The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 2, 2000 on B&B

Brooke broke things off with Thorne for her children's sakes. Tension between Stephanie and C.J. flared, and C.J. proposed to Amber. Morgan almost told a reporter about her child's conception, and Ridge told Morgan that if she really wanted to help him, she'd have a miscarriage.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 2, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, October 2, 2000

At Brooke's house, Bridget and Rick are arguing about Thorne with Brooke. They tell her that she has to make a choice, either them or Thorne. They said that they can't believe that she would even listen to Thorne after he betrayed her in front of the entire world. She asks the kids to go upstairs so that she could talk to Thorne alone. Bridget tells her that she has put up with a lot in her life, but she didn't have it in her to put up with this. Rick attempts to escort Bridget upstairs but she breaks away and runs to her room. Thorne is practically pleading with Brooke to give them a chance. She tells him that she didn't know how much more her children could take. She said that they had suffered so much due to her. Thorne looks devastated because he is not completely sure where she is going with everything.

At Spectra Fashions, C.J., Sally, and Clarke are reading Kimberly the riot act because of the kiss with Thorne. They continue to blame Thorne for Macy's death, but Kimberly is convinced that it was all Brooke's doing. She said that Thorne had done all that he could for Macy and that the tragedy had brought her closer to Thorne. Sally tells her that her father thought that Thorne was despicable and that he would never approve of them being together. Kimberly tells them that she is no longer a little girl and that she had strong feelings for Thorne. Sally said that one kiss was not going to make him forget about Brooke, but Kimberly said that Rick and Bridget could. She leaves and C.J. wants to go after her, but Sally tells him that Kimberly was her responsibility. She said that all that they could do was to pray that Brooke forgives Thorne because that was their only hope. Kimberly comes into Bridget's room and asks how things are going. Bridget is not sure since Brooke wanted to talk to Thorne alone. She said that she didn't think that Thorne would give up and that was bad news for all involved. Brooke and Thorne are outside talking and Brooke says that she doesn't know how much more she could expect from her children. Thorne said that they needed to follow their hearts. Brooke replied that she didn't know if she could break her children's hearts in the process. Thorne looks devastated as Brooke just looks at her.

Ridge and Taylor are discussing Brooke and Thorne. She feels that Brooke will probably choose the children over Thorne, but that it will be a very hard decision. Ridge tells her that if it happened, the whole family would be forever grateful to her. They make love and afterwards he asks her that if she had to choose between him and the kids, who would she choose? She said that she would never have to make that decision, but if she did, then the children would have to come first.

Tuesday, October 3, 2000

Thorne desperately tried to convince Brooke that if they stay together, Bridget and Rick will eventually come around and accept their relationship. Brooke surprisingly told Thorne that "she is committed to her children" and "if we can't be a family, I can't marry you." Thorne begged Brooke to not allow Bridget and Rick to change her mind about their relationship. More frantically, Thorne continued to try to convince Brooke not to call off their wedding and their relationship for the sake of her children. He reminded her that they knew that their love was going to upset a lot of people. Thorne then reminded her that they hadn't given up on them to this point. They stayed determined to be with one another. He told her others would realize how right they are for one another. Thorne summarized all they had been through together beginning with their first kiss and how he felt their attraction from the first moment they kissed. He talked about his proposal to Brooke in Venice and finally the ultimatum he was given by his family. He reminded Brooke he had chosen her. In a weaker moment, Brooke passionately kissed Thorne. However, a few moments later, it was as if Brooke hadn't heard a word that Thorne had been pleading for and announced to him that their relationship was over. A devastated Brooke ran upstairs from the gut wrenching beckoning of Thorne.
C.J. and Sally rehashed what Kimberly said about being in love with Thorne. Both Sally and C.J. decided they don't want Thorne to have Kimberly. C.J. told Sally he won't allow the Forrester's to break up his family and he vowed to stay with Amber at the Forrester house for the whole time she needs to be there to be in compliance with her probation.
Kimberly went over to Stephanie's house and told her that Brooke and Thorne were discussing their relationship. Stephanie warned Kimberly that Brooke has never done "what's right," only what she wants for herself. Kimberly was still convinced that Brooke will chose not to marry Thorne, because " Rick and Bridget are her children."
Rick let off steam with Amber about Thorne's betrayal of his mother and the fact that his mother may still marry him. When Amber posed the question if Rick can forgive Thorne, he said "no" then a second later changed his answer to "a part of me sees us here talking, anything can happen." Amber made it clear to Rick that things can never be the same between them. An incorrigible Rick said things would be only better. Rick was still distraught about his mother's pain over Thorne. Amber comforted Rick with an embrace just as C.J. walked in and wanted to know what was going on.

Wednesday, October 4, 2000

The show opened with Thorne alone at his beach house recalling the happy times he shared with Brooke in Venice when he proposed marriage. Kimberly came over to visit, but Thorne told her that now is not a good time. He told Kimberly that he is not angry with her, he just wants to be alone. Kimberly asked him what happened with Brooke. Thorne explained to her that Brooke forgave him for the kiss he shared with Kimberly, but nevertheless she has chosen her children over him. Thorne asked Kimberly once again to leave. Kimberly left feeling that there is hope for her and Thorne after all. Later while on her deck, Kimberly saw Thorne, still sitting outside moping about the end of his and Brooke's relationship, and said that even though he is hurting now, what happened is for the best. She said that she and Thorne are going to be together and they are going to have a wonderful life together.

At the Forrester guesthouse, C.J. walked in and witnessed Rick and Amber embracing. He immediately started an argument and demanded that Rick leave. Rick didn't like the fact that C.J. plans to live in the one bedroom guesthouse with Amber. C.J. told Rick that one bedroom is all they need. Rick was angered by C.J.'s claim and went after him. Amber had to break up their fight and she told Rick that it would be best if he left. Amber assured Rick that she and C.J. could work out the living arrangements themselves. After Rick left, Amber told C.J. that she felt it was best for him to stay in a room up at the Forresters' main house for the time being. She said that the Forresters had enough going on in their lives and she didn't want to add to the tension.

Meanwhile, Brooke was at home sobbing over how much she loves Thorne. She explained that she had no other choice but to end her relationship with him, for the sake of her children. Bridget came in and Brooke told her what happened with Thorne and how she broke off her engagement with him because it was what she and Rick wanted. Bridget hugged Brooke and told her that she did the right thing and she won't regret it. Rick walked in on Brooke crying and Bridget trying to comfort her. Brooke told Rick that she ended things with Thorne. Rick told his mother how happy he was that she did the right thing for everyone concerned. The three of them formed a group hug as Brooke continued to sob.

Thursday, October 5, 2000

Ridge wonders why the reporter who's writing about Taylor and him is interviewing Morgan. Dax tells Morgan that he's looking for dirt about his "family of the Year" that will make them seem more accessible. When Ridge comes in, Morgan tells Ridge she was about to reveal his deep dark secrets and then asks Dax if he know she and Ridge were lovers. As Morgan gives Dax more details about their past, Ridge becomes increasingly uneasy. The Forresters are gracious hosts to Amber, making her comfortable and helping out with Little Eric. At breakfast with the family, C.J. tells Amber he sees right through them. They're nice to her because now she has something they want. Rick follows C.J. when he storms out, explaining to the others that he and C.J. need to get some things straight. Rick wants C.J. to admit that this is really about C.J.'s fear that he'll lose Amber. Rick thinks Amber loves C.J. as a friend. He adds that the longer C.J. tries to keep her with him out of guilt, the harder it will be on everyone. To avoid further outbursts from C.J., Stephanie asks Amber to convince him to move out. Amber doesn't want to, pointing out that C.J. has always been there for her. Stephanie leaves it up to Amber; either she asks him to leave on his own or Stephanie will send him away. Either way, Stephanie wants C.J. out - today.

Friday, October 6, 2000

At the Guest House:
Sally and C.J. were talking about the Forresters pretending to like Amber to get access to Little Eric. Sally told C.J. that Amber was lucky to have C.J. in her life. C.J. told Sally that now Rick wants to have a relationship with Amber--that although he had formerly thrown her out of his house, that apparently now he wants to rekindle the relationship. C.J. said that he cannot wait to see Rick's face when Amber throws him out and tells him that she does not want to renew things with him. C.J. was also worried about Amber's choice and whether she would choose a relationship with a rich Forrester or with him. Sally wondered whether C.J.'s attraction to Amber has something to do with being able to lord it over Rick and rub his nose in it because Rick wants to rekindle his relationship with Amber. C.J. reacted strongly, telling his mother that he loves Amber. Sally encouraged him to remember everything that has happened to him recently: Becky and her death; Macy's death; his falling-out with Rick and the loss of his best friend; and the custody battle with Little Eric. She reminded him that through all this Amber has been at his side, so it is only natural that the two of them would begin to depend on each other. She encourages him to thoroughly think about what he wants to do with his life and not solely rely on the things other people have asked of him......she wants him to really think about how much of himself he can offer Amber and whether the feelings he has for her are really love.

Morgan's office at Forrester Creations:
Dax questioned Ridge and Morgan about what happened between the two of them. Morgan explained to Dax that he needed a bit more history and went on to explain about how she so desperately needed a child in her life. Dax wondered about what that had to do with Ridge, and Morgan responded, "Well, who do you think made it happen?" Dax responded open-mouthed. Ridge was speechless.

The Forrester Home:
Amber went to see Stephanie to explain C.J.'s earlier angry behavior. Stephanie told Amber that she believes C.J.'s anger is misdirected toward the Forresters, and that being around that type of anger constantly is not good for Little Eric. She said that C.J.'s anger is filling the Forrester home with hostility, and Stephanie will not tolerate it. Amber begged Stephanie to allow her to speak with C.J. about it. Stephanie reluctantly agreed after Amber pleads that the baby had just lost his mother and does not need to lose C.J. too. Amber left to go and speak with C.J..

Morgan's office:
Dax was confused, and asked Morgan if she was saying that Ridge was responsible for her pregnancy. At the same time, Morgan said, "Yes." and Ridge said, "No." Morgan explained that Ridge was the most supportive person, as well as his wife, which *really* confused Dax. Morgan then explained how they had taken her to the fertility clinic and were with her during the procedures, leaving Dax to understand that the baby was conceived by in vitro fertilization at a clinic. Ohhhhhh, Dax now understood, and Morgan laughed and commented that they almost started a rumor. She then told Dax that she thought that would be good information for him to have since he was writing the article on how strong Ridge and Taylor's marriage is. Dax then took his leave. Ridge asked Morgan what the hell she was doing, telling a reporter that he had fathered her child. Morgan explained it away by telling Ridge that she was just playing with his head. Ridge grabbed Morgan by the arm and told her that he could not go on like this. Morgan told him that he should trust her. Ha, trust you? was Ridge's response........he told her he was not so sure he could go through with any of this. Morgan glanced down at her stomach, saying to him does he really have a choice? Ridge left the office.

By the pool at Brooke's:
Bridget and Rick were discussing Amber. Bridget called her a liar, and could not understand why Rick now was being so nice to her. Rick accused Bridget of seeing things in black and white only. He admitted that yes, Amber had made mistakes before, but that now she was sorry and really trying to make up for them, and was turning into a nice person. Bridget accused him of trying to get close to Amber because of the baby--using a relationship with her to be with Little Eric. (Somewhere in the middle of this exchange, Amber was seen on the outskirts of the pool, enabling her to hear the entire exchange.) Bridget told Rick that he could have any girl that he wanted and asked him why pick a loser, con artist? Rick became angry and told her not to speak like that about Amber. He then apologized to Bridget, telling her that he did not mean to bite her head off, but that Amber is really important to him. Amber was shown in the bushes, thinking over the exchange between Rick and Bridget.

Morgan's office:
Morgan was explaining the placement of an accessory on one of her fashions, and told the person that she would fax over a photo of what she was talking about. She turned and reached to a high shelf for a book. Ridge walked into her office and dropped an envelope onto her desk. Morgan asked him to wait, and then asked him if he was going to hold this against her for the rest of her life. Ridge explained to her that this baby was ruining his life--he was lying to his wife and hated himself for it. He said that if he told Taylor about the baby, it would turn her life upside down, and if he did not, he would be eaten up inside about the deceit. He told Morgan that if she really wanted to help him, then she should have a miscarriage, and turned and walked out. Morgan looked on wide-eyed.

The guest house:
Amber entered calling for C.J.. When he appeared, she read him the riot act about his actions earlier at breakfast, explaining that Stephanie was going to throw him out. C.J. responded that the issue of this morning was not really important, and that Stephanie was not going to have the chance to throw him out. He explained to Amber that his mother had stopped by earlier and they had a long talk about what is important to him. C.J. said that Sally explained to him that Amber and Little Eric cannot afford to mess around with someone who is not serious. Amber assumed that C.J. was telling her that he was going to move out. C.J. asked Amber if it would bother her if he left, and Amber responded she would not and that she understood that he would not be ready to make a committment. She went on to say that she did not think she was ready to get serious either, and C.J. called her on it. He told her that he knew she was in love with him and so did everyone else. She responded to him that she was glad that he was leaving because he was a stuck up little jerk. He told her in the middle of her barrage that he was not leaving, leaving her speechless. Amber was confused about what he said. He told her he was ready to give her the stability they needed and he loved her. He said that he learned from his experience with Becky that you cannot put things off until later. He told her that he wanted the three of them to be a family, to which Amber responded that they already are. C.J. said they were not a family like they could be; not like they would be if they were married. Amber sat down to think these things out, and C.J. knelt down and produced a ring, saying, "Amber, will you marry me?" Amber was still wide-eyed and speechless.

Morgan's office:
Morgan responded to Ridge, "That is a horrible thing to say!" Morgan reminded him that no matter what she had done, this was still his baby. Ridge replied not to reminded him......that it made him sick to think what he had done......he wished this child did not exist. Morgan told Ridge to get out. She told nobody in particular that she didn't need him or anybody else. Morgan again went to the shelf, but the book was out of reach. She pulled her desk chair (on wheels no less) over to the bookcase and stood on it to reach the book. She was standing on the chair looking through the book, when the base of the chairs was shown with the wheels tilting and Morgan falling to the ground. She screamed as she fell, and Ridge heard the scream and came into the office to see what had happened. Morgan was shown on the floor--a vase had shattered and the glass and flowers were around Morgan. Ridge asked her what had happened, and she explained that she had been standing on the chair and she fell. At that point, she reached around behind her and when she brought her hand around front, discovered that she was bleeding. She begged Ridge to call an ambulance.....that she was really bleeding. Ridge picked up the telephone, and was getting ready to dial as Morgan was moaning, "My baby." Ridge then put the telephone down and turned and walked out of the office. Morgan was still lying on the floor, calling after Ridge, begging him not to leave her.

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