The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 27, 2000 on B&B

Amber discussed Little Eric's future with Deacon, and the Forresters devised a plan to trick Deacon into signing the papers. Clarke was leery when Sally decided to make Patsy the Python a part of their fashion show. Ridge was about to confess to Taylor but stopped upon hearing about Clarke's rumored death.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 27, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, November 27, 2000

Clarke enters his office and immediately checks his messages in the hopes that he has one from Morgan. He realizes that she is probably with Ridge, who is angry that she told Clarke about Ridge being the father of her baby. Meanwhile Ridge tells Morgan that they made a pact and she tries to tell him that she kept it. He tells her that she told Clarke, and she tries to explain that it is not what he thought. He said that it was enough that Clarke knew and that she had promised him that no one would find out what they did. He even surmises that Clarke may already be telling Taylor about their indiscretion. As Morgan tries to explain, Ridge tells her that she had betrayed him for the last time and he didn't care what she did at this point because he would not allow anyone to hurt his family. Clarke tells himself that he did it for Morgan's own good. He flashes back to his fight with her. He says to himself that he is not sorry that he told Ridge the truth and that in time, she would also not be sorry. Sally enters and tells him that sales are up and that she had a brainstorm that would put Spectra right in the center of the Fashion Millennium. She tells Darla that it is show time and a man comes in with a big Snake, who will be their latest ad campaign. Morgan tells Ridge that she didn't want to hurt his family. He tells her that the secret is already out because Clarke already knew it. She tries to convince him that she could handle Clarke. She tries to make him understand how confused and upset she was when she told Clarke. She told him that she had to have someone to talk with. He is even more upset to realize that Clarke has known all along. She said that she had told Clarke that if he ever told anyone she would never speak to him again. He said that he didn't want her talking with anyone about their secret. He never wants to see her again, but she says that she and the baby needs him. He tells her that she makes him sick. Morgan leaves. Clarke tells them to get the snake out of the office. He said that if they didn't leave, he would have the python shot. Sally is not going to have her idea ruined because her designer has a phobia about snakes. Ridge is standing outside in the hall. He can't believe that Morgan told the one person who could destroy him. He says that if Taylor has to know then he will tell her himself. Clarke says that they just can't do the photo shoot at the office. He wanted the snake out of his office. Sally said that the shoot would only take a few days. Morgan enters and says that she has entered a room full of snakes. She said that she needed to talk with Clarke right now. Sally said that it was impossible because they were in the middle of a meeting. Upon seeing how upset Morgan is, he decides to speak with her. Sally and the others leave. She tells him that he has no idea what he has done.

Stephanie enters Giovanni's studio and notices that Taylor is taking a family portrait with the kids. Taylor notices Stephanie standing in the door and asks her to close the door because she wanted to surprise Ridge with the pictures. Giovonni and Megan leave and Taylor tells Stephanie that she wanted to give Ridge the pictures to show him how much joy he brings to their lives.

Rick's doorbell rings and he thinks that it is Amber, but it is C.J. instead who is looking for Amber. Rick says that he doesn't know where she went, but she did leave the baby with him. He believes that she may have gone to see Deacon. Meanwhile Amber is at Deacon's and he is bragging about how both of her little boyfriends are offering him a lot of money for the kid. She tells him that she is offering him something more valuable than money. She tells him that if he gives her the baby then she will give him something that no one else can give him. C.J. wants to know why Amber would go and see Deacon. Rick said that Amber was getting nervous about the baby so he called Deacon. He said that Deacon had threatened to take the baby. C.J. said that Deacon was a nutcase and that they didn't really know anything about him. C.J. said that he would find Amber and when he did they would come back and get Little Eric because he would make sure that he never saw the kid again. Amber tells Deacon that she is offering him a Mother's love and devotion. He looks stunned. She tells him that they are a lot alike and she knows what he really wants. She said that C.J. and Rick didn't really understand them because they didn't grow up the way that she and Deacon did. She tells him that she will raise Little Eric right. She tells him that she is trying to appeal to the goodness in his heart because she didn't really think that he was just greedy. He tells her that he had no goodness in his heart. He tells her that she didn't know anything about him. He said that there was no way that he would turn over the baby for nothing. He tells Amber that he thought that she was offering herself and she better be glad that he was even considering it. She can't believe that he thought that she was offering herself in exchange for the baby. Deacon grabs Amber by the arms and start rubbing on them. She doesn't like what he is doing. He is massaging her shoulders and telling her that they had a lot in common and that they could be friends. Amber is getting nervous and walks across the room. He tells her that he doesn't see a reason why they couldn't work out some arrangement among themselves. He grabs her by the shoulders again and starts kissing her neck. He tells her that they could work out a sweet deal right here and now.

Tuesday, November 28, 2000

Rick paced and panicked when Amber didn't return. He sent Bridget out to help try to find her. Bridget came back to the guest house and said she didn't have any luck. Rick worried that Amber was with Deacon and told Bridget that he was going to call the Lair to find out for certain. When Rick called the night club, a bartender answered and said that Deacon wasn't there. Rick questioned the bartender about whether a blond woman had stopped in to see Deacon. The bartender informed Rick that there was a blond woman with Deacon in his apartment right now. Rick hung up the phone and told Bridget that he had to go get Amber away from Deacon.

Amber tried to rebuff Deacon's advances but he got angry with her. When she pushed him away, after he forcefully tried to kiss her, Deacon grabbed her tightly and warned her to never do that again. Amber asked Deacon why he was behaving this way when he was being offered a lot of money to relinquish his custodial rights to Little Eric. Deacon replied that he was in the driver's seat and therefore could do anything he wanted. Amber informed Deacon that she wanted to leave. He told Amber that if she blew it with him that he was tempted to sell the baby to someone else, maybe in another country. Then, Deacon forced Amber to take a drink of whiskey to unwind. He went to put on some music and Amber eyed the door. Deacon warned her that she couldn't beat him to the door, thus he highly suggested she not waste her time trying. Deacon continued to try to convince Amber to give him what he wanted and in return, he would give her sole custody of the baby. Amber asked Deacon why she should trust him and Deacon replied that she didn't have a choice. He told her that if she agreed to his proposition then she could have the baby all to herself instead of just following the baby, whether he ended up, with the Forresters or Spectra's. He told Amber that she was nothing more than a surrogate mother who was easily disposable. Just then there was a loud banging at the door. Rick yelled for Amber and Deacon to open the door. Amber raced over, opened the door and Rick came charging in. He threatened Deacon to leave Amber alone. As Amber and Rick left, Deacon reminded Amber that his offer still stood. Rick was furious at what he was implying. After they left, Deacon laughed to himself that he had fun playing with Amber.

Over at Spectra Fashions, Sally, Darla and the snake trainers, locked up Patsy the Python for the night in her cage. The snake trainers assured Sally that the snake could not escape her cage and would be fine to stay in the building by herself.

Meanwhile, Morgan continued to berate Clarke for telling Ridge that he knew the truth about Morgan's baby. Clarke tried to convince Morgan that the truth would have eventually come out and that she would thank him later. Morgan told Clarke that he ruined any chance that she and her baby had for Ridge to be in their lives. She told Clarke that she would always love Ridge and because of Clarke's spiteful behavior and desire to hold something over Ridge's head, her son would never know his father. Clarke tried to calm Morgan, saying that he knew how she felt now but that he did this to help her and she would realize that later. He then offered himself to her again. Morgan laughed at the thought and assured Clarke that he knew nothing of the pain she felt but that she would make certain that he found out.

As Morgan left Clarke's office and proceeded to the elevators, the camera panned to the snake outside the elevator doors. Shortly after, we see the snake's cage being wheeled outside of Clarke's office and then the door to the cage unlatched. Clarke sat in his office alone, telling himself that he did the right thing and soon Morgan would reward him for this. He rocked back in his chair and closed his eyes. Just then, the door to Clarke's office opened, and in slithered the snake.

Wednesday, November 29, 2000

Ridge filled Stephanie in on Clarke's visit to his office and Morgan's confirmation that Clarke knows that Ridge fathered Morgan's child. Stephanie was outraged but not surprised that Morgan told Clarke. She warned Ridge that he had to be the one to tell Taylor before Clarke got to her. Ridge went home with the intent of telling Taylor the truth but she and the kids prevented him from doing so by giving him their special gift, a family photo of Taylor and the kids. Ridge was touched but reiterated his need to talk to Taylor about something important.

Over at the Forrester guest house, Amber told Rick of Deacon's proposition that she have sex with him in exchange for custody of the baby. Rick was disgusted and said that Deacon had to be stopped. Jonathan arrived and informed Rick and Amber of his plan to trap Deacon. They would get him to sign over temporary custody of Little Eric and then get a confession on tape of how Deacon is attempting to sell his child to the highest bidder. This way they can prove that Deacon is an unfit parent and has been trying to sell his baby, an illegal practice in the United States. Rick and Amber were uplifted by the possibility of getting Little Eric back.

At the Lair, Carmen interrogated Deacon about the blond girl that he had up in their apartment. Deacon assured Carmen that she had no reason to be jealous, as he was only using Amber as part of his plan. He then told Carmen that soon he would have enough money to take her to a tropical island and buy her anything she wanted. When Carmen mentioned the hundred thousand dollars, Deacon told her that his new asking price was one million! He then called Rick and told him that he was ready to make a deal. Jonathan told Rick to get Deacon to come to the Forrester guesthouse, so that they record the conversation. Deacon agreed to come to Rick so that he could see how the "other half" lives.

At Spectra Fashions, Clarke continued to tell himself that Morgan would be calling soon to say she forgave him. He then decided to lie down on the couch and take a little nap. As he dozed off, he dreamt of Morgan, while the snake slithered up on the couch with him. Quickly, the python had it's entire 225 pound body completely wrapped around Clarke's and then it started to squeeze. Clarke awakened to find himself being crushed by the snake. In a breathless panic, Clarke tried to call out for help.

Thursday, November 30, 2000

A very sultry Taylor dressed in a black negligee tried to entice Ridge into making love in their bedroom. Ridge was distracted by his worry about how Taylor would react to the news that he is the father of Morgan's child and gently nixed Taylor's moves. He began to tell her that there was something he needed to say but they were interrupted by a telephone call from Stephanie. Taylor left the room and Stephanie told Ridge that she was there for him if needed after he tells Taylor the truth about Morgan's child.

Taylor returned to their bedroom and was still determined to make love to Ridge. Ridge again began to tell her about Morgan's baby when Katherine, their babysitter knocked on their bedroom door and told them that she just heard on the radio that Clarke was attacked by a snake and is dead. Katherine told them she thought they ought to know. Ridge was immediately relieved because Clarke would never have the chance to tell Taylor about Morgan's baby as he had threatened to do.

Deacon told Carmen that he is holding all of the cards with his son and that the Forrester's would do anything to get Little Eric including pay the million dollars that he'll be asking them for at their meeting today. Carmen warned him to be careful that the Forrester's don't try to pull a fast one on him. Deacon arrogantly told Carmen he will be a very rich man.

Meanwhile, before Deacon arrived at their house, Stephanie, Eric, Amber, Rick and their attorney, Jonathan plotted to have Deacon incriminate himself on audio tape. They also hoped to prove that he is a danger to Little Eric and to show that he is an unfit parent. Jonathan provided Rick with a wire to a tape recorder to wear to trap Deacon into putting into words that he is selling Little Eric. Deacon arrived with a cocky attitude. He told the Forrester's that he wants a million dollars. Rick tried to get him to say on tape that he wanted a million dollars to sign over his parental rights. Deacon carefully chose his words and said "you pay the million dollars and you get the prize." Rick pushed him by demanding that Deacon say we pay you a million dollars and we get your son. Suddenly, Deacon was silent.

Friday, December 1, 2000

The show opened at Sally's where she informed C.J. of her new marketing campaign and gave him the details of how they are using Patsy the Python as their spokesmodel. C.J. didn't show much interest and explained that he's worried about Deacon Sharpe. He doesn't like that Deacon hasn't accepted their offer yet and he worried that Amber was with the Forresters. Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Ridge who wanted to confirm the news reports about Clarke's death by snake attack. When Ridge asked Sally about the snake, Sally incorrectly assumed that the Forresters are interested in stealing her marketing idea and she berated Ridge. Before he can get a word in, Sally hung up on him. Just then Darla came in and broke the bad news to Sally and C.J. about Clarke being in the hospital. They rushed over to see him.

Taylor asked Ridge why he is so concerned about Clarke, and Ridge played it off as curiosity over the news of a snake attack. When Taylor wondered how Morgan would feel if anything happened to Clarke, Ridge explained to her that Clarke and Morgan haven't been getting along lately, which lead him to wonder.

Over at the Forresters Estate, the Forresters entrapped Deacon into admitting that he didn't care about what happened to his son and that he would be willing to sell him to the highest bidder. Rick got the entire conversation on tape through the microchip in his ear. Jonathan, who was on the other end of the ear piece, instructed Rick to get Deacon's signature on the custody document and get him out of there. Deacon signed the document and Eric presented him with a check for a million dollars in return. The Forresters then tried to get Deacon to leave quickly but Deacon couldn't resist taunting the Forresters a little more. When Rick sternly told Deacon to leave, Deacon walked over to Rick and smacked his cheek several times saying that Rick needed an attitude adjustment. The smacks on Rick's cheek caused the ear chip to fall out and Deacon saw it. As the Forresters stood there shocked and speechless, Deacon picked up the chip and asked Rick what he was trying to pull.

At the hospital C.J., Sally and Darla talk to Clarke and tried to get him to come out of it. The doctor told the family that Clarke was paralyzed and had broken ribs, a collapsed lung and damaged vocal cords. They weren't sure if Clarke could hear them but nonetheless, C.J. made an impassioned plea for his dad not to leave them. After Sally, C.J. and Darla left the room, Morgan slipped in and sat down next to Clarke. She had been in the room earlier listening to Clarke's family beg him not to die, but no one saw her. Morgan told Clarke that she hadn't intended for this to happen and it was unfortunate to seeing him lying there, paralyzed, perhaps never to talk again. She admitted that she had to teach Clarke a lesson for betraying her and going to Ridge with the knowledge of her baby's paternity. She admitted to Clarke that she let the snake out of it's cage to give Clarke a little scare and a warning. Although Clarke cannot talk, it is clear to the viewers that he heard what she said, because we hear Clarke think to himself "Oh my God, it was you!"

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