The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 9, 2000 on B&B

Morgan and Ridge learned that she was carrying a boy, but she had a small tear in her placenta. Amber wasn't ready to get married, so C.J. asked her to hold on to the ring. Thorne and Brooke almost made love, but she turned him away for her children's sake. Thorne realized his family had been right about Brooke hurting him in the end.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 9, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, October 9, 2000

Rick and Bridget are at Stephanie's pool. Bridget is talking to Rick about Amber. She doesn't understand how Rick could possibly have feelings for Amber again. She said that Amber had no integrity, no education, and was a convicted felon, but other than that she was a good catch. Rick leaves to go talk with Amber. Bridget tells Stephanie that she can understand how Rick could forgive Amber because of the baby, but she can't understand how Stephanie tolerated her. Stephanie tries to get her to see that Rick being involved with Amber might not be a bad thing. Bridget said that she had watched her mother place her trust in the wrong people and continually got hurt and she did not want that to happen to her.

At the guesthouse, C.J. has proposed to Amber. She thinks that he is joking at first, but then he convinces her that he is serious. He gives her the ring, but she tells him that they are not ready for marriage at this time, and she didn't know if they would ever be ready. C.J. leaves for a meeting and Amber puts on the ring. When Rick arrives, she tries to take the ring off but is unsuccessful. She hides her hand from Rick. As they talk, he sees the ring and is upset. He tells her that she is definitely not ready for marriage with C.J.. She tells him that she already knew that. He asks her about the ring. She tells him that she had tried the ring on and it had gotten stuck on her finger. He gets some dishwashing liquid and takes the ring off of her finger. He then kisses Amber and she immediately responds.

Morgan is on the floor trying to get up and calling out for Ridge. He is at the doorway and tells her not to move. A woman comes in and tells him that they needed to get Morgan to the hospital. He wonders if it is okay to move her, but the woman tells him that they didn't have time to wait for an ambulance. He picks her up and carries her to the hospital. She begs them to save her baby. They immediately place her in a bed and pages a doctor. Ridge is standing at the door looking perplexed. The doctor orders an ultrasound and asks Morgan if she was in any pain. She said that she had been cramping, but that it had almost subsided. The technician comes in to do the ultrasound and Ridge and Morgan hear the baby's heartbeat. The technician looks startled and tells the doctor that she needed to take a look. Morgan looks petrified and begs them to tell her what's going on.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2000


In the hospital Dr. Paxton told Morgan, with Ridge by her side, that her baby is okay. The doctor explained that Morgan has a small tear in her placenta which will easily heal. During a sonogram, Morgan and Ridge delightfully discovered that Morgan is going to have a baby boy. While leaving Morgan's room to return to work, Ridge told Morgan to stay home and rest as the doctor recommended and he would cover things at work. Morgan apologized to Ridge for "all of this". Morgan tried to ask Ridge if he had hoped that she would lose the baby when he left her alone on the floor. Ridge assured her that he was just happy that " he had been there for her". Just at that moment, Stephanie arrived. Morgan informed her that" her baby is fine and it's a boy."

Sally went to Stephanie's office to discuss Kimberly's developing relationship with Thorne. Sally bantered that "Thorne is old enough to be Kimberly's father". She reamed Stephanie for only having "strong reservations" about a mature man taking advantage of a confused teenager. Sally accused Stephanie of using Kimberly to make sure that Thorne doesn't marry Brooke. Sally said she had lost one daughter because of Thorne's betrayal, and she's not going to let the same thing happen to Kimberly. Sally vowed if Thorne didn't end his relationship with Kimberly that she would camp out on the beach of Thorne's sordid little beach house until he ends his relationship with Kimberly.
Kimberly and Thorne discussed Bridget's relationship with Brooke. Thorne accused Bridget of just playing on her mother's guilt. Kimberly sarcastically added that Brooke has a lot of that. Thorne defended Brooke by saying she had always been there for Bridget. Kimberly explained that Bridget needs to feel that she is loved by her mother. Kimberly explained because her mother died when she was younger, she only felt loved and accepted by being the best at everything and that's how she felt accepted. She said she had been unhappy until she met Thorne. She informed Thorne of her and Bridget's plans for their overnight at Kimberly's house.

Bridget told Brooke of her evenings plans including an overnight at a friend's house. Bridget said she knows the rules when Brooke reminded her of a 12:30am curfew. Bridget admitted she didn't care for the rules but it proved to her that her mother cares about her. While they were sharing a hug and a tender moment, Taylor interrupted. Taylor confessed that she had been eavesdropping on their conversation, but it allowed her to observe that "Bridget and Brooke's relationship had come a long way." After Bridget left the office, Taylor encouraged Brooke and told her she made the right decision for her children. Brooke admitted that she was still missing Thorne and feeling as though her heart had been torn out. Taylor advised her it will be easier for her heart to heal if she continues to stay away from Thorne.

Bridget told Kimberly that Brooke doesn't know which friend's house she is staying at because she wouldn't approve of her staying w/ Kimberly. Bridget asked Kimberly if Thorne knew of their overnight and Kimberly said he did, but not to worry. Bridget was certain too, that her mother would go straight home.

With Bridget gone for the night, Thorne went over to Brooke's house and was determined to have a romantic evening with her. Brooke arrived home and found candles lighted in her bedroom, rose peddles all over her bed and floor, and Thorne waiting for her. A surprised Brooke told Thorne he shouldn't be there and asked him to go. Thorne said he wasn't going anywhere, not tonight.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2000

by Kimberly G. Brest

The show opened with Bridget at Kimberly's beach house and the two girls were trying to decide what movie to watch. They decided on a comedy. Bridget fretted about how much her mother was hurting over her break up with Thorne but Kimberly once again assured her that it was for the best. Bridget told Kimberly that she and her mom have been closer than ever and was relieved that her mother chose her children over Thorne. Bridget then voiced her concern to Kimberly that Brooke might change her mind where Thorne is concerned. Kimberly reassured Bridget that she could take care of Thorne if Bridget made sure that Brooke and Thorne were kept apart. Then the girls looked over at Thorne's house and wondered what he was doing tonight. When they noticed the lights were out, they began to worry that he might be with Brooke.

Thorne pulled out all the stops to get back in Brooke's favor. Brooke reminded him that although she was desperately in love with him, she could not forsake her children. Thorne argued that this was really about Bridget, citing that Rick is a grown adult, living on his own. Thorne is convinced that he can get through to Bridget and they can be a family, but Brooke said that she cannot entrust her daughter's well being to him or anyone else. She told Thorne that he really blew it when he was found in the arms of another woman. Thorne assured Brooke that he would never give her up for Kimberly or any other woman. Thorne did his best to seduce Brooke and the two began to kiss and move towards the bed. Brooke stopped it before it went to far, telling Thorne that although she will always love him, she could not do this. She pleads with him to understand. Thorne claimed he understood but pulled away, angry and dejected. Brooke asked him not to leave this way, but he walked out nonetheless.

After Ridge left Morgan's hospital room, he headed back to the office, which is where Taylor found him. She saw that he was deep in thought and she assumed it was about her, when in actuality, he was thinking about Morgan and the baby. Ridge filled Taylor in on Morgan's accident and how he had to rush her to the hospital. He went on further to tell his wife that both Morgan and the baby were fine and that the doctor did an ultrasound to be certain. Taylor was surprised that Ridge stayed in the examining room for the ultrasound, but later said that she was certain it helped to make Morgan feel better. Ridge told her that the baby was a boy. Taylor was thrilled for her friend and even expressed a little twinge of envy that her husband got to see the baby before she did. She made the naive comment that it was her baby as much as it was Ridge's. She then told Ridge that she would see him at home later and promised to keep his dinner warm. Outside Ridge's office, Taylor commented on the fact that her best friend was having a baby boy, and she trotted off with a big smile on her face.

Morgan prepared to get ready to leave the hospital as Stephanie badgered her about why Ridge had been there. Morgan told her that she did not entice Ridge to look at the ultrasound or take an interest in the baby, rather it was his choice. She continues to taunt Stephanie by telling her that Ridge was moved at seeing their son. Stephanie warned Morgan to stay away from Ridge. Morgan told Stephanie that she has upheld her promise not to tell any one that Ridge fathered her child but she is not responsible for Ridge's feelings. Just then Taylor arrives at the hospital and gives her best friend, Morgan, a big hug, barely able to contain her excitement.

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Thursday, October 12, 2000

by Soap Central

Brooke goes to Stephanie, Eric and Ridge and tells them that they've won - she and Thorne are finished. They still love each other, but they'll never be together again. Eric and Ridge offer to take her home, not wanting her to be alone in this state, but Brooke points out that she'd better get used to being alone. Brooke asks for a few words alone with Stephanie. Brooke tells Stephanie how much she hates her, but Stephanie responds that for the first time ever, she's proud of Brooke. Brooke hopes she lives to see Stephanie feel the kind of pain she's feeling tonight. Stephanie points out that Brooke's tried to destroy every marriage in the Forrester family and she's gotten just what she deserved in return. Kimberly and Bridget see Thorne come home and take a bottle of scotch from the cupboard. They realize something must have gone very wrong tonight. Thorne recalls all the warnings he received from his family about Brooke. He realizes they were right and feels foolish. He looks up and sees Kimberly on the deck looking at him with concern.

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Friday, October 13, 2000

by Mennowoman

Brooke's home:
Brooke, staring at a photo of herself and Thorne, was heartbroken. She wondered aloud, "What have I done to us?"

Thorne's patio:
Thorne, who had been drinking and crying, was met by Kimberly, who took his face into her hands and asked him what is wrong.....what happened tonight?

At Insomnia:
Amber and C.J. were kissing at the entrance of Insomnia. Amber was impressed as employees referred to C.J. as "boss" and seated them at the best table in the house. Amber squealed with delight as C.J. was given the royal treatment, telling C.J. that they treated him just like Rick. C.J. appeared miffed at the mention of Rick's name, until Amber reminded him that Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca was named Rick. C.J. told Amber that "all this" could be hers someday.....all she had to do was to marry him.

Enter Rick and Bridget. Bridget questioned Rick as to why they were there, saying that she really wanted to go back to Kimberly's. After some talk about Amber, Rick put Bridget on notice that Amber would someday be his wife again. Bridget accused Rick of having a plan and dragging her along to help facilitate it. Rick told her that he needed her help. Bridget was in a hurry to get back to Kimberly's and Rick wondered why she had left in the first place. Bridget admitted to him that while at Kimberly's home, they had observed Thorne coming home and looking "majorly bummed out" and drinking. Bridget decided that she needed to go home to check on Brooke, but that Brooke was not at home when she went there, so apparently he was not bummed out over her. Rick wondered whether they had been spying on Thorne, and Bridget explained that Kimberly lived right next door and it was like a fishbowl. Rick told Bridget that he wanted her to go home from Insomnia, and Bridget let it slip that she wanted to get back to Kimberly's because she wanted to see what.......happened. Rick explained to Bridget that Thorne was not dumb enough to get involved with Kimberly who was half his age.

Thorne's patio:
Kimberly kept pressing Thorne to tell her what happened. Thorne told her to go home; that he wanted to be alone. Kimberly told him that she was not going to leave him like this. She helped him into the house, and knelt down at his feet, pressing his hand against her cheek, telling him how good his hand felt against her cheek. Thorne looked down at her and hallucinated that she was Brooke. He kissed her, thinking it was Brooke that he was kissing.

As Rick and Bridget were eating their salads, Rick wondered what Amber saw in C.J.. Bridget told him that she thought C.J. was cute, and wondered what C.J. saw in Amber. Rick took up for Amber. Rick asked Bridget to leave and just bump C.J.'s car to set off his ultra-sensitive car alarm. In the meantime, C.J. suggested a job interview for Amber in the private setting of his office, when one of the servers notified him that his car alarm was going off. Rick attempted to follow Amber, who had gone into the Women's Restroom.

Brooke's home:
Taylor called Brooke to see how she was doing. Brooke informed her that Thorne had been there and that she had sent him away, but now is having second thoughts because Thorne is so hurt, saying maybe she should go over there.

Thorne's home:
Kimberly turned down the lights and turned on the stereo. She took the bottle from Thorne, telling him that he did not need that because he has her. She helped him to his feet to dance. They stared into each other's eyes and held each other close.

Rick was disappointed, but ended up going into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. Amber asked him what he was doing in there and informed him that C.J. might find them. Rick told her that C.J. was busy attending to a problem, which Amber then deduced that Rick had been responsible for instigating. Amber told Rick that she was there with C.J.. At that moment, there was a knock at the door. Rick told the person outside that they needed to wait a minute. Amber told him to say whatever it was that he wanted to say but Rick told her it was more like something he had wanted to do all day. He kissed Amber and she kissed him back, but then pulled away and asked him whether he was finished. He sat her down and said no, that he was not, and proceeded to really kiss her and she kissed him back to the point of being breathless and wanting more. Rick then stood up and said, "We have got to stop meeting like this." and exited the women's restroom. The patron who had knocked on the door entered the restroom and Amber, who was visably shaken, could not so much as get up off the sofa.

Brooke's home:
Brooke was aching to Taylor on the telephone. She knows she has broken both her and Thorne's hearts and desperately wants to go and comfort him. Taylor told her she could not go to Thorne's because they are both so vulnerable right now.

Thorne's home:
Kimberly and Thorne were dancing closely. They kissed passionately and Thorne still thought he was kissing Brooke. Kimberly looked up at Thorne and said to him, "Let's go into the bedroom" and led Thorne to the door. Thorne proceeded her into the room and as Kimberly stopped to blow out the lit candle, she took Brooke's photograph and placed it face down on the table.

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