The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 16, 2000 on B&B

Clarke implied that he knew who the father of Morgan's baby was, and Ridge panicked. Thorne awakened from a drunken night and thought he'd had sex with Kimberly. Amber became torn between her feelings for Rick and C.J.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 16, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, October 16, 2000

The show starts with Thorne waking up in bed alone. He remembers getting drunk and Kimberly being there, but he is not sure about anything else. He then hears someone at this door, it's Kimberly bringing him breakfast. She tells him that she didn't expect anything to happen when they slept together. Thorne looks stunned. She tells him that it was wonderful. She tells him that she is going home to shower and change and then head to work. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves. He looks extremely confused at this point.

Brooke is at Taylor and Ridge's house pouring out her heart about Thorne. Taylor tries to reassure her that she did the right thing for Rick and Bridget. She cries on Taylor's shoulder and says that she still loves him. Ridge decides to go to work and Brooke also prepared to leave. Before she can leave, her phone rings and it's Thorne. He tries to explain to her that he did something incredibly stupid, but Brooke explains that she can't talk with him. He tells her that he realizes that she believes that she is doing the right thing for her children, but that he misses her. She hangs up on him and cries again on Taylor's shoulder.

Bridget meets with Kimberly at the studio. Kimberly tells her that she slept with Thorne. Bridget can't believe that Kimberly had sex with Thorne, but she explains that they didn't have sex, that they just slept together. Bridget tells her that it sounded like more. Kimberly now starts to wonder if that is what Thorne thinks now.

Amber, C.J., and Little Eric join Stephanie, Rick and Eric for breakfast. The Forresters are busy talking about swimming lessons for Little Eric and C.J. feels completely left out. He starts talking to himself because the Forresters have completely ignored him. He then leaves the table. He wonders to himself how much longer he can put up with everything.

At Spectra Creations, Sally and Clarke are discussing the proposal. Clarke is glad that Amber turned C.J. down. He says that it is the most decent thing that she had ever done. They wonder how they can help their son cope with everything.

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Rick told Stephanie that it's only a matter of time before C.J. turns Amber against them. Rick was hurt and upset that even though Amber had turned down C.J.'s marriage proposal, she had tried on the ring. Rick made it clear to Stephanie that he doesn't just want Little Eric anymore, he wants Amber and now more than ever!
Meanwhile, C.J. vowed that no matter what it takes, he, Amber and Little Eric are not going to spend another day at the Forrester's. Amber told C.J. to reconsider and not do anything crazy. C.J. reminded Amber of the nice life they had together in their own apartment before the Forrester's interfered. He told Amber that he hates sharing Amber with these people. C.J. and Amber took advantage of the fact that they were alone and began making love. They were interrupted by Helen who called Amber to let her know that Little Eric is awake.
Sally consulted with lawyer Connor Davis who enlightened her that its only Amber who's under court order to remain at the Forrester's not Little Eric. He advised her that C.J. has a more legitimate claim to Little Eric than Amber because he was married to Becky. Becky specified she wanted C.J. to have Little Eric.
Rick told Amber that if there's anything he could do over again he would have never asked her to leave. Amber accused Rick of being confused about the whole situation with Little Eric. Rick emphasized that his feelings for Amber have never been stronger-not the day her proposed or the day they got married or even in Venice. He assured Amber he has never needed her more. Amber told Rick that she's not the country club socialite that he wants. Stephanie advised Amber that she has made mistakes in the past, but she has redeemed herself. Amber saved Rick's life by donating her kidney to him; she also saved Stephanie's life. Stephanie explained to Amber that social standing means nothing. It's what's inside a person that counts. That makes Amber royalty. Rick agreed.
Connor Davis told C.J. that he can have legal custody of Little Eric if he has he and Becky's marriage certificate and her will. C.J. pointed out that Becky didn't have a will, but she made a video stating her will. Connor advised that if Becky wanted C.J. to have Little Eric, then Eric is his child. Heeding a warning from Sally about responsibility, C.J. told Connor he's ready to go to the Forrester's and get his son. Connor told C.J. the only catch is that Amber has to stay at the Forrester's. C.J. was convinced that the Forrester's won't be interested in Amber any longer once they can no longer have Little Eric in their house. C.J. called Amber to give her the good news that he can have custody of Little Eric and that they can all leave the Forrester's today. When Amber hung up the telephone, she seemed to be unsure that she wanted to leave.

Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Rick was at the Forrester Estate thinking about Amber and Little Eric and how they belong there with him. He reflected on the happy times he and Amber spent on their trip to Venice. In the background, we heard Amber singing and then we began to see flashbacks from the Venice trip of Rick, Amber and Little Eric.

Meanwhile, Amber, C.J., Sally and Connor were over at Becky and Amber's old apartment looking through boxes of Becky's things. They finally found C.J. and Becky's marriage certificate which will permit C.J. to obtain custody of Little Eric. Then at Connor's suggestion, they all watched the video tape Becky made right before she died, where she tells Amber and C.J. that she wants them to raise Little Eric together. As Amber watched the tape, she began to cry over losing Becky.

Over at Forrester Creations, Clarke stopped by to see Morgan to offer his support after hearing about her fall. Morgan explained to him that she has a tear in her placenta, but the doctor said it should heal by itself. Clarke surprised Morgan with a gift for her baby; a silver rattle. He told her that he would be a father figure in the child's life and upstage Ridge. Morgan reminded Clarke that he promised her that he would not admit to Ridge or any one, that he knows about Ridge being the father of her child. Morgan reiterated to Clarke that he must stay away from Ridge.

Moments later, Clarke arrived in Ridge's office. Just before Clarke came, Ridge was deep in thought remembering the moment that he and Morgan found out they were having a son. Clarke made the comment to Ridge about how tough things were for his family right now and how difficult this will be for them to handle. A noticeably nervous Ridge, who was afraid that Clarke might know the truth, asked Clarke what he meant by that comment. Amused to see Ridge squirm, Clarke covered by saying that he was referring to Thorne and Kimberly's controversial relationship.

Thursday, October 19, 2000

Packing the boy's things up, Sally accompanies C.J. to the mansion where they request a meeting with Stephanie and Rick. Sally then explains that she is here to take her boy home. Stephanie and Rick misunderstand her and assume she's talking about C.J. moving out. When C.J. takes Little Eric and starts to leave, Stephanie shouts at them to stop and threatens to call the police. Sally explains that they are taking C.J.'s son home but Rick vows to keep the baby with him where he belongs. At the Insomnia Darla admits to Amber that she feels the Forresters might be up to something because of how generous they've been with her. Though Amber insists that she and C.J. are a family with Little Eric, Darla wonders aloud what she feels towards Rick. Amber insists that she loves C.J. Ridge is upset to find Clarke waiting outside Morgan's office. Clarke continues with his fun and boasts to Ridge that he intends to make sure that Morgan's son calls him "daddy." As Ridge begins to stew, Clarke continues and claims that he's going to train the boy to work at Spectra so that he can ruin Forrester Creations. Holding his temper, Ridge confronts Morgan and demands to know what she has told Clarke about their baby.

Friday, October 20, 2000

Sally and C.J. are getting ready to head over to the Forrester's to collect Little Eric. Sally doesn't believe that they will need any police and says that they should be able to handle this like rational human beings. Amber agrees to meet them later and not go to the house while this is going on.

Clarke is sitting in Morgan's office waiting on her reading a maternity magazine. Ridge comes in and they start their hissing at each other. Clarke says that he is going to marry Morgan and be the father of the baby. Ridge says that will never happen. Clarke tells him that he will have no say as to what will happen. Clarke needles him some more by saying that the baby will be called "Master Garrison" after him. Clarke says that he is going to train him personally and he will take over Spectra tradition of hating the Forester's. How ironic that would be. Ridge is wondering what he is talking about. Clarke lets him know that he is going to be around for the child. Ridge is pretty pissed.

Rick comes downstairs to tell Stephanie that C.J.'s stuff is gone. Stephanie wonders what happened but glad. C.J. and Sally arrive shortly. They all sit down to have a civil conversation and Stephanie is surprised to see how C.J. is being civil. They are not directly telling the Stephanie and Rick that they are literally there to take Little Eric. Stephanie and Rick think they are talking about C.J. all this time. They talk about visiting Little Eric and everything. Amber being a constant factor in Little Eric's life. C.J. and Sally head for the door with Little Eric. Stephanie and Rick are very confused. Stephanie says that they aren't taking him anywhere. She said that there will be consequences. Sally wants to know what are the consequences about? Stephanie says she will do whatever it takes to protect the baby including having C.J. arrested. Rick says that they are his family. C.J. tells them that they aren't; according to the law. Sally says that she thought they could work this out but the little boy belongs with C.J. and they are taking him home right now.

Ridge goes to Morgan's office and confronts her about Clarke. He wants to know what she has told him. She doesn't answer him quick enough and he figures out that she told him.

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