The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 30, 2000 on B&B

Rick met Deacon, Little Eric's father, and had second thoughts about getting involved with him. C.J. and Amber made wedding plans. Morgan became determined to make Ridge fall in love with her, and the two wound up locked in a closet together at one of her Lamaze classes.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 30, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, October 30, 2000

Rick visited with Becky's parents, trying to find out the name of Little Eric's father.

Joe told Rick that C.J. was the child's father and the only one that he needed. Tully agreed that it could be important to know in case the child got sick, since Becky was already gone. Joe started raging about Deacon, who was the child's father. He immediately regretted that he had let that slip out. He said that Deacon was no good, and he should have been the one diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Joe said that all Deacon cared about was himself, and the last Joe had heard, Deacon was headed for Las Vegas. He said that when Becky had gone to tell him that she was pregnant, he had already left the hotel. Joe got upset and walked out. Tully said that she had a picture of Deacon and that Rick could have it if he thought that it would help. She gave the picture to Rick.

Clarke was at Morgan's house, and he kissed her and tried to get her involved in a relationship with him. She told him that she was not ready. He told her that she needed to get over Ridge, and he felt that things would get worse once the baby was born. She said that she didn't have those feelings for Ridge anymore. Clarke said the feelings would only get stronger once the baby was born and would probably destroy Ridge's marriage.

Amber and Darla discussed Rick and C.J. Amber said that C.J. had proposed, and she had accepted -- and that Rick had proposed, and she had turned him down. Darla told her that she should just forget about Rick. Amber said that Rick was the first man that she had ever loved and that they'd had a child, but C.J. and Little Eric were her family.

Ridge was in the bathroom, shaving, when Taylor appeared with Thomas. She said that Thomas had wanted to say goodnight. The babysitter entered to get Thomas, and Ridge and Taylor locked the door and decided to make love. Ridge said that his family was the most important thing to him and that he would never do anything to ruin what they had.

Tuesday, October 31

At their house, while the children were being taken care of by the babysitter, Ridge and Taylor locked their door and made love in a bubble bath. Ridge said that they had "a lifetime of nights like this to look forward to."

Clarke accused Morgan of not being interested in any other men, including him, because she was interested in Ridge. He told her that she had very strong feelings for Ridge, and when they emerged, she would not want to share Ridge with Taylor any longer. Clark predicated when Morgan's feelings emerged, it would be a disaster for everyone, especially Morgan.

Rick arrived back from Furnace Creek and hired a private detective, Ted, to locate Little Eric's biological father. Rick told Ted that when Eric's biological father was found, he intended to ask the father to grant Rick custody of Little Eric. The only information Rick could give Ted was that the biological father's first name was Deacon. He handed Ted an old photo of Deacon and estimated that Deacon was in his late twenties. Rick told Ted that Deacon probably drove an expensive sports car and might hang out in Las Vegas. Ted said that even though Rick was in a hurry to find Deacon, it could take some time to find him based on what little information Rick had about him.

Morgan daydreamed that Ridge was in the delivery room when their son was born and that he was as happy about their son as she was. She also fantasized that Ridge offered to move in with her and their son so he could spend as much time with his son as possible. After that fantasy ended, Morgan took the photo of herself, Ridge, and Taylor and cut Taylor out of the photo. Morgan put the photo of her and Ridge next to her in bed. Morgan whispered, "Goodnight, my sweetheart," to the photo of her and Ridge.

Wednesday, November 1, 2000

At Spectra Fashions, Sally and Amber went through bridal magazines, trying to find the perfect wedding dress for Amber. Sally asked Amber what she would consider the "perfect" wedding gown. Amber replied that she wanted something sexy but not trashy. Just then, Clarke entered with a dress that he'd designed for Amber. Amber was thrilled and went to try it on.

Sally, Darla, Clarke, and even Little Eric were impressed with how lovely Amber looked. Darla remarked that Amber was part of the Spectra-Garrison family and that she had their complete support. Amber couldn't help but wonder how things could have been different for her and Rick if his family had supported their marriage.

Over at Ridge and Taylor's, Taylor played with the kids while Ridge said he'd taken the afternoon off to go golfing. When he saw that Taylor had caught a cold, he volunteered to stay home, but she said it wasn't necessary. Just then, there was a knock at the door. Taylor answered it and found Morgan returning to pick up Taylor for her child birthing class. Taylor had agreed to be Morgan's labor coach but since Taylor wasn't feeling well, she asked that Ridge go in her place for the one class.

Ridge expressed his disinterest, but Taylor coerced him into going. Morgan told Ridge that he didn't have to go, as she could ask Clarke, and he would be delighted. Ridge didn't like that idea and finally agreed to go with Morgan. When they got to the class, all the other couples assumed they were married and asked Ridge when his and his wife's baby was due. Ridge replied that Morgan was not his wife.

Morgan could tell how uncomfortable Ridge was, so she got up in front of the class and explained to everyone that Ridge was not her husband or boyfriend, nor was he the father of her child. She went on further to say that they hardly even knew each other and that Ridge had absolutely no sexual or romantic interest in her. Ridge couldn't help but get a laugh out of Morgan's dramatic explanation of their relationship.

Rick filled Bridget in on his quest to find Little Eric's biological father so that he could persuade him to sign over custody. Bridget tried to be supportive, even though she didn't really understand why he would want Amber and the responsibility of a baby back, especially since the child wasn't technically his. Shortly after Rick convinced Bridget of his dedication to the child he'd raised as his own for a year, the phone rang. It was the private investigator Rick had hired to find Little Eric's natural father.

The P.I. told Rick that he had located the man and that he managed a local nightclub in Los Angeles. Rick took the picture of Deacon with Becky and went to the nightclub to confront Deacon. Once he got there, he was told to wait while an employee went to get Deacon. The nightclub employee told Deacon there was someone there to see him. Deacon agreed to see Rick.

Thursday, November 2, 2000

Talking with Magda, Rick showed the waitress the photo from Furnace Creek, and she admitted that the man pictured, Deacon, was her boyfriend. She became upset when she noticed Deacon was pictured with another woman. Deacon finally confronted Rick and wasn't interested in what he had to say until Rick admitted he was there for the sake of a woman who had known Deacon.

Deacon started to ask about the woman, but Rick suddenly changed his mind when he watched how Deacon treated Magda. Rick walked out, leaving the photo behind. Deacon grabbed the photo and stared in disbelief.

Bridget leaked to Stephanie that C.J. and Amber were engaged. Worried that she was making a big mistake, Stephanie decided it was time to chat with Amber. Rick met with Bridget at Insomnia and explained that he'd changed his mind about telling Deacon about Little Eric. Just then, Deacon arrived.

Having fun at the childbirth class, Morgan suggested to Ridge that he could be in the delivery room if he wanted to be there. Ridge wasn't interested. Once the class was over, Ridge helped put away the mats they'd been using. Morgan helped out but accidentally closed the door to the closet on them, locking them inside.

Friday, November 3, 2000

Inside the locked utility closet, Ridge was frustrated when no one responded to his yelling for help. He boasted to Morgan that Taylor would figure out that something was wrong and arrive to free them, but Morgan doubted it would be soon. Morgan then confronted him on his lack of support for his unborn baby. He defended his attitude, but she advised him that very soon, Taylor would somehow find out that he was the father of Morgan's baby. Ridge announced that he would only be a friend to the baby, but Morgan replied that she wished he wouldn't punish their child because of what she had done.

Stephanie confronted Amber about her sudden decision to marry C.J. She guessed that Amber was interested in C.J. only because he had custody of Little Eric. Amber then astounded Stephanie by asking Stephanie to be her matron of honor. Stephanie refused because she didn't approve and urged her to reconsider marrying C.J. for fear that it might ruin her life.

Unaware that Deacon had arrived at Insomnia and was staring at him, Rick gabbed with Bridget about his decision not to tell Deacon that he had a son with Becky. Just then, C.J. arrived with Little Eric. Rick fumed as he watched C.J. and boasted to Bridget that he was going to find a way to stop the wedding. Amber joined C.J. and, in mentioning Stephanie's visit, suggested that they slow things down a bit.

When Rick left, he found Deacon with the photo. Deacon claimed that no "hick from the sticks" was going to ruin his life. Rick informed him that Becky was dead. Deacon then overheard C.J. angrily boast to Rick that he and Amber would raise Becky's son.

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