Ridge asked Stephanie to leave over Morgan's protests. Morgan told Ridge " it was unbelievable that she and his mother were sitting there having a cup of tea and having a civil conversation, even friendly!" Ridge told Stephanie he had spoken to Bill Spencer. Stephanie then realized that Ridge knew why she was there and said, "you know everything's being taken care of." Ridge facetiously said, "yeah, I guess I do." Morgan urged Ridge to go home. Ridge agreed saying "maybe it's better this way." Ridge walked out, but after a moment's thought returned. Ridge asked Stephanie again to "please leave." Morgan again protested and pled to Ridge "you don't know how much I need to trust her." Ridge told Stephanie "this is my life and my problem and I'll handle it from here.'' He vowed to not handle this problem by getting help from Bill Spencer.
After Stephanie left, Ridge told Morgan about the pregnancy termination drug in her tea. Morgan was relieved she hadn't drunk any and was ballistic with Stephanie. Morgan reminded Ridge he was going to leave and let her drink the tea, but he didn't and he saved her baby.

Friday, August 18, 2000

Morgan is in Ridge's arms as the lights click on. Ridge seems relieved that finally the power is back on. Morgan is shaking and expresses thanks that Ridge came over to her home when he did and saved her baby's life. Ridge is not quite as enthused about having stopped Morgan from drinking the drug-laced tea. Morgan cannot believe that Ridge in some way regrets having stopped her from drinking the tea which would have caused her to miscarry. Ridge defends Stephanie's actions, saying that she only did what she thought she had to do. Morgan cannot believe that she trusted Stephanie.......that Stephanie was trying to manipulate her to cause her miscarriage. Ridge tells Morgan that she needs to listen to what she is accusing Stephanie of doing because she is guilty of doing the same type of manipulating with him. Morgan tells him that Stephanie is the devil.

C.J. and Amber are kissing passionately, when Amber suddenly withdraws from him. C.J. smiles.......he chuckles, saying that they had better eat the pizza before it gets cold. The camera shifts to the pizza, which has pepperoni on it in the shape of a heart, and Amber says, "Well, I wouldn't want to break your heart." and they laugh. She tells C.J. that it is sweet, but asks him just what the heart means.

Rick is gazing at a photo of his family--Amber, Little Eric, and himself. A car pulls into the driveway, and Rick meets Stephanie, who has just arrived at home, in the driveway. Rick tells her that Amber and the baby were just there, and asks Stephanie to stop in for a few minutes to talk. Rick tells Stephanie that he is worried about Little Eric growing up in that "weird" neighborhood. Stephanie mentions that Rick has never before expressed any concern about the neighborhood where Amber has been living, and asks him what is bothering him. Rick verbalizes concern about Amber being in her own environment and occasionally doing something stupid. Stephanie asks if anything in particular has happened. Rick says no, but he is still worried about Amber because she is struggling. She works until late at night, and then still needs to get up early and take care of the baby. Stephanie asks about C.J., saying that she thought C.J. was helping to care for Little Eric. Rick tells her that C.J. has changed since Macy died. Even though Stephanie thinks that it would be normal for C.J. to change after losing a sister, Rick goes on to tell her that C.J. blames him for Macy's death as well as blaming his mother. He says that C.J. is using his anger at Rick to keep Rick away from the baby. Rick thinks that Little Eric is more his son than anyone else's, and says that the baby needs stability in his life and he wants to give it to him. Stephanie is befuddled.

Amber again asks C.J. what the heart on the pizza stands for and what he was thinking when he made it. C.J. tells her that it stands for them--for their situation and the love they have for Little Eric. Amber says that Little Eric means more than anything to her and that is why she was so frightened the other night when the police came. C.J. tells her that will never happen again. Amber says thank God for Rick being there. C.J. unenthusiastically says "yeah", but then goes on to tell Amber that the stuff that Rick tried to pull to take Little Eric away from him and lure Amber away was not right. Amber defends Rick, saying that he was only thinking about the baby, but C.J. says that Rick was thinking about a lot more than simply Little Eric, and she knows it. Amber attempts to change the subject, saying, "Why don't we just eat the pizza."

So, she says, "the heart stands for home and baby", and C.J. says well, that and.....well, he made it for someone really special who means a lot. C.J. then tells her that he does not want to freak Amber out, but that his feelings for Amber.........well, he simply kisses her passionately to tell her what his feelings are for her.

Stephanie questions Rick about wanting the baby to come and live at his home. Stephanie points out to Rick that a baby needs his mother, and Amber is Little Eric's mother now. Rick realizes that, and tells Stephanie that he wants Amber to move in with Little Eric and then he will move up to the main home. Stephanie is surprised at his request, so Rick continues to explain to her that things have changed and Amber has changed--Rick says he believes he has changed also. He says that when Amber and Little Eric were there this evening, they had such a good time together. Stephanie wants Rick to think about C.J.. He was married to Little Eric's mother, and obviously he believes he has a claim to Little Eric also. Rick says he does not want to keep C.J. from Little Eric--he can come to see him whenever he wants to. Stephanie wonders if this will be enough for C.J., and Rick says it probably will not be. Rick then reminds Stephanie about the neighborhood where Amber and C.J. are raising Little Eric. Stephanie tells Rick that children grow up in bad neighborhoods all the time, and turn out OK. Rick interrupts her and says, "Yes, but not my kid. In his whole life, I am the one that he has spent the most time with--Amber and me. We should be raising him here. That boy needs me--I can feel it inside, and Stephanie, I am not going to let that boy down." He pleads with Stephanie to please tell him that Amber and Little Eric can move back in here again--please.....for him (Rick)?

Ridge tells Morgan that his mother was simply trying to protect his marriage, and Morgan tells him that his marriage is not in trouble. Ridge says, "Not yet." Morgan tells Ridge that Taylor never needs to know, but Ridge balks at the idea of lying to Taylor any longer, much less forever. Ridge tells Morgan that he believes he made the biggest mistake of his life today. Morgan questions him whether he means sleeping with her. He tells her no, that was her mistake... his mistake was stopping her from drinking the tea. Morgan cannot believe what she is hearing. She tells Ridge that he does not mean what he has just said--that he saved Stephanie from doing something terribly wrong and hideous. Ridge tells her that she was the one who drove Stephanie to her actions. Morgan tries to take the moral high road by saying that Stephanie was trying to take the life of her baby, but Ridge counters to her that the baby never should have been conceived that way and would not have been if not for Morgan's lying and deceitful manipulation. Morgan points out that there is no justification for what Stephanie tried to do to her--it was ugly, underhanded, and immoral--but Ridge asks her what the hell does she think she did to him? He tells her she deserved everything his mother tried to do to her. He wonders if she thinks something good will come out of this, and tells her it will not. Morgan wonders then why Ridge stopped her from drinking the drug-laced tea, and Ridge responds that he is not like Stephanie or like Morgan. Even though he is no saint, Ridge says he does know right from wrong. Ridge says that right now he wishes he had not stopped Stephanie--he feels like this baby is going to ruin his entire life. Morgan tells him that it does not need to. Ridge cannot believe that Morgan wants him to keep this secret forever.

Morgan asks Ridge, can he not see the karma, and Ridge thinks Morgan is saying that he deserves this. No, Morgan says, SHE deserves this child to make up for the one Stephanie took from her years ago. She tells him that she loves this baby, just like she would have loved their child 17 years ago. Ridge asks her if she has thought about him in this whole dilemma. He asks her if she is hoping that he will love this baby too, and is she hoping that he will leave Taylor to be with Morgan and the baby? Well, he tells her, it is not going to happen. He hates what she has done to him, and if it was possible, he would take this child from her the moment it is born.

Stephanie tells Rick that she needs some time to think over the prospect of having Amber and Little Eric move back into the guest house, even though she knows that both Rick and Amber have changed. She is concerned about having Amber living there--at the house. Stephanie is afraid that Rick's desire to have Little Eric with him is coloring the way he is seeing Amber these days. Rick defends Amber, saying that she has paid for her past actions against him, and besides, if she had not done her prior actions, there would be no Little Eric in his life. Stephanie affirms the person Rick is becoming and his maturity. Stephanie tells Rick that she will let him know after she has thought things through--she is quite tired tonight. Rick again picks up the photograph of his small family--Rick, Amber, and Little Eric. He says to Amber (or to no one in particular), what is it going to be? Me or C.J.?

Amber and C.J.'s kissing is interrupted by Little Eric's cry and C.J. goes to see to the baby. Amber hears police sirens and noises coming in from outside the apartment, and gazes pensively out the window and then back toward C.J..

Morgan accuses Ridge of not holding Stephanie responsible for anything--for trying to cause a miscarriage tonight and for forcing Morgan to kill her baby all those years ago. Ridge responds that he holds everyone responsible for their own actions, but he will not continue to defend his mother to Morgan because he believes they are both cut from the same cloth. Morgan spews back that she does not murder babies, but Ridge counters that she destroys families. Morgan tells Ridge that she did not destroy his.......yet, whereupon Ridge says that statement almost sounds like a threat. Morgan says that it is not, but that if Stephanie ever tries to do what she tried to do tonight, she will stop her cold, dead in her tracks. This baby might not mean anything to Stephanie or to Ridge, but it is the world to Morgan, and Stephanie had better watch her back. Ridge warns her that she is taking things to a whole new level, and that while he bailed her out once before, he will not do that again. He is going to protect his family from Morgan, and he leaves. Morgan watches him go and speaking to herself tells herself that she has waited too long for this and she will not let Stephanie stop her. But, she sure as hell will stop Stephanie.

Amber, smiling, is looking down at the pizza when the telephone rings. It is Rick, who apologizes for calling so late. They agree that they both had a good time together earlier that evening. Rick asks about the noise which he hears in the background. Amber tells him it is the neighbors fighting again. Rick cannot believe it is so loud, and Amber blames it on the flimsy walls of the apartment. She assures Rick that the noise does not bother Little Eric's sleeping. He wants to talk with her about the talk they had earlier--he wants her to think about it and do what is right for the baby.....and for her. He asks where C.J. is--is he out again? Amber assures him that C.J. is simply checking on the baby. They say good-by. Rick says (to himself) "I'm going to get you back here, and my baby."

Stephanie arrives home. She removes the pill bottle from her pocket, thinks, and shakes her head.

Morgan is pacing at home........she cannot believe that Stephanie almost did it again. She wonders how she allowed herself to be so gullible to trust Stephanie. She apologizes to her unborn child and tells herself she must be stronger. No.......she must attack.

Stephanie's telephone rings and she answers. No one is there. A telephone receiver slams down on its cradle. Morgan says, "No, not on the telephone. I'm not afraid of you any more, Stephanie. Tomorrow I'm coming after you."

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