The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 4, 2000 on B&B

Amber refused Stephanie's request to move into the guesthouse with Little Eric, and Amber declared that she and C.J. would raise Little Eric. Kimberly serenaded Thorne and confessed her love for him, but Thorne told her that they were just friends. Kimberly vowed that Brooke wouldn't have Thorne.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 4, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, September 4, 2000

Due to CBS coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today.

Tuesday, September 5, 2000

Amber is at the apartment having a big conversation with Stephanie, Rick and Eric. They are trying to pressure her into coming back to the guesthouse with Little Eric and living there. Amber gives Rick the evil eye when she realizes that he did tell Stephanie. They tell her how the criminal record is going to follow her for the rest of her life. Amber doesn't seem to care about that. They ask her how could she plead guilty. Once again, she stresses that the drugs were planted and that they were not hers. They all begin to question how is she going to go to the work and to the school and take care of Little Eric. She tells them that she has not worked out all the details yet but she will just get a babysitter. They apply more pressure about how much EASIER it would be if she just move into the guesthouse. Amber said that she Stephanie lays it on pretty thick about how close they were and how would she like to have that again? Amber responds that she would love that but she can't leave C.J.. Stephanie asks her if she and C.J. are involved. Amber responds that she is committed to C.J. and that they have become more than friends. Eric and Rick look at her in disbelief at this news. Stephanie asks Amber is she planning on marrying C.J.. "I don't know. I don't even think like that," responds Amber. Eric asks her what happens if the relationship doesn't last?

Amber begins to worry that C.J. is running late. Stephanie suggests that she goes to the mansion and get Little Eric settled and Rick can drive her to the school. She reluctantly agrees because it is getting pretty late but she says that they are not staying. Eric and Rick leave Stephanie behind to leave the note for C.J..

At Insomnia Kimberly has just finished singing her song to him. Thorne is telling her that her song was beautiful and the he did not know that she could sing. He tells her that the crowd loved her. She is trying to tell him that the song was for HIM. He thanks her and calls her "kiddo". Later on, Kim shows up at Thorne's talking about how she must talk to him. He is surprised to see her because he was heading out for a swim. She is invited but declines his offer. She needs to talk to him. She shares with him that he has helped her change after Macy's death. She gives all the credit to him. He takes it as a friendly thank you. Kim states that she is not thanking him for being her friend. He says he knows, he feels the same way. Kim's eyes get wide with hope and says, "You do." He says, "Yes." He states that when she first moved into Macy's place he thought it would be awkward. But the past few weeks have been great with her support and all.

She tells him that she is keeping a secret from him and she must tell him the truth. She asks him what would he say if she told him that she loved an older man. Thorne said that Brooke told him that she was seeing someone. Kimberly says that she thinks about this person all the time but she is not sure if he feels the same way. Thorne wants to know if she has told him. She says that she has tried but he keeps telling her that she is sweet and calls her a kid. She seductively walks toward Thorne- puts her hands on his chest- SEXY- and tells him that he is the man. Thorne is taken aback and stunned!

C.J. is at Sally's office explaining the newspaper article about Amber pleading guilty even though she is innocent. Sally wanted to know why they did not come to her for help. C.J. says that Amber wanted to handle things on her own. She had trusted a lawyer and he told her to do it. C.J. tells her that he knows that Amber messed up but it will not happen again. He tells Sally how he and Amber are committed to the baby. Sally lets C.J. know that she supports them. Sally reminds C.J. that the baby is not a Forrester and that Becky's dying wish was for the two of them to raise the child.

Later, C.J. is running into the apartment with flowers in his hand calling out to Amber. Stephanie comes around the corner instead. C.J. demands to know where Amber and the baby are. Stephanie tells him that they are at the mansion.

Wednesday, September 6, 2000

Thorne is shocked and tells Kimberly that they can't have a romantic relationship because he's a man and she's just a girl. Kimberly assures Thorne that this is no schoolgirl crush; she wants a relationship with him. Thorne reminds her that he's in love with Brooke and tells Kimberly that she has to give up this fantasy. Stephanie tells C.J. that Little Eric needs more than C.J. and Amber can give him. C.J. promises Stephanie that there's no way he'll let anyone take Little Eric away from them. He points out that Becky wanted Amber and him to raise her son, but Stephanie wonders how Becky would have felt if she knew about the drug bust. C.J. and Amber had their chance and blew it. C.J. explodes, swearing to Stephanie that when he gets Little Eric back, the Forresters will never see him again. Eric has his attorney arrange for Amber to take the night off from drug school so she can rest. He and Rick try to keep Amber from calling C.J. to come and take her home. Amber sees how much Little Eric means to Rick. Rick takes Amber's hand, but Amber tells him to stop. Aware of what Amber's thinking, Rick tells her to put C.J. out of her mind and focus on the two of them being with Little Eric, just like old times. Brooke stops by and tells Thorne that tonight, she's all his. They kiss, as Kimberly watches from her place. Determined to stop Thorne and Brooke, she calls Bridget and tells her what's going on.

Thursday, September 7, 2000

At Thorne's home he and Brooke smooched, while unbeknown to them, Kimberly watched from next door with binoculars. Kimberly telephoned Bridget in desperation, to tell her that Brooke was at Thorne's and they were passionately kissing, in the hope that she would go over to Thorne's. Kimberly intended for Bridget to thwart Brooke and Thorne's romantic time alone and ultimately break up their relationship. Bridget went to Thorne's and banged on the door and demanded to be let in. Once she got in, she demanded to see Brooke who had run in the other room to hide. Bridget was appalled to see Brooke in her revealing undergarments and tongue lashed her by saying "I'm ashamed of you." Brooke insisted on taking Bridget home, leaving a frustrated Thorne behind, rather than take Thorne's suggestion that the three of them sit down together and discuss the situation. When Kimberly saw that Brooke was gone, she called Thorne to discuss the fact that she's in love with him. Thorne nixed her attempts to go over to his house and talk about the feelings she has for him. Kimberly thought to herself that she will have a romantic relationship with him.
At Amber and C.J.'s, Stephanie argued with C.J. about Little Eric's care. C.J. warned Stephanie that " he knows what her family is capable of." C.J. angrily added that "there's no way in hell I'm going to give my son to the people who killed my sister" and stormed out of the house to get Little Eric. A very enraged C.J. arrived at the Forrester's with the intentions of taking Little Eric home. C.J. told Amber that the Forresters had her there alone so they could bribe her into staying there with Little Eric. C.J. and Rick quarreled at the top of their lungs about who is Little Eric's father. C.J. demanded that Little Eric be handed over to him immediately. As C.J. was leaving with Little Eric in his arms, he warned Rick, Stephanie and Eric to stay away from him, Amber and Little Eric. C.J. further warned them "don't call, don't drop by and don't ever come near my family again."
After C.J. left with Little Eric and Amber, Rick made it very clear he was desperate to get Little Eric back. He begged Stephanie and Eric "I don't care what it takes or what we have to do. I want my son back, and I want him back now."

Friday, September 8, 2000

Due to CBS coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today.

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