The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 28, 2000 on B&B

Amber's lawyer advised her to plead guilty to a lesser offense, and Eric suggested that Rick to use it against her to get custody of Little Eric. Brooke tried to work things out with her daughter while still remaining with Thorne. Morgan promised not to reveal to anyone who her baby's father really was.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 28, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, August 28, 2000

Brooke and Bridget were in Eric's office. Bridget made it very clear that she would not accept Thorne and Brooke as a couple. She said that she would move in with Eric if Brooke insisted on carrying on with Thorne. Brooke said that Thorne was going to stop over to discuss things. Bridget said that she guessed Brooke had made her choice.

Brooke said that Bridget and Rick were the most important things in her life, and she shouldn't have to make a choice between them and Thorne. Bridget replied that Brooke had already made her choice. She said that she'd thought she was important to Brooke, but she had been wrong. Brooke told Eric that he had better not try to turn Bridget against her, but Eric said that Brooke had done that herself.

Brooke agreed not to let Thorne go over, and she and Bridget returned home. Bridget asked if Brooke had cancelled her plans with Thorne, but Brooke said that she'd tried to call him from the car, but hadn't been able to reach him. Bridget said that she could just send him away when he arrived.

Kimberly arrived in Bridget's room. She said that she'd just wanted to make sure that Bridget was okay. Bridget said that for the moment, everything was fine and that Brooke was not letting Thorne move in. Kim said that Bridget couldn't let go and should stand her ground.

Thorne arrived at Brooke's with flowers. He wanted to go upstairs and talk with Bridget, but Brooke told him that it was not a good idea. When he asked why, she told him that Bridget had threatened to move in with Eric. She said that she had talked her out of it but had agreed that he wouldn't spend the evening with them.

Thorne said that Brooke shouldn't let Bridget call the shots. He asked her to return to his place, but she felt that she should spend that time with Bridget. He told her that he couldn't go without seeing her. Kimberly was standing at the top of the stairs, listening.

Taylor and Morgan were having lunch. Taylor asked about the father of the baby, but Morgan said that she'd promised the father that she wouldn't tell. Morgan asked Taylor for her help. Taylor said she would do all that she could for Morgan, and so would Ridge.

Stephanie and Ridge were discussing the situation with Taylor and Morgan. Ridge believed that Taylor would be understanding and realize that Morgan had manipulated him. Stephanie told him that he was being unrealistic and that she thought Taylor would probably throw him out. She told him that he needed to realize it would be a hard fight.

Ridge left so that he could tell Taylor. She greeted him and wondered what he was doing home so early. He told her that he had something very important to discuss with her.

Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Ridge stood outside, getting ready to tell Taylor, then he entered the house and saw it bustling full of guests. Ridge was confused and demanded to know what was going on. Taylor told Ridge that the people were from a fashion magazine. They were going to do a spread on them as a family. Ridge looked pretty guilty about the whole thing.

Ridge told everyone that they had to leave. Taylor begged him to wait ten minutes more because they were almost done. The interviewer walked over and said they had to finish the interview, and they would wrap it up with a few more pictures. Ridge allowed them to stay and continue with the pictures. The interviewer questioned Taylor about whether she saw Ridge as a settled-down person versus the playboy that he had been.

Taylor said that she had seen it in him from the beginning. She bragged about how Ridge loved his children and how devoted he was to his family. She said that trust had been a big problem for her in the beginning, but she trusted Ridge, and they had been through a lot together. She babbled on and on about how happy she was and how her life was so incredible.

Morgan was in her office, looking at some outfits that were being modeled. She was trying to get out of the office before Stephanie showed up. As she turned to leave, Stephanie was standing at the door, asking, "Were you expecting me?"

Morgan and Stephanie talked about the fact that Ridge was telling Taylor at that moment. Morgan was disturbed that he was doing it. She questioned Stephanie as to why he had to do it. Stephanie said, "This is what you wanted? You wanted to destroy his family because you want Ridge for yourself?"

Morgan said, "No, I was content with having Ridge's child. That is all I wanted. I am not out to destroy his precious family. Why is he telling her? You put him up to it, didn't you? Well, it is on your head if you destroy that family." She stormed out of the office, leaving Stephanie looking perplexed.

C.J. and Amber were talking about Amber's hearing the next morning. Amber was upset that her attorney had not called her back. C.J. finally convinced her that she needed to talk to Sally's attorney. Before he could call, the phone rang; it was Amber's attorney. He told her that he had good news for her and that he would tell her the next day at the hearing. Amber hugged C.J. with delight, and C.J. looked very scared.

Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Checking up on Morgan, Clarke took the time to vent about Stephanie and the troubles that "she" had caused. Morgan nervously wondered if Ridge had told Taylor the truth yet and finally called Taylor. Taylor leaked that she and Ridge had been interviewed the night before for a magazine series touting them as the fashion family of the year.

Morgan was relieved that Ridge hadn't said anything about her pregnancy. Clarke left with a warning not to trust Stephanie. Ridge sheepishly admitted to Stephanie that he hadn't been able to tell Taylor the truth about Morgan's pregnancy because of the photo shoot. Stephanie surprised him by urging him not to tell Taylor, ever. Ridge worried about Morgan spilling the beans, so Stephanie suggested that they have a little chat with her.

Stopping by Amber's place, Sherman revealed to Amber and C.J. that he'd worked out a deal where she'd plead guilty but wouldn't have to spend any time in prison. While Amber considered the offer, C.J. argued with Sherman that Sherman hadn't done enough for her. At the courthouse, C.J. asked Sherman to request a continuance, but he refused. The judge then asked Amber how she pleaded.

Thursday, August 31, 2000

At Morgan's, Stephanie and Ridge conspired with Morgan to never tell Taylor that Ridge was the father of Morgan's child. Stephanie made Morgan promise to do that in order to keep Taylor from getting hurt and preserving Ridge and Taylor's marriage. Stephanie also made Morgan promise to make Taylor believe that she had been artificially inseminated. Under protest, Morgan agreed.

Stephanie asked Morgan if anyone other than her and Ridge was aware of the paternity of her child. Morgan lied and said no. Morgan later begged Clarke to never tell anyone that Ridge was the father of her child. Clarke agreed but later thought to himself how much power he finally had over Ridge.

Amber told her lawyer that she didn't want to plead guilty to the charges of possession and selling. Her lawyer told her to accept the plea bargain and to plead guilty to the lesser charge of possession of marijuana and ecstasy. Amber took her lawyer's advice and pleaded to possession of marijuana and ecstasy. The judge ordered Amber to one year of probation, attendance at drug school, and 80 hours of community service.

Eric and Rick were in the courtroom and witnessed Amber's guilty plea. Later at home, Amber told C.J. she was relieved that she hadn't gotten a jail sentence. She vowed that she and C.J. would raise Little Eric without any future threats from anyone. Meanwhile, Eric told Rick that that they could fight for custody of Little Eric and win because Amber was a convicted felon.

Friday, September 1, 2000

Brooke entered her office at Forrester, unaware that Thorne was hiding behind the door. He immediately took her into his arms, and they kissed passionately. He told her that he needed her, and she apologized about the other night and said that she'd really wanted him to stay. Brooke asked him if he understood her dilemma, and he said yes, that he understood -- that Bridget had a problem and that he and Bridget had to solve it.

Kimberly was sitting at a table at Insomnia, watching a couple making out. She smiled and then put herself and Thorne in the picture as the couple. Bridget walked up to Kimberly and said, "I wonder how much C.J. charges for that -- using the club for a make-out session." Kimberly asked Bridget how things were going, and Bridget told her that Thorne had not been there the night before and would not be around that night either. She told Kimberly that if Thorne showed himself, then she would move out.

Kimberly immediately told Bridget that it was important that she not leave the house. Bridget said that she would go and stay with Kimberly. Kimberly did not think that was such a good idea -- besides, she told Bridget, by staying in the house, Bridget was the only one who could keep Brooke and Thorne apart. Bridget mused that if only Thorne would find someone else -- he was a good-looking guy; if only there were another woman who was interested in him. Kimberly replied, "There is."

At C.J. and Amber's apartment, C.J. emerged from the bedroom to a complete breakfast, which Amber had prepared. They kissed. Amber said that she was very happy to be back at the apartment instead of in jail, and she felt very good that morning. She asked C.J. if he was okay about what had happened the day before.

C.J. said that he had not liked seeing her plead guilty to something for which she was not guilty. She said she did not like it, either, but she'd had to. Besides, it was all over, she was not going to jail, and no one could take their precious little baby away from them. She, C.J., and Little Eric shared a family moment.

In Eric's office at Forrester, Stephanie, Rick, and Eric were speaking about seeing the baby. Rick and Eric told Stephanie about Amber's drug charge. Stephanie was really surprised about the felony conviction.

At C.J. and Amber's apartment, C.J. suggested the three of them pack a picnic lunch and head off to the beach for the day. Amber told him that she felt as though she should call Sherman and discuss her sentence with him. C.J. reiterated how he thought it was awful that she'd had to cop a plea and plead guilty to something she had not done.

Amber reminded C.J. that she had done it to avoid jail time and to keep the baby, and all she needed to do was to go to drug school, see a parole officer, and do a few hours community service. C.J. told her how amazing she was that her only concern was losing Little Eric. Amber wondered if C.J. would hold it against her some day that she had pleaded guilty, and C.J. reassured her that he knew that she had done it for Little Eric and for him.

In Eric's office at Forrester, Stephanie still could not believe that Amber had been convicted of drug possession. Rick told her about the party where another person had planted the drugs, and Stephanie was furious that the baby had been in the apartment at the time. Stephanie was angry that both Rick and Eric had known about the drugs but had kept it from her. Rick stood up for Amber, saying that he believed that she was innocent and had only taken a plea to avoid going to jail. Stephanie said that the child should not be living in that apartment -- that it was also a bad neighborhood for Little Eric to grow up in. Eric said that was why they had to get the baby out of there.

In her office, Brooke asked Thorne what he'd meant by only him and Bridget needing to straighten things out. Thorne told Brooke that the problem was Bridget's problem with him, and he wanted to straighten things out with her -- to let her know his feelings for her mother. Brooke thought the three of them needed to settle things, but Thorne wanted it to just be himself and Bridget. He thought Brooke was too close to the situation to be rational, and besides, Bridget knew just how to push Brooke's buttons.

Brooke refused to allow Thorne and Bridget to have the time alone. Brooke told Thorne that it would take a bit more time. Brooke walked over to the office door and locked it. She went to Thorne and passionately kissed him, saying that she had an idea, which he seemed to agree upon. They looked at each other longingly. Brooke unbuttoned her blouse, and she and Thorne were really becoming passionate.

There was a knock at the door. Then, the buzzer sounded. Thorne told her to ignore them, and Brooke remembered that she had an appointment. Thorne told her that he did not want her there; he wanted her in their own bedroom by herself. He told her that she needed to do something fast because he was going out of his mind.

At Insomnia, Bridget assumed that there was a model at Forrester who has a crush on Thorne. Bridget wanted Kimberly to push Thorne and that woman together, but Kimberly reminded Bridget that Thorne no longer worked at Forrester. Kimberly repeated the admonishment to Bridget that she had to remain at her home to keep Thorne from moving in there -- she said that they were the only two people who could keep Brooke and Thorne apart.

Bridget thanked Kimberly for understanding and for her help. She urged Kimberly to get Thorne together with the other woman. Kimberly said she would -- possibly even that night. After Bridget left, Kimberly said to herself, "I have to make a move. I have to make a move tonight."

In Eric's office, Stephanie said that she believed they had to make a move about the baby, and she believed they had a case. Rick stood up for Amber, reminding them that she was not the bad guy in the situation. They agreed that Amber loved the baby as her own. Stephanie reminded Rick that he had asked her about Amber and Little Eric moving into the guest house -- she wanted to know if he still wanted that. Rick said yes, he did. Stephanie suggested that they go and speak with Amber about it.

Kimberly saw Thorne walk in and sit at the bar at Insomnia. She walked over to the DJ, Scott, and handed him a tape to be played for someone special so that she could sing to him. He asked her who and was surprised when she pointed out Thorne. His first comment was, "How old is that guy?" Kimberly pouted that he was old enough for her and that she needed to sing to him that special song because he was the one.

In the meantime, Thorne sat at the bar and ordered coffee but muttered to himself that he really needed a double shot of scotch and a very cold shower. When the music started and Kimberly started to speak, he turned around and was thrilled to see her getting ready to sing a song. She dedicated the song to him and looked at him lovingly the entire time she was singing. Thorne simply smiled at her the whole time. After the song ended, Kimberly went up to the stage area. Scott, the DJ, walked over to her, admonishing her to "be careful."

Amber was playing with Little Eric at her apartment, enjoying her time with him. There was a knock at the door, and when she opened it, there stood Stephanie, Eric, and Rick. They asked whether they could enter, and Amber offered them coffee. Stephanie got right to the point, asking Amber about the felony drug charge and how she could have been so stupid to have the baby in the apartment when people with drugs had gone in there. Stephanie said, "Well, it can never happen again, and I'm going to make sure that it does not."

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